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Dennis Leigh
Foxx, John
John Foxx
John Foxx (britischer Musiker)
John Foxx (britisk musikar)
John Foxx (britisk musiker)
John Foxx (Brits muzikant)
John Foxx (brittisk musiker)
John Foxx (English musician)
John Foxx (musicista britannico)
Leigh, Dennis
Джон Фокс (певец)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Leigh, Dennis (real name)
Related names: 
Antonioni, Michelangelo (1912-2007)
Antonioni, Michelangelo (1912-2007))
Benge (co-performer)
Boisson, Christine (1956-...)
Brach, Gérard (1927-2006)
Cann, Warren (co-performer)
Cross, Chris (co-performer)
Currie, Billy (co-performer)
Foxx, John (1947-)
Ghost Harmonic (isMemberOf)
Gordon, Louis (co-performer)
Guerra, Tonino (1920-2012))
John Foxx and Louis Gordon (isMemberOf)
John Foxx and the Maths (isMemberOf)
Milian, Tomas (1932-...))
Milian, Tomas (1937-...)
Nation 12 (isMemberOf)
Peel, Hannah (co-performer)
Shears, Stevie (co-performer)
Silverio, Daniela
Silverio, Daniela (19..-...)
Simenon, Tim (co-performer)
Simon, Robin
Simon, Robin (co-performer)
Steer, Serafina (co-performer)
Tiger Lily (isMemberOf)
Ultravox (isMemberOf)
Ultravox (see also from)
Ultravox (Musical group) (see also from)
Virgin France
Virgin Records Ltd
Yukawa, Diana (co-performer)
12 ARP Odyssey Samples From the Original Master Tapes of Metamatic (1979-81)
20th Century (Dubterror vs Karborn mix)
20th Century: The Noise
21st Century: a Man, a Woman and a City
8 ARP Odyssey Samples From the Original Master Tapes of Metamatic (1979-81)
Ad Infinitum
Alamogordo Logic
Alarm Call
And the Sky
Approaching the Monument
Atrocity Catalogue Update, The
Avenham Collonade
B-Movie (Ballardian Video Neuronica)
Barbican Brakhage
Beautiful Ghost, The
Blurred Girl (longer fade version)
Broken Furniture (single version)
Burning Car (Dubterror / Karborn mix)
Burning Car (early version)
Can't see you anymore (7 min 51 s)
Can't Stay Long, I
Cathedral Oceans I + Cathedral Oceans II
Cathedral Oceans III
Cities of Light 5
City As Memory
City of Disappearances
City of Endless Stairways
City of light (3 min 38 s)
City of Mirage
Complete Cathedral Oceans, The
Crash and Burn (live, 2008, Sydney)
Crash Course
Critical Mass
Dance with me (3 min 30 s)
Dance With Me (early version)
Dancing Like a Gun
Dangerous Rhythm
Dashboard Melt
Disaster Series
Drive (single version)
Electronic Dream Planet (EDP) - the dirt in the ointment
Electronic Sound Presents 12 Original Tracks by John Foxx
Empire Skyline
Endlessly (3 min 35 s)
Endlessly [Enregistrement sonore]
Endlessly (extended mix)
Endlessly ; Kind of wave
Endlessly (Sparkle Mix)
Enter the Angel (1985 single edit)
Enter the Angel (alternative version)
Enter the Angel (extended mix)
Enter the angel II (2 min 40 s)
Eternity Sunrise
Europe After the Rain (1981 single edit)
Europe After the Rain (Top of the Pops)
European splendour
Everything is Illuminated
Examination into the affairs of Lloyds Permanent Building Society : final report of the inspector.
Exit Strategy
Falling Room, The
Far and Wide 2
Film one
Flightpath Tegel
Floating Islands
Fog Structures
Fragmentary City
From Brussels with love
From Trash (excerpt)
From Trash (live, 2008, Sydney)
Frozen Moment, A
Funny Thing, A
Fusion/Fission (early version)
Garden, The
Geometry, Collision and Coincidence
Ghosts on Water
Glimmer (alternative version)
Gods (Into the Wonderful)
Gods (Title)
Golden Green
Golden Section Tour + The Omnidelic Exotour, The
Grey Suit, The
Half-Remembered Sentence, A
Hand-Held Skies
Hanging In The Air (September 1985)
Harmonia Mundi
Hawksmoor Orbital
He’s a Liquid (alternative version)
He’s a Liquid (instrumental dub)
Hidden Assembly
Hidden Man (alternative version), The
Hiding in Plain Sight
Hiroshima Mon Amour (December 1983)
Hiroshima Mon Amour (live, 2008, Sydney)
Holywell Lane
Identification d'une femme
Identificazione di una donna : Gaumont Vidéo [éd., distrib.], 2013
If Only...
