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Edwardius, Georgius
Edwards, George
Edwards, George (English ornithologist, author, and illustrator, 1694-1773)
Edwards, George (Mr)
George Edwards
George Edwards (Brits bioloog (1694-1773))
George Edwards (englischer Ornithologe)
George Edwards (English naturalist and ornithologist)
Τζορτζ Έντουαρντς (Άγγλος φυσιοδίφης και ορνιθολόγος)
Джордж Эдвардс
Эдвардс, Джордж
جرج ادواردز
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Barker, Edmond
Catesby, Marcus (1683-1749)
Catesby, Mark (1683-1749)
De la S. R, M. D.
Du Plessis, J.
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
La S.R, M.D. de (fl.1751.)
Linné, Carl von (1707-1778))
Plessis, J. du
Ridgway, James (fl. 1790-1802)
Seligmann, Johann Michael (1720-1762)
Sepp, Jan Christiaan (Amsterdam)
Deo Optimo Max. Uni et trino, virgini dei-parae, et S. Lucae, orthodoxorum medicorum Patrono. Quaestio medica, quodlibetariis disputationibus manè discutienda in scholis medicorum, die Martis quintâ mensis Februarii, anno Domini M. DCC. LXXXVIII*. M. Francisco Thiéry, equite, Regis è Salubri Consilio, plurium Academiarum Socio, Doctore, Praeside. An in celluloso textû frequentiùs morbi & morborum mutationes?
descriptions and characters' of the different diseases of the human body; to which is added an arrangement of the medicines and preparations, in the London Pharmacopoeia, according to their respective vitues, The : being the first volume of the Franklinean improvement of medicine, or an attempt, according to Doctor Franklin¹s predictions, to establish the means of rendering sickness and disease, less injurious...
Elements of fossilogy*: or, an arrangement of fossils, into classes, orders, genera, and species ; with their characters. By George Edwards, Esq
Essays upon natural history, and other miscellaneous subjects, by George Edwards, ... To which is added, a catalogue, in generical order, of the birds, beasts, fishes, insects, plants, &c. contained in Mr. Edwards' Natural history.
Georgii Edvardi ornithologia nova
Glanures d'histoire naturelle
Gleanings of natural history, exhibiting figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants, ... most which have not, till now, been either figured or described with Desriptions of seventy different subjects, designed, engraved and coloured after Nature
Histoire naturelle d'oiseaux peu communs et d'autres animaux rares et qui n'ont pas été décrits, consistant en quadrupèdes, reptiles, poissons, insectes ... représentés sur cent dix planches en taile douce avec une ample et exacte description de chaque figure : à laquelle on a ajouté quelques réflexions sur les Oiseaux de passage, ...
Histoire naturelle de divers oiseaux, qui n'avoient point encore été figurez ni décrits, ou qui n'étoient que peu connus d'après des descriptions obscures ou abrêgées sans figures, ou d'après des figures mal dessinées... par Georges Edwards. Traduit de l'anglois par M.D. de la S. R. [I. partie-IV.].
Histoire naturelle de la Caroline, de Floride, et des isles de Bahama
Mémoire sur les découvertes faites dans la Mer du Sud avant les derniers voyages des Anglois et des François autour du Monde
natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obsure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd... by George Edwards...., A
natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands, The : containing the figures of birds, beasts, fishes, serpents, insects, and plants : particularly, those not hitherto described, or incorrectly figured by former authors, with their descriptions in English and French : to which is prefixed, a new and correct map of the countries, with observations on their natural state, inhabitants, and productions
Natural history of uncommon birds : and of some other rare and undescribed animals, quadrupeds, fishes, reptiles, insects, &c., exhibited in two hundred and ten copper-plates, from designs copied immediately from nature, and curiously coloured after life, with a full and accurate description of each figure, to which is added a brief and general idea of drawing and painting in water-colours ; with instructions for etching on copper with aqua fortis ; likewise some thoughts on the passage of birds ; and additions to many subjects described in this work
Sammlung verschiedener ausländischer und seltener Vögel worinnen ein jeder dererselben nicht nur auf das genaueste beschrieben, sondern auch in einer richtigen und sauber illuminirten Abbildung vorgestellet wird
Some memoirs of the life and works of George Edwards
Verzameling van uitlandsche en zeldzaame vogelen : benevens eenige vreemde dieren en plantgewassen, in 't engelsch naauwkeurig beschreeven en naar 't leven met kleuren afgebeeld