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Barrence Eugene Carter
Barry Eugene White
Barry White
Carter, Barrence Eugene
Carter, Barry
Gene West
Lee, Berry
White, Barry
White, Barry (bassist)
White, Barry (bassiste)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Related identities: 
Carter, Barry Eugene (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
A & M Records Europe SA
A & M Records Inc
Barry White & Glodean White
Barry White & Glodean White (see also from)
Barry White and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
G, Kenny (co-performer)
Gaye, Marvin
Gaynor, Gloria (1949-)
Love unlimited
Love unlimited (see also from)
Love Unlimited Orchestra
Love Unlimited Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Love unlimited orchestra (see also from)
Love Unlimited Orchestra Affiliation (see also from)
Parker, Ray Jr (co-performer)
Peake, Donald (co-performer)
Polygram Records Inc
Polygram, Division Polydor
Ritenour, Lee (co-performer)
Sony music France
The Love Unlimited Orchestra
Universal Division Mercury
Universal licensing music
Universal music international
Walker, David T. (co-performer)
Watts, Ernie (co-performer)
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Barry White
20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979), The
Album, Vol. 2, The
Alive and Well
All Around The World
All Because of You
All Gold Of The World
All in the Name of Love
All in the Run of a Day
All in the Run of Love
All Time Greatest Hits
America (5 min 28 s)
Antigua Blue
Any Fool Could See (You Were Meant for Me)
Anything You Want Me To
As Time Goes By
Baby Blues
Baby’s Home
Baby, We Better Try to Get It Together
Baby We'd Better Try and Get It Together
Ballads, The
Barry's gold
Barry’s Theme
Barry White and Friends
Barry White Collector’s Edition
Barry White Megamix
Barry White's Greatest Hits, Volume 2
Barry White’s Sheet Music
Barry White Sings for Someone You Love
Barry White the ultimate collection.
Barry White Unlimited
Believe in Love, I
Belong to You, I
Best of Barry White
Best of Love
Beste Van Barry White, Het
Better Love Is (The Worse It Is When It's Over), The
Beware (5 min 11 s)
Big Man
Boss Soul: The Genius of Barry White
Break It Down With You
Bring Back My Yesterday
Call Me, Baby
Can’t Believe You Love Me, I
Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe (alternate version)
Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe, I
Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe (single version)
Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe (U-Nam remix)
Can't Get Enough of Your Love: Best of Barry White
Can’t Leave You Alone, I
Can’t Seem to Find Him
Can’t You See It’s Only You I Want
cant get enough of your love baby sound recording
Change (6 min 12 s)
Change (6 min 13 s)
Collection of Great Songs, A
Collection, The
Come on (5 min 50 s)
Come On (Classic House Remix)
Come on in love
Come On (LP Edit without Talk)
Come On (Rollerskate Remix Instrumental)
Complete 20th Century Singles (1973-1979), The
Cool Songs
Dark and Lovely (You Over There) (radio edit)
DeLuxe Collection
Did It for Love, I
Didn’t We Make It Happen, Baby
Do Drop In
Do It to the Music Please
Don’t Forget… Remember
Don’t Kiss Me Hello
Don’t Know Where Love Has Gone, I
Don’t Let ’em Blow Your Mind
Don't let go (9 min 08 s)
Don't Make Me Wait Too Long (alternate version)
Don’t Need It, I
Don’t Play Games
Don’t Take Your Love From Me
Don't tell me about heartaches (6 min 52 s)
Don’t You Want to Know
Dream of Me (Based on Love's Theme)
Dreams (3 min 21 s)
e But in my heart it's spring, It may be winter outside
e With the one i love, Walking in the rain
Early Years
Ella es todo para mi (She's Everything to Me)
Endless Love: A Collection of Great Love Songs & Ballads
Evening With Barry White, An
Feel Love Coming On, I
Find the Man Bros.
Follow That And See (Where It Leads Y'All) (Message Dub)
Follow That And See (Where It Leads Y'All) (Message Mix)
For Real Chill
For Your Love (I’ll Do Most Anything)
Forever Barry White
Forever in Love
Found Love (the Ultimate Collection), I
Fragile – Handle With Care
Get Down Like Dat
Get Off on You, I
Get Up
Ghetto Letto
Girl It’s True, Yes I’ll Always Love You
Girl, What’s Your Name
Głos, Który Rozpala Zmysły
Gold Classics
Gold: The Very Best
Golden Stars International
Good Dancin’ Music
Goodnight My Love
Got Love, I
Gotta Be Where You Are
Greatest Hits
Hard to Believe That I Found You
He’s Mine (No, You Can’t Have Him)
Heart and Soul
Heavenly, That’s What You Are to Me
Here Comes the Man
High Steppin’, Hip Dressin’ Fella (You Got It Together)
Hight Steppin Hip Dressin Fella (You Got It Together)
His Greatest Hits
His Very Best
Honey please, can't ya see (3 min 12 s)
Honey Please, Can’t ya See (alternate version)
Honey Please, Can’t ya See (instrumental)
Honey, Please Can't You See
How Did You Know It Was Me?
How I Wish We Could Do It Again
Hung up in your love (4 min 09 s)
I'll do for you anything you want me to (4 min 10 s)
I'll Do for You Anything You Want Me To (alternate version)
I’m Fragile, Handle With Care
I’m Givin’ You a Love
I'm Going to Love You Just a Little Bit More Babe
I'm gonna lovbe you just a little more babe
I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More Babe
I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More Baby
I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby (alternate version)
I’m on Fire
I'm Qualified to Satisfy You (alternate version)
I’m Qualified to Satisfy You (instrumental)
I’m Qualified to Satisfy You (single version)
I’m Ready for Love
I’m So Blue and You Are Too
I’m So Glad That I’m a Woman
I’ve Found Someone
I’ve Got So Much to Give (instrumental)
I’ve Got So Much to Give (single version)
I’ve Got That Love Fever
I’ve Got the Whole World to Hold Me Up (Big Man remix)
Icon: Barry White
icon is love, The
If You Know, Won’t You Tell Me
If You Want Me, Say It
Im Gonna Love U Just a Little Bit More
In Love
In the Ghetto / Little Girl
In Your Wildest Dreams
Is This Whatcha Wont?
