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Christopher Wren
Christopher Wren (architect uit Koninkrijk Engeland (1632-1723))
Christopher Wren (architekt brytyjski)
Christopher Wren (architetto e scienziato inglese)
Christopher Wren (arquitecto y científico inglés)
Christopher Wren (britischer Astronom und Architekt)
Christopher Wren (English architect)
Christopher Wren Sir
Christophorus Wren
Kristofer Ren
Sir Christopher Wren
Wren, Christoph
Wren, Christopher
Wren, Christopher (English architect, 1632-1723)
Wren, Christopher Michael (Sir)
Wren, Christopher (Sir)
Wren, Sir
Wren, Sir Christopher
Κρίστοφερ Ρεν
Кристофер Рен
Кристофър Рен
Крістофер Рен
Крыстафер Рэн
Крыстафэр Рэн
Рен, Кристофер
Քրիստոֆեր Ռեն
כריסטופר רן
كريستوفر رن
کرسٹوفر رن
کریستوفر رن (ستاره‌شناس، ریاضی‌دان، معمار، فیزیک‌دان، و دانشمند انگلیسی)
ক্রিস্টোফার রেন
கிறிஸ்டோபர் ரென்
คริสโตเฟอร์ เรน
ရင်း၊ ဆာ ခရစ္စတိုဖာ
크리스토퍼 렌
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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All Souls College (University of Oxford). Library
Bolton, Arthur T. (b. 1864.)
Bolton, Arthur Thomas (b. 1864.)
Hawksmoor, Nicholas (1661-1736)
Hendry, H. Duncan (1890-)
Hendry, Harry Duncan (1890-)
Oughtred, William
Rosenberg, Kate
Sir John Soane's Museum
Sloane, Hans Sir, 1660-1753
St. Paul's Cathedral (London, England). Library
Vanbrugh, John (1664-1726)
Weckermann, Hans-Jürgen
Wren, Christopher (1589-1658; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Wren, Christopher (1675-1747; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Wren, Christopher (1675-1747)
Wren, Stephen
Young, James (16..-16..; chirurgien))
Acetaria : a discourse of sallets
Cerebri anatome : cui accessit nervorum descriptio et usus
City churches
Clavis mathematicae denuo limata... Editio tertia...
Engravings of St. Paul's Cathedral and part II of the building accounts for the years 1685-95 ...
Lectures and collections made by Robert Hooke, secretary of the Royal Society. Cometa. Containing observations of the comet in april 1677. Fragments of several lectures about those of 1664. and 1665. Sir Chr. Wren's hypothesis and geometrical problem about those comets, a discourse concerning the comet of 1677. Mr. Boyle's observation made on two new phosphori of Mr. Baldwin, and Mr. Craft. Mr. Gallet's letter to Mr. Cassini, together with his observation of [Mercury] sub [Sun]. Mr. Cassini' reflections upon those of Gassendus, and Hevelius, and upon this. Mr. Hally's letter and observation of the same made at St. Hellena. Mr. Cassini's observation of the diurnal motion of [Jupiter], and other changes happening in it. Microscopium. Containing Mr. Leeuwenhoeck's two letters concerning some late microscopical discoveries. The author's discourse and description of microscopes, improved for discerning the nature and texture of bodies. P. Cherubine's accusations answered. Mr. Young's letter containing several anatomical observations..
London 1666.
London churches of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries.
Miscellaneous designs and drawings
new digester or Engine for softning bones, containing the description of its make and use in these particulars, A : viz. cookery, voyages at sea, confectionary, making of drinks, chymistry, and dying. With an account of the price a good big engine will cost, and of the profit it will afford. By Denys Papin M. D. Fellow of the Royal Society..
Numismatum antiquorum sylloge populis graecis, municipiis et coloniis romanis cusorum, ex cimeliarchio editoris
Physiponomachia (acted 1609 - 1611)
Plan of the city of London after the great fire
romance of the Bank of England, The
royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich, 1674-1728, The
royal palaces of Winchester, Whitehall, Kensington, and St. James's, Sir Christopher Wren, architect for their Majesties King Charles II, King James II, King William III and Queen Mary II, and Queen Anne, 1660-1715, The : to which are added some additional designs for Hampton Court Palace supplementary to vol. IV, together with an account of Marlborough House, St. James's Park and two plans of Buckingham House
St. Paul's Cathedral, original Wren drawings from the collection in the library of St. Paul's Cathedral ...
Thirty-two large drawings for Whitehall, Windsor, and Greenwich, 1694-1698; original Wren drawings, purchased by Dr. Stack, F. R. S., in 1749, being now volume V in the collection at All Souls ...
Work of Christopher Wren, The
Wren and his place in European architecture, 1956:
Wren ms. 'Court orders' with a supplement of official papers from the Public Record Office, Welbeck Abbey, &c. A biographical note on Sir Chr. Wren's visit to Paris 1665 and his death and funeral in 1723. Together with some account of Thomas White of Worcester, sculptor and architect, reputed pupil of Sir Chr. Wren. Engravings, drawings, photographs ..., The
Wren's Parentalia
Wren's "Tracts" on architecture and other writings