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Andy, Horace
Hinds, Horace
Hinds, Horace K.
Hinds, Horace Keith
Horace Andy
Horace "Andy" Hinds
Horace Hinds
Horace Keith Hinds
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Hinds, Horace (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
BMG France
Byles, Junior
Dik Musiques
Jarrett, Wayne
Sony music France
U-Roy (1942-...)
Virgin France
Virgin records international
Virgin Records Ltd
Wagram music
African Girl
African Liberation
After All (Fuji mix)
Ain’t No Sunshine / A Quiet Place
Ain’t No Sunshine Dub
Ain’t No Sunshine (remix)
Ain’t No Sunshine (The Best of Horace Andy)
All for Love
All Night
Always And Forever
ariwa sounds enregistrement sonore
Augustus "Gussie" Clarke presents: Music works
Baby Be True
Baby Don't Go
Babylon a Come
Babylon System
Babylon You Lose
Back Against The Wall
Bad Man (Dub by RSD a.k.a. Rob Smith)
Bad Man (Fenin Dub version)
Bad Man (Rob Smith a.k.a. RSD version)
Be Good
Be My Queen
best of horace andy sr p
Best of Horace Andy, The
Best Of Horace Andy Volume 1 - Just Say Who
Best Of Horace Andy Volume 2 - Collie Weed
Betcha by Golly Wow
Better Calley (a.k.a. Better Collie)
Better Colley
Better Collie Version
Better Collie (Weed)
Big And Heavy
Black Man's Country
Bless This Dub
Bless You
Blessed Dub
Bob Lives On
Born in the Ghetto
Borrow Sound
Broken Beats
Can I Change My Mind
Can I Change Your Mind
Can See Clearly Now, I
Can't Fool The Youth
Can't Give Up on Love
Can't You See It's Time
Chained To My Heart
Change Your Way
Change Your Ways
Changes (Oliver Frost & TVS remix)
Changes (Oliver Frost version)
Channel One hit bound, the revolutionary sound.
Chant Rastaman Chant
Chant Them Down
Chapter Of Money
Cherry Oh Baby
Child of the Ghetto
Children of Israel
Children, The
Christmas Time
Close to Me
Collie Dub
Collie Herb
Collie Weed
Come In A Dis
Come in a This
Come Into My Life
Conscious Dreadlocks
Control Yourself - Version Under Control
Cool It Down
Cool It (dub)
Crime Don't Pay
Cry Fe Me
Cus Cus
Cuss Cuss (Dub by Rob Smith a.k.a. RSD)
Cuss Cuss (Rob Smith a.k.a. RSD version)
Dance Hall Music
Dance hall style
Dancing Shoes
Dem a Fraud
Do Right
Do You Hear What I Hear
Do You Love My Music (Black Star Liner remix)
Do Your Work
Don't Always Shines Brihgt, I
Don't Blame the Children
Don't Break My Heart
Don't Break Your Promise
Don’t Cry Little Girl
Don't Go (Please Stay)
Don't Let Problems Get You Down - No Problem
Don't Let Problems Get You Down / No Problems
Don't Say No
Don't Stop
Don't Take Your Guns to Town
Don't Think About Me (Horace Andy & Earl Flute)
Don't Try It
Don't Try to Dub
Don't Try to Use Me (disco style)
Don't Try to Use Me (disco version)
Don't Try to Use Me Girl
Don't Want to Be Outside, I
Done With It
Dream Lover
Dub 68
Dub Angel
Dub Children
Dub Down Rome
Dub Gamorrah
Dub Guidance
Dub Is Bad
Dub Is the One
Dub Larking / Dub Ah Fulfil
Dub Letter
Dub Money
Dub On My Mind
Dub Right
Dub Say Who
Dub specialist [17 dub shots from Studio One]
Dub the Light
Dub There
Dubbing Around
Earth Must Be Hell
Easy Come, Easy Go
Eating Mess
Eighty Percent Badness
Empress Lady
essentiel des sélections FIP. Wagram 30090012, L'
Eternal Love (Extended Version)
Every tongue shall tell
Everything I Own
False Witness
Feel Good All Over: Anthology 1970-1976
Feel Good All Over, I
Fever Dub
Fight Fight
Fire A Go Burn Dem
Fire a go burn them (4 min 11 s)
First Noel, The
Fly Like an Eagle
For Real
For You
Forward Home
Found Someone of My Own