It Ain't Love, Babe (Until You Give It) (special disco version)
It Ain't Love Babe (Until You Give It Up)
It May Be Winter Outside (But in My Heart It’s Spring)
It’s All About Love
It's Ecstacy When You Lay Down Next to Me
It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me (alternate version)
It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me (disco version)
It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me (single version)
It's getting harder all the time (5 min 09 s)
It’s Only Love Doing Its Thing
Jamaican Girl
Just a Little More, Baby (instrumental)
Just another way to say I love you
Just for you
Just Not Enough
Just the Way You Are (single version)
Killer Don't Do It
Killer's Back
Killer's Lullaby
Killers Lullaby
L.A. my kinda place (4 min 50 s)
Lady, Sweet Lady
Last My Everything, The
Laying Your Game Baby
Legendary Barry White, The
Let Me In An
Let me in and let's begin with love (6 min 02 s)
Let Me Live My Life Lovin’ You Babe
Let’s Get Busy
Let’s Make Tonight (an Evening to Remember)
Let the Music Play (alternate version)
Let the Music Play (Funkstar Club de Luxe edit)
Let the Music Play (Funkstar club Deluxe radio edit)
Let the Music Play (Funkstar de Luxe vs. Barry White) (re‐recorded)
Let the Music Play: Funkstar Deluxe Remixes
Let the Music Play (Funkstar's club De Luxe mix)
Let the Music Play (Funkstar’s Club Deluxe edit)
Let the Music Play (Funkstar's club deluxe mix)
Let the Music Play (Funkster's club deluxe mix)
Let the Music Play (instrumental B‐side version)
Let the Music Play (M+M Throwback mix)
Let the Music Play (Meedom & Trust Beach mix)
Let the Music Play (mix version)
Let the Music Play (single version)
Life (3 min 32 s)
like you, you like me (5 min 30 s), I
Little Girl
Live in Texas
Long Black Veil
Longer We Make Love, The
Look at Her
Lost Without the Love of My Guy
Louie Louie (7 min 23 s)
Love ain't easy (5 min 34 s)
Love Collection, The
Love forever
Love Is Good With You
Love Is in Your Eyes
Love Is the Icon (Roger’s Midnite Luv mix)
Love Is the Icon (S-Man mix)
Love makin' music (4 min 55 s)
Love's Interlude / Good Night My Love
Love’s Theme: The Best of the 20th Century Records Singles
Love Serenade, Part I
Love Serenade, Part II
Love Serenade, Parts 1 & 2
Love song (5 min 51 s)
Love Themes
Love to Sing the Songs I Sing (disco version), I
Love To Sing The Songs I Sings, I
Love unlimited : insights on life and love
Love will find us
Love You More Than Anything (In This World Girl), I
Love You So, Never Gonna Let You Go, I
Loves Interlude / Good Night My Love
Lovin' You, That's All I'm After
Low Rider
Maestro Hits, The
Man Ain’t Nothin’, A
Man and His Music, The
man is back !, The
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
Mellow Mood, Part 1
Mellow Mood, Part I
Mellow Mood, Part II
Mellow Mood (Pt. 1)
Mellow Mood (Pt. 2)
Message Is Love, The
Mi Nueva Cancion (Love Makin' Music) / Ella Es Todo Para Mi (She's Everything To Me)
Midnight and You
Midnight Groove
Mignight and You
Mirala (Look At Her)
More Than Anything, You’re My Everything
Most Famous Hits: The Album
Music Unlimited
My Buddy
My Everything
My Laboratory (Is Ready for You)
My Name Is
My Sweet Summer Suite
Needed Love — You Were There, I
Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up (alternate version)
Never, Never Gonna Give ya Up (instrumental)
Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up (live: Brussels)
Never, Never Gonna Give ya Up (long version)
Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up (single version)
Never Never Gonna Give You Up (12" remix)
Never, never gonna give you up (4 min 07 s)
Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (M & M mix)
Never Never Gonna Give You Up (Paul Hardcastle Mammoth mix)
Never, Never Say Goodbye
Never Thought I’d Fall in Love With You, I
No Hook
No I’m Never Gonna Give ya Up (instrumental)
No Limit on Love
North Star (Jewels)
Now I’m Gonna Make Love to You
Number ones.
Obra selecta.
Of All the Guys in the World
Oh I Should Say, It’s Such a Beautiful Day
Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It
Oh Me, Oh My (I’m Such a Lucky Guy)
Oh Me, Oh My (I Such a Lucky Guy) (disco version)
Oh What a Night for Dancing (edit)
Ohh... Ahhh...
Once Upon a Time (You Were a Friend of Mine)
Only Want to Be With You (Tommy's Big edit), I
Oooo...ahhh... (3 min 58 s)
Our Theme, Part I
Out of the Shadow of Love
Out of the Shadows of Love
Owe It All to You, I
Passion (6 min 58 s)
People of Tomorrow Are the Children of Today
People of Tomorrow (instrumental)
Playing You Game Baby
Playing Your Game, Baby (alternate version)
Playing Your Game, Baby (single version)
Positive Role Model
Power of Love
Practice What You Preach (Edit)
Practice What You Preach (Instrumental)
Practice What You Preach (Kenneth Crouch remix)
Practice What You Preach (LP Version)
Practice What You Preach (Michael Angelo "Do It" remix)
Put Me In Your Mix (Radio Edit)
Put Me in Your Mix (single version)
Relax to the max (3 min 42 s)
Relax to the max (3 min 43 s)
Responsible (4 min 41 s)
Rhapsody in White
right night and Barry White, The
Rio de Janeiro (4 min 22 s)
Rip, The
Rum and coke
Satin & Soul - 20 of His Greatest Hits
Satin soul (4 min 13 s)
Say It Again
September When I First Met You (single version)
Sexy Undercover
Sha La La Means I Love You
Shadows of Love
Shall Not Want, I
Share a Little Love in Your Heart
She's everything to me (4 min 02 s)
Sheet music (7 min 01 s)
Sheet Music (alternate version)
Sho’ You Right (remix)
Show ’You Right
Slow Your Roll
So Nice to Hear
Somebody Is Gonna Off the Man (instrumental)
Someone Really Cares for You
Soul Seduction
Spanish Lei
Spoken Word
Standing in the Shadows of Love
Staying power
Stick Up
Stone Gon’
Strange Games & Things
Streetz R Deathrow, The
Super lover (4 min 52 s)
Super Lover (Undercover mix)
Sweet and soulful
Sweet Lovesongs
Sweet Moments
Sweet Music
Take a Good Look (And What Do You See?)
