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Gallagher, Rory,
Rory Gallagher
Rory Gallagher (Blues rock musician from Ireland)
Rory Gallagher (chitarrista e cantante irlandese)
Rory Gallagher (guitariste et chanteur irlandais de blues rock)
Rory Gallagher (irischer Gitarrist)
Rory Gallagher (irländsk sångare)
Rory Gallagher (irsk sanger)
Rory Gallagher (irsk songar)
Rory Gallagher (zanger uit Ierland (1948-1995))
Ρόρυ Γκάλαχερ
Рори Галахър
Рори Галлахер
רורי גלאגר
روری گلگر (خواننده ایرلندی)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Related names: 
BMG France
BMG Music International (Europe)
Campbell, Wilgar
Capo Records
Damery, Norman (co-performer)
De'Ath, Rod
Gallagher, Rory (1949-1995)
Kitteringham, Eric (co-performer)
Martin, Lou
McAvoy, Gerry
McCracken, Richard (co-performer)
McKenna, Ted
Palmer, Tony (1941-....))
Strange Music Ltd
Taste (isMemberOf)
Taste 1966-1971 (see also from)
Taste Affiliation (see also from)
Voor zang en gitaar (met gitaarakkoorden)
Wilson, John (co-performer)
Wyman, Bill
1974-03-17: A Bottle of Gin: Hippodrome, London, UK
1974-09-03: Denim & a Strat: Roslyn, NY, USA
1974 On Tour
1979-09-07: My Father's Place: Roslyn, NY, USA
20:20 Vision
Acoustic Instrumental (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany)
Acoustic (medley)
Admit It
Against the grain
Ain’t No Saint, I
Ain’t Too Good
Alexis (tribute to Alexis Korner)
All Around Man (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany)
All Around Man (live on the Old Grey Whistle Test: Rory Gallagher Special, 1976)
All Time Best
Amazing Grace
Another wasted day
As the Crow Files
As the Crow Flies (Tattoo session, 1973)
At the Bottom
At the Depot
B Girl
Back on My Stompin’ Ground (After Hours)
Back on My Stomping Ground
Back where I started (3 min 54 s)
Bad Penny
Bamba (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany), La
Band Introduction (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany)
Banker’s Blues
Bankers Blues (Bluepring session outtake, 1973)
Barley and Grape Rag
BBC Sessions
beat club sessions, The
Best Years, The
Big Guns: The Very Best of Rory Gallagher
Black and Tan
Blister on the Moon
Blow Wind Blow (WNCR Cleveland radio session, 1973)
Blue Day for the Blues, A
Blue Moon of Kentucky
Bluemoon of Kentucky
Born on the Wrong Side of Time
Born Under a Bad Sign (live on Rockpalast, 1991)
Bottle of Gin (live, 1974-03-17: Hippodrome, London, UK), A
Bought and Sold
Bowed Not Broken
Bratacha Dubha
Brute Force and Ignorance
Brute force & ignorance (5 min 45 s)
Brute Force & Ignorance (live)
Bullfrog blues (6 min 45 s)
Bullfrog Blues (fades out)
Bullfrog Blues (live, 1974-03-17: Hippodrome, London, UK)
Bullfrog Blues (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany)
Bullfrog Blues (WNCR Cleveland radio session, 1973)
Calling Card (live, 1977-01-20: Golders Green Hippodrome, London)
Calling Hard, Part 1
Can't Be Satisfied, I
Can't believe it's true (7 min 16 s)
Can’t Believe It’s You
Cause I Know
Chequered Shirt Wizzard
Cloak and Dagger
Cluney Blues
Continental O.P.