Free Africa
Funny Man
Get Wise
Girl I love you
Girl Is Mine, The
Girl of My Dreams
Give It Up
Give Me Some Money
Give thanks for life (3 min 23 s)
God Is Displeased
God Is Real
Gonna Keep on Trying (Until I Win Your Love)
Good Night My Love
Good Vibes (1975-1979)
Good Vibes - Dub Vibes
Good Will Survive
Goodnight My Love
Got to Be Sure (Of a Woman's Love) (12" mix)
Got to Get You (a.k.a. I'm in Love)
Government Dub
Government Land
Greed, The
Greedy Girl
Guiding Dub
Guiding Star
Handle Me Rough
Hang On To Jah
Hanging on to Jah
Hap ki do
Haul and Jack-Up
He Conquer
Heartbeat reggae 2000
Heartbeat reggae two thousand
Hey There Woman
Hits From Studio One and More
Hold Them
Holy Mount Zion
Horace Andy, Ashley Beedle
Horace Andy meets Naggo Morris & Wayne Jarrett - Mini showcase
Horace Andy's Dub Box - Rare Dubs 1973-1976
Horace Andy Sings for You and Yours
Horse With No Name (Godwin mix)
How Do You Think I Feel
Hymn of the Big Wheel
I’d Love You to Want Me
& I, I
I’ll Be Gone
I'll Forgive You
I'm a free man
I'm Not a Know It All
I’ve Been Around
I've Got to Get Away
I've Got to Tell You Goodbye
If I Wasn't a Man (12" mix)
Iley, iley, iley, iley Selassie I (3 min 57 s)
In the Light / In the Light Dub
Invisible Sun
Island reggae ragga explosion
It Grieve My Dub
It Grieve My Heart
It Grieves My Heart
It's Gonna Be Dread
Ital Is Vital 2002
Ital Vital (Different Drummer Soundsystem remix)
Ital Vital - Ital Ites Dubwise
Jah Gift to Man
Jah guide
Jah Is the One
Jah jah only (3 min 36 s)
Jah love light
Jah Provides
Jah Rainbow
John Saw Them Coming
Johnny Awful
Johnny Man
Johnny Too Bad
Just Don't Want to Be Lonely
Just My Imagination
Just Say Dub
Just Say Who
Just Say Woman
Keep on Trying
King size dub
King Tubby Tapes, The
Knock Three Times
Know Yourself
Kuff Dem
Kunta Kinte
Kunte Kinte
Leader of Dub
Leaders of Babylon
Leaders of Dub
Leave Rasta
Leave Rastaman Alone
Leave Your Guns at Home
Legend, The
Legends of reggae
Let Make Merry
Let the Teardrops Fall
Let Your Teardrops Fall
Lets Live in Love
Letter to Mummmy and Daddy
Leve Rastaman
Liberation Dub
Life is for living
Light My Fire
Lingering Spirit
Live and Save Life
Live "Dubwise"
Live in Love
Live in the City
Live in Unity
Live Up, Live Up
Living in the flood
Lonely Woman
Love a Woman, I
Love and Heartache
Love Hangover
Love Him
Love Is a Treasure
Love Is the Light
Love Ja Ja Children
Love Light of Mine
Love Love Love
Love Me Baby
Love My Dub, I
Love My Life, I
Love of a Dub Band
Love of a Woman, The
Love of a Women
Love You to Want Me
Lovers mood
Make My Day (Alpha remix)
Mamie Blue
Mammie Blue
Man Next Door
Man to Man
Materialist/Poor Man Style (Extended Mix)
May Never See My Baby (Anymore), I
Meet Me By The River
Mek it bun
Men + Men
Midnight Hour
Moder Babylon
Modern Babylon
Modern Dub
Money, Money (aka The Root of All Evil)
Money Money (Dubblestandart dub)
Money Money (Dubblestandart version)
Money, Money (Is The Root Of All Evil)
Mother and Child Reunion
Mr. Bassie (Discomix)
Mr Scientist (maxi version)
Mr. Talkative
Mr. Wicked Man
Murder Murder
Mus Have fe Get It
Music Dub
Music works
Musical Episode (edit)
Must Be Jah
Must Haffi Get It
Must Have to Get It
Must surrender (4 min 12 s)
My Guiding Star
My Heart Is Gone (Dubwise)
My Lord
My Sound a de Best
My Time
Nah Dis You
Natty Dread a Weh She Want (12" mix)
Natty Dread a Wey She Want
Natural Mystic Dub
Never Deceive You
New Broom
Nice and Easy Dub
Night Nurse
Night Owl [Bonus Track]
No Love in the City