Tell me who do you love (2 min 07 s)
Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Again)
Theme From Together Brother
Theme from Together Brothers
There It Is
There’s a Place (Where Love Never Ends)
This Thing Called Love
Time Is Right, The
To Whom It May Concern
Together brothers : banda sonora original de la película
Together Forever
Triple Best Of
Triple Tracker: Barry White
Turnin’ On, Turnin’ In (to Your Love)
Ultimate Collection, The
Una serata con…
Under the Influence of Love (instrumental)
Under the Influence of Love: The Very Best of Barry White
Universal Masters Collection: Classic Barry White, The
Unlimited Love
Vieni Lua Bella Mi
Vivrant Thing
Walkin' In The Rain (With The One I Love)
Walking in the Rain With the One I Love
wanna do it good to ya (6 min), I
Wanna Do It Good To Ya (Monster Remix Long Version), I
Wanna Do It Good to Ya (Wet remix), I
Wanna Lay Down With You Baby, I
Wanna Stay, I
Want to Read Your Mind, I
Want You, I
We Can’t Let Go of Love
We’re Gonna Have It All
Welcome Aboard (reprise)
What a Groove
What am I gonna do with you (3 min 37 s)
What Am I Gonna Do With You (alternate version)
What Am I Gonna Do With You Baby?
Whatever We Had, We Had
When Can I Turn To
When will I see you again (5 min 51 s)
Where Can I Turn To
Which Way Is Up
Whisper Softly
White Gold: The Very Best of Barry White
Who’s the Fool
Who's The Full
Who You Giving Your Love To
With Love
Won’t Settle for Less Than the Best (For You Baby), I
You Are My First, My Last, My Everything
You Are the First
You Are the One I Need
You Gotta Case
You Gotta Give
You Like You, You Like Me
You over there
You’re My Baby
You're My First, My Last, My Everything
You’re My First, the Last, My Everything
You're my high (2 min 13 s)
You're my high (2 min 15 s)
You're So Good, You're So Bad
You’re the First, My Last, My Everything
You’re the First, the Last, My Evening
You're the First, the Last, My Everything (alternate version)
You’re the First, the Last, My Everything (edit)
You’re the First, the Last, My Everything (single version)
You're the one I need (4 min 22 s)
You’re the Only One for Me
You're What's on My Mind (non-LP single)
You Se the Trouble With Me
You See the Trouble With Me (album version)
You See the Trouble With Me (single version)
You Turn My Whole World Around
You Turned My Whole World Around
Your Heart and Soul: The Love Album
Your Love – So Good I Can Taste It
Your love, your love (4 min 22 s)
Your Sweetness Is My Weakness (12" version)
Your Sweetness Is My Weakness (single version)
Your the First the Last
Your the One I Need
Contributed to or performed: 
…and the Beat Goes On! 34 Dance Hits of the 70’s
...With Love
'70s: Original NBC Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
’70s Pop Number 1’s
"alte Ami" Rik DeLisle präsentiert: Das 3. große Super-Oldies-Paket, Der
#1 Love Songs of the 70s
+ de Hits Disco-Funk
♥ 2 Party, I
♥ Disco, I
10 Jaar Top 2000
100 All Time Classic Dance Hits of the 1970s
100 Essential Love Songs
100 Hits Groovy Times
100 Hits of the 70’s
100 Hits Papa Was a Rolling Stone
100 Hits R&B Slow Jams
100 hits RTL des 50 dernières années
100 Hits: Girls Night
100 Love Classics
100 Love Songs
100 No. 1 Hits
100 No. 1 Hits, Volume 3
100 Nr. 1 Hits, Volume 1
100 Nr. 1 Hits, Volume 2
100 plus belles chansons d'amour, Volume 2, Les
100 plus grands tubes 70s, Les
100 plus grands tubes disco, Les
100 Plus Grands Tubes Pour Faire La Fête, Les
100 plus grands tubes, Les
100 Seventies Classics
100 tubes Soul
100% Blaxploitation
100% Disco Fever
100% Pure Party
100% tubes de l'été 2015
1000 Klassiekers - De Absolute Top Vol. 4
1000 Klassiekers - De Absolute Top Vol. 5
1000 Klassiekers - De absolute top Vol. 6
1000 Klassiekers - De Eindejaarstop Van Radio 2
1000 Klassiekers: De Eindejaarstop Van Radio 2 Vol. 2
1000% Golden Soundtrack
100x Liefde 2009
100x Liefde: Editie 2010
100X Soul
101 Disco Classics
101 Girls Night
101 Grandes Canciones De Amor (disc 1), Las
101 Hits: Are We There Yet?!
101 Hits: Jukebox Classics
101 Love Songs
12″/80s Love
120% Soul
18 Soul Classics from the 70’s & 80’s, Vol. 1
1970s #1 R&B Hits
1973 - Die Stars - Die Hits - Die Facts
1975 - Die Stars - Die Hits - Die Facts
1995-04-23: BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix
20 Disco Classics
20th Century Disco
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of 20th Century
20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979), The
21 Questions
25 Jaar Top 40 Hits, Deel 3: ’73–’76
25 Jaar Tophits
25 Years of Number 1 Hits, Volume 03: 1974/1975
25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll: 1974
25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll: 1974, Volume 2
25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll: 1976
25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll: 1976, Volume 2
25 Years of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1975: 20 of the Year’s Greatest Tracks
25 Years of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1976: 20 of the Year’s Greatest Tracks
25 Years of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1978, Volume 2
30 jaar disco
30 Years of Number 1’s, Volume 7: 1972-1975
35 soulklassiker 1970-75
40 All Time Soul Classics
40 Jaar Top 40: 1975-1976
40 of the World's Greatest Love Songs
40X Love
40x Sunny Soul
45 Classic No 1’s
50 anni di musica internazionale
50 Golden Milestones, Volume 1
50 Years of No. 1 Hits
66 Favoritas de Iñigo y Pardo Vol.8 No Es Un Día Cualquiera, Las
70's Pop Number 1's (International Version)
70's Soul Mix
70's: 1973: Back in the Groove, The
70's: 1974, The
70's: 1976: Back in the Groove, The
70's: Get Dancing, The
70’s Dance Machine
70’s Super Power Hit Explosion
70’s: 1974: Back in the Groove, The
70’s: 1975, The
70er - Hits
70er Show, Die
70s Collection, The
70s Groove
70s Love
70s Mania: The Very Best of the Seventies
70s Soul Sensations
70s Soul Sessions
70s: 18 Smash Hits, The
80 Golden Soul Hits
80 Hits : Années 70
80's Groove Anthems
A&M 50: The Anniversary Collection
A&M Convention Relief
Absolument 70: Les Plus Grands Tubes Internationaux
Absolument Disco
Absolute Bröllop
Absolute Disco
Absolute Disco: Alle Tiders Største Disco Hits
Absolute Music 25
Absolute Soul
Absolute Soul Classics
Adagio - Your Heart And Soul
After Dark
After the Dance
Alive And Well
All Around the World
All of Me
All the Hits: Radio Clyde's 30th Anniversary
All Time Greatest Love Songs V, The
Alle 13 Goed! Deel 11
Alle 13 Goed! Deel 6
Alle 13 Goed! Deel 7
Alle 13 Goed! Deel 8
Alle 13 Goed! Voor de 10e keer
Alle 40 Goed: Feest!
