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Jeff Tweedy
Jeff Tweedy (americký hudebník)
Jeff Tweedy (Amerikaans zanger)
Jeff Tweedy (amerikansk sångare och gitarrist)
Jeff Tweedy (amerikansk sanger og gitarist)
Jeff Tweedy (amerikansk sanger og guitarist)
Jeff Tweedy (amerikansk songar og gitarist)
Jeff Tweedy (cantante, compositore e chitarrista statunitense)
Jeff Tweedy (compositeur, chanteur et guitariste de rock-pop)
Jeff Tweedy (musician)
Jeff Tweedy (US-amerikanischer Songwriter)
Jeffrey Scot Tweedy
Tweedy, Jeff
Tweedy, Jeffrey Scot
Tweedy, Jeffrey Scot (Vollstaendiger Name)
جف توئیدی (گیتاریست و خواننده آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bach, Leroy (co-performer)
Becker, Jim (co-performer)
Bennett, Jay (co-performer)
Billey, Jessica (co-performer)
Boxhead Ensemble (isMemberOf)
Cline, Nels (co-performer)
Coffee Creek (isMemberOf)
Colligan, Mike (co-performer)
Coomer, Ken (co-performer)
Curry, David Michael (co-performer)
Dylan, Bob (1941-)
Egan, Bob (co-performer)
Farrar, Jay (1966-)
Farrar, Jay (co-performer)
Frost, Edith (co-performer)
Golden Smog (isMemberOf)
Golden smog (see also from)
Golden Smog Affiliation (see also from)
Gregorio, Guillermo (co-performer)
Grubbs, David (co-performer)
Heidorn, Mike (co-performer)
Hembrey, Ryan (co-performer)
Henneman, Brian (co-performer)
Johnston, Max (co-performer)
Kotche, Glenn (co-performer)
Krassner, Michael (co-performer)
Lonberg-Holm, Fred (co-performer)
Loose Fur (isMemberOf)
Louris, Gary (co-performer)
Mars, Chris (co-performer)
McCombs, Douglas (co-performer)
O’Rourke, Jim (co-performer)
Oldham, Will (co-performer)
Parker, Jeff (co-performer)
Pomerleau, Julie (co-performer)
Rizzo, Rick (co-performer)
Rosaly, Frank (co-performer)
Rutili, Tim (co-performer)
Sansone, Pat (co-performer)
Scott, Jimmy (1925-...)
Sonic Youth (Musical group)
Stephens, Jody (co-performer)
Stevens, Sufjan
Stirratt, John (co-performer)
The Raccoonists (isMemberOf)
Tuma, Scott (co-performer)
Turner, Mick (co-performer)
Tweedy (isMemberOf)
Tweedy (Musical group) (see also from)
Tweedy, Spencer (co-performer)
Uncle Tupelo (isMemberOf)
Uncle Tupelo (see also from)
Uncle Tupelo (Musical group) (see also from)
Uncle Tupelo Affiliation (see also from)
Vandermark, Ken (co-performer)
Wainwright, Rufus (1973-)
White, Jim (co-performer)
Wilco (isMemberOf)
Wilco (see also from)
Wilco (Musical group) (see also from)
Wilco Affiliation (see also from)
1997-01-11: Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL, USA
1997-11-18: Chicago, IL, USA
1998-03-26: Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL, USA
1998-11-12: Chicago, IL, USA
1999-03-05: Harper College, Palatine, IL, USA
1999-10-20: Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL, USA
1999-10-21: The Lounge AX, Chicago, IL, USA
2000-01-04: The Lounge AX, Chicago, IL, USA (disc 2)
2000-12-17: Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL, USA
2001-02-26: Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USA
2001-03-03: Richard's on Richards, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2001-03-10: Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA, USA
2001-03-12: Minneapolis, MN, USA
2002-06-10: Chicago, IL, USA
2003-01-06: The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
2003-01-08: The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
2005-03-04: The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
2005-03-05: Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL, USA
2005-11-05: Orpheum Theatre, Madison, WI, USA
2005-11-13: Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA, USA
2005-11-17: Tribeca Performing Arts Center, New York, NY, USA
2005-11-22: Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK
2006-01-14: Edie's, Chicago, IL, USA
2006-01-25: Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL, USA
2006-02-02: The Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, USA
2006-02-03: Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, USA
2006-02-04: McDonald Theatre, Eugene, OR, USA
2006-02-08: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA
2006-02-09: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA
2006-02-11: Spreckles Theatre, San Diego, CA, USA
2006-02-15: Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO, USA
2006-02-18: Rococo Theatre, Lincoln, NE, USA
2006-02-19: Iowa Memorial Union Ballroom, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA
2006-02-20: Otto's, DeKalb, IL, USA
2006-02-25: Mandel Hall, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
2006-04-08: Hotel S n' S, Chicago, IL, USA
2006-08-16: North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC, USA
2006-08-18: Planet Bluegrass Ranch, Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, Lyons, CO, USA
2006-10-27: Foellinger Auditorium, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, USA
2006-10-30: The Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI, USA
2007-01-19: Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa, OK, USA
2007-01-27: The Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL, USA
2007-01-30: Bijou Theatre, Knoxville, TN, USA
2007-01-31: The Paramount Theater, Charlottesville, VA, USA
2007-02-24: The Drost Home, Barrington, IL, USA
2007-03-03: The Coleman Home, Winnetka, IL, USA
2007-04-06: The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
2007-10-05: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, USA
2010-12-03: Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, USA
Acuff-Rose (Uncle Tupelo)
Adult head, 2004:
Ain'ta Gonna Grieve
Airline to Heaven
All the Same to Me
Always in Love
Am Trying to Break Your Heart, I
…and Then You Cut It in Half
Answers to Your Questions
Art of Almost
Ashes of American Flags
At Least That's What You Said
At My Window Sad and Lonely (Jeff Tweedy guitar solo version)
Auld Triangle, The
Ballad of the Opening Band
Be Not So Fealful
Be Not So Fearful [Bill Fay]
Be Patient With Me
Beautiful & Stoned
Before I Break
Before Us
Being there
Black Eye
Black Moon
Blasting Fonda
Blood of the Lamb
Blue Eyed Soul
Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard
Bombs Above
Born Alone
Box Full of Letters
Bright Leaves
Bull Black Nova
California Stars
Can’t Keep From Talking, I
Can’t Stand It
Candy Floss
Capitol City
Cars Can’t Escape / The Ruling Class (false start)
Casino Queen
Chain of Broken Hearts
Chelsea Walls Demos
Chelsea walls original music
Childlike and Evergreen
Chinese Apple
Christ for President
Cold Slope
Come Back New
Come Back Now
Common Sense
Community Song [Montessori school song], The
Company in My Back
Country Disappeared
Crack a Smile
[crowd noise] / Should've Been in Love
[crowd noise] / [stage banter]
Cry All Day
Dad Says
Dash 7
Dawned on Me
Dead Flowers
Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit)
Deeper Down
Desert Bell
Diamond Light, Part 1
Diamond Light, Pt. 1
Don’t Forget
Down From Above
Dream in My Dreams
Dreamer in My Dreams
Dynamite My Soul
Ecumenical Matter, An
Either Way
Empty Corner, An
Empty Head
[encore break #1]
[encore break #2]
[encore break #3]
[encore break #4]
[encore introduction]
End Credits
Ever Fallen in Love
Everlasting Everything
Every Step
Everyone Hides
Factory Belt
[fade in]
[fade out]
Fake Fur Coat
Family Gardener, The
Family Gardner, The
Family Ghost
Far, Far Away
Fatal Wound
Feed of Man
Fifteen Keys
Fool Such as I, A
Forget the Flowers
Frank's Dream
Froggie Went a Courtin'
From Far Away
Give Back The Key To My Heart [Doug Sahm cover]
God [John Lennon cover]
Goldtoothed Lullaby for Rafter and Beams, A
Good Chinese Apple
Good Part (unreleased), The
Got Drunk, I
Got U, I
Got You-Jeff Tweedy (At the End of the Century), I
...Grammy talk
Graveyard Shift
[guitar change]
Gun (aborted)
Gun (Uncle Tupelo)
Handshake Drugs
Harry Smith connection a live tribute to the anthology of American folk music
Hate It Here (fragment)
Having Been Is No Way to Be
He's Back Jack / Whistling Jesus
Heavy Metal Drummer
Hell Is Chrome
Hello, Are You There?
Henry and the H-Bombs
Henry & The H Bomb
Hesitating Beauty
Hey Chicken
Hey Hey What Can I Do [Led Zeppelin]
High as Hello
High Water
Hold Me Anyway
Honey Combed
Hoodoo Voodoo
Hotel Arizona
How Hard It Is for a Desert to Die
How to Fight Loneliness
How to Fight Lonliness
How Will I Find You?
