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Frederick William Herschel
Geršelʹ, Fridrich Vilʹgelʹm
Geršelʹ, Vilʹjam
Gershelʹ, Fridrikh Vilʹgelʹm
Gershelʹ, Fridrikh Vilʹgelʹm (Sir)
Gershelʹ, Vilʹi︠a︡m
Gershelʹ, Vilʹi͡am (Sir)
Gulielmus Herschel
Herschel, F. W.
Herschel, Frederick William
Herschel, Frederick William (Sir)
Herschel, Friedrich W.
Herschel, Friedrich Wilhelm
Herschel, Friedrich Wilhelm (Sir)
Herschel, Sir Frederick William
Herschel, Wilhelm
Herschel, Wilhelm (Sir)
Herschel, William
Herschel, William (Sir)
Sir Frederick William Herschel
Uilyam Herşel
Viljams Heršels
Wilhelm Herschel
Wilhelm Herschel (deutsch-britischer Astronom, Musiker, Komponist)
William Herschel
William Herschel (astrônomo, especialista técnico e compositor germano-britânico)
William Herschel (astronomo, fisico e musicista britannico)
William Herschel (astrónomo germano-británico)
William Herschel (compositeur et astronome germano-britannique)
William Herschel (Duits astronoom)
William Herschel (German-born British astronomer, technical expert, and composer)
William Herschel (niemiecki astronom i kompozytor)
Ουίλιαμ Χέρσελ (γερμανικής καταγωγής Βρετανός αστρονόμος και μουσικός)
Вилијам Хершел
Вилхелм Хершел
Уильям Гершель (английский астроном)
Уилям Хершел
Уільям Гершэль
Ўільям Гэршэль
Фрідріх Вільгельм Гершель
უილიამ ჰერშელი
Ուիլիամ Հերշել
הרשל, ויליאם
הרשל, פרידריך וילהלם
ויליאם הרשל
ولیم ہرشل
ويليام هيرشل
ويليام هيرشيل
ویلیام هرشل
विल्यम हर्शेल
উইলিয়াম হার্শেল
வில்லியம் ஹேர்ச்செல்
విలియం హెర్షెల్
വില്യം ഹെർഷൽ
วิลเลียม เฮอร์เชล
ဝီလီယံ ဟာရှယ်
윌리엄 허셜
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Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Related names: 
Dreyer, John Louis Emil (1852-1926))
Flamsteed, John (1646-1719)
Hamel, Jürgen
Herschel, Caroline Lucretia (1750-1848; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Herschel, John Frederick William (1792-1871))
Jerome, Wilbert Davis
Jerome, Wilbert Davis (19..-.... musicologue)
London Mozart Players
Murray, Sterling E.
Rabus, Kathrin
Royal Astronomical Society (Londyn)
Royal Society (Great Britain)
Royal Society (Londyn)
Schwarz, John I.
Wesley, Samuel Sebastian (1810-1876)
Account of a comet
account of the discovery of two satellites revolving round the Georgian planet, An
Allgemeinfassliche Betrachtungen über das Weltgebäude und die neuesten Entdekkungen, welche vom Herrn Doktor Herschel und Herrn Justizrath Doktor Schröter darin gemacht worden sind
Astronomical observations on the rotation of the planets round their axes, made with a view to determine whether the earth's diurnal motion is perfectly equable In a letter from Mr. William Herschel of Bath to William Watson, M.D.F.R.S. Read January 11, 1781.