Alltime Greatest Disco Classics of the 70s, 80s & 90s, The
Ally McBeal: For Once in My Life
Always & Forever
And Then She Kissed Me: 38 Classic Love Songs: Volume 1
And They Danced the Night Away
Années 70
Anthems: Soul Classics
Après Ski Collection, The
Après Skihut 19, De
Aral MusicCollection No. 9: Dreamin'
Arcade's Disco Top 100, Volume 2
ARTE: Summer of Soul
As 100 Mais Da Antena 1
As 100 Mais Da Antena 1, Volume 3
As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 11
Ashes to Ashes
At the End of the Day (Grace)
Baby Boomer Classics: Electric Seventies
Baby Come to Me: The Best of Regina Belle
Baby Driver: Killer Tracks From the Motion Picture
Baby Driver: Music From The Motion Picture
Baby Loves Disco
Baby'O 70's
Bachelor: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Back to Back: Their Greatest Hits
Back to Black
Back to Mine: Groove Armada
Back to the 70's
Back to the Seventies
BamS Oldie‐Party Disco‐Hitmix
Banana Moon 003
Barry & Glodean
Barry White & Marvin Gaye
Barry White's
Barry's Love (Part 1)
Barry’s Gold
Basketball Jones
Bayern 1 – Die Oldie‐WM
Best Disco Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Disco in Town, The
Best Disco, The
Best Disco… Ever!, The
Best Ever Disco Album, The
Best Funk Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Love Songs, Volume 4
Best No. 1 Singles in the World …Ever!, The
Best of 2 Super Artists on 1 Great Compact Disc
Best of 70’s, Volume 8
Best Of Barry White, Love Unlimited & Love Unlimited Orchestra
Best of Black Voices
Best of Dance Classics, Volume 2, The
Best of de pre historie '70
Best of Disco 70's and 80's, The
Best of Disco Funk
Best Of Funk
Best of My Love: Songs From the Heart 1961-2011
Best of Our Love, The
Best Of Party Hits
Best of Soul, The
Best of Super Stars, Volume 3
Best of the 70s: Disco Fever, The
Best of the 70s: Superstars und ihre größten Hits
Best of the 90’s (1994–1995)
Best of the Dance Classics, The
Best Pop Ballads
Best Popsongs Ever: 35 Most Wanted Popclassics
Best Soul Album in the World… Ever!, The
Beste Uit 5 Jaar Het Foute Uur, Het
beste uit alle 13 goed, Deel 1, Het
beste uit alle 13 goed, Deel 2, Het
beste uit de MNM 1000: Limited Edition 2012, Het
Beste uit de Top 500 van het Foute Uur, Het
beste uit de Top 70ies 700, Het
Better Love Is (The Worse It Is When It’s Over), The
Better Love Is, The
Big 5: Dance Classics, The
Big Brother Brasil
Big City Bar 4
Big City Bar, Volume 2
Big Score: A Soundtrack to the Black Films of the Seventies, The
Bild Hits 2000
Bild Hits 2001: Die Erste
Bild Love Songs
Bild: Die 70'er!
Black 1 (Soul, The Beginning)
Black American Gangster
Black Christmas Album, The
Black Classics Party
Black Explosion
Black Is Beautiful, Volume 7: Funk Inferno
Black Magic 3 - 28 Most Beautiful Black and Soul Ballads
Black Magic 3: The Most Beautiful Black and Soul Ballads
Black Magic 4
Black Music Lounge
Black Party Grooves, Volume 1
Blue Bar, Volume 2, The
Blue Mood 2: The Most Beautiful Voices in Jazz
Blue Note Rare Grooves 1: The Originals
Body & Soul
Body & Soul, Volume 1
Body & Soul, Volume 3
Body & Soul: Best Of
Body & Soul: Forever Soul
Body & Soul: Love & Rhythm
Body & Soul: Love & Tenderness
Body & Soul: Love Serenade
Body & Soul: Love Undercover
Body & Soul: Songs voller Sinnlichkeit
Body & Soul: Sweet Embrace
Body & Soul: Sweet Seduction
Body & Soul: The Best of Black Music, Volume 6
Body + Soul: Heavenly Touch
Body + Soul: Love Under Cover
Body + Soul: Midnight Seduction
Body + Soul: Next to Ecstasy
Body + Soul: Night Whispers
Body + Soul: Quiet Storm
Body + Soul: Romantic Interludes
Body + Soul: Slow and Easy
Body + Soul: Smooth Jams
Body + Soul: Sweet Seduction
Body Talk: Just For You
Body Talk: The Language of Love 1965-1995: Hearts in Motion
Braun MTV Eurochart '95, Volume 4, The
Break for Love
Bridget Jones : L'Âge de raison
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Bringing Down the House
Bump n' Grind 2
C’était mieux avant : La Soul
C’était mieux avant : Les Années 70
Can't Seem To Find Him
Can’t Let Him Down, I
Capital Gold Legendary Labels
Capital Gold Love Legends
Capital Gold Movie’s Greatest Love Songs
Capital Gold Soul Classics
Capital Gold: Legends
Careless Whisper, Vol. 5
Carwash Disco Classics
Chart Toppers: R&B Hits of the 70s
Chartboxx: Die Lovesongs der 70er
Chartboxx: I Feel Good
Cherish: 20 Favourite Love Songs
Chick Flick Diaries
Chick Flicks: The Ultimate Collection
Chill Two: Sensual Lounge
Cien de la 100, Volume 2, Las
Class Reunion '76 - Greatest Hits of 1976
Class Reunion 1975: Greatest Hits of 1975
Classement de tous les tubes années 80, Le
Classic Chilled Ibiza
Classic Cuts Presents: 70’s Night: The Definitive DJ Collection: T to Z
Classic Cuts Presents: 70s Theme Nights
Classic Cuts presents… Wedding in a Box: The Ultimate Wedding Collection
Classic Dinner Party
Classic Disco
Classic Love
Classic Mellow 2: Definitive Mellow Mastercuts, Volume 2
Classic Pop: The Ultimate Collection
Classic Soul Ballads: Sweet Thing
Close to You
Close to You: 16 Forever Love Songs
Club Classics, Volume 1
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 16
Cold Feet
Committed to Soul
Compact Disc Club - Gold
Complete 80's Soul Weekender, The
Cool Sound of the 70s, The