I’ll Fight
I’ll Never Know
I’ll Sing It
I'm a Wheel
I’m Always in Love
I'm Beginning to See the Light
I'm Into Something Good
I'm not there : music from the motion picture
I'm Only Sleeping [The Beatles]
I’m the Man Who Loves You
I've Been Working on the Railroad
If I Ever Was a Child
If That's Alright
Immigrant Song
Impossible Germany
In a Future Age
In Christ, There Is No East or West
In Your Dreams
Ingrid Bergman
Interview - Ut Kcou 11-29-1990
[introduction] / War on War
Is That the Thanks I Get?
James Alley Blues
Jesus, etc.
Jesus Wept
John Hardy
John Wesley Harding
Joke Explained, The
Just a Kid
Just Say Goodbye
Kicking Television
King of You
Know What It’s Like, I
Kopf erwachsen Gedichte
Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season)
Late Greats, The
Leave Me Like You Found Me
Left in the Dark
Less Than You Think
Let’s Go Rain
Let's Not Get Carried Away
Life Worth Livin'
Life Worth Living
list, The
Listening to the Wind That Blows
Lonely 1, The
Lonely One, The
Long Black Veil
Long Cut, The
Long Time Ago, A
Lookin' for a Love
Looking for a Lover
Looking for a Way Out
Losing End
Lost Love
Love and Mercy / The Community Song
Love in a Willow Garden
Love Is Everywhere (Beware)
Low Key
Lullaby for Ratfters and Beams
Magazine Called Sunset, A
Man in the sand : [the making of Mermaid Avenue]
Man Who Loves You
Mermaid Avenue [the complete sessions]
Might, I
Monkey Mess
Music from the motion picture I'm not there
Must Be High, I
Muzzle of Bees (false start)
My Darling
My Words
New Madrid [Uncle Tupelo]
New Moon
No More Poetry
No Sense in Lovin'
Nobody Dies Anymore
Normal American Kids
Not for the Season
Not For The Seasons
Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway-Jeff Tweedy (Again)
Nothing Up My Sleeve (aka Anniversary)
Oklahoma USA
Old Maid
Old records never die : one man's quest for his vinyl and his past
On and On and On
Once in Germany, Someone Said Nein
One and a Half Stars
One by One
One More Night
One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)
One True Vine
One Wing
Open Mind
Opening Titles
Outta Mind (Outta Sight)
Outtasite (Outta Mind)
Passenger Side
Peace in the Valley
Pecan Pie (Golden Smog)
Pecan Pie (take one)
Pecan Pie (take two)
Pick Up the Change
Pickled Ginger
Pieholden Suite
Pink Moon [Nick Drake]
Playing Kiss Covers
Please Be Patient With Me
Please Don’t Let Me Be So Understood
Please Tell My Brother
Please Tell My Brothers
Political Science
Poor Places
Pot Kettle Black
Pretty Sparks
Probably Gone
Quiet Amplifier
Radio Cure
Radio King
Random Name Generator
Red Brick, The
Red Elevator
Red-Eyed and Blue / I Got You (At the End of the Century)
Reflection in a Crystal Wind
Reflections on a Crystal Wind
Remember the Mountain Bed
Remember the Mountainbed
Ripple (fragment)
Rising Red Lung
Roadcase 024 / December 15, 2013 / Los Angeles, CA
Roadcase 025 / December 16, 2013 / Los Angeles, CA
Roadcase 026 / December 18, 2013 / Los Angeles, CA
Roadcase 027 / December 19, 2013 / Los Angeles, CA
Roadcase 028 / December 8, 2013 / Seattle, WA
Roadcase 029 / December 5, 2013 / Denver, CO
Roadcase 030 / December 3, 2013 / Kansas City, MO
Roadcase 031 / February 14, 2014 / Chicago, IL
Roadcase 032 / February 15, 2014 / Chicago, IL
Ruling Class (Loose Fur), The
Sad and Lonely
Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Say You Miss Me
Screen Door
Secret of the Sea
[set break]
[set change]
Shake It Off
Shakin' Sugar
Shall Be Released, I
She Came Along to Me
She’s a Jar
Shot in the Arm (false start), A
Should’ve Been in Love
Shouldn’t Be Ashamed
Shrug and Destroy
Sick Server
Side With the Seeds
Simple Twist of Fate
Sin City
Sky blue sky
Slow Love
Smile [Charlie Chaplin, John Turner, Geoffrey Parsons]
So Called Friend
So Much Wine (Butterfly)
So Much Wine [The Handsome Family cover]
So You Wanna Be a Rock n Roll Star
Some Birds
Somebody Some Morning Sometime
Someday Some Morning Sometime