No Man is an Island
No Mans Is an Island
Noisy Street
None a Dem
Nothing but the highest (3 min 59 s)
Octobre 2002
Oh Girl
Oh Lord, Why Lord
Oh Mammy Blue
Oh Rude Boys
Oh What a Day
Oh Youth Man [Bonus Track]
Ohh E Baby
Old Marcus
On spot herb shop (3 min 19 s)
On tour (4 min 09 s)
One More Night
One Side Love Affair
Our Jamaican National Heroes
Outta De Vault
Over You
Pablo in dub
Palace of peace
Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Pillow Talk
place called JamaicaDerrick Harriot's productions from 60's & 70's, A
Place I Want To Be, The
place too red (3 min 47 s), The
(Play Fool Fe) Get Wise
Please Don’t Go
Please Stay
Poor Johnny
Poor Man Style
Praise Him
Prime of Horace Andy, The
Problems Dub
Prophesy (Dubwise)
Psalm 68
Pure Dubbing
Pure Rankin
Pure Ranking (Discomix)
Put Down the Gun
Quiet Place
Racing Away
Ragga Muffet (12" mix)
Rain From the Skies
Rain From the Sky
Rasta Dub
Rasta Live
Rasta Love
Rasta Words
Reggae 2000
Reggae Artists Gallery, The
Reggae Beat
Reggae fever
Reggae legend
Reggae magazine
Reggae Rhythm - It's Gone Internationally
Reggae two thousand
Repatriation Is a Must
Riding for a Fall
Right Time
Rise again (3 min 43 s)
Rise up intro (1 min 11 s)
Rock to sleep
Rock With Me
Rock Your Baby
Roll Away
Rolling Down to Babylon
Root Of All Evil
Roots and Branches
Roots and classics
Roots of All Evil
Roots techniques
Rude Boy
Rumors of War
Run Babylon
Satan Side (AKA Peter & Judas) (& Earl Flute)
Satan Side (Horace Andy & Earl Flute, as Peter And Judas)
Satta Massa Gana
Sea Of Love, The
See a Man’s Face
See and Blind
Seek + You Will Find
Select Cuts from Blood & Fire
Sélection pop rock
Serious matter
Serious Thing - A Serious Version
Serious Times
Set Me Dub
Set Me Free
Seven Seals
Sexy Jean
Shank I scheck
She Say (Der Transformer version)
She Wants Me
Show and Tell
Sings for you and I
Sky Larking
Skylarking - A Better Version
Skylarking and Dub (12" Version)
Skylarking (London Elektricity remix)
Skylarking (Oliver Frost & Eva Be's dub version)
Skylarking (TVS version)
Slacky Tidy
Smiling Face
So Long
So Real
Soddom & Gomorrah
Some people
Something's on my mind
Soul Captives
Spirit of reggae
Spirit of reggaeGet up... Stand up
Spying Glas
Spying Glass (Massive Attack Version)
Spying glasslive
Stand Before You, I
Stop fight reggae (3 min 31 s)
Stop the Fuss
Stop the Fussing & Fighting
(Stop Your) Brutality (12" mix)
Straight to Jackson's Head
Stranger in Love
Strictly Ranking (Getto Style)
Strictly rub a dub
Sugar My Coffee
Sunshine Dub
Sweet Reggae Music
Tag A Long
Tag Along
Take It Easy
Take My Hand (aka A Stranger In Love)
Take my love (4 min 04 s)
Tell Me Why
Than You Lord
Thank You Lord
That Light
That's How I Feel
That's My Woman
Them Never Tell I (Lie Teacher Girl)(Horace Andy & Ranking Buckers)
They Can't Conquer Me
This Must Be Hell (12" mix)
This World
Today Youth (AKA Youth of Today)
Today Youth (Horns Cut)
Tonight (Dub)
Too Proud To Beg
Totally Dub
Totally Free
Treasure Call Love
Treasure of Love
Tribute to Bob Marley
True Dub, A
True Love Always Shine Bright
True Love Always Shines Bright, A
True Loves Shine Bright
Two Fazed People (Alpha remix)
Unity Strength & Love
Use This Dub
Wackies sampler
Wanna Be Free
Wayne Jarrett - Mini showcase
(We Got to) Go Forward
We Nah Run
We've Got to Forward Home
We've Got to Foward Home
We wanna go home (4 min 05 s)
Weeping willow (4 min 07 s)
What a Day
What Eyes Don't See
When I Fall in Love
Where Did Love Go (Illiteracy)
Where Do the Children Play