Imaginary Music
Imperfect Hymn
In Mysterious Ways (June 1985)
In Mysterious Ways... Plus
In Mysterious Ways (September 1985)
In Rising Light
In The Glow Madrid 1983
Infinite In All Directions
Interruption, The
Invisible Architecture
Invisible Women
Jingle *2, A
John Foxx, p1980:
Just For A Moment
Just Passing Through
Kind of Wave, A
Life at Rainbow’s End (For All the Tax Exiles on Main Street)
Lifting Sky, The
Like a Miracle (1983 DJ edit)
Like a Miracle (alternative version)
Like a Miracle (early version)
Lincoln Street
London Overgrown
Lonely Hunter, The
Long Time (alternative version), A
Looped Los Angeles
Lose all sense of time (4 min 16 s)
Lose All Sense Of Time (June 1985)
Lost New York
Lumen de lumine
Luminous And Gone
Magnetic Fields
Man, a Woman and a City, A
Man Alone, A
Man Made of Shadows, A
Man Who Dies Every Day (live, 2008, Sydney), The
Maybe Tomorrow
Metal beat
Miles away
Miss Machinery
Modern Art
Monkey Jive
Morning glory (3 min 04 s)
Mr. No (alternative version)
Mr. No (Joakim remix)
Musique d'ameublement
Musique Electron
My Face
My Life as an Echo
My Lost City
My Sex (live, 2008, Sydney)
My Wild Love
Never Been Here Before
Never Let Me Go
New Kind of Man (alternative version), A
New wave wer hat Angst vor den 80er Jahren?
Night Suit
Nightlife (2001 from the Pleasure of Electricity)
No‐One Driving (alternative version)
No‐One Driving (early version)
Noise (1997 from Shifting City), The
Noise (VH1 session), The
Obscene Chemistry
Oceanic II
Often Now, I Wake
Other Side, The
Over the Mirage
Over Tokyo
Pater Noster
Perfect Line, The
Peripheral Character, A
Persistence of Vision
Phantom Lover
Piranesi Motorcade
Plaza (extended version)
Points of Departure
Projectionist, The
Quiet City
Quiet Man 4, The
Quiet Men, The
Quiet Splendor
Quiet Splendour
Radial Harmonics
Red Sands
Return To A Place Of Remembered Beauty
Revolving Birdsong
Running Across Thin Ice With Tigers (extended mix)
Satday Night in the City of the Dead
Scene 27 - intro to the voice behind the wallpaper, trellick tower 3am
Secret Life 7, A
Secret Life, Part 2, A
Serene Velocity
Shadow City
Shadow Man (live, 2008, Sydney)
Shadow of a Woman's Hand, The
Shifting City (1997 from Subterranean Omnidelic Exotour)
Shifting City (live, 1998)
Shifting Perspective
Shimmer Symmetry
Shine on (4 min 40 s)
Shine On (alternative version)
Shine on Me
Sitting at the Edge of the World
Slip Away
Slow Motion
Small Revolving World, A
Something is coming down the avenues (6 min 01 s)
Spin Away
Spiral Overture
Stairway (5 min 54 s)
Stars on Fire (1985 single edit)
Stars On Fire (June 1985)
Stepping softly (3 min 56 s)
Stillness And Wonder
Stray Ballardian Neurone, A
Stray Sinatra Neurone
Strictly (5 min 58 s)
Sunset Rising
Swimmer 1
Swimmer 2
Swimmer I
Swimmer II
Swimmer III
Swimmer IV
Systems of Romance
Terminal Zone
This City (Limited Double 7")
This Jungle
This side of paradise (4 min 38 s)
Thought Experiment
Through Gardens Overgrown
Through Summer Rooms
Tidal wave
Tiny colour movies
To Be With You (alternative version)
Touch and Go (early version)
Twilight's Last Gleaming (December 1983)
Twilight’s Last Gleaming (early version)
Twlight's Last Gleaming
Umbra Sumus
Underpass (B & W)
Underpass (extended version)
Underpass (live, 2008, Sydney)
Underpass (Mark Reeder's Dark, Long & Sinister remix)
