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Bell, Carl
Bell, Charles
Bell, Charles (Scottish painter, draftsman, and engraver, 1774-1842)
Bell, Charles (seras)
Bell, Charles (Sir)
Bell, Karel
Bell, Karl
Bell, Karol
Bell, Sir
Bellus, Carolus
Charles Bell
Charles Bell (arts)
Charles Bell (chirurgo, anatomista e neurologo scozzese)
Charles Bell (schottischer Anatom und Physiologe)
Charles Bell (Scottish surgeon and artist)
Чарлз Белл
ჩარლზ ბელი
צ'ארלס בל
چارلز بل
ベル, チャールズ
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Baraniecki, Tomasz
Bell, George Joseph (1770-1843)
Bell, John (1763-1820)
Brougham, Henry (1778-1868))
Ebstein, Erich (1880-1931)
Hauff, Hermann
Kosmeli, Michael (1773-1844))
Middel, P.
Paley, William (1743-1805)
Romberg, Moritz Heinrich
Shaw, Alexander (1804-1890)
Shaw, John (1792-1827))
Spratt, Germaine (19..-1990)
山鳥, 重 (1939-)
岡本, 保
Abhandlung über die Krankheiten der Harnröhre, der Harnblase, der Vorsteherdrüse und des Mastdarms
Anatomy and philosophy of expression as connected with the fine arts
anatomy and physiology of the human body., The
Anatomy of the bones, muscles, and joints, the heart and circulation, and the lungs
anatomy of the human body the third edition in three volumes, The : containing the anatomy of the bones, muscles, joints, heart, and arteries
Anatomy of the organs of the senses, the viscera of the abdomen, and the male and female parts of generation
Appendix to System of dissections part first; containing additional descriptions of the abdominal muscles. By Charles Bell...., A
Art suggestions from the masters; selected from the works of artists and other writers on art;
Bell, Charles, Sir. Handen, 1842:
Darstellung der Nerven. -
Descriptio arteriarum : iconibus illustr.
Descriptio arteriarum Latio donata et in usum studiosae inventutis accommodata ab Henrico Robbi
Dissertation on gunshot wounds ... 1814.
Éloge historique de François Magendie suivi d'une discussion sur les titres respectifs de MM. Bell et Magendie à la découverte des fonctions distinctes des racines des nerfs
Engravings from specimens of morbid parts, preserved in the authors collection and selected from the divisions inscribed Urethra, Vesica, Ren morbosa et laesa : containing specimens of every disease, which is attended with change of structure in these parts [etc.]
Erläuterungen der grossen chirurgischen Operationen durch bildliche Darstellung Aus d. Engl.
essay on the forces which circulate the blood, An : being an examination of the difference of the motions of fluids in living and dead vessels
Essays on the anatomy of expression in painting
Exposition du système naturel des nerfs du corps humains
Exposition of the natural system of the nerves of the human body with a republication of the papers delivered to the royal society, on the subject of the nerves
Grundlehren der Chirurgie
Hand, its mechanism and vital endowments as evincing design
Idea of a new anatomy of the brain
Idee einer neuen Hirnanatomie (1811)
Illustrations of the great operations of surgery : trepan, hernia, amputation, aneurism, and lithotomy
Institutes of surgery, 1843:
Letters concerning the diseases of the urethra ...
Letters of Sir Charles Bell, K.H., F.R.S.L. & E. : selected from his correspondence with his brother George Joseph Bell
Manuscript of the arteries
Mémoires de chirurgie et de physiologie pratiques
menschelijk hand
menschliche Hand und ihre Eigenschaften. -, Die
natuur, hare wonderen en geheimen, zigtbaar uit de beschouwing der menschelijke hand, De
Nervous system of the human body : embracing the papers delivered to the royal society on the subject of the nerves
Observations on injuries of the spine and of the thigh bone, in two lectures ...
On the comparative merits of Dr. Bellingeri's and Sir C. Bell's writings and opinions on the functions of the fifth and seventh pairs of cerebral nerves
Paley's Natural theology
Pfennig-Encyklopädie der Anatomie oder bildliche Darstellung der gesammten menschlichen Anatomie nach Rosenmüller, Loder, Carl Bell ... [et al.]
Physiologische en pathologische onderzoekingen van het zenuwstelsel
Physiologische und pathologische Untersuchungen des Nervensystems. -
Practical Essays...
Praktische Versuche
principles of surgery, as they relate to wounds, ulcers, fistulae, aneurisms..., The
series of engravings explaining the course of the nerves, A
Surgical observations being a Quarterly Report of cases in surgery
System der operativen Chirurgie. -
system of dissections, explaining the anatomy of the human body, the manner of displaying the parts, and their varieties in disease. Volume the second. Containing the dissections of the arm, of the neck and face, of the nervous system of the viscera, with a short account of the manner of dissecting the brain and eye. By Charles Bell., A
system of operative surgery, A : founded on the basis of anatomy
Traktat chirurgiczny o chorobach pęcherza, kanału urynowego, prostaty i kiszki odchodowej
treatise on the diseases of the urethra, vesica urinaria, prostate and rectum, A