Where is the black man rights ? (4 min 01 s)
Where Is the Love
Why Late and Regret
Why Oh Why Dub
Wicked Babylon Must Go Down (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill vs. Umberto Echo)
Wicked Dem a Burn: The Best of Horace Andy
Will Forgive You, I
Wise Man
Withered Away
Woman Alone
(Woman) Don't Try To Use Me (Extended Mix)
Wonderful World
Yagou legue legueGordon Cyrus remix
Yagou legue legueHassan Sabah remix
Yagou legue legueMatt' Samo remix
Yagou legue legueSie remix
Yagoulegue-legue5 remixes
Yamaha ride
You Are My Angel
You're My Angel
You're So Fine
Your Are My Angel
Your Friend
Youth of Today (Kaleidoscope remix)
Youth of Today (Ondubground remix) [2010]
Youth of Today (OnDubGround Rmx)
Youths of Today / Jah Youths
Zion Dub
Zion high (3 min 59 s)
Zion I
Zion's Gate
Contributed to or performed: 
1 Giant Leap
100 Hits: Summer Reggae
100 Reggae & Ska Hits
17 Dub Shots From Studio One
2 Way Traffic
2019 Master Tera Hits Still Addict of Sleng Teng
3/60: Reggae Greats
30 Years of Jamaican Music on the Go
70s: Platinum Collection
A To Zion, The History Of Reggae, Ska & Rastafari, The
Absolute Reggae
Absolutely the Best of Reggae, Volume 1
Adventures in Dub: Essential Bassline Business
African Woman
African Woman Dub
Aggrovators Present: More Reggae Tales, The
Ain’t No Sunshine
Ain’t No Sunshine / Creation Rebel
Alborosie, Specialist & Friends
Am Lonely / Natural Fact / It's Gonna Be Dread, I
Am the Gorgon (Bunny "Striker" Lee & The Roots of Reggae), I
Angel Beach
Anine: The Remix Album
Asian Roots
Astralwerks 2000.1
Auralux Reggae Showcase
Baby Don't Go
Babylon Bridge
Babylon You Lose
Barramundi, Vol. 4: Together
Bass Culture – When Reggae Was King: Roots, Rockers, DJs and Dub (1970–1980)
Bass Culture: A Zenzile Mix
Bass Power
Be Good
Be My Queen
Beach Bar Culture
Beginner's Guide to Reggae
Believe Dub, I
Believe, I
Best of 50 Years of Jamaica Roots & Culture
Best of King Tubby, The
Best of Reggae
Best Of Sunshot, The
Better Version, A
Bim Sherman Meets Horace Andy and U Black - In a Rub a Dub Style
Bingy Man, The
Black Man's Pride
Black Man's Pride 3 (None Shall Escape the Judgement of the Almighty)
Black Man’s Pride 2 (Righteous Are the Sons and Daughters of Jah)
Bless You
Bunny 'Striker' Lee Story, The
Can't Do That
Can't Give Up on Love
Change Your Ways
Channel One Story Chapter Two, The
Chilled Reggae
Chillout Sessions, Volume 7
Chillout Sessions, Volume 7 (disc 2)
Christmas Greetings from Studio One
Christmas in Jamaica
Claude Challe presents Lovely Reprises by K'lid
Club in Hand
Combat Dub 4 - Revisited
Congos & Friends: Fisherman Style, The
Creation Rockers, Volume 5
Dancehall Beach Party
Dancehall Roots (disc 2)
Dancehall Roots: The Birth of Ragga, Dancehall and Digital Reggae
Dancehall Sessions 2
Days Ain't Bright
Days Ain't Bright (Gary Clunk Remix)
Deck Safari, Part Two
Declaration of Rights
Definitive Augustus Pablo (3 CD), The
Déjà mort
Dem Lie
Dennis Brown & The Inseparable Reggae Family
Dis Reggae Muzik
Don Letts Presents: The Mighty Trojan Sound
Don't Beat Her
Don't Think About Dub
Don’t Think About Me
Dread Beat & Riddims 3
Dread Beat & Riddims 4
Dreader Dread / Guiding Star
Dub 68
Dub Anthology
Dub Master, The
Dub Place
Dub Salute 1
Dub Sessions
Dub: A Journey in Bass Culture
Dublife (Alexkid dub mix)
Dubwise and Otherwise: A Blood and Fire Audio Catalogue
Dynamite Reggae Classics
Earth Must Be Hell
Eating Mess
Empress Lady
Enter the Kingdom of Zion
Enter The Kingdom Zion