Someday Soon
Someone Else’s Song
Someone to Lose
Sometimes It Happens
[song request]
Song With No Name, A
Sonny Feeling
Spiders (Kidsmoke)
[stage banter #1]
[stage banter #2]
[stage banter] / I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
Standing O
Stay True
Steal the Crumbs
Still Be Around
Stupid as the Sun
Sugar Baby
Sugar Mountain
Summer Noon
Summer Teeth
Sunken Treasure: Jeff Tweedy Live in the Pacific Northwest (bonus tracks)
Take It Easy
Take My Word
Taste the Ceiling
Ten Sentences
Thanks I Get, The
That’s Not the Issue
That Year
Thax Douglas Intro
Thax Douglas Poem / Jeff Tweedy #7
Thax Douglas Poem / Jeff Tweedy #8
Thou Shalt Wilt
Thought I Held You, I
Threw It Away
Together at Last
Too Far Apart
True Love Will Find You in the End
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Ultra Orange Room
Via Chicago
Wait for Love
Wait Up (false start)
Wait Up (Uncle Tupelo)
Walk On
Walk Where He Walked
Wallman, The
War on War
Warm / Warmer
Warm (When the Sun Has Died)
(Was I) in Your Dreams (false start)
We Aren’t the World (Safety Girl)
We’re Just Friends
We’ve Been Had
We Were Lucky
What Light
What’s the World Got in Store
When the Roses Bloom Again
When You Wake Up Feeling Old
Where Do I Begin
Where My Love
Where You Wanna Be
Whiskey Bottle (live acoustic)
White Wooden Cross
Who Were You Thinking Of
Whole Love
Why Would You Wanna Live
Wilco (The Song)
Wish I Was Your Mother, I
Wish My Baby Was Born, I
Wishful Thinking
Wolf Is on the Hill, The
Won't Forget
World Away
You and I
You Are My Face
You Are Not Alone
You Never Know
You Satellite
You Were Wrong
دیوارهای چلسی
Contributed to or performed: 
[crowd noise]
1995-04-14: McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA, USA
1996-11-20: C'est What, Toronto, ON, Canada
1999-07-25: Old Town Music School Fest, Chicago, IL, USA
Ain’t No Doubt About It
Airline to Heaven
Another Man's Done Gone
At My Window Sad and Lonely
AUDIOphile Pearls, Volume 9
Auld Triangle, The
Behold a Raccoon in the Darkness
Behold Jeff Tweedy in the Darkness
Black Eye
Blood of the Lamb
Box Full of Letters
California Stars
Casino Queen
Charlie Louvin
Childlike and Evergreen
Dash 7
Don't You Honey Me
Down in a Mirror: A Second Tribute to Jandek
Down in the Willow Garden
Dreamer in My Dreams
East Virginia Blues
Family Gardener, The
Far, Far Away
Fatal Wound
Forget the Flowers
Give Back the Key to My Heart
Got You (At the End of the Century), I
Great Atomic Power
Harry Smith Connection (A Live Tribute To The Anthology Of American Folk Music), The
Heavy Metal Drummer
Hesitating Beauty
Hoodoo Voodoo
I'll Take You There: An All-Star Concert Celebration
I'm Always in Love
I’m Not There: Original Soundtrack
I’m the Man Who Loves You
If All I Was Was Black
If That's Alright
In a Future Age
James Alley Blues
John Wesley Harding
Laminated Cat
Late Greats, The
List, The
Lonely 1, The
Long Black Veil
Long Cut, The
Magazine Called Sunset, A
Mermaid Avenue Bonus EP
Must Be High, I
New Madrid
New Thunder Revue, The
No Sense in Lovin'
Not for the Season
Not for the Season / Laminated Cat
Outtasite (Outta Mind)
Passenger Side
Pecan Pie
Pick Up the Change
Red-Eyed and Blue
Ruling Class, The
Screen Door
She Came Along to Me
She's a Jar
Shot in the Arm, A
Should've Been in Love
Someday Soon
Song Reader: Twenty Songs by Beck
Songs for Slim
Songs for Slim: Rockin Here Tonight: A Benefit Compilation for Slim Dunlap
Sugar Baby
Summer Teeth
Sunken Treasure
Take This Job and Shove It
There Is a Vine
Too Far Apart
Touch My Heart: A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck
True Love Will Find You in the End
Via Chicago
Wait Up
Walk On
War on War
Watch Me Fall
We've Been Had
Weight, The
What's the World Got in Store
When the Roses Bloom Again
Who Were You Thinking Of
Why Would You Wanna Live
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
You Are Not Alone
You Were Wrong