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Bitzer, Billy
Bitzer, G. W.
Bitzer, Georg William
Bitzer, George William
Bitzer, William G.
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Bitzer, Johann Gottlob Wilhelm (Frueherer Name; other identity, same person)
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American Mutoscope and Biograph Company
Crisp, Donald (1880-1974)
Gish, Lillian
Griffith, D. W. (1875-1948)
Griffith, David Wark (1875-1948)
Marsh, Mae
Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress)
Walthall, Henry B. (1878-1936)
Walthall, Henry Brazeale (1878-1936)
Woods, Frank E.
Birth of a nation, including excerpts from the long lost film The birth of a race
Birth of a nation (Motion picture)
Birth of a nation--or the clansman
birth of a nation vr 198, the
Brooklyn handicap-1904, The
Casting a guide box, Westinghouse works
Cleveland fire department
Coil winding section E, Westinghouse works
Departure of Peary [and] Roosevelt from New York
Fate's turning, the disaster of a false step averted
Frontier flirtation, or how the tenderfoot won out
Funeral of Hiram Cronk
Girls taking time checks, Westinghouse works
Girls winding armature
Girls winding armatures (Westinghouse works)
Happy Hooligan interferes
How the tenderfoot won out
Interior N.Y. subway, 14th St. to 42nd St.
interior new york subway 14th street to 42nd street
Interior New York subway, Fourteenth Street to Forty-second Street
Japanese-Russian peace envoys
Judge Alton B. Parker and guests
Judge Alton B. Parker and Mayor McClellan at Esopus
Latina, contortionist-act-with-rings
Latina, dislocation act
Levi and Cohen, the Irish comedians
Logging in Maine
N.Y. Fire Department returning
New York Fire Department returning
New York hat, The
Opening the Williamsburg Bridge [New York City]
Panorama exterior Westinghouse works
Panorama from the tower of Brooklyn Bridge
Panorama motor room, Westinghouse works
Panorama of Machine Co. aisle, Westinghouse works
Panorama view street car motor room
Panoramic view aisle B, Westinghouse works
Peace envoys at Portsmouth, N.H.
Peace envoys at Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Pennsylvania Tunnel excavation
Pres. Roosevelt's 4th of July oration
Pres. Roosevelt's Fourth of July oration
President Roosevelt's 4th of July oration
President Roosevelt's Fourth of July oration
Railroad from Pittsburg to Stewart, Westinghouse works
Railroad panorama, Pittsburg to Stewart, Westinghouse works
San Francisco disaster
sculptor's nightmare, The
Seeing Boston
serenaders, The
Shooting the chutes, Luna Park, Coney Island
Society ballooning, Pittsfield, Mass.
Spirit of '76
Stealing a dinner by dogs
Steam hammer, Westinghouse works
Steam whistle, Westinghouse works
Swimming pool, Palm Beach
Taping coils, Westinghouse works
Tapping a furnace, Westinghouse works
Testing a rotary, Westinghouse works
Testing large turbine, Westinghouse works
Testing large turbines, Westinghouse works
Two a.m. in the subway
Welding the big ring
Westinghouse Air Brake Co. casting machine
Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Westinghouse Co. works (casting scene)
Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Westinghouse Co. works (moulding scene)
Westinghouse Air-Brake Company
Westinghouse Co. no. 3, moulding machine
Wrestling at the New York Athletic Club