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Burning Spear
Spear, Burning
Spear, Burning (pseudonym)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Rodney, Winston Godfrey (other identity, same person)
Rodney, Winston (real name)
Rodney, Winston (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Burning Band
Burning music production
Burning Spear
Burning Spear Affiliation (see also from)
EMI music France
EMI music international
EMI records Ltd
Island Records Ltd
Marley, Bob (1945-1981)
Polygram Distribution
Virgin France
100th Anniversary
1980-10-23: Coconut Grove: Santa Cruz, CA, USA
2000 Years (Tradition)
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Burning Spear
700 Strong
(A)Live in Concert '97
A]livein concert 97, [
African Dub
African Jamaican
African Postman
African Teacher
African woman (4 min 16 s)
All Over
Am In, I
and I Survive (a.k.a. Slavery Days dub), I
Any River
Appointment With His Majesty
Appontment With His Majesty
As It Is
Bad to Worse
Bad to Worst (rare stereo mix)
Best of Burning Spear — Marcus Garvey, The
Best of the Fittest
Black Disciples
Black Soul
Black Wa-Da-Da (The Invasion dub)
Brain Food (Give Me)
Brighten My Vision
Built This City
Burning Dub
Burning Reggae
Burning Spear best of the fittest
Burning Spear Experience, The
Business Dub
Call On Jah
Call on You (rare stereo mix)
Calling Dub
Calling rastafari
Chant Down Babylon: The Island Anthology
Chanting Home
Children of Today
Christopher Columbus
Civilised Reggae Dub
Civilised Reggae (extended mix)
Civilize Reggae
Civilized Dub
Civilized Reggae
Clean It Up
Columbus Dub
Come, Come
Come in Peace
Come (original mix)
Commercial Development
Creation Rebel: The Original Classic Recordings From Studio One
Cruise, The
Cry Africa (Cry Blood Africans)
Cry Blind
Cry Blood Africa
Distance (Farover dub)
Distant Drum
Do the Reggae (12" mix)
Don't Mess With Jill
Don't Sell Out
Door Peep Shall Not Enter
Door Peeper (original single mix)
Down by the River (Down by the Riverside)
Down in Jamaica
Dread River (Jordan River)
Dry and Heavy
Dub Africa
Dub African
Dub Appointment
Dub Been There
Dub Burning
Dub Business
Dub Can
Dub Continent
Dub Creation
Dub Don't Change
Dub Don't Cry
Dub Dready
Dub Follow
Dub Ha Ha
Dub He
Dub Him
Dub Is Free
Dub Is Good
Dub Is What I Am
Dub It Clean
Dub Jah
Dub Legal
Dub Liberty
Dub Lovin
Dub Move
Dub Nation
Dub Not Guilty
Dub Not Stupid
Dub Old Timer
Dub Peace
Dub Raid Dem
Dub Rastaman
Dub Rise Up
Dub Rock And Roll
Dub Smart
Dub subject in school (3 min 57 s)
Dub the world (4 min 18 s)
Dub this man (4 min 06 s)
Dub We Feel It
Elephants (3 min 53 s)
Estimated prophet (7 min)
Ethiopian Live Out
Ethiopians Live It Out
Every other nation (4 min 49 s)
Far Over Distance
Farover (Version)
Farther East of Jack (Old Marcus Garvey)
Fire Down Below
Fire man (4 min 11 s)
First Continent
First Time Dub
fittest of the fittest (3 min 48 s), The
Fittest Selection, The
Fix Me
Fly me to the moon (3 min 30 s)
Foggy Dub
Foggy (Road Foggy)
Follow Marcus Garvey
For you (4 min 09 s)
Force (unreleased version), The
Free Black People
Free (version)
Free (We Are Free)
Friendly Dub
Further East of Jack (Old Marcus Garvey)
Garvey (4 min 10 s)
Garvey's ghost
Get Ready
Ghost (Marcus Garvey), The
Girls Like You
Give Me
Give Them, I
Glory Be to Jah
Great Men (12" version)
Great men (4 min 10 s)
Great men (5 min 08 s)
Great Men (dub version)
