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Astronomer Royal
Maskelyne (Dr)
Maskelyne, John Nevil
Maskelyne, Nevil
Maskelyne, Neville
Nevil Maskelyne (astronomo britannico)
Nevil Maskelyne (britischer Mathematiker und Astronom)
Nevil Maskelyne (britisk astronom og matematikar)
Nevil Maskelyne (britisk astronom og matematiker)
Nevil Maskelyne (Brits wiskundige)
Nevil Maskelyne (brittisk astronom och matematiker)
Nevil Maskelyne (fifth Astronomer Royal, 1765 – 1811)
Маскелайн, Невил
Невил Маскелин
Невіль Маскелін
נוויל מסקלין
内维尔·马斯基林 (Fifth Astronomer Royal, 1765 – 1811)
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
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Great Britain. Commissioners of Longitude
Harrison, John (1693-1776)
Hertzsprung, Severin (1839-1893)
Mayer, Johann Tobias (1723-1762))
Mayer, Tobias (1723-1762)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Richardson (1761-1784))
Royal Greenwich Observatory
Royal Society (Great Britain)
Taylor, Michael (1756-1789)
account of the Going of Mr. John Harrison's Watch at the Royal Obs*. -, An
Advertisement of the expected return of the comet of 1532 and 1661 in the year 1788. By the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne, D. D. F. R. S. And Astronomer Royal. Read at the Royal Society, June 29, 1786
Answer to a Pamphlet entitled "A Narrative of Facts", by Mr. Thoma*. -, An
Astronomical observations made at the Royal observatory at Greenwich...
authentic Narrative of the Dissensions and Debates in the Royal Soc*. -, An
British mariner's guide, 1763:, The
Description d'une machine pour diviser les instruments de mathématiques, par M. Ramsden, de la Société Royale de Londres; publiée à Londres, en 1787, par ordre du Bureau des longitudes; traduite de l'anglois; augmentée de la description d'une machine à diviser les lignes droites, et de la notice de divers ouvrages de M. Ramsden, par M. de La Lande, de l'Académie Royale des Sciences, de la Sociéte Royale de Londres, etc. Pour faire suite à la Description des moyens employés pour mesurer la base de Hounslow-Heath.
[Globe céleste calculé pour l'année 1800]
Instructions relative to the observation of the ensuing transit of the planet Venus over the sun's disk, on the 3d of June 1769. By the Reverend Nevil Maskelyne....
M. de Luc's rule for measuring heights by the barometer, reduced To the English Measure of Length, and Adapted to Fahrenheit's Thermometer, and other Scales of Heat, and reduced to a more convenient Expression. By the Astronomer Royal. Read at the Royal Society January 13, 1774
Mathematical tables : containing common, hyperbolic, and logistic logarithms, also sines, tangents, secants, and versed-sines, both natural and logarithmic. Together with several other tables useful in mathematical calculations, to which is prefixed, a large and original history of the discoveries and writings relating to those subjects. With the compleat description and use of the tables. By Charles Hutton.
original observations of the going of the watch from day to day, The
Principles of Mr. Harrison's time-keeper...[with notes by Nevil Maskelyne]
principles of Mr. Harrison's time-keeper, with plates of the same. Published by order of the Commissioners of Longitude.., The
Reduction af Maskelynes iagttagelser af smaa stjerner, anstillede i aarene fra 1765 til 1787 : udført efter originalobservationerne, og middelpladserne henførte til begyndelsen af aaret 1770
Remarks on the Hadley's quadrant, tending principally To remove the Difficulties which have hitherto attended the Use of the Back-Observation, and To obviate the Errors that might arise from a Want of Parallelism in the two Surfaces of the Index-Glass. By Nevil Maskelyne, F.R.S. Astronomer Royal
Results in right ascension of the observations of stars made and reduced by Dr. Maskelyne, from 1765 to 1772, from 1779 to 1785, from 1796 to 1801, and from 1803 to 1807; with the errors of the assumed equinoxes
Tables for computing the apparent places of the fixt stars, and reducing observations of the planets. By the Reverend Nevil Maskelyne, B.D. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and of the Royal Society, and astronomer royal. Published by the president and council of the Royal Society, at the public expence
Tables for readily computing the longitude, by the lunar observations, 1791:
Tables of logarithms of all numbers from 1 to 101000; and of the sines and tangents to every second of the quadrant.
Tables requisite to be used with the nautical ephemeris for finding the latitude and longitude at sea
Tabulæ motuum solis et lunæ, novæ et correctæ;
theory of Jupiter's satellites, The : with the construction and use of the tables for computing their eclipses