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Buccleuch (Duke of)
Buccleuch, James Scott (Duke of)
Buccleuch, James Scott of
Crofts, James
Crofts, James (Duke of Monmouth)
Fitzroy, James
Fitzroy, James (Duke of Monmouth)
James (Monmouth, Duke)
James Scott
James Scott, 1. Duke of Monmouth (englischer Thronprätendent)
James Scott, 1:e hertig av Monmouth
James Scott, 1. hertug av Monmouth
James Scott, 1. książę Monmouth
James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth (English nobleman and soldier, illegitimate son of King Charles II)
James Scott, Duque de Monmouth
James Scott (hertog)
James Scott, I duca di Monmouth (militare inglese)
James Scott, I duque de Monmouth
James Scott, Monmouth első hercege
James Scott, Monmouthi hertsog
James Scott, vévoda z Monmouthu
Monmouth, ... de
Monmouth, .. (duc de)
Monmouth (Hartog van)
Monmouth, Jacobus (Hertog van)
Monmouth, Jacobus (Hertzog von)
Monmouth, Jacobus (Herzog von)
Monmouth, Jacques (duc de)
Monmouth, James Scott
Monmouth, James Scott (Duca di)
Monmouth, James Scott (Duke of)
Monmouth, James Scott of
Monmuth, Jacob Scott
Montmouth, ... de
Montmouth, Jacob van
Schot, Jacob
Scot, Jacobus (Hertogh van Monmouth)
Scot, Jacques
Scott, Jacob
Scott, James
Scott, James (Duke of Monmouth)
Джеймс Скотт, 1-й герцог Монмут
Джэймс Скот
ჯეიმზ სკოტი
Ջեյմս Սքոթ
ג'יימס סקוט, הדוכס הראשון ממונמות'
دوق مونمث
เจมส์ สกอตต์ ดยุกที่ 1 แห่งมอนมัธ
제1대 몬머스 공작 제임스 스콧
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Cabrita, Maria Eduarda Melo
Coelho, Ana Cláudia Cohen
Correia, Paula Lucinda
Costa, Cristina Dias
Duckett, G. F.
Duckett, George Floyd
Great Britain. Parliament (1681). House of Lords
Lopes, Célia Albino
Martins, Carlota Santos
Mealha, Isabel Maria Ferro
Menezes, Paula (1967-)
Rodrigues, Noémia
S.n. (S.l.)
Cool kids inglês workbook 6º ano
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copy of the late duke Monmouth's letter. Dutch, A
Declaratie van Jacobus hertog van Monmouth en de edelen, heeren en andere, tegenwoordig in wapenen, tot bescherming en handhaving van de protestantse religie ... als ook tot bevrijding ... des koningrijks, van de dwinglandy ... gepleegt by Jacobus hertog van York.
Declaration de Jaques duc de Monmouth, & des nobles, seigneurs & autres ... pour l'affranchissement & delivrance du royaume de la tyrannie & de l'usurpation perpetrée par Jaques duc de Jorcq.
declaration. Dutch, The
Declaration of james duke of monmouth, & the noblemen, gentlemen & others, now in arms, for defence & vindication of the protestant religion, & the laws, rights, & privilieges of england, from the invasion made upon them, & for delivering the kingdom from the usurpation & tyranny of james duke of york
Duc de Montmouth. -, Le
Earl of Essex his speech, at the delivering of the following petition to His most sacred Majesty, Jan. 25. 80., The
Effective speaking extensive reading
Entschlus des Herzogs Jacobi von Monmouth, wie auch des Adels, Landherren und anderer, so jeziger Zeit für die Beschütz- und Handhabung der Evangelischen Glaubenslehre ... wider die dargegen geschehene Beeinträchtigung ... Jacobi, Herzogs von Yorck, in den Waffen stehen
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Geschrift door den hartog van Monmouth aan een zyner vrienden over-gegeven even voor zijn executie.
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Missive van Jacobus Scot
Original letters of the Duke of Monmouth, in the Bodleian library
Prep for PET move on inglês, 9º ano
Profile inglês, 7º ano
protestation of the Lords upon rejecting the impeachment of Mr. Fitz-Harris. March 28. 1681., The
Quitters, inc.
Royal jelly
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Wordsworth and the seventeenth century