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Barret, Roger Keith
Barrett, Roger
Barrett, Roger Keit
Barrett, Roger Keith
Barrett, Syd
Roçer Kejs Barrett
Roger Keith Barrett
Sid Baret
Sid Barrett
Sids Barets
Syd Barret
Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett (britischer Gitarrist, Sänger und Songwriter)
Syd Barrett (Brits gitarist (1946-2006))
Syd Barrett (brytyjski muzyk rockowy, założyciel Pink Floyd)
Syd Barrett (English musician)
Syd Barrett (musicien britannique)
Syd Barrett (musicista, cantante e artista inglese)
Σιντ Μπάρετ
Роҷер Кейс Барретт
Сид Барет
Сид Барретт
Сід Барретт
Сыд Барэт
სიდ ბარეტი
Սիդ Բարրեթ
סיד בארט
سيد باريت
سید برت (گیتاریست و آهنگساز بریتانیایی)
سید بیریٹ
সিড ব্যারেট
시드 배럿
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Related names: 
Australian Pink Floyd Show, The (co-performer)
Barrett, Syd (1946-2006)
Echoes (co-performer)
Edginton, John
Eigel, Jean
EMI music France
EMI music international
EMI records Ltd
Experience) (co-performer)
Floyd (co-performer)
Floyd, Celtic Pink (co-performer)
Floyd, Echoes of Pink (co-performer)
Floyd, Symphonic of Pink (co-performer)
Gilmour, David (co-performer)
Gilmour, David (f. 1946)
Live, Pink Floyd (co-performer)
Mason, Nick
Mason, Nick (co-performer)
Matters, Floyd (co-performer)
One, Pink's (co-performer)
Pink floyd
Pink Floyd (isMemberOf)
Pink Floyd (Grupo musical) (see also from)
Pink Floyd (Musical group) (see also from)
Pink floyd 1966-1968 (see also from)
Pink Floyd Musikgruppe Affiliation (see also from)
Pink Floyd Project, The (co-performer)
Pink Floyd Sound, The (co-performer)
Project, Pink Floyd (co-performer)
Saucerful of Secrets, A (co-performer)
Skiye (co-performer)
Story, Eclipse the Pink Floyd (co-performer)
Tocanne, Bruno
USA, Think Floyd (co-performer)
Waters, Roger
Waters, Roger (co-performer)
Wright, Richard (co-performer)
Wright, Richard (f. 1943)
¤story of Wish you were here, The
Apples and oranges
Arnold Layne
Astronomy Domine
Baby Lemonade (1970 BBC)
Baby Lemonade (1971-02-16: BBC Top Gear, BBC Transcription Service Studios, London, UK)
Baby Lemonade (BBC 1971)
Baby Lemonade (Peel Sessions, BBC Radio, London)
Baby Lemonade (Sounds of the 70s, BBC Radio, London)
Baby Lemonade [take 1. February 26, 1970. edit Section for End]
Ballad Incomplete
Ballad (unfinished)
Bike (3 min 24 s)
Bike (Sid Sings Syd)
Birdie hop
Birdy Hop [take 1. June 7, 1970]
Birdy Hop (take 1) (Peter Jenner mix)
Bob Dylan blues (3 min 11 s)
Bob Harris (Sounds of the 70s, BBC Radio, London)
Boogie #1
Boogie #2 (excerpt)
Boogie #2 (More Echo)
Boogie #3
Brian Matthew Introduction
Candy and a Currant Bun
Chapter 24 (3 min 40 s)
Chooka-Chooka Chug Chug
Clowns and Jugglers 1-3
Clowns and Jugglers (Octopus) [take 1. July 20, 1968]
Clowns and Jugglers [take 2. July 20, 1968, April 10. 1969. take 3. April 25, 1969, May, 3, 1969]
Clowns and Jugglers (take 2, Soft Machine Sessions)
Clowns and Jugglers, Take I (alternative mix)
Clowns And Jugglers, Take II (keyboard mix)
Clowns & Jugglers (take 1) (alternate mix)
Clowns & Jugglers (take 2) (keyboard mix)
Committee, The
Crazy diamond [the complete recordings]
Dark Globe (choral version, Jenner 1974 echo mix)
Dark Globe (choral version, Jones 1987 clean mix)
Dark Globe (choral version) (Malcolm Jones mix)
Dark Globe (choral version) (Peter Jenner mix)
Dolly rocker (3 min)
Dolly Rocker [take 1. July 14, 1970]
Dominoes (1971-02-16: BBC Top Gear, BBC Transcription Service Studios, London, UK)
Dominoes (2010 mix)
Dominoes (BBC 1971)