Corti 2000
Countdown Disco Anthems
Cozmo's Soundtrack
Crucial Dance
Cuddle Season 2: The Mourning After
Cult Party
D.I.S.C.O. Album, The
Dad Dancing: The Ultimate Party Album
Dance Classics - Best Of Vol. 2
Dance Classics Gold II
Dance Classics Gold III
Dance Classics, Volume 2
Dance Classics, Volume 3 & 4
Dance Classics, Volume 4
Dance Classics, Volume 5
Dance Classics, Volume 5 & 6
Dance Classics, Volume 6
Dance Classics, Volume 7 & 8
Dance Classics: Best of Vol. 1
Dance Classics: The Ballads, Volume 2
Dance Classics: The Ballads, Volume 4
Dance Classics: The Hits, Volume 2
Dance Classics: The Remixes, Volume 2
Dance Classics: Volume 1 & 2
Dance Explosion: 50 Disco Hits From the 70’s
Dance Machine 21
Dance-Disco-80's, Volume 3: Disco 80's
Dark & Lovely
Dark and Lovely (You Over There)
Dark and Lovely (You Over There) (edit)
Dark Shadows: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Date Movie
Dead Presidents
Decades of Pop: Hits of the 60's, 70's & 80's
Diamonds of Love Songs
Diamonds of the 80’s
Dick Clark's #1's: 50s to 70s "When AM Radio Was King", Volume 6
Didn’t We Make It Happen, Baby
Dîner Presque Parfait, Un
Dinner Ballads
Dirtchamber Sessions, Volume One, The
Disco - Night Fever
Disco 70 Collection
Disco Classics
Disco Classics: The Greatest Disco Anthems
Disco Double
Disco Fever
Disco Fever 2
Disco Fever and the Beat Goes On
Disco Fever, Volume 2
Disco Fever: Turn the Beat Around
Disco Inferno
Disco Music: Audio News Collection (Série Ritmos)
Disco Nights, Volume 11: Leading Men
Disco Nights, Volume 8: Dance Floor Hits
Disco Nouveau, Volume 2
Disco Retro FM 100 (disc 2)
Disco Rocket
Disco Swing Classics
Disco Top 100
Disco: The Long Versions
Discobaar A Moeder: Swaffelrock
Discofox Collection, The
Discofox: Hottest Party Hits
DJ Vinroc Presents So Much Soul
Do Drop In
DO IT AGAIN! Original & Coverversion
Do You Believe in Love
Donna Top 5000
Donna's Dansfolie 73-74-75
Donna's Top 2000, Volume 3
Donna’s Top 200 Aller Tijden, Volume 2
Double 70
Double D'or Disco
Dream On
Driven by the 70s: 100 Essential Driving Songs
Easy Like Sunday Morning
Eighties Soul Weekender 2
Electric Finger, The
En gång till 1974
Encyclopedia of Music: Best of 70’s, Volume 3, The
Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 1977
Erotic Garden (After Hours version), The
Erotic Garden (version of the Secret Garden), The
Essential Easy: 4 Decades of Timeless Classics
Estrela guia
Estrenos BSO
Even Deeper
Fabio After Dark
Failure to Launch
Fantastic (22 Original Hits, 22 Original Stars)
Feelin' Good
Feeling ’70s
Feeling of Body & Soul: The Ballads, Volume 1, The
Ferry Maat's Soul Show Top 100
Ferry Maat's Soulshow - 25th Anniversary Collection - The Seventies Part 1
Festa Pronta
Festivalbar Story: 30º
Fetenhits: 70's Disco Classics
Fetenhits: 70’s Best Of
Fetenhits: Disco Best Of
Fetenhits: Discofox
Fetenhits: Essential Disco
Fetenhits: Studio 54
Fetenhits: The Real 70’s
Fetenhits: The Real Classics, Volume 6
Fetenhits: The Real House Classics
Film Four Essential Soundtracks
Find The Man Bros
Fire and Passion
Firstclass: The Finest in House
Flared Hits & Platform Soul
Floor Fillers: Disco Classics
Floorfillers 80s Club Classics
Fool in Love, A
For Fuld Musik 2
For Fuld Musik 3
For You My Love
Forever Love Vol. 1
Forever Yours
Formel Eins: 38 Speed Hits
Four Weddings and a Funeral: Songs From & Inspired by the Film
Foute CD Box - De Ultieme Foute Collectie
Foute CD Box van Deckers & Ornelis - Het Leukste Uit 5 Jaar Foute Uur
Foute CD Box Van Q Music, Volume 2
Foute CD van Deckers en Ornelis, Volume 6
Foute CD, Volume 1
Foute CD, Volume 2 '70s Party The Class of 1977 The Class of 1978
From Q With Love
Fühl’s noch mal!
Fun de siècle, Volume 1
Funk (The Essential Collection)
Funk Chic
Funk Funk: The Best of Funk Essentials 2
Funk Gold
Funk Masters
Funk Soul + R&B, Vol 1
Funk Yourself 2
Funk: The Very Best Of
Funked! Volume 1
Funked! Volume 3
Funky Collector, Volume 17
Funky Cops
Funky Grooves
Funky Grooves - Best of Disco
Gammon - Cool Hits
Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion
Get Funked
Girls Night Out: The Ultimate Collection
Globo Special Hits
Globo Special Hits 2
Glory of Love: A 1990 Super Popgala, The
Glücksgefühle: Musik für's Leben
Going Back in Time, Vol.5
Going Back in Time, Volume 1: 1987 ~ 1972
Gold's Greatest Hits
Golden Beats Vol. 2 - Best of 70s & 80s
Golden Hits Internacional
Golden Love Songs Top 100
Golden Love Songs Top 100, Volume 2
Golden Love Songs, Volume 10: Rock Me Slow
Golden Love Songs, Volume 15: I’ll Write a Song for You
Golden Love Songs, Volume 17: Secret Lovers
Golden Love Songs, Volume 20: Close to You
Golden Oldies, Volume 3
Golden Soul Hits, Volume 3
Good Times
Grand 12‐Inches 13
Grand 12‐Inches 15
Grand Theft Auto IV Radio
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Vibe 98.8
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Radio
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories: VCFL
Grandmaster 70s
Grandmaster Love
Great Sex: 20 Sensual Grooves