Continental Op
Could Have Had Religion, I
could've had religion (8 min 34 s), I
Could’ve Had Religion (live), I
Could’ve Had Religion (WNCR Cleveland radio session, 1973), I
Country Mile (live, 1979-01-13: Hammersmith Odeon, London)
Cradle rock (6 min 15 s)
Cradle Rock (cuts in)
Cradle Rock / Just a Little Bit
Crest of a Wave (BBC Sessions)
Crest of a Wave: The Best of Rory Gallagher
Cross Me Off Your List
Cruise on out (5 min 19 s)
Cruise On Out (live, 1979-09-20: The Venue, London)
Cuckoo, The
Cut a dash
Dark Side of the Sun (Marlo remix)
Daughter of the Everglades (BBC Sessions)
Deep Elm Blues
Devil Made Me Do It, The
Dizzy Miss Lizzy (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany)
Do You Read Me
Doing Time
Don't Know Where I'm Going, I
Don’t Start Me Talkin’ (Jinx session, 1982)
Don't Start Me Talking (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany)
Don’t Start Me to Talkin’
Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
Double Vision
Dual Carriageway Pain
Early in the Morning
Early Warning
Easy Come, Easy Go
Eat My Words
Edged in Blue
Empire State Express
essential Rory Gallagher, The
Etched in blue
Failsafe Day
fall apart... [etc], I
Feel So Bad (BBC Sessions)
First and the Best, The
Flight to Paradise
Follow Me (live)
For the last time (6 min 34 s)
For the Last Time (BBC Sessions)
Fresh evidence
Fuel to the fire (5 min 43 s)
G-Men Bootleg Series, Volume 1
Garbage Man Blues (live from Sheffield City Hall, 1977)
Garbage Man (live, 1978: De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK)
Get it on the seventies DVD jukebox
Ghost blues
Gipsy Woman
Goin’ to My Home Town
Goin’ to My Hometown
Going to My Home Town
Going to My Hometown
Good Night
Got My Mojo Working (live, 1979-01-13: Hammersmith Odeon, London)
Gypsy Woman
Hands Off (BBC Sessions)
Hands up (5 min 25 s)
Hands Up (live, 1974-03-17: Hippodrome, London, UK)
Harder (3 min 44 s)
Heaven’s Gate
Hell Cat
Hoo Doo Man
Hoodoo Blues
Hoodoo Man (BBC Sessions)
Hoodoo Woman
How Many More Years
I’ll Admit You’re Gone
I'll Remember
I'm leavin'
I’m Not Awake Yet
I'm not surprised (3 min 35 s)
I’m Ready
I’m Torn Down
If I Don't Sing I'll Cry
If I had a reason (4 min 30 s)
If the Day Was Any Longer
In your town (9 min 44 s)
Irish Tour ’74...
Irish Tour (disc 1)
It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again
It's you (2 min 38 s)
It Take What It Want
It Takes Time (BBC Sessions)
Jack-knife Beat
Jackknife Beat
Jacknife Beat (live, 1977-01-20: Golders Green Hippodrome, London)
Japan Tour '74
Juke Box Annie
Just a Little Bit
Just Hit Town
Just the smile
Kickback City
‘Kid’ Gloves
King of Zydeco, The
Last of the Independants (disc 2)
Last of the Independants, The
Last of the Independents, The
Laundromat (live)
Leavin’ Town Blues
Leaving Town Blues (remixed)
Let Me In
Let’s Go To Work
Live at Cork Opera House
Live at the Montreux Festival 1975–94: The Definitive Collection
Live beim ZMF 1993
Live in Cork
Live! In Europe / Stage Struck
Livin' like a trucker (4 min 21 s)
Loanshark Blues (alternative acoustic take / live on Rockpalast)
Lonely Mile
Loneshark Blues
Lonesome Highway Refraining
Loop (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany), The
Loose Talk
Lost at Sea
Maritime (The Edgar Lustgarden cut)
Maybe I Will
Mean Disposition
Mean Dispositon
Medley: Amazing Grace, Walking Blues, Blue Moon of Kentucky
Medley: Barley and Grape Rag, Pistol Slapper Blues
Meeting With The G-Man
Meeting With the G-Man+
Mercy River
Messin' with the kid (6 min 24 s)
Messin’ With the Kid (live from Sheffield City Hall)
Middle Name
million miles away (6 min 55 s)
Million Miles Away (BBC Radio 1 Bob Harris session, 1973), A
Millione Meile
Mississippi Sheiks, The
Mississippi skeiks (5 min 56 s)
Moonchild (Live)
Morning Sun
Mozart vs. The Rest / Jam
My Baby She Left Me
My Baby, Sure
Never Asked You for Nothin’
No peace for the wicked
Norman Invasion
Notes from San Francisco
Nothin’ but the Devil (Against the Grain session, 1975)
Nothin’ but the Devil (live at the River Records radio concert broadcast)
Nothing but the Devil
Obra selecta.