Underpass (Mark Reeder's Sinister Subway mix)
Underpass (Mark Reeder's Sinister Subway remix)
Underpass (Oh The Gilt Mix)
Underpass (radio edit)
Underpass (_Unsubscribe_Remake Mix)
Underwater Automobiles
Uptown / Downtown (live, 2008, Sydney)
Uranium Committee, The
Urban Code
Velocity Logic
Version of You, A
Violet Bloom
Virgin Years 1980–1985, The
Visilble And Invisible
Walk Away
Want to Be a Machine, I
Warp vision the videos 1989-2004
What Kind of a Girl
What kind of girl (5 min)
When I Was a Man and You Were a Woman
When It Rains
Wide Boys
Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned, The
Wings and a Wind
Woman on a Stairway (early version), A
X-Ray Vision
You Were There
Young love
Young Man
Young Savage
Your Dress
Zero thirty
Идентификация на една жена
شناسایی یک زن
Contributed to or performed: 
''Plan 9"
'Pulp Fiction'
'Robot Monster'
10,000 Ways We Can Go From Here
100 Hits: 80s Chartbusters
100 Hits: Electric Eighties
100 Hits: More 80s
100 Hits: The New Romantics
100% New Wave
100x New Wave
16 or 17
20th Century
80's Electro Album, The
80s Hits
Adult Concerns
After All This Time
All the Tides on All the Streets
Almost Overlooked
Almost There
American Comics
And the World Slides Sideways
Another You
Another You (excerpt)
Another You...
Anthems: Electronic 80s
Anthems: Electronic 80s 2
Artrocker BEAT 53
Automobile (alternative mix)
Avenue of Trees
Before You Disappear
Best of New Wave Club Class-X, Volume 2, The
Best of Synth Gold, The
Blue Velvet Revisited
Blurred Line of Fiction, A
Bouncing Ideas Around
Brian Ferry, Roxy Music...
Broadway Submarine
Broken Furniture
Burning Car
Can't See You Anymore
Car Crash Flashback V2
Cars in the Garden
CD Side 18
Change in the Weather, A
Chart Runners
Cities of Light 5
Cities of Light 5 (alternative mix)
City?, A
Classic Cuts: The New Romantic Era
Clinical Perfection?
Close to the Noise Floor: Formative UK Electronica 1975–1984
Collision Architecture
Coming Into Focus
Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible
Confused Identities?
Coral Reef
Crash and Burn
Curtains Blowing
Dance the Alternative, Volume 1
Dancing Like a Gun
Darkness Before Dawn, Volume 2
Dawn of Electronica – Uncut
Delicate Romance, A
Dirty Diamonds, Volume 2
Disco-Tech of… Alexander Robotnick, The
Dislocated (Jussi Pekka's Pointed on a Map remix)
Dislocated (radio edit)
Distorted Vocals
Down a Windy Street
Drive EP, The
Dust and Light
Edge of the Seventies, The
Electric 80’s
Electric Ballroom: Synthetic Pop From the 80's to the 90's
Electric Dreams: 80's Synth Pop Classics
Electricity: 18 Synth Pop Hits
Electrocity, Volume 1
Electronic Sound Man & Machine
Empire Skyline
Empty Avenues
Empty Avenues and Dark Corners (Pye Corner Audio mix)
Empty Clothing Blows Across a Beach
Essential 80’s: Electro Pop
Europe After The Rain
European Splendour
Evangeline (David Lynch instrumental)
Evangeline (David Lynch remix)
Evangeline (radio edit)
Evidence of Time Travel
Falling Room, The
Film Noir
Five Point One
Forbidden Experiment, The
Forgotten Town
Forgotten Years
Frank Sinatra
Fred Deakin Presents: The Triptych
Free Robot (radio edit)
Freeze Frame
Freeze Frame (extended version)
Freeze Frame... Electric Guitar
Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire (excerpt)
Friendly Fire... Political?