Greatest Ever! Dad: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Easy: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Love Songs: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Love: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Movie Hits: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Mum: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Number 1’s: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Party
Greatest Ever! Party Anthems
Greatest Ever! Seventies: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Smooth: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Soul: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Hits From the Movies
Greatest Hits of the Seventies: Get It On
Greatest Love of All
Greatest Love Songs
Greatest Love, Volume IV, The
Greatest Seventies Album, The
Greatest Slow Jams, The
Greatest Soul Album of All Time, The
Grew Up in the 70s, I
Grootste Disco Hits Aller Tijden, De
Guilty Pleasures: Shameless Blameless Fun
Happy Songs
Harlem Shuffle, Volume 1
Have a Nice Decade: The ’70s Pop Culture Box
He - the album
Heart & Soul: 18 Classic Soul Cuts
Heart and Soul
Heart Full of Soul
Heart Rock: Rock für’s Herz, Vol. 7
Heart to Heart
Here Comes The Man
High Fidelity
Highlights of Rock & Pop of the 60-70-80th
History of Music 70s
History of Pop 1973-1976, The
Hit Box, The
Hit Club: Very Best 2000
Hit-Giganten: Best of Discofox, Die
Hit-Giganten: Disco Hits, Die
Hit-Giganten: Hot Hits, Die
Hit-Giganten: Oldies, Die
Hit-Giganten: Soul Hits, Die
Hitarchief Top 2000
Hitarchief Top 2000, Volume 4
Hitarchief Top 2000: Volume 2
Hits 1969 : Salut les copains, Les
Hits Album: The 70s POP Album, The
Hits am laufenden Band: 70er Disco
Hits der 80er
Hits for You
Hits of the 70's
Hits on CD, Volume 9
Hold Me Close
Hold Up
Honey Please, Can't Ya See
Hot Cuts
Hot Hits Pop, Volume 17
Hot Ones, The
Hyperactive! The 12″ Dance Album
In Liebe
In Search of the Cool
In the name of love
In Your Wildest Dreams
In Your Wildest Dreams (crossover mix)
In Your Wildest Dreams (Joe remix edit)
In Your Wildest Dreams (Joe Urban extended mix)
Inrockuptibles : Sex Tape : 50 chansons pour le sexe, Les
It Came From the Garage! Nuggets From Southern California
It May Be Winter Outside (But in My Heart It’s Spring)
It Must Be Love
It’s Love
Jackie Pin Ups
Jackie: Long Hot Summer
Jackie: Love Songs
Jackie: The 70s Annual
Jackie: The Album
Jackie: The Album, Volume 2
Jackie: The Annual 2010
Jackie: The Party Album
Jammin 105 Presents Millennium Dance Party
Jammin’ Oldies
Jazzy Jeff: In the House
Je T'aime
Je t’aime
Je t’aime 3
Joe Top 2000, Volume 8
Joe Top 2000, Volume 9
Johnson Family Vacation
Jule CD’n 2000
Just the 2 of Us
Just the Way You Are
Killer's Lullaby
Kings & Queens of Soul
Kiss House Nation 2001
Knuffelrock 12
Knuffelrock 9
Knuffelrock Special Edition: Soul / R&B
Kram Rock - The Most Beautiful Lovesongs
Kram Rock 2 - The Most Beautiful Lovesongs
Kramme Rock 2
Kult3 Disconights
Kuschelrock Special Edition: Magic Moments in Soul
L’Intégrale Disco
Lady Sweet Lady (remix) (feat. Cool Dre)
Ladyhits: For Women Only
Late Night Love: 38 Hot Love Hits
Late Night Piano Bar
Latest & Greatest Girl Anthems
Légendes de La Soul, Les
Legends of Soul
Let the Music Play
Let the Music Play: 80s Groove
Let's Dance, Volume 1
Let's Dance: 40 Tanzhits zur Show
Let's Get It On (Music for Lovers)
Let's Go Disco
Let's Groove
Let's Groove Again
Let's Talk About Sex
Let’s Stay Together: 20 Soul Classics for the Heart
Lieblings… 70er
Lifetime of Romance: Passion
Listen to the Sound of Route 66
Living in America
Living in America: American Superhits
Living in America: American Superstars
Long Hot Summer, The
Longer We Make Love (album version), The
Longer We Make Love (radio edit), The
Longer We Make Love, The
Love 70s, I
Love Disco, I
Love Eternal
Love Feelings
Love Is in the Air
Love Serenade - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Love Songs
Love Songs (disc 1)
Love Songs Album, The
Love Songs Gold
Love Soul Classics
Love the Ultimate Collection
Love Unlimited: The Soulful Sound of Love
Love You, I
Love, Q
Love: Eternal Lovesongs
Love’s Theme
Lovesongs Top 100
Loving You
M & M Mixes, Volume 3, The
M+M Mixes, Volume 3 Instrumentals, The
Magic 70's (disc 4)
Magic Moments (disc 1)
Magic Soul
Magnum Opus
Many Faces of Tina Turner: A Journey Through the Inner World of Tina Turner, The
Maquina total 14
Mastercuts Breaks
Mastermix 308
Mastermix Classic Cuts 43: Early Soul
Mastermix Classic Cuts 58: Disco Funk
Mastermix Classic Cuts 84: Early Soul
Mastermix Classic Cuts 96: Rare and Collectables
Mastermix Classic Cuts 98: Early Soul
Mastermix Deleted Classics 1
Mastermix Professional Engineered for DJs B: 50s 60s 70s
Mastermix Professional: Decades Engineered for DJs
Mastermix Wedding
Mastermix: DJ Beats, Volume 3
Mastermix: Pro Disc 5
Mayores Exitos De La Musica Disco, Volumen 2, Los
McMusic 12
Medallion Man
Media Markt Collection: Party Hits
Media Markt: Best of 70s
Mega 70's
Mega Disco
Mega Disco Fever
Mega Slows
Mega Soul
Mega Soul (disc 1)
Meilleur de la disco, Le
mejor álbum de música de anuncios TV, Volumen 3, El
mejor álbum de música de anuncios TV, volumen 4, El
Mellow Mellow
Men Are Singin’, The
Men in Song
Mercy Mercy Me!
Midnight Moods: After Hours Chill-Out Nirvana
Midnight Soul
Midnight Soul: Midnight Fire
Midnight Soul: The '90s
Mint: Essential House Music
Miss Moneypenny's Glamorous Grooves
Mix FM
Moments in Love...