Off the Handle (BBC Radio 2 Paul Jones Blues Show, 1986)
On the boards
Once in the World (live, 1974-03-17: Hippodrome, London, UK)
Original Album Classics
Original albums classics. SBM 88697311862
Out of My Mind
Out of the Western Pain
Out on a Western Plain
Out on the tiles
Out on the Western Plain (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany)
Overnight bag (4 min 46 s)
Pardon Me Mister
Persuasion (4 min 45 s)
Peter Gun
Pistol slapper blues (2 min 49 s)
Pistol Slapper Blues (acoustic version / live on RTÉ TV)
Planets Bend Between Us (dub), The
Prison Blues (Blueprint session, 1973)
Public Enemy (B-Girl version)
Public Enemy No. 1
Race the breeze (6 min 54 s)
Race the Breeze (BBC Sessions)
Race the Breeze (live, 1974-03-17: Hippodrome, London, UK)
Rag Mama Rag
Railway and Gun
Ride on Red, Ride On
Road to Hell
Roberta (live, 1978: De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK)
Rock Life With Jack
Rockpalast Wiesbaden 1979 (disc 1)
Rory Gallagher Collection, The
Rory Talking Blues
Rue the day
Same Old Story
Sea cruise
Secret Agent (acoustic version / live on RTÉ TV)
See Here
Seems to me
Seven Days
Seventh Son of 7th Son (BBC Sessions)
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, The
Shadow Play, The
She Moved Thro’ the Fair / Ann Cran UII
She Moved Thro’ the Fair / Ann Cran Ull
She Moved Through the Fair
Shin Kicker (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany)
Should've Learned My Lesson
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson (Deuce album session / alternative acoustic take)
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson (Deuce album session outtake)
Showbiz Blues
Sinner boy (5 min 05 s)
Skin Kicker
Slapper Boogie
Sleep on a clothes-line (5 min 15 s)
Slumming Angel
Smear Campaign
Songs for Romy
Souped‐Up Ford
Stage struck
Stompin’ Ground (Alt Version 10)
Stompin' Ground (alternate version)
Stompin' Ground (live, 1974-03-17: Hippodrome, London, UK)
Story So Far, The
Strange land
Take It Easy Baby
Take What I Want (live, 1977-01-20: Golders Green Hippodrome, London), I
Tatoo’d Lady
Tattoo / Blueprint
Tattoo'd Lady (live, 1974-03-17: Hippodrome, London, UK)
There’s a Light
They don't make them like you anymore (4 min 05 s)
They Don’t Make Them Like You (BBC Sessions)
Time Slippin'
Too Much Alchool
Too Much Alcohol (live)
Top priority
Tore Down (Blueprint session, 1973)
Tore Down (live from Newcastle City Hall)
Toredown (BBC Sessions)
Traditional Blues
Treat her right
trésors du rock de Philippe Manoeuvre
Tucson, Arizona
Unmilitary two-step (2 min 49 s)
Used to Be (live, 1979-01-13: Hammersmith Odeon, London)
Voodoo Blues (live, 1974-03-17: Hippodrome, London, UK)
Walk on Hot Caols
Walk on hot coals (7 min 02 s)
Walk on Hot Coals (live, 1974-03-17: Hippodrome, London, UK)
Walkin’ Blues (acoustic version / live on RTÉ TV)
Walkin’ Wounded
Walking Blues (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany)
Walking Blues, The
Want Ad Blues (Radio 2 Dave Fanning session)
Want You / Raunchy (medley), I
Wanted Blues
Watcher, The
Wave myself goodbye (3 min 29 s)
Wayward Child
Wee Wee Baby
What in the World (live, 1973-02-01: Paris Theatre, London)
What in the World (live at the River Records Radio Concert Broadcast, Glasgow Apollo, 1982)
What’s Going On
Wheels Within Wheels (alternative version)
When My Baby She Left Me (BBC Sessions)
When My Baby She Left Me (live at the River Records radio concert broadcast)
Where Was I Going To?
Who's That Comin'?