Astronomical observations relating to the construction of the heavens, arranged for the purpose of a critical examination, the result of which appears to throw some new light upon the organization of the celestial bodies
Beschreibung des 40-füßigen Teleskops. -
Briefe Friedrich v. Hahns an Wilhelm Herschel 1792 - 1800
Casa Osservatorio
Concertos Hautbois, ensemble à cordes, basse continue No 1 Mi bémol majeur
Concertos Hautbois, orchestre No 2 Do majeur
Concertos Hautbois, orchestre No 3
Concertos, oboe, orchestra
Description of a forty-feet reflecting telescope By William Herschel, LL.D. F.R.S. From The philosophical transactions
Four Overtures them. index 5, 8, 10, 11
Harpsichord and organ concert
Herschel Archive, The
Herschel chronicle
Herschel partnership, The : as viewed by Caroline
Keyboard music. Selections
Kommentar zum Kündigungsschutzgesetz
Oboe concerto in C major
Observations tending to investigate the nature of the Sun, in order to find the causes or symptoms of its variable emission of light and heat, with remarks on the use that may possibly be drawn from solar observations, by William Herschel,...
On the Georgian planet and its satellites by William Herschel, LL.D.F.R.S..
On the methode of observing the changes that happen to the fixed stars*. -
On the parallax of the first fixed stars; catalogue of double stars; d*. -
On the power of penetrating into space by telescopes, with a comparative determination of the extent of that power in natural vision and in telescopes of various sizes and constructions, illustrated by select observations, by William Herschel,...
One Symphony
Organ music. Selections
Physics of cataclysmic variables and related objects, The : proceedings of a conference on the occasion of Klaus Beuermann's impending 65th Birthday held in Göttingen, Germany, 5-10 August 2001
Remarks on the new comet, by William Herschel,... read at the Royal society, Nov. 16, 1786
Sämmtliche Schriften. -
scientific papers of Sir William Herschel
Sinfonien Sinfonie Nr. 6
Sonatas, keyboard instrument. Selections
Symphonies, no. 12, D major
Symphonies, no. 13, D major
Symphonies, no. 14, D major
Symphonies, no. 17, C major
Symphonies, no. 2, D major
Symphonies, orchestra, no.23
Symphonies. Selections
Symphonies, string orchestra, no. 8, C minor
Symphony no. 12 in D major: I. Allegro assai
Symphony no. 12 in D major: II. Andante non molto
Symphony no. 12 in D major: III. Allegro assai
Symphony no. 13 in D major: I. Allegro assai
Symphony no. 13 in D major: II. Andante non molto
Symphony no. 13 in D major: III. Allegro assai
Symphony no. 14 in D major: I. Allegro assai
Symphony no. 14 in D major: II. Andante
Symphony no. 14 in D major: III. Adagio - Allegretto
Symphony no. 17 in C major: I. Allegro
Symphony no. 17 in C major: II. Adagio ma non troppo
Symphony no. 17 in C major: III. Allegro assai
Symphony no. 2 in D major: I. Allegro
Symphony no. 2 in D major: II. Adagio ma non molto
Symphony no. 2 in D major: III. Allegro
Symphony no. 8 in C minor: I. Allegro assai
Symphony no. 8 in C minor: II. [Andante]
Symphony no. 8 in C minor: III. Presto assai
synopsis of all Sir William Herschel's micrometrical measurements and estimated positions and distances of the double stars described by him. Together with a catalogue of those stars in order of right ascension, for the epoch 1800-0, [i.e. 1880-0] so far as they are capable of identification., A
Télescope de 40 pieds
third catalogue of the comparative brightness of the stars, with an introductory account of an index to Mr. Flamsteed's observations of the fixed stars, contained in the second volume of the "Historia coelestis", to which are added several useful results derived from that index, by William Herschel... read before the Royal society, May 18, 1797
Three symphonies : them. index 2, 5, 13
Two Symphonic works
Über den Bau des Himmels : Abhandlungen über die Struktur des Universums und die Entwicklung der Himmelskörper : 1784-1814
Universe around us, a discussion by Sir William Herschel in response to an enquiry by a late under-secretary of State. [William Knox.] Printed from the original manuscripts in the William L. Clements library for the National academy of sciences
Untersuchungen über die Natur der Sonnenstrahlen. -
Wilhelm Herschel, 1961
will see such things Miranda, the movie, I
تلسكوب 40 قدم
تلسکوپ ۴۰-فوتی
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