Great Men (LP version)
Great Men (radio version)
“Great Men’s Dub”
Great Men (Youth remix)
Ha Ha
Hail h.i.m
Hail Jah
Hallelujah (extended mix)
Happy Day
Harder Than the Best
Harder Than the Rest
He Prayed
Hello Rastaman (4 min 43 s)
Help Us
Hey Dready
Hill Street Dub
Hit Dub
Holy Dub
Holy Foundation
Holy Man (extended mix)
House of Reggae
I'm not the worst (3 min 10 s)
& I Survive (Sub dub remix), I
Image (Of Marcus Mosiah Garvey), The
In a Time Like Now
In Africa (4 min 04 s)
In Those Days
Institution (discomix)
Institution Dub
Invasion (A.K.A. Black Wa-Da-Da), The
Invasion (aka Black Wa-Da-Da), The
Invasion / Black Wa-Da-Da (extended mix), The
Irie Niya Keith
Iry Niya Keith
It's a Long Way Around
It's Good
It's Not a Crime
Jah a Go Raid
Jah a Guh Raid
Jah Boto
Jah Dub
Jah Feeling
Jah is my Driver - Slavery Days
Jah Is My Driver (Version)
Jah Is No Dead
Jah Is Real
Jah kingdom (3 min 57 s)
Jah kingdom (5 min 35 s)
Jah No Dead (discomix)
Jah No Dead (original Film mix)
Jah No Dead (Rockers Soundtrack Version)
Jah Nuh Dead
Jah Rasta
Jah Say
Jah See & Know
Joe Frazier
John Burns Skank (Live Good)
Jomo (version)
Jordan River (live)
Kings of reggae
Kiss the Girl
Land of my birth (4 min 04 s)
Leader (3 min 31 s)
Legal hustlers (4 min 50 s)
Let's Move
Lion (live), The
Little Garvey (extended mix)
Little love song (3 min 48 s)
Live 1993
Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2001
Live Good
Live in Paris: Zenith '88
Live in South Africa 2000
Living Dub, Volume 1
Living Dub, Volume 2
Living Dub, Volume 3
Living Dub, Volume 4
Living Dub, Volume 5
Living Dub, Volume 6
Love garvey (3 min 53 s)
Love & Peace: Burning Spear Live!
Love to You
Loved for Who I Am
Loving Day
Loving Dub
Loving You
Majestic Dub (Hail H.I.M.)
Man in the Hills (album version)
Man in the Hills & Dry and Heavy
Mandela Marcus (unreleased version)
Marcus Children (original mix)
Marcus Children Suffer
Marcus Dub (Follow Marcus Garvey)
Marcus Garvey / Garvey's Ghost
Marcus Say Jah No Dead
Marcus Say (original mix)
Marcus Senior (original mix)
Mek Me Dweet in Dub
Mek we dweet (3 min 28 s)
Mek we dweet (4 min 20 s)
Mek we dweet in dub (4 min 26 s)
Mek We Yadd
Message, The
Mi gi dem (5 min 50 s)
Mi Gi Dem (I Give Them)
Mister Garvey (original mix)
Mistress music (3 min 54 s)
Mistress music (4 min 25 s)
Music Business
Music Dub
My Duty
My Island Dub
My roots (4 min 20 s)
Natural (version)
Naya Keet
Nayah Keith
Negril (4 min 06 s)
Never (Paul Oakenfold remix)
New Civilization
New experience (5 min 07 s)
New Experiences
No Compromise
No More War
No worry you'self (3 min 46 s)
Not Guilty
Not stupid (4 min 21 s)
Nyah Keith
O' Rastaman (extended mix)
Offensive Dub (Jah a Guh Raid)
Offesive Dub
Old boy Garvey (3 min 46 s)
Old Marcus Garvey (Live)
Old School Dub
Old Time Saying
Old timer (4 min 45 s)
On the Inside
One Africa
One Marcus Garvey
One people (4 min 08 s)
One way (3 min 22 s)
Our Music
Over All Dub (Civilized Reggae)
Own Security
Part Two: Creation Rebel
Part Two: Door Peep
Part Two: Driver
Part Two: Happy Day
Part Two: Loving Day
Part Two: Man in the Hills
Part Two: Marcus Garvey
Part Two: We Been There
Peace (7 min 31 s)
Peaceful Dub
People Get Ready (album version)
People in High Places
People of the world (4 min)
Physician Dub
Pick up the Pieces
Pieces of Dub
Pirate's Dub (Columbus)
Pirates Dub
Pit of Snakes (Social Living)
