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Carl Hubbs
Carl Leavitt Hubbs (American zoologist)
Carl Leavitt Hubbs (Amerikaans natuurwetenschapper (1894-1979))
Carl Leavitt Hubbs (US-amerikanischer Ichthyologe)
Hubbs, Carl L.
Hubbs, Carl Leavitt
Hubbs, Carl Leavitt (Vollstaendiger Name)
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Follett, W. I. (1901-1992)
Follett, Wilbur Irving (1901-1992)
Lagler, Karl F. (1912-1985)
Lagler, Karl Frank (1912-)
Lagler, Karl Frank (1912-1985)
Miller, Robert Rush (1916-2003)
Raney, Edward C
Raney, Edward C.
Schultz, Leonard Peter
Schultz, Leonard Peter (1901-1986))
Stanford University
Trautman, Milton Bernhard
Trautman, Milton Bernhard (1899-)
Turner, C. L.
Turner, Clarence Lester
Turner, Clarence Lester (1890-)
University of Michigan Press
University of Michigan. Museum of Zoology
A revision of the black basses (Micropterus and Huro) with descriptions of four new forms, ...
A revision of the lamprey genus Ichthyomyzon, ...
Apparent parthenogenesis in nature in a form of fish of hybrid origin
Atlantic american species of the fish genus "Gasterosteus", by Carl L. Hubbs
cenotes of Yucatan a zoological and hydrographic survey, The
Crossochir koelzi
Darters of the genera Hololepis and Villora, The
Descriptions of new genera of cottoid fishes related to artedius, by Carl L. Hubbs
Descriptions of two new American species referable to the rockfish genus Sebastodes with notes on related species
Dionda erimyzonops, a new, dwarf cyprinid fish inhabiting the gulf coastal plain of Mexico
Endemic fish fauna of lake Waccamaw, North Carolina, ...
External and internal characters, horizontal and vertical distribution, luminescence, and food of the dwarf pelagic shark, Euprotomicrus bispinatus
Fishes of the Great Lakes region
Fishes of the Yucatan Peninsula
Flounders and soles from Japan ... 1915.
Fresh-water fishes collected in British Honduras and Guatemala, ...
Generic relationships and nomenclature of the California sardine, by Carl L. Hubbs,...
Great Basin, with emphasis on glacial and postglacial times, The
Hadropterus oxyrhynchus, a new percid fish from Virginia and West Virginia, by Carl L. Hubbs and Edward C. Raney
improvement of lakes for fishing; a method of fish management, The
Japanese flounders of the genera Tanakius, microstomus and glyptocephalus, by Carl L. Hubbs
List of the fishes of California
macrouroid fishes of the Philippine islands and the East Indies, The
Materials for a revision of the catostomid fishes of eastern North America, ...
Methods for the improvement of Michigan trout streams
"Micropterus pseudaplites", a new species of black bass, by Carl L. Hubbs
Minnows of Michigan
"Mullus argentinae", the surmullet of Southern South America, by Carl L. Hubbs and Tomás L. Marini
Nature's own seaplanes
new catostomid fish from the Columbia River, A
new genus (Mesobius), and three new bathypelagic species of Macrouridae (Pisces, Gadiformes) from the Pacific Ocean, A
new genus related to "empetrichthys"
new subfamily from Guatemala, with ctenoid scales and a unilateral pectoral clasper
Note on the species of evermannichthys, a genus of sponge-inhabiting gobies, by Carl L. Hubbs
Notes on fishes from the Athi river in british east Africa, by Carl L. Hubbs,...
Notes on species of goodea and skiffia
Notropis amnis, a new cyprinid fish of the Mississippi fauna, with two subspecies, by Carl L. Hubbs...
"Oostethus" : a new generic name for a doryrhamphine pipefish, by Carl L. Hubbs
Phylogenetic position of the Citharidae : a family of flatfishes
Pontinus vaughani, a new scorpaenid fish from Baja California
Racial and seasonal variation in the Pacific herring, California sardine and California anchovy
Relationships of the pelagic shark Euprotomicrus bispinatus, with description of a specimen from off California
Report on the Japanese macrouroid fishes collected by the United States fisheries steamer "Albatross" in 1906, with a synopsis of the genera.
revision of Ceratichthys, a genus of American cyprinid fishes, A
Revision of the black basses (Micropterus and Huro) with descriptions of four new forms, A
Revision of the fishes of the subfamily oligocottinae, by Carl L. Hubbs
Revision of the lamprey genus Ichthyomyzon, A
Scientific name of the Columbia river chub, by Carl L. Hubbs and Leonard P. Schultz
scientific publications of Carl Leavitt Hubbs, 1981:, The
Scripps estates site, San Diego, California: a La Jolla site dated 5460 to 7370 years before the present
spiny-rayed cyprinid fishes (Plagopterini) of the Colorado River system, The
Structural consequences of modifications of the developmental rate in fishes, considered in reference to certain problems of evolution, [by] Professor Carl L. Hubbs,...
Studies in ichthyology; a monographic review of the family of Atherinidae or silversides
Studies of the fishes of the order Cyprinodontes
The darters of the genera Hololepis and Villora, ...
Torrey Pines State Reserve : a scientific reserve of the Department of Parks and Recreation, State of California
Treska i Kambaly dalnevostochnykh morei
Utilization of kelp-bed resources in southern California.
Variation in Lucania parva, its establishment in Western United States, and description of a new species from an interior basin in Coahuila, México
widespread, probably antitropical distribution and the relationship of the bathypelagic iniomous fish Anotopterus pharao, The
Zoogeography : a symposium presented on August 26-27, 1957, at the Stanford University joint meeting of the American Institute of Biological Sciences and the Pacific Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a symposium presented on December 28, 1957 at the Indianapolis meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Submitted to the Department of Zoology
Thesis (M.A.)--Stanford University, 1917