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Gompers, ..
Gompers, Samuel
Samuel Gompers
Samuel Gompers (American Labor Leader[AFL])
Samuel Gompers (US-amerikanischer Gewerkschafter)
גומפרס, סמואל
גומפרס, שמואל
גומפרץ, סמואל
סמואל גומפרס
ゴンパーズ, サミュエル
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Musical sound recording
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Albert, Peter J. (1946-...)
American Federation of Labor
Buck's Stove & Range Company
Kaufman, Stuart Bruce
Mitchell, John (1870-1919)
Palladino, Grace (1953-...)
Robbins, Hayes (1873-1941)
Taft, Philip (1902-)
United States. Commission on Industrial Relations
United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary
Wool, Matthew
Address ... before the Arbitration conference, 1901.
Address under the auspices of the National Security League at Chicago, September 14, 1917
Am. fed.
American Federation of Labor President Samuel Gompers Explains U.S. Efforts in World War I (1916)
American Federation of Labor under Siege, 1906-9, The
American labor and the war
Arguments of Daniel Davenport, esq., general counsel for the American anti-boycott association
double edge of labor's sword, The
eight-hour workday: its inauguration, enforcement and influences., The
expanding movement at the turn of the century, 1898-1902, an
Hearings on the so-called anti-injunction bills and all labor bills ...
Immigration up to Congress.
Investigation of Taylor system of shop management : hearings before the Committee on Labor of the House of Representatives. sixty-second congress, first session, on House Resolution 90.
Labor and the common welfare
Labor in Europe and America : personal observations from an Americfrom an American viewpoint of life and condian viewpoint of life and conditions n, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, etc
Labor, management and production.
Labor's attitude ...
Labor's service to freedom
Labour and the war speeches delivered in the Canadian House of Commons, April 26, 1918 and before the Canadian Club, Ottawa, April 27, 1918
Ligue de nations ou ligue de financiers
limitations of conciliation and arbitration., The
Making of a union leader, 1850-86, The
Mr. Gompers under cross-examination; excerpts from the testimony of Mr. Gompers before the committee of the New York Legislature investigating housing conditions (Lockwood committee)
Nation's Forum Collection
[National Civic Federation pamphlets].
national labor movement takes shape, 1895-98, A
Œuvres complètes
Open shop editorials...
Organized labor. Its struggles, its enemies and fool friends.
Out of their own months a revolution and an indictment of sovietism...
Preparedness for national defense. An address delivered before the sixteenth annual meeting of the National civic federation on January 18, 1916, at Washington, D.C., together with a letter written on the same subject to the National security league, dated January 19, 1916;
Progress and reaction in the age of reform, 1909-13
Réceptions de Gompers à la Confédération Générale du Travail les 24 et 26 Septembre 1918
Report and minutes of the Commission on international labour legislation.
Samuel Gompers papers
Samyueru gonpāzu jiden.
Schemes to "distribute" immigrants: article from American Federationist, July, 1911, relating to the methods of state and philanthropic bureaus in the schemes to "distribute" immigrants in the United States
settlement of labor disputes, The
Seventy years of life and labor
Should a political labor party be formed?
Socialismus und gewerkschafts-bewegung; eine debatte vor des Bundes-industrie-commission
Unrest and Depression, 1891-94
Wilson anti-injunction bill (H. R. 11032) labor's reasons for its enactment. From report of Samuel Gompers, president, to thirty-first annual convention American federation of labor, held at Atlanta, Ga., November 13 to 27, 1911 ...
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