Play Jerry (Garcia, Grateful Dead)
Postman Dub
Praise him (4 min 04 s)
Queen of the mountain (4 min 52 s)
Queen of the Mountains
Rare and Unreleased
Rasta business (4 min 23 s)
Recall Some Great Men
Red, Gold and Green
Red Green and Gold
Reggae around the world
Reggae Dub
Reggae essentials
Reggae Greats
Reggae greatsBurning Spear
Reggae night
Reggae Physician
Reggaelation (Resting Place)
Repartition (Jamaica version)
Repatriation (3 min 42 s)
Resting Place
Rise Up
Road Foggy
Rock and Roll
Rocking Time (rare stereo mix)
Run Come Dub
Run for Your Life
Say you are in love (3 min 44 s)
Security Dub
Seville land (2 min 53 s)
She's Mine
Should I (4 min 13 s)
Shout It Out
Slavery Days (jungle dub mix)
Smart Dub
So Clean
Social Living (12" mix)
Social Living (extended mix)
Social Living / Living Dub
Social Living (long version)
Social Living (Pit of Snakes)
Sons of He (extended mix)
Sounds from the Burning Spear
Spear burning (6 min 06 s)
stand strong (5 min 01 s), I
Statue of Liberty
Step It (remix)
Stick to the Plan
Studio One Presents Burning Spear
Subject in school (3 min 47 s)
Subjective Dub
sun (5 min 54 s), The
Sweeter Than Chocolate
Swell Headed
Take a look (10 min 21 s)
Take a look (4 min 20 s)
Teacher (African Teacher)
Teacher Dub
Telegram Dub (African Postman)
Telegram in Dub
Tell me tell me (3 min 44 s)
Tell the children (3 min 55 s)
Thank you (4 min 24 s)
Them a Come
They Can't
This experience (4 min 10 s)
This man (3 min 40 s)
This Population
This Race (rare stereo mix)
Throw Down Your Arms (Jamaica version)
Together (extended mix)
Travelling Man
Trust Dub
Try Again
Tumble down (3 min 36 s)
Tuning / Crowd
Ultimate Collection
Unreleased Original Reservation (dub mix)
Vision (4 min 48 s)
Vision Dub
W.I.N., I
Walk (Jamaica)
Walking in Dub
Walking (version)
Walla Walla
Want Me To
We Are Free
We are going (4 min 13 s)
We are going (5 min 26 s)
We Been There
We Feel It
We go Deh
We Pray (original mix)
We Suffer (original mix)
Weeping and Wailing (rare stereo mix)
What a Happy Day (rare stereo mix)
When Jah call (3 min 56 s)
Who's the winner ? (3 min 50 s)
Wilderness, The
Woman I love you (3 min 52 s)
Woman I love you (4 min 50 s)
Workshop (Red, Gold and Green)
World Dub (Bad to Worst)
World power (4 min 07 s)
world should know, The
You Want Me To
You Were Wrong
Youth, The
Zion Higher (rare stereo mix)
Zion I Awake (original mix)
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Hits: Reggae
15th Couleur Café
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Reggae
96° in the Shade
Audio Collection: Reggae, The
Back to Mine: MJ Cole
Bass Culture – When Reggae Was King: Roots, Rockers, DJs and Dub (1970–1980)
Best of Studio One Collection, The
Best Of The East Coast Blues And Roots Music Festival, The
Bluesfest: The Album
Classic Reggae: Definitive Revival Reggae Mastercuts Volume 1
Confrontation Songs
Conscious Party
Cool Rhythms ’97: Reggae Fever
Disney Reggae Club, The
Dread Beat & Riddims 3
Dread Broadcasting Corp: Rebel Radio
Dub Reggae Essentials
Dubmission 2: The Remixes
Dubwise and Otherwise: A Blood and Fire Audio Catalogue
Feel the Reggae
Feel the Reggae, Volume 2
fiesta del sol (disc 2), La
Finest in Reggae Music is on Island, The
Fire Down Below: Scorchers From Studio One
Freedom Dub
Freedom Sounds
Funk on Film
Greensleeves Sampler
Greensleeves Sampler 2
Groove Yard
Heartbeat Reggae
Heartbeat Reggae Now!
