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Giacomo II di Scozia
Iacobus II
Iago II, brenin yr Alban
II. Jakab skót király
Jaakko II
Jacobo II de Escocia
Jacobus (II; koning van Schotland)
Jacobus (II.; Scotia, Rex)
Jacobus II van Schotland
Jacques II d'Écosse
Jacques (II.; Ecosse, Roi)
Jacques (II; roi d'Écosse)
Jaime II da Escócia
Jakob 2. Skotakonungur
Jakob II av Skottland
Jakob II (König von Schottland)
Jakob (II.; Schottland, König)
Jakobo II.a Eskoziakoa
Jakobo la 2-a
Jakub II (król Szkocji)
Jakub II. Skotský
James II d'Escòcia
James (II; engleski kralj)
James (II; King of England)
James (II; King of Scotland)
James (II; koning van Schotland)
James II od Škotske
James II of Scotland (Scottish king)
James (II; roi d'Écosse)
James (II.; Scotland, King)
Jaume II d'Escòcia
Jokūbas II
Séamas II, Rí na nAlbanach
Seumas II na h-Alba
Ιάκωβος Β΄ της Σκωτίας
Джеймс II
Якаў II
Яків II
Яков II
ჯეიმზ II
ג'יימס השני, מלך סקוטלנד
جيمس الثاني ملك إسكتلندا
جیمز دوم اسکاتلند
जेम्स २
제임스 2세
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Language material
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Aiton, John
Bromley, George
Charles I (1600-1649; roi d'Angleterre, d'Écosse et d'Irlande)
Jacques I (roi d'Écosse ; (1394-1437))
Marie Stuart (reine d'Écosse ; (1542-1587))
Scotland Sovereign (1437-1460 : James II) (see also from)
Skene, John (1543?-1617))
Stockdale, John (1750-1814))
Waldegrave, Robert
Collection of original royal letters written by King Charles the First and Second, King James the second and the King and Queen of Bohemia together with original letters written by Prince Rupert, Charles Louis Count Palatine, A : the duchess of Hanover and several other distinguished persons from the year 1619 to 1665
James II
lawes and actes of parliament maid be King James the first and his successours kings of Scotland visied collected and extracted furth of the register, The : The contentes of this buik are expreemed in the leafe following.