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Ghil'ad Zuckermann (Israeli/Italian/British/Australian linguist; expert of language revival, contact linguistics, lexicology and the study of language, culture and identity; Professor of Linguistics and Endangered Languages at the University of Adelaide)
Ghil’ad Zuckermann (israelisch-italienisch-britisch-australischer Sprachwissenschaftler, Hochschullehrer)
Ghil'ad Zuckermann (lexicograaf uit Israël)
Ghil'ad Zuckermann (linguista, glottologo e filologo israeliano)
Ṣwqerman, Gilʿad
Tsuḳerman, Gilʿad
Zuckermann, G.
Zuckermann, Ghil'ad
Zuckermann, Ghilad
Zuckermann, Ghilʿad
Zuckermann, Gilad
Ẕuqerman, Gilʿad
Цукерман, Гилад
גלעד צוקערמאן
גלעד צוקרמן
צוקערמאן, גלעד
‏צוקרמן, גלעד
جلعاد تسوكرمن
கில்லார்ட் சூக்கர்மன்
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Language material
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Australian workshop on Afro-Asiatic linguistics 01 2009
Feldman, Maya
La Trobe University
University of Oxford
בואנו, אדם ז'קו דה
ברעם, ניר (1977-)
גרינברג, נעה
פלדון, ג'ולי
פלדמן, מיה
Abba, why was Professor Higgins trying to teach Eliza to speak like our cleaning lady?: Mizrahim, Ashkenazim, Prescriptivism and the Real Sounds of the Israeli language."
Burning issues in Afro-Asiatic linguistics
Camouflaged borrowing ; folk-etymological nativization in the service of puristic language engineering
Complement clause types in Israeli
Cultural Hybridity: Multisourced neologization in 'reinvented' languages and in languages with phono-logographic' script
Direct and indirect speech in straight-talking Israeli
Etymythological othering and the power of "lexical engineering" in Judaism, Islam and Christianity. A socio-philo(sopho)logical perspective.
Genesis of the Israeli Language: A Response to Philologos, The
Genetics of the Israeli Language: mosaic or Mosaic?, The
Icelandic: Phonosemantic Matching
Israeli, a beautiful language : Hebrew as myth
Israelit Safa Yafa (Israeli, a Beautiful Language: Hebrew as Myth)
Language contact and lexical enrichment in Israeli Hebrew
meaning of Tingo., The
new vision for Israeli Hebrew: theoretical and practical implications of analysing Israel's main language as a semi-engineered Semito-European hybrid language, A
Phono-Semantische Abgleichung
'Realistic prescriptivism': The Academy of Hebrew Language, its campaign of 'good grammar' and lexpionage, and the native Israeli speakers
Review of Yacov Levy, Oxford Pocket Dictionary - English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English
Working with words: Imagine new ways
Yiśreʼelit śafah yafah : az ezo śafah ha-Yiśreʼelim medabrim?
Yiśrʾeliyt śapah yapah ʾaz ʾeyzw śapah haYiśrʾeliym mdabriym ?
טינגו : ועוד מילים מיוחדות במינן מרחבי העולם כולו
ישראלית שפה יפה : אז איזו שפה הישראלים מדברים?
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ACQuiring Knowledge in Speech, Language and Hearing
Acta Linguistica Hungarica
Australian Journal of Jewish Studies
Complementation: a cross-linguistic typology (Explorations in Linguistic Typology, Vol. 3)
Encyclopedia of Modern Jewish Culture
Explorations in the sociology of language and religion
Globally Speaking
Israel Studies in Language and Society
Journal of Modern Jewish Studies
Languages in Contrast
Mendele Review: Yiddish Literature and Language, The
Semantik im Lexikon
BLDSC reference no.: D210852/01
Thesis (D. Phil.)--University of Oxford, 2000