Moments of Love
Money Talks: The Album
Mooiste Openingsdansen, De
More Sound of Magic
Most Beautiful Soul Album on Earth, The
Most Wanted Passion
Movie Hits
MTV Mondofonk
Mumm Musik Millenium
Music by Candlelight
Music for the Millennium (Tower Records Promo CD Sampler)
Music in Black, Volume 2 (disc 2)
Music of the Millennium
Music of the Year: 1974
Music Power
Music Power: 22 Original Hits
música do século, volume 21, A
música do século, volume 24, A
música do século, volume 3, A
música do século, volume 7, A
música do século, volume 9, A
Musik-CD von Hankook
My Everything
N°1 TV
Nachtschicht, Volume 9
Nation’s Favourite 70s Number Ones, The
Nation’s Favourite Soul, The
Naughty but Nice
Neue Oldies braucht das Land, Vol. 5: Hits & Raritäten aus der Disco
New Love Album, The
New Soul Album, The
New Woman 2001
New Woman: Love Songs
New York Collection, 1973
Night Fever
Nightfly 4 - Music For The Night - Music For The Sun, The
No molestar
No. 1 Classic Soul Album, The
No. 1 Disco Hits
No. 1 Hits 1975, The
No. 1 Rare Groove Hits
No. 1 Soul Hits
No. 1's of the Seventies
No.1 DJ Collection: 70's, Volume 5, The
No.1 Hits of the 70’s
Non-Stop Disco, Volume 2
Nonstop (Original Live)
Norman Jay MBE Giant 45
Norman Jay MBE Presents Good Times 6
Norman Jay MBE presents Mister Good Times
Nova Classics Nine
Nova Era DJ 2
Now 4
Now That's What I Call a Wedding!
NOW That’s What I Call 70s
Now That’s What I Call Disco
Now That’s What I Call Legends
Now: Best of '95
Now! That’s What I Call a Singer
Number One Collection, The
Old School Jams
Old School Love Songs, Volume 4
Oldie Chartbusters
On the Road
One and Only [Love] Album, The
One Shot Disco, Volume 1
One Shot Disco, Volume 2
One Shot Disco, Volume 4
One Shot Disco, Volume 6
One Shot Easy, Volume 3
One Shot: Anni settanta
Only One, The
Only You Can Make Me Blue
Open Up and Experience the Music - Contemporary Mix
Original Megahits of the 70’s
Our Theme, Part I
Our Theme, Part II
Our Theme, Parts 1 & 2
Paint the Sky With Stars
Paradise Relax
Paradisiac 2
Party Collection, Volume 7
Party Hits
Party Hits, Volume 2
Party Power Pack: 70's Kult
Party Power Pack: Partyhits
Party Time 80's
Passion: Songs for Lovers
Pavarotti & Friends for Afghanistan
People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today
Perfect Love
Perfect Love III, A
perfecte autoradio CD, De
Pin-Ups: The Original Pop Idols
Pink Album 2, The
Planet Groove: The Huey Session
Platin: The Very Best Of, Volume 2
Platinum Pop
Platinum R&B
Platinum R&B Party
Platinum Soul Legends: 1960–1975
plus belles voix, Les
Plus Grands Tubes disco, Les
Pop Nuggets
Pop Shop Classics: Love & Affection
POP, Volume 13
Power Of Love
Power of Love 2, The
Power of Love II, The
Pozytywne Wibracje, Volume 5
Pre Historie '70: Editie 2011, De
Pre Historie 1974, De
Pre Historie 1975, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1975, Volume 2, De
Pre Historie 1976, Volume 2, De
Pré Historie 70, De
Pre-Release Vol. 9
Pre‐Release Vol. 7
Precious Moments, Volume 2: 18 Classic Love Songs
Priscilla: Queen of the Desert - The Musical
Pure Dance Hits
Pure Disco
Pure Disco 2
Pure Funk, Volume 2
Pure Groove: 80’s Slowjams: The Ultimate Smoochy Soul Soundtrack
Pure Love, Volume 5
Pure Soul
Pure Soul 1997
Pure Soul: The Biggest Soulhits of Today
Q: Soul Bossa Nostra
Quatre mariages et un enterrement
Quiet Storm
Quiet Time
R&B Old School
Radio City Love Songs 2
Radio FFN Baseline
Radio Kiss Kiss 40 Anni Di Emozioni Vissute Insieme
Radio RAM & Magic Records Present RAM Café 6: Lounge & Chillout
Real Love
Red Hot Hits!
Reklamklassiker, Volume 1
Remix Masters: Pride
Remixed Hits of the ’70s, ’80s & ’90s
Remixed Retro Dance Classics
Renaissance 3D
Rescue Me: 100 Nº 1 Hits From the 50's to 70's
Respect - The Soundtrack to the Soul Generation
Respect: The Soundtrack to The Soul Generation
Retro Volume 2
Return to Soul City
Return to the Playboy Mansion
RFM Love 80
RFM Night Fever
RFM Party 80
Rhino Instant Party: Hot! Hot! Hot!
Rhythm & Soul N°1
Rhythm Divine
Ride the Wind (With Tower Online)
RnB Super CD, Volume 2
Rock & Pop Classics: The Power of Love
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1974
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1975
Rock Christmas, Volume 10
Rock Moves & Grooves
Rock Times, Volume 10: 1973-1974
Rock’mantique Top 100, Vol. 3
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 21: This Is Soul: Black Music From the 70s Till Today
Romantic Collection, The
Romantic Rock
Romeo & Julia: Die schönsten Love Songs aller Zeiten.
Roots of Rhythm: Turn on Your Love Light
Rozmowy nocą
RTL Disco Show
RTL Radio-Oldieparty, Volume 3
RTL Radio-Oldieparty, Volume 4
RTL Radio-Oldieparty, Volume 5
Sábado Noche
Sad Songs
Salut les Copains, Volume 3 : 1969-1976 : Les Années magazine
Sampled, Volume 2: Digging Deeper
Satin & Soul, Vol II
Satin Soul
Saturday Night Hits Non-Stop
SATURN Exklusiv Edition: Groove Edition
Sax in the Garden
Say Hello
Say It Loud! A Celebration of Black Music in America
School Disco Presents Number 1s!