Who's that coming (7 min 12 s)
Who's That Coming (live, 1974-03-17: Hippodrome, London, UK)
Who’s That Coming? (Tattoo album session / alternative acoustic take)
Whole Lot of People (Deuce album session / alternative acoustic take)
William of Green
Wonder Who (live, 1993: Zelt-Musik-Festival, Germany), I
Wonder Who (Who’s Gonna Be Your Sweet Man), I
Worried Man
X 2
You’ve Got To Pay
Contributed to or performed: 
1973-03-10: Popgala, De Vliegermolen, Voorburg, The Netherlands
2010-02-11: A State of Trance #443
2011-03-03: A State of Trance #498
2011-06-23: A State of Trance #514
2011-07-07: A State of Trance #516
2011-12-15: A State of Trance #539
2012-02-02: A State of Trance #546
2012-03-17: A State of Trance #550, "Los Angeles, USA, Part 4: Aly & Fila": Beyond Wonderland, Los Angeles, USA
2012-03-22: A State of Trance #553
2012-05-03: A State of Trance #559
2012-08-09: A State of Trance #573
Armada Trance 12
As We Orbit (original mix)
Back to Blues, Volume 2
Back to the 70’s, Volume 2
Barley & Grape Rag
Beginner's Guide to Blues Music
Best Irish Album in the World… Ever!, The
Best of the Celtic Circle
Black & White Blues
Blues Guitar Heroes
Blues Guitar Masters
Blues Had a Baby and They Named it Rock 'n' Roll, The
Blues Story
Blues Story n°1 : Les rois du blues
Blues Story n°10 Concert vol. 1
Blues Story n°4 Le Blues Rock
Blues Story n°7 Les Guitar Heroes du Blues
Blues, The
Boogie Jam
Born Under a Bad Sign
Can't Be Satisfied
Capital Gold: Blues Legends
Celtic Circle 3, The
Celtic Rock
Champions of Music
Chart Show Ultimate Blues, The
Classic Rock
Classic Rock #171: This is Radio Slash
Classic Rock: Born to Be Wild
Classic Rock: British Steel
Classic Rock: Guitar Legends
Comin’ Home Baby (live in Swindon)
Complete Dubliners (The Transatlantic Years), The
Dave Fanning's Best of Irish Rock
Dave Fanning's Fab 50
Donal Lunny's Definitive...Lisdoonvarna
Eagle Entertainment 2008 Audio Sampler
Eagle Records Live at Montreux 2009 Sampler
Electric: 60 Killer Guitar Tracks
Es Vedrá (intro mix)
Es Vedra (Matt Bukovski remix)
Expansive Mind
Falsely Accused
Father's Day Sampler
Fresh Blues, Volume 7
Funk Jam
Future Sound of Egypt, Volume 2
Global DJ Broadcast Top 40 Best Of 2012
Goin' Down Slow Jam
Good Golly Miss Molly
Got a Cold Cold Feeling, I
Grande Blues di Repubblica, Il
Greatest Irish Bands
Guitar Album, The
Haynes Dad: Ultimate Guide to Rock MK II
Haynes Rock: Ultimate Guide to Classic Anthems
I'm Moving On
I’m Ready
In Concert
Irish A-Z of Rock (Disc Z)
Irish Werewolf, The
Jammin' With Albert
Kindred Spirits
Leaving Town Blues
Légendes du rock irlandais, Les
Man of the World: Reflections on Peter Green
Männer Rock
Mellomania 21
Mellomania, Step 21
Memories of My Trip
Mr. Bluesman
Never Coming Down
Never Coming Down (JPL remix)
Nothing but the Blues
Oasis (Solid Stone remix)
Old Grey Whistle Test – The Album, The
Old Grey Whistle Test: Blues, The
Old Grey Whistle Test: Live, The
Old Grey Whistle Test: Take Two, The
Old Grey Whistle Test: The Anthems, The
Peter Green Songbook: A Tribute to His Work in Two Volumes
Planets Bend Between Us (Domenico Cascarino & Luca Lombardi Chillout mix), The
Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues: The Definitive Collection! Part 4: 1970-2005
Pure… Guitar Heroes
Rattlesnake Guitar: The Music of Peter Green
Re: Structured
Reading Festival ’73
Remember Me
Rock Ballads
Rock Classics
Rock Gödz
Rock Guitar Legends Vol2
Rock Magazin Eclipsed At Rockpalast
She Moved Thro' the Fair
Singing Songs of the Southlands
Skyline Cafe
Spirit of Joy: Tales From the Polydor Underground ● 1967-1974
Still Got the Blues
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 1971: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
This Is the Blues, Volume 2
This Is the Blues, Volume 3
Time Life Music - Rock Classics: Milestones
Time Life Music - Rock Classics: Rock Legends
Tom Dunne Selection, The
Tom Dunne’s 30 Best Irish Hits
Trance 100 2010, Volume 2
Tranquillity State
Trésors du Rock de Philippe Manœuvre, Les
Ultimate Blues Collection (disc 2)
Ultimate Blues Collection, The
Ultimate Guitar Legends
Unconditionally Guaranteed, October 1999: Volume 9
United Destination 2010
Very Best of 25 Years British Blues, The
Very Best of Blues Guitar, The
Waking Giants
Wayne’s World Hits 2
Werners Paadie
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Whiskey and Women Jam
White Boy’s Blues Guitars
White Boys Blues
White Boys Blues White Boys Can Play The Blues
Will Ye Go Lassie Go?
Words and Music
You Upset Me, Baby (live)
Young Fashioned Ways
Met voorwoord, citaten en informatie over bespeelde gitaren en gebruikte versterkers in het Engels
Graad 3-4
Notenschrift en gitaartabulatuur
Voor zang en gitaar (met gitaarakkoorden)