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Džordžs Elerijs Heils
George Ellery Hale (American journalist)
George Ellery Hale (amerikansk astronom)
George Ellery Hale (astronome américain)
George Ellery Hale (astronomo e ottico statunitense)
George Ellery Hale (US-amerikanischer Astronom)
George Hale (Amerikaans astronoom)
George Hale (amerikansk astronom)
Hale, G. E.
Hale, Georg Ellery
Hale, George
Hale, George E.
Hale, George Ellery
Heils, Džordžs Elerijs
Τζορτζ Χέιλ
Χέιλ, Τζορτ
Гейл, Джордж Еллері
Джордж Еллері Гейл
Хейл, Джордж Эллери
Џорџ Елери Хејл (американски астроном)
جرج الری هیل (ستاره‌شناس آمریکایی)
جورج هيل
조지 헤일
헤일, 조지
ヘール, ジョージ
ヘール, ジョージ エラリー
海耳, 喬治·埃勒里
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Adams, Walter S. (1876-1956)
Adams, Walter Sydney
Adams, Walter Sydney (1876-1956)
Charles Scribner's Sons
Ellerman, Ferdinand
Ellerman, Ferdinand (1869-....))
Fox, Philip
Fox, Philip (1878-))
Nicholson, Seth B.
Nicholson, Seth Barnes (1891-1963)
Payne, William Wallace (1837-1928)
Yerkes Observatory
関口, 鯉吉 (1886-1951)
Ancora sulla fotografia soalre stereoscopia del prof. G. E. Hale
Astronomy and astrophysics.
Attempt to measure the free electricity in the Sun's atmosphere, by George E. Hale and Harold D. Babcock
Beyond the milky way
depths of the universe, The
direction of rotation of sun-spot vortices, by George E. Hale
Fotografia spettroeliografica : [con] lettera del prof. George E. Hale
George Ellery Hale : (1868-1938)
heliomicrometer, The
Latitude and longitude of the Solar observatory,.
legacy of George Ellery Hale, The : evolution of astronomy and scientific institutions, in pictures and documents
Magnetic observations of sunspots, 1917-1924
Magnetic Polarity of sun-spots, by George E. Hale, Ferdinand Ellerman, S. B. Nicholson, and A. H. Joy
Minute structure of the solar atmosphere, by George E. Hale and Ferdinand Ellerman,...
National academies and the progress of research;
National focus of science and research, by George Ellery Hale,...
new heavens, The
New star in "Perseus". George E. Hale
Observations of the total solar eclipse of May 28, 1900, at Wadesboro, N. C. George E. Hale
On the probability of chance coincidence of solar and terrestrial phenomena.
On the probable existence of a magnetic field in sunspots
Pauper and prince : Ritchey, Hale, and big american telescopes
Period and elongation distance of the fifth satellite of Jupiter. [By George E. Hale.]
photographic comparison of the spectra of the limb and the center of the sun, A
Photographs of star clusters made with the forty-inch visual telescope. George E. Hale
Photography of the "flash" spectrum without an eclipse, by George E. Hale and Walter S. Adams
Preliminary paper on the cause of the characteristic phenomena of sun-spot spectra
Preliminary results of an attempt to detect the general magnetic field of the Sun
program of solar research, A
Recent results in solar prominence photography
remarkable solar disturbance, A
rotation period of the sun as determined from the motions of the calcium flocculi, The
Rumford spectroheliograph of the Yerkes observatory, The
Science and learning in France with a survey of opportunities for american students in french universities
Signals from the stars
Solar photography at the Kenwood Astro-Physical Observatory
Solar vortices
spectra of stars of Secchi's fourth type, The
Spectrohelioscope and its work. Part IV. Methods of recording observations, by George E. Hale
Spectrum of the high potential discharge between metallic electrodes in liquids and in gases at high pressures, by George E. Hale and Norton A. Kent
study of stellar evolution an account of some recent methods of astrophysical research, The
study of stellar evolution, The : an account of some recent methods of astrophysical research
study of the conditions for solar research at Mt. Wilson, California, A
Sur les champs magnétiques des taches solaires, par M. George E. Hale
Ten years' work of a mountain observatory a brief account of the Mount Wilson solar observatory of the Carnegie institution of Washington
Tower telescope of the Mount Wilson solar observatory, by George E. Hale
ultra-violet spectrum of the solar prominences, The
Vertical coelostat telescope, by George E. Hale
Yerkes observatory of the University of Chicago. George E. Hale