Secret Garden
Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite), Part I, The
Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite), Part II, The
Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite), The
Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction), The
Secret Garden, The
Section 6: The Home of Hip-Hop / Strong Island / Kowalski / Time to Get Ill / I’m Gonna Love You a Little More Baby / Public Enemy Number One / Blow Your Head / Breakin’ Bells
Selección Gen Vol. II: Bien lento
Seuls two
Seventies Top 100, Volume 2
Sex Songs
Sexiest Songs Ever
Sexual Healing
Sexy Nights
Shades of Soul
Shaolin Soul, Episode 1
Shaolin Soul, Episodes 1, 2, 3
Shut Up and Dance, Volume 2
Simon Bates Presents: The Golden Years of the ’70s, Volume 2
Simply Soul
Simply the Best Superstars
Skibox 12, De
Slow Jams - 18 Mellow Flava's
Slow Jams, 3
Slow Jams: The 70s, Volume 3
Slow Jams: The Definitive Collection
Slows Hits
Smooth Grooves
Smooth Grooves: Cruisin’ Classics
Smooth Grooves: The Essential Collection
Smooth Love Songs
Smooth Luv: The Ultimate R&B Love Songs Collection
Smooth Summer Soul
Softrock 3: Die schönsten Love-Songs und Rock-Balladen
Solid Gold Soul 1973
Solid Gold Soul 1975
Solid Gold Soul 1977
Solid Gold Soul: 1974
Solid Soul
Somebody's Gonna Off The Man
Sometime, Somewhere
Songs About Love
Songs for Help
Songs From the Chillout Lounge
Songs From the Movies
Soul 70's Collection, Volume 1
Soul 70s: Boogie Down
Soul Anthology
Soul Ballads
Soul Boys
Soul City
Soul Classics
Soul Classics: Best of the 70s
Soul for Your Soul: The Very Best of Black Music
Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Volume 11
Soul Legends
Soul Legends - Soul Deep
Soul Love: 50 Great Soul Legends of Love
Soul Machine, Volume 2
Soul Machine, Volume 3
Soul Moods
Soul on the Grill
Soul Platinum
Soul R&B
Soul Selection
Soul to Soul, Volume 2
Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame
Soul Train: The Dance Years 1973
Soul Years: 1973
Soulman: The Ultimate Soul Classics
Sounds of the 70’s
Sounds of the 70s: 18 Classics From the Fab Seventies
Sounds of the 70s: 75
Sounds of the 70s: More Hits From 1973
Sounds of the 70s: More Hits From 1974
Sounds of the Seventies
Sounds of the Seventies: '70s Dance Party 1972-1974
Sounds of the Seventies: 1974, Take Two
Sounds of the Seventies: 1975, Take Two
Sounds of the Seventies: 1977, Take Two
Sounds of the Seventies: Memories Are Made of This...
Space Jam: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture
Spanish Lei
Special Dreams, Volume 04
Special Love Songs Volume 2
Spirit of Disco Funk
Stand by Me: Eighteen Soul Classics, Volume 1
Starfloor Anthology, Volume 2
Steve Wright's All New Sunday Love Songs
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs, Volume 3: The New Collection
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs... From Me to You X
Stick Up
Stop! It's Party Time!
Strange Games and Funky Things III
Streetjam II
Strictly Bass Three
Strictly Breaks, Volume 3
Strictly Breaks, Volume 8
Strictly Breaks: The Definitive Collector's Box Set
Strictly Dance Fever
Summer Party Hits
Summer Waves, Volume / 6
Summertime Soul
Summertime Vol. 8
Sunday Morning Collection
Sunshine Paradise
Supa Funky
Supa Funky 2
Super ’70s
Super Dance Plus 4
Supergeil! Disco Fever
Sweet '70s Soul
Sweet and Soulful, Volume 1
Sweet and Soulful, Volume 5
Sweet Soul & Funky Music "Blaxploitation Edition"
Sweet Soul & Funky Music Vol.1
Sweet Soul Music - 23 Scorching Classics From 1973
Sweet Soul of the ’70s
Sweet, Soft and Sexy
SWR4 (Die größte Schlagerparty)
Sygnowano Fabryka Trzciny, Volume 5
Talents France Bleu
Talents France Bleu 2017, Vol. 2
Tales of the City
Tanzen! Super Disco Night
Taste of Chocolate
Te Mooi Om Te Vergeten 2
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 5: In Living Color
Testament van de Seventies
That Loving Feeling, Volume III
That's All - Disco
That's Disco: 60 All-Time Classics
Theme From "Together Brothers"
This Love
Throwback: Slowjamz
Tinu & Cherilee
To Mum With Love
To the One I Love
Together Forever
Tolle Scheibe, Folge 3
Tolle Scheibe, Folge 4
Top 100 Anni '80
Top 100 Pop Love Songs
Top 40 Hitdossier 1973-1974
Top Of The Pops Love
Top of the Pops: 1970–1974
Top of the Pops: 1975–1979
Top Of The Pops: 70s Soul
Top Of The Pops: Disco
Top of the Spot 2008, Volume 2
Top of the Spot 2010: New Collection, Volume 2
Top of the Spot, Volume 2
Total No. 1s
Total No. 2s
Totally 70’s
Totally 70s
Touch My Soul: The Finest of Black Music 1/2000
Touch My Soul: The Finest of Black Music 1/2001
Traum Oldies, Volume 2
Traveling Light: Songs from the 23rd Psalm
Trevor Nelson’s Soul Nation
Tribute to the Funk
Troubleman Mix-Tape
True Disco
True Love
True Love 2: Silk & Soul
True No.1s
True Seventies
True Seventies Love
True Soul
Tubes Disco
Tubes Funk
Ultimate A–Z of Pop, The
Ultimate Breaks & Beats: The Complete Collection
Ultimate Collection: 70s School Days, The
Ultimate Collection: 70s, The
Ultimate Collection: Chillout, The
Ultimate Collection: Feeling Good: 100 Hits, The
Ultimate Collection: Girls Night Out: 100 Hits, The
Ultimate Collection: Seventies, The
Ultimate Disco Album, The
Ultimate Disco Party
Ultimate Love
Ultimate Love Songs Collection: Together Forever
Ultimate Movie Album, The
Ultimate Smoochy Album, The
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Black Music Hits aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Disco Classics aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Sängerinnen & die erfolgreichsten Sänger, Die
ultimativen Chart-Hits: Das Beste aus den 70ern, Die
Under the Covers
Unforgettable, The Most Beautiful Songs
Universal Music Presents The Ultimate Movie Album
Unwind: 36 Soothing Laid-back Tracks
Very Best of Cold Feet, The
Very Best of Disco Fox, The
Very Best of Jazz FM, Volume 2, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1978-79, The
Very Best of That Loving Feeling, The
Very Best of the 70's, Volume 6, The
Very Best of, The
VH-1 8-Track Flashback: Classic 70’s Soul
voix en or, Volume 2, Les
Walking in the Rain (With the One I Love)
Wanna Buy a Monkey?
Want You, I
We Can’t Let Go of Love
We Love the Nightlife: Shake Your Booty
Wedding Album, The
Wedding Disco, The
Weddings of a Lifetime
What a Feeling
When A Man Loves A Woman
Wild, Volume 12
Wildest Dreams: Special Tour Edition
Wings of Love: 18 Soulful Love Songs, The
With Love: Classic Love Songs
Wonderful Music of Love Songs, The
Wonderful Spot
World Hits 1974
World Hits 1975
World Hits 1976
World Hits 1978
Worlds Best Mum
You Gotta Case
You Make My Life Easy Livin’
You Sexy Thing
You Sexy Thing: 18 Funky Disco Hits
You're the First, the Last, My Everything
You’re the Only One for Me
Young Love: Long Versions for Lovers
zwarte lijst, Volume 2, De