Heartbeat Reggae Roundup
Heavyweight Sound: A Blood and Fire Sampler
Intro / Christopher Columbus
Island 40, Volume 5: 1972-1995: Reggae Roots
Island presents Reggae Discomixes: 22 Essential Extended Mixes
Island Records Presents: Dub 38 Hard and Heavy Dub Cuts
Island Records presents: Roots - 37 Essential Roots Anthems
Island Reggae
Jack Ruby Presents the Black Foundation
Jammin' (Supreme Reggae Vibes)
Kind of Reggae
Kings of Reggae, The
Made in Jamaica
Marcus Children Suffer
Marcus Say Jah No Dead
Mega 70's
Mega Reggae
Méga Reggae Dance
Melody Maker: Rock & Reggae & Derek & Clive
Mojo Presents: Sun Is Shining
Most Relaxing Album in the World… Ever!, The
Music Box Reggae
Natty Dread No.29
Natural Reggae
New & Old Sounds
NME: Smile Jamaica
No. 1 Reggae Album, The
Now That’s What I Call Music! 39
Old Time Something Come Back Again
Orthodox Reggae
Perfect Day
Perfect Day ’97
Perfect Day ’97 (male version)
Pit of Snakes
Planète Reggae
Planète Reggae, Volume 1
Planète Reggae, Volume 2
plus grands tubes Reggae, Les
Presents Dub Masters Volume 1
Punky Reggae Selecta
Putumayo Presents: Reggae Around the World
Putumayo World Party
Ragga Hip-Hop 2
Raiders Of The Lost Dub
Rare Reggae From the Vaults of Studio One
Rebirth of Cool 1994 Most, The
Rebirth of Cool 2, The
Rebirth of Cool 4, The
Red, Gold and Green
Reggae Archives, Volume 1
Reggae Box: The Routes of Jamaican Music, The
Reggae Classics – Ska and Reggae Greats
Reggae Collection, The
Reggae Dance 2
Reggae Gold
Reggae Golden Jubilee: Origins of Jamaican Music - 50th Anniversary
Reggae Music That Changed Our Lives
Reggae Night
Reggae Refreshers
Reggae Refreshers Volume 2
Reggae Reggae
Reggae Roots - vol. 01
Reggae Sunsplash
Reggae: I Am King
Respect to Studio One
Revolutionary Sounds: The Essential Collection of Classic Roots Reggae, 1973-1981
River's Edge
ROAM: Music From the Film
Rocking Time (original single release)
Roots Reggae Essentials
Roots Roots
Rough Guide to Reggae, The
RTL Reggae: Die Grössten Reggae-Hits, Volume 1
Soul Kitchen
Sounds and Pressure, Volume 5
Soundsystem: The Story of Jamaican Music
Spirit of Reggae
Street Reggae
Studio One Classics
Studio One Kings
Sunshine Reggae
Sunshine Reggae Volume 2
Superwoman: The Soundtrack to a Perfect Day
This Is Reggae Music, Vol. 2
This Is Reggae Music: The Golden Era 1960 to 1975
ThriveMix Presents Trance Anthems
Time Warp Dub Clash - Old School vs. New School
Timeless Ethnic Collection, The
Tougher Than Tough: The Story of Jamaican Music
Trojan presents Roots: 40 Roots & Culture Classics
Trojan Presents: DUB - 40 Deep and Heavy Hits
Ultimate Reggae
Under the Influence: Ian Brown
Under the Influence: UB40
Universal Master’s Collection: Classic Reggae, The
Urban Wheels: Be Part of History!
Very Best of the Love Album, The
Wackies City Line Singles 1976-1979
War Ina Babylon: An Island Reggae Anthology
Zoom Sur Le Reggae