Essential Dub: Ruff Cuts & Hard Riddims From the Mixmaster
Eternal Love / Eternal Dub
Even More Souled on Reggae
Everyman Foundation
Everyman Foundation Dub
Festival Song
FHM Presents... Bar Culture: The Essential Pre-Club Mix
Fire a Go Burn
Fisherman Riddim
Fly High
For Me
Forever Gold: Best of Reggae
Freedom Sounds
From the Roots
Furry Selection: Luxury Cuts of Trojan chosen by a Super Furry Animal
Future Reggae
Ghetto Dub, The
Ghetto, The
Gimme What Me Want!!
Girl Don't Come
God First
Golden Legends: Legends of Reggae
Greedy Girl
Hand in Hand
Hang on to Jah
Harder Shade of Black
Heavyweight 3: A Blood & Fire Sampler
Heavyweight Sound: A Blood and Fire Sampler
Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions, Volume 4
Hidden Treasures, Volume 2
History of Dub: The Golden Age, A
Hit Bound! The Revolutionary Sound of Channel One
Hitbound Selection: When the Dances Were Changing
Hitek by Meteosound
Hold Them
Holy Mount Zion
Holy Mount Zion (remix) / Praise Him
Horace Andy Meets Naggo Morris
Hot Hot Hot
Hudson Affair, The
I'm Alive
I'm Alive (version)
I'm Alright
I'm Alright Version
In A Rub-A-Dub Style
In My Bag
In Spiritus Dub
Inna de Yard
Inspiration Information
Invincible Remix
It's A Clash
It's a Clash (dub mix)
Ital Vital
J'Adore, Volume 02
Jackpot Dub: Rare Dubs From Jackpot Records 1974-1976
Jackson's Head
Jah a Come
Jah a Come Dub
Jah Children Invasion Chapter 2
Jah Glory
Jah Glory Dub
Jah Light
Jah Light Dub
Jah Love Rockers: Revolutionary Sounds From the Rockers & Steppers Era 75-80
Jah Shaka Meets Horace Andy
Jah Warrior & Friends
Jamaica Ska Core: Best of Ska, Volume 5
Jamaica: Island In the Sun
Jamaican Recordings
Jazzie B Presents School Days: Life Changing Tracks From the Trojan Archives
Jet Star Meets Hospital
Joe Gibbs 12" Reggae Discomix Showcase Vol. 2
Just Reggae
Just Say Who (Gaudi Rootikal remix)
Keep It Coming Baby
Kid Kenobi Sessions
Kill Emil - ReEdits
Kind of Reggae
King and I Dub, The
King and I, The
King Jammy - A Man and His Music, Volume 1: Roots & Harmony
King Jammy's: The Rhythm King
King of Kings
King Size Dub Special
King Size Dub, Volume 5
King Tubby …At the Controls
King Tubby Meets the Reggae Masters
Kingdom of Zion
Kingston Allstars Meet Downtown at King Tubbys 1972-1975
Kingston Legend, The
Leap of Faith
Legend, The
Legendary Studio One Records: Original Classic Recordings 1963-1980, The
Legends of Reggae Music
Light, The
Liondub & Marcus Visionary Present: Jungle to the World, Volume 2
Livin' It Up
Living Upright
Love Is a Treasure
Make My Day
Making History, Disc 2: Change Has Come
Mama Dub
Mama Words
Many Faces of the Police, The
Mark Dub, The
Mark, The
Mastercuts 70's Reggae
Materialist / Poor Man Style
Mega Reggae
Melankolic Sampler
Meterialist, Poor Man Style
Method to the Madness: Mad Professor
Mini Showcase
Money Man (Ron Tom vocal mix)
Money Money
Money Money / Bull Bay Jumping
Money Money/ Ragamuffin Style
Moonlight in Jamaica: A Collection of Lovers Rock Classics
Mr Bassie (#Special)
Mr Bassie Dub
Mr. Terror
Music Club Sampler: Soul & Reggae
Music Dub
Musical Episode / Wack Rap
Musical Intimidator: Anthology 1974-82
Musikexpress 44: Blood and Fire / Echo Beach
Muzik City: The Story of Trojan
My World Is Spinning
Natty Dread a Wah She Want (12″ mix)
Natty Dread a Weh She Want (12" mix)
Nice an' Ruff: A Crucial Brew of Roots, Dub and Rockers
Nice Up the Dance: Studio One Discomixes
Niney & Friends: Blood & Fire
No Problem
Noisy Place, A
Nova Le Grand Mix
Now Hear This!