Dominoes (Sounds of the 70s, BBC Radio, London)
Dominoes [take 1. July 14, 1970]
Dominoes [take 2. July 14, 1970]
Double O Bo
Dylan Blues
eeL nawS (excerpt)
Effervescent Elephant
Effervescing Elephant (1970 BBC)
Effervescing Elephant (faster tape)
Effervescing Elephant (live, 1970-06-06: Olympia, London, UK)
Effervescing Elephant (Olympia 1970)
Effervescing Elephant (Peel Sessions, BBC Radio, London)
Effervescing Elephant (take 2)
eltiT oN (excerpt)
Fast Boogie
Fish Out of Water, A
Flaming (alternate mix)
Flaming (píseň)
Flaming (პინკ ფლოიდის სიმღერა)
Gigilo Aunt
Gigolo Aunt (1970 BBC)
Gigolo Aunt (faster tape)
Gigolo Aunt (left channel mix, more guitar)
Gigolo Aunt (live, 1970-06-06: Olympia, London, UK)
Gigolo Aunt (Olympia 1970)
Gigolo Aunt (Peel Sessions, BBC Radio, London)
Gigolo Aunt [take 9. February 27, 1970]
Gnome, The
Golden Hair (instrumental) (Gareth Cousins mix)
Golden Hair (instrumental version #2)
Golden Hair [remake take 6. June 12, 1969. More Echo]
Golden Hair [take 1. May 14, 1968]
Golden Hair [take 2. May 14/28, 1968. Renumbered take 5. June 8/20/27, July 20, 1968]
Golden Hair (vocal version)
Have You Got It Yet?
Here I Go (2010 remix)
If It’s in You
If You Go #1
If You Go #2
If You Go, Don't Be Slow
In the Beachwoods (backing track)
In the Beechwoods (unprocessed)
In the Wood: The Complete Rarities 1968-1974
Interstellar Overdrive (demo)
Introduction to Syd Barrett, An
It Is Obvious [take 1. July 22, 1970]
It Is Obvious [take 2. July 22, 1970]
It Is Obvious [take 3, July 22, 1970]
It Is Obvious [take 5. July 22, 1970]
It's No Good Trying [take 3. April 11, 1969]
It’s No Good Trying (take 5)
John Latham Version 1
John Latham Version 2
John Latham Version 3
John Latham Version 4
John Latham Version 5
John Latham Version 6
John Latham Version 7
John Latham Version 8
John Latham Version 9
John Lee Hooker Inspired
Journey, The
Joyful Lunacy: The Syd Barrett Anthology
Jugband Blues Coda (mono LP mix)
Kevin Ayers: Singing a Song in the Morning (fake)
King Bee
Lanky (Part 2) [take 1. May 14, 1968]
Lanky, Part II
Lanky (Part One) [take 1. May 14, 1968]
Lanky, Part Two
Late Night [take 2. May 21, 1968]
Late Night (take 2, slide guitar)
Let's Slip
Let's Split (edit)
Let's Split [Takes 1/2. July 14, 1970]
Long Gone (remake, take 1)
Long Gone [take 1. July 26, 1969]
Long Gone (take 2)
Love Song (1971-02-16: BBC Top Gear, BBC Transcription Service Studios, London, UK)
Love Song (BBC 1971)
Love Song (Sounds of the 70s, BBC Radio, London)
Love Song [take 1. July 14, 1970]
Love You II
Love You (right channel mix)
Love You [take 1. April 11, 1969]
Love You [take 2. April 11, 1969]
Love You [take 3. April 11, 1969]
Lucifer Sam
Lucy Leave
Madcap Laughs" and "Barrett, The
Madcap’s Last Laugh: Syd Barrett Tribute Concert, The
Magnesium Proverbs
Maisie (alternate mix)
Maisie [take 1. February 26, 1970]
Maisie (take 2) (alternative mix)
Maisie [take 2. February 26, 1970]
Maisie (takes 1 and 2) ("Full" mix)
Mathilda Mother
Matilda mother
Melk Weg
Milky Way (Overdub version) (fake)
Milky Way [take 5. June 7, 1970]
Milky Way (take 5) (Peter Jenner mix)
Never Lied to You (take 1), I
New York times website, 21 Dec. 2012:
No Good Trying
No Man’s Land
Octopus (2010 mix)
Octopus (faster tape)
Octopus / Golden Hair
Octopus (left channel mix)
Octopus (live, 1970-06-06: Olympia, London, UK)
Octopus (Olympia 1970)
Octopus (overdubbing session)
Octopus (rough mix, Malcolm Jones fragment)
Octopus [take 1. June 12, 1969]
Octopus [take 11. June 12, 1969]
Octopus [take 2. June 12, 1969]
