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Beale, Lionel
Beale, Lionel S.
Beale, Lionel Smith
Lionel Smith Beale
Lionel Smith Beale (britischer Arzt)
Lionel Smith Beale (British physician, microscopist, and professor)
Lionel Smith Beale (Brits arts (1828-1906))
Smith, Lionel Beale-
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Beale, Lionel Smith (1828-1906))
Bergeron, Georges
Bowman, William Sir, 1816-1892
Carus, J. Victor (1823-1903)
Carus, Julius Victor (1823-1903)
Carus, Julius Victor (1823-1903))
Ollivier, Auguste (1833-1895)
Strauss, David Friedrich (1808-1874))
Todd, Robert Bentley (1809-1860)
Bioplasm : an introduction to the study of physiology and medicine
Clinical lectures
descriptive list of the microscopical specimens illustrating lectures. -, A
Disease germs, their nature and origin ; Philadelphia, 1872.
Disease germs : their supposed nature : an original investigation, with critical remarks
How to work with the microscope
l'urine, des dépots urinaires et des calculs, De : de leur composition chimique, de leurs caractères physiologiques et pathologiques et des indications thérapeutiques qu'ils fournissent dans le traitement des maladies
Lectures on the principles and practice of Medicine. The liver
Life theories their influence upon religious thought
machinery of life, The
microscope in its application to practical medicine., The
mystery of life: an essay in reply to Dr. Gull's attack on the theory of vitality in his Harveian oration for 1870., The
New observations upon the structure and formation of certain nervous centres, tending to prove that the cells and fibres of every nervous apparatus form an uninterrupted circuit
On medical progress : in memoriam R.B. Todd
On slight ailments their nature and treatment
On the structure and growth of the tissues, and on life : ten lectures delivered at King's College, London.
On the structure of the simple tissues of the human body with some observations on their development, growth, nutrition and decay, and on certain changes occurring in disease
On urine, urinary deposits, and calculi: their microscopical and chemical examination, including the chemical and microscopical apparatus required, and tables for the practical examination of the urine in health and disease; the anatomy and physiology of the kidney, with upwards of sixty original analyses of the urine in disease, and general remarks on the treatment of certain urinary diseases
One hundred urinary deposits in two sheets
Our morality and the moral question : chiefly from the medical side
physiological anatomy & physiology of man, The
Protoplasm, or, Matter and life : with some remarks upon the "Confession" of Strauss
Protoplasm physical life and law; or nature as viewed from without
Structur der einfachen Gewebe des menschlichen Körpers, Die : mit Bemerkungen über Entwickelung, Wachsthum, Ernährung und Zerfall, sowie über Veränderungen derselben in Krankheiten : Vorlesungen
Urinary and renal derangements and calculous disorders, hints on diagnosis and treatment
Urine, urinary deposits, and calculi and on the treatment of urinary diseases, with numerous illustrations, and tables for the clinical examination of urine
Vitality : an appeal, an apology and a challenge