Old Time Something Come Back Again
One Love
One More Night, Pt. 2
Ooh E Baby
Original Reggae
Passion, Volume 2, The
Peace Songs: Roots Reggae Mix
Peter & Judas
Pharfar Presents A Rubadub Sunday In Copenhagen
Place Called Africa: Songs of the Lost Tribe, A
Place Called Jamaica, A
Place I Want to Be
Planète bleue, Volume 02, La
Play Back: Good Music, Re-visited
plus grands tubes Reggae, Les
Praise Him / Babylon Happening
Pray fi di People
Problems Dub
Quiet Place, A
Racing Away
Ragga Muffet (10" mix)
Randy's 50th Anniversary
Randy's Records Collector's Series, Volume 6 - Randy's Superstar Singers
Randy's Records Collector's Series, Volume 7 - Randy's Cover Versions
Rare Grooves Reggae 02 by Nova
Rare Grooves Reggae 04 by Nova
Rare Roots Reggae
Rasta Business
Rasta Don't
Rasta Don't (dub version)
Rastafari Prophecy
Raw Roots Volume 2 (1971-1978)
Reason With Jah
Rebel Massive
Rebel Music - A Reggae Anthology
Recovered, Volume 3
Reggae All Stars
Reggae Anthology
Reggae Anthology Box Set
Reggae Box
Reggae Classics, Volume 7
Reggae Classics: Uptown Top Ranking
Reggae Dance Hall Christmas
Reggae Dance Party
Reggae Jamboree
Reggae Love Collection, The
Reggae Love Songs: 50 Jamaican Lovers Classics
Reggae Reggae
Reggae Revive Classic's
Reggae Sensation
Reggae Specials, Volume 6: Jamaican Icons
Reggae Style - Pop Songs Turned Into Jamaican Groove
Reggae Sunshine Explosion
Reggae: The Definitive Collection - Songs of Freedom
Reggae's Greatest Hits, Volume 4
Renaissance: 3D
Respect to Studio One
Return to Orange Street - 14 Roots Rock Reggae Classics
Rhythm of Reggae, The
Riddim Come Forward
Riddim Rider, Vol. 8: Columbus
Riot Radio Broadcast
Rise Up
Rise Up Now
Rodigan's 25th Anniversary
Roll Away
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 26: Jamaican Gold: 15 Original Reggae Rockers
Romantic Reggae
Roots Man Connection
Roots of Dancehall
Roots of Reggae
Roots of Reggae, Volume 1
Roots Techniques
Roots With Quality
Rough Guide to Dub, The
Rougher Than Rough - Classic Reggae Vocals 1972-76
Rub Up the Right Dub
Run It Red: Mick Hucknall Selects From 10 Years of Blood & Fire Classics
Safe Travel: The Rare Side of Rock Steady
Santic & Friends: An Even Harder Shade of Black
See a Man's Face aka Don't Love With Hatred
Seek It
Select Cuts From Blood & Fire
Select Cuts From Blood & Fire, Chapter 3
Selectors Choice, Volume 3
Serious Matter
Sharing the Love
Simply Reggae
Simply Rockers Vol. II: Jamaican Music From the Vaults
Singers & Deejays
Ska! An Essential Guide to the Best of Ska, Two Tone and Blue Beat
So Unfair
Social Classics Volume 2: Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown
Sonic Sounds presents A Vintage Christmas
Sound Killer (Jungle VIP)
Sound System Dub Plate Specials 1975-1979
Sound System Rockers (Kingston Town 1969-75)
Sounds & Pressure, Volume 1
Specialist Presents Alborosie & Friends
Spirits in the Material World: Reggae Tribute to Police
