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Guyer, J. I.
Guyer, Jane
Guyer, Jane I.
Guyer, Jane Isabel
Guyer, Jane Isabel Mason
Guyer, Jane Mason
born 1943-12-31
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Computer file
Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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American Anthropological Association. Meeting (1979 : Cincinnati, Ohio)
Denzer, LaRay
Hibou, Béatrice
Idowu, Olukemi
Lascoumes, Pierre (1948-....))
Neiburg, Federico G. (1963-....))
Richards, Paul
Stiansen, Endre
University of Ibadan. Institute of African Studies. Women's Research and Documentation Centre (WORDOC) (Ibadan)
University of Rochester
Van Zanten, David (1943-....))
African niche economy, An : farming to feed Ibadan, 1968-88
African studies in the United States : a perspective
African studies: past, present and future
Anthropological models of African production : the naturalization problem
Anthropology: the study of social and cultural originality
Architecture and power in Africa
Area studies and political science: rupture and possible synthesis
Briefing: the Chad-Cameroon petroleum and pipeline development project
British, colonial and post-colonial food regulation, with reference to Nigeria : an essay in formal sector anthropology
Changing nuptiality in a Nigerian community : observations from the field
Commercialization and the harvest work of women Ibarapa, Oyo State, Nigeria
complementarity of remote sensing and anthropology in the study of complex human ecology, The
Conceptualizing the household : issues of theory and policy in Africa
Credit, currencies and culture : African financial institutions in historical perspective
depression and the administration in South-Central Cameroon, The
Diversity at different levels : farm and community in western Nigeria
economic position of Beto widows, The : past and present
Family and farm in southern Cameroon
Feeding African cities : studies in regional social history
Feeding Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon
Fertility and the male life-cycle in the era of fertility decline
food economy and french colonial role in central Cameroon, The
From seasonal income to daily diet in a partially commercialized rural economy (southern Cameroon)
Head tax, social structure and rural incomes in Cameroun, 1922-1937
Household and community in African studies
Household budgets and women's incomes
Imposing a guide on the 'indigène' : the fifty year experience of the 'Sociétés de prévoyance' in French West and Equatorial Africa
Indigenous currencies and the history of marriage payments : a case study from Cameroon
Legacies, logics, logistics : essays in the anthropology of the platform economy
Lineal identities and lateral networks: the logic of polyandrous motherhood
macroeconomic production of the real, The : formalities and power in Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Guadeloupe.
Marginal gains : monetary transactions in Atlantic Africa
Markets in a new era
Money matters : instability, values and social payments in the modern history of West African communities
Money struggles and city life : devaluation in Ibadan and other urban centers in Southern Nigeria, 1986-1996
organizational plan of traditional farming: Idere, West Nigeria, 1972:, The
organizational plan of traditional farming, The ; Idere, Western Nigeria
provident societies in the rural economy of Yaoundé, 1945-1960, The
raw, the cooked, and the half-baked, The : a note on the division of labor by sex
Reflections on the studying and teaching about Africa in America
Representation without taxation: an essay on democracy in rural Nigeria, 1952-1990
Small change : individual farm work and collective life in a western Nigerian savanna town, 1969-88
social shaping of biodiversity, The : perspectives on the management of biological variety in Africa
système de production agricole féminin département de la Lékié, Le : rapport sur le terrain
value of Beti bridewealth, The
Vision and policy in Nigerian economics : the legacy of Pius Okigbo
Wealth in people as wealth in knowledge: accumulation and composition in Equatorial Africa
Women and the State in Africa : marriage law, inheritance, and resettlement
Women in the rural economy : contemporary variations
Women's agricultural work in a multimodal rural economy : Ibarapa District, Oyo State, Nigeria
women's farming system, The : the Lekie, Southern Cameroon : field report
Women's work in the food economy of the cocoa belt : a comparison
Wonen's farming and present ethnography : thoughts on a Nigerian re-study
word behind bars and the paradox of exile
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Rochester, 1972