Octopus (takes 1 & 2)
Opel (studio chatter)
Opel [take 9. April 11, 1969]
Opel (take 9) (Malcom Jones mix) (excerpt)
Peel Session, The
Peel Sessions, The
Pink Floyd
piper at the gates of dawn
Pow R. Toc H. / Astronomy Domine
Psychedelic Freak Out
Radio One Sessions, The
Random precision, 2001:
Rats (left channel, not OOPS)
Rats (right channel mix)
Rats [take 1. June 7, 1970]
Rats (takes 1 and 2)
Reaction in G
Remember Me
Return of the Crazy Diamond, The
Rhamadam: Syd Barrett & the Dawn of Pink Floyd
Rhamadan (2010 mix)
Scarecrow, The
Scream Thy Last Scream (Malcolm Jones mix)
Scream Thy Last Scream [take 4. August 7, 1967]
See Emily play (2 min 54 s)
See Emily Play (alternate ending)
See Emily Play (alternate mix)
seonimoD (solo)
She Took a Long Cold Look at Me (take 4)
She Took a Long Cold Look at Me [take 5. July 26, 1969]
She Took a Long Cool Look (2010 mix)
Silas Lang (backing track)
Silas Lang (Swan Lee) [take 1. June 8/July 20, 1968]
Silas Lang (Swan Lee) [take 5. May 21/28, June 8/20/27, 1968]
Silas Lang [take 1. May 6 /13, 1968. RM1]
Singing a Song in the Morning
Slow Boogie
soenimoD (solo)
souceful of secrets, A
Stoned Alone
[studio chatter, 1969]
Swan Lee (backing track, Malcolm Jones alternative mix)
Swan Lee (fragment)
Swan Lee (Silas Lang) [take 5. May 28, June 8, 1968, April 10, 1969]
Swan Lee (Silaslang)
Swan Lee (take 1, instrumental)
Swan Lee [take 1. June 8/July 20, 1968]
Swan Lee (vocal and guitar only)
Terrapin (1970 BBC)
Terrapin (5 min 07 s)
Terrapin (faster tape)
Terrapin (live, 1970-06-06: Olympia, London, UK)
Terrapin (Olympia 1970)
Terrapin (Peel Sessions, BBC Radio, London])
[Textes choisis]
trésors du rock de Philippe Manoeuvre
Two of a Kind (1970 BBC)
Two of a Kind (Peel Sessions, BBC radio, London)
Untitled Instrumental [Unknown take. Unknown Date]
Untitled (Words) [take 1. July 21, 1970]
Vegetable Man (Malcolm Jones mix)
Vegetable Man (mix from Mason interview)
Vegetable Man [Unknown take. October 9-12, 1967]
Vegetable Man, Where Are You?
Was That OK?
Waving My Arms in the Air / I Never Lied to You [take 1. April 2, 1970]
Wind and Dined
Wined and Dined (left channel mix)
Wined and Dined [take 1. June 7, 1970]
Wined and Dined (takes 1 and 2)
Wolf Pack
Wolfpack/Effervescing Elephant
Wolfpack (right channel mix)
Word song (3 min 23 s)
Word Song (take 1) (Peter Jenner mix)
Wouldn't You Miss Me (Dark Globe) [take 1. July 26, 1969]
Wouldn't You Miss Me (remake, take 1, Jenner mix)
Wouldn't You Miss Me (remake, take 1, Jones mix)
Wouldn't You Miss Me? The Best of Syd Barrett
You Got It Now!
گر گرفتن
Contributed to or performed: 
Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers
Age of Enlightement Prog Rock Vol 1, The
Best of Peel Sessions par Bernard Lenoir
Breath of Fresh Air: A Harvest Records Anthology 1969-1974, A
chEMIstry: A Hundred Years of EMI
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 11: June 1994
FACT 430
Harvest Festival
Ian Barrett
In Session Tonight - John Peel Show Sessions
Insane Times: 25 British Psychedelic Artyfacts From the EMI Vaults
It Wasn’t My Idea to Dance
Joe Boyd
Let There Beeb More Light: The Complete BBC Recordings
Picnic: A Breath of Fresh Air
Prog Rocks!
Psychedelia at Abbey Road: 1965 to 1969
Radio Daze: The John Peel Sessions
RCD Classic Rock Collection, Volume 11 - Hippy Chic
RVNG prsnts MX5
Scream Thy Last Scream
Side by Side: Dark Globe
Silas Lang
Space Daze
Trésors du Rock de Philippe Manœuvre, Les
Unconditionally Guaranteed, July 1999: Volume 6
Uncut, 2003.6: Acid Daze
Vegetable Man