Spying Glass
Stars Ah Shine: Stars Records 1976-1988
Storm (Five Step mix)
Storm (Shine mix)
Story of Trojan Records, The
Straight To The Capitalist Head
Strong Man
Strut World Music Sampler
Studio Kinda Cloudy: Keith Hudson and Friends
Studio One Classics
Studio One Kings
Studio One Lovers
Studio One Lovers Rock
Studio One Rockers
Studio One Rub-A-Dub
Studio One Showcase: The Sound of Studio One in the 1970s
Studio One Soul 2
Studio One Story (1-16)
Studio One Supreme (Maximum 70s & 80s Early Dancehall Sounds)
Sufferation - The Deep Roots Reggae Of Niney The Observer
Sugar Minott’s Hidden Treasures: 20 Crucial Cuts From the Vaults of Black Roots
Summer Reggea
Sunshine Reggae From Jamaica, Vol. 2
Tales From the Hood
Talk 'Bout Peace
Talk the Talk
Tapper Zukie Present Proud to Be Black
Tapper Zukie Productions : Rootsman Connection
Them Never Tell I (Lie Teacher Gal)
Them Never Tell I / Lie Teacher Gal
This Is Dub: The Original Dub Masters
This Is Reggae Music: The Golden Era 1960 to 1975
This Is Ska and Reggae Roots
This Is Trojan Roots
This Must Be Hell (extended mix)
Total Reggae Roots
Total Reggae: Greensleeves 40th (1977-2017)
Touch Me In The Morning
Trip: Created by Tom Middleton (disc 1: Party), The
Trip: Created by Tom Middleton, The
Triple Dons, Volume 1
Trojan 12" Box Set
Trojan A Jamaican Story Box Set
Trojan Bob Marley Covers Box Set
Trojan Creole Reggae Box Set
Trojan Dub Massive Chapter Two
Trojan Ganja Reggae Box Set
Trojan Jamaica Box Set
Trojan Legends Box Set
Trojan Lovers Box Set
Trojan Presents: The Producers: 40 Jamaican Classics
Trojan Rare Groove Box Set
Trojan Records '08 Sampler
Trojan Reggae Brothers Box Set
Trojan Reggae Chill-Out Box Set
Trojan Rockers Box Set
Trojan Roots & Culture Box Set
Trojan Roots Box Set
Trojan Roots Collection, The
Trojan Roots Reggae Box Set
Trojan Selecta, Volume 2
Trojan Selecta, Volume 4
Trojan Selecta, Volume 7
Trojan Suedehead Box Set
True Love
True Rastaman
Truth Dub, The
Truth, The
Two Culture Clash
Two Phazed People
Useful Version, A
Vanity Vanity
Various Dubz (2005-2012)
Very Best of Reggae, The
Vocal Jungle (Volume Four...)
Vocal Jungle, Volume One
Vocal Superstars At King Jammy's
Wackie's Selective Showcase, Volume 1
Wackies Sampler Vol. 1
Wackies Sampler, Volume 1
Wackies Sampler, Volume 2
Wackies Sampler, Volume 3
Walk the Walk
War & Guns
Warn the Nation: Reggae Heavyweights Sound the Alarm
Wash That Dub
Watch We
We Be Jammin - The A to Zion of Reggae Music
We Sing Gregory
WELL DREAD (Dubplates Album)
What You Gonna Do?
When the Rain Falls
When You Need Me
Whip Them King Tubby!
With Love from Sara and Al
Without Some Help
World of Reggae, The
X-Tra Wicked: Reggae Anthology Digital B Vol. 1
You're So Fine
Youts Dub
Youts Dub (Moa Ambessa RMX)
Youts of Today – Harry J 2015
Ziggy Marley in Jamaica
Zion Gate (extended mix)
Zion Gates
Zion the Holy Land