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Pennant (M.)
Pennant, T.
Pennant, Th
Pennant (Thomas)
Thomas Pennant (awdur, hynafiaethydd a naturiaethwr Cymreig)
Thomas Pennant (Brits botanicus (1726-1798))
Thomas Pennant (naturalista e antiquario gallese)
Thomas Pennant (walisischer Naturwissenschaftler, Ornithologe und Altertumsforscher)
Thomas Pennant (Welsh naturalist)
Пеннант, Томас
Томас Пенант
תומאס פננט
توماس پنانت
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Aikin, John (co-author)
Barrois, Pierre-Théophile (fl. 1773-1836)
Bechstein, Johann Matthäus (co-author)
Buffon, Georges-Louis Leclerc (comte de; co-author)
De Beer, Gavin Rylands (co-author)
Forster, Johann Reinhold (co-author)
Hey, Johannes van der (Amsterdam)
Hughs, Henry
James, David (1946-)
Le Tourneur, Pierre-Prime-Félicien (co-author)
Malesherbes, Chrétien-Guillaume de Lamoignon de (co-author)
Mazell, Peter (1761-1792))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Rhys, John (co-author)
Urness, Carol Louise
Wessing Willemsz, Johannes (Amsterdam)
White, Benjamin
White, Benjamin (I, Londen)
White, John
Zimmermann, Eberhardt August Wilhelm von (1743-1815)
森野, 聡子 (1955-)
additions to the quarto edition of the Tour in Scotland, MDCCLXIX And the new appendix. Reprinted for the accomodation of the purchasers of the first and second editions., The
Arctic zoology... T. I-II. [Signé : Thomas Pennant.] - Introduction to the Arctic zoology. 2d edition
Arctic zoology... T. I-II. [Signé : Thomas Pennant.] - Supplement to the Arctic zoology
Beyond the Highland line : three journals of travel in eighteenth century Scotland; Burt, Pennant, Thornton
British zoology
Celtic art
Collectio epistolarum quas ad viros illustres et clarissimos scripsit Carolus a Linné. Accedunt opuscula pro et contra virum immortalem scripta, extra sueciam rarissima. Edidit Dietericus Henricus Stoever.
Description of the blunt-headed cachalot
essay on India, its boundaries, climate, soil, and sea
Flora scotica : or, A systematic arrangement, in the Linnæan method, of the native plants of Scotland and the Hebrides
Free thoughts on the militia laws
Genera of birds. [Signé : Thomas Pennant.]
Histoire naturelle des oiseaux, par le comte de Buffon, and, Les planches enluminées, systematically disposed.
History of quadrupeds. [Signé : Thomas Pennant.]
history of the parishes of Whiteford, and Holywell., The
Indexes to the "Ornithologie" of the Cte of Buffon and the "planches enluminées. - Histoire naturelle des oiseaux, par le Cte de Buffon" and "les planches enluminées", systematically disposed. [Signé : Thomas Pennant.]
Indian faunula
Indian zoology. 2d edition. [Signé : Thomas Pennant.]
Indische Zoologie, oder, Systematische Beschreibungen seltener und unbekannter Thiere aus Indien. Nebst einer kurzen vorläufigen Abhandlung über den Amfang von Indien und die Beschaffenheit des Klima, des Bodens und des Meeres daselbst, und einem Anhange, darin ein kurzes Verzeichniss der Thiere in Indien mitgetheilt wird, herausgegeben von Johann Reinhold Forster ....
Inleiding tot de kennis der Noorder-Poollanden, getrokken uit de dierkunde der Noorder-Poollanden.
Journey from Chester to London. [Signé : Thomas Pennant.], The
Le Nord du globe, ou Tableau de la nature dans les contrées septentrionales
letter to a Member of Parliament, on mail-coaches. By Thomas Pennant, Esq, A
literary life of the late Thomas Pennant, esq., The
London: being a complete guide to the British capital; containing a full and accurate account of its buildings, commerce, curiosities ... including a sketch of the surrounding country, with full directions to strangers on their first arrival.
London; or, an abridgment of the celebrated Mr. Pennant's description of the British capital, and its environs. ... To which are prefixed, notes, additions, and observations; and four capital plates. By Mr. John Wallis
natural history of humming-birds ..., The
naturalist in Russia; letters from Peter Simon Pallas to Thomas Pennant., A
nord du globe, ou tableau de la nature, dans les contrées septentrionales, Le ; qui fait connoître la terre dans ses formes, ses climats, ses qualités ; la mer dans ses marées, ses écueils, ses phénomènes ; et le ciel dans ses météores, depuis le 60e degré de latitude, jusqu'aux extrémités les plus voisines du pôle. Traduit de l'anglois de M. Pennant. Tome premier [-second].
Nouveau recueil de voyages
Of London
Of the Patagonians. Formed from the relation of Father Falkener a Jesuit who had resided among them thirty eight years. And from the different voyagers who had met with this tall race.
Outlines of the globe
Some account of London. 2d edition. [By Thomas Pennant.]
Synopsis of quadrupeds
Thiergeschichte der nördlichen Polarländer.
Thomas Pennant's Allgemeine Uebersicht der vierfüssigen Thiere, aus dem Englischen übersetzt... von Johann-Matthäus Bechstein...
Thomas Pennant's Beschreibung von London : vorzüglich in Rücksicht auf ältere Geschichte, Sitten und Kunstmerkwürdigkeiten dieser Stadt
Thomas Pennant's Reise durch Schottland und die Hebridischen Inseln.
tour from Alston-Moor to Harrowgate, and Brimham crags., A
Tour from Downing to Alston-Moor, by Thomas Pennan,..., A
Tour in Scotland, and voyage to the Hebrides; MDCCLXXII. Part 2
tour in Scotland, MDCCLXIX By Thomas Pennant, Esq., A
Tour in Wales. [Signé : Thomas Pennant.], A
Tour on the continent, 1765
Tours in Wales, by Thomas Pennant,... with notes, preface and copious index, by the editor, John Rhys,... To which is added an account of the five royal tribes of Cambria and of the fifteen tribes of North Wales and their representatives, with their arms, as given in Pennant's "History of Whiteford and Holywell"
View of Hindoostan
Wallis's guide to London
Zoologia britannica tabvlis aeneis CXXXII illvstrata.
Zoologie indice selecta