From a Brighter Place
From Brussels With Love
From Then to Now
From Trash
Fugitive Desire
Funny Thing, A
Garden, The
Gods “Into the Wonderful”
Goth: 18 Classics From the Dark Side
Greatest Ever! Electric
Greatest Rock
He's a Liquid
Here and Now
Here We Go
Hiroshima Mon Amour
Hope Lasts
Idea?, The
Immpossible Dreams? 1
Immpossible Dreams? 2
Impenetrable Inevitable
Impossible (extended)
Impossible (Jori Hulkonnen mix)
In a Moment...
In a Silent Way
Invisible Man, The
Invisible Women
Invisible Women (alternative mix)
Invisible Women v2 (live)
Jekyll and Hyde...
Just For A Moment
Justin Timberlake?
Labyrinth Generator
Live From a Room (As Big as a City)
Long Light
Lori Anderson
Lost Marilyn Molecule
Making Movies
Man Who Dies Every Day, The
Meridians 1
Metal Beat
Methods of Dance: Electronica & Leftfield '73-'87
Miles Away
Million Cars (excerpt), A
Million Cars, A
Ministry of Sound: Anthems: Electronic 80s
Missing Person
Mix Tapes, The
Modern Dance
Momentary Architecture
Momentary Miracles
Music for Swimmers
My Favourite Kind of Irrelevance 1997-2007
My Life as an Echo
My Sex
My Space...
Neuro Video
Neuro Video (Jori Hulkonnen mix)
Never Let Me Go Louis' Rescue...
New Romantics, The
New Romantics: 15 Classic Club Cuts
New Wave Club Class•X: Sinner’s Day 09
New Wave: The Platinum Collection
Next Album...
Night Jewels
Nighthawks, Translucence and Drift Music
Nightlife (alternative mix)
Nightlife (Live From A Room)
No One Driving
Noise, The
Nordic Lights
Northern Attitude
Now That I’ve Forgotten You
Ocean We Can Breathe, An
Once in a While
One Who Walks Through You (excerpt), The
One Who Walks Through You, The
Only After Dark: Nick Rhodes & John Taylor Present...
Only After Dark: The Sound of the Rum Runner
Other Room, The
Outward Journeys
Perfect Line, The
Phone Tap
Phrases and Ideas
Pleasures of Electricity, The
Pop Years: 1980-1981, The
Pop Years: The 80s, The
Quiet City
Quiet Men (Subterranean Omnidelic Exotour), The
Quiet Men, The
Ray 1 - Ray 2
Resonant Frequency
Retro Future
Rhapsody in Flames
Right Path, The
Room as Big as a City (extended), A
Room as Big as a City, A
Running in Traffic (full version)
Sailing On Sunshine
Scripts for the Pageant
Secret Life, A
Secret Life, Part 1, A
Secret Life, Part 2, A
Secret Life, Part 3, A
Secret Life, Part 4, A
Secret Life, Part 5, A
Secret Life, Part 6, A
Sex Video
Sex Video (live From a Room)
Shadow Man
Shadow of Her Former Self, The
She Robot
Shifting City
Skyscraper Starlight
Some Way Through All the Cities
Someone Almost There
Something Is Coming Down the Avenues
Spin Doctoring...
Spoken Roses
Star Traks
Stepping Sideways
Storm Warning
Street Level: 20 New Wave Hits
Subterranean Omnidelic Exotour
Sunlit Silhouette
Surgical Precision
Swimmer II
Synths & B Movies
Talk (Are You Listening to Me?)
Tearing Sound of Smiling, The
Techno Pop 3
This City
Three Weeks
Through My Sleeping
Time of Your Life
Torn Sunset
Touch & Go
Tracks That Never Made It
Translucence / Drift Music
Translucence + Drift Music
Twilight Room
Ultraviolet - Infrared
Ultraviolet / Infra-Red
UltraViolet / InfraRed (Live From A Room)
Underwater Dreamsex
Underwater Flowers
Unique Sounds: Sonic Elements From the Stars
Use My Voice
Voiceprint Free CD Sampler: March 2002
Walk This Way
Weather Patterns
When It Rains
When the City Stops for Snow
Who Can Resist a Twisted Kiss
Wind in Lonely Fences: 1970-2011
X-Ray Vision
X‐Ray Vision
You Again
Young Savage
Your Kisses Burn (excerpt)
Your Kisses Burn V2
Your Shadow