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Berry, Choo
Berry, Chu
Berry, Chu Leon
Berry, Leon
Berry, Leon Brown
Berry, Leon "Chu"
Brown, Leon
Choo Berry
Chu Berry (American musician)
Chu Berry (Amerikaans jazzmuzikant (1908-1941))
Chu Berry (amerikanischer Jazzmusiker (Tenorsaxophonist))
Chu Berry (amerikansk musikar)
Chu Berry (amerikansk musiker)
Leon Berry
Leon Brown Berry
Leon "Chu" Berry
Leon "Chu" Berry (amerikansk musiker)
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Computer file
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Wilson, Lena (co-performer)
Wilson, Teddy (1912-1986)
Wilson, Teddy (co-performer)
Young, Lester (1909-1959)
1930's, small combos, The
46 West 52
46 west 52nd (2 min 32 s)
Ain't Cha Comin' Home?
Ain't Getting Nowhere Fast, I
All God's Chillun Got Rhythm
Annie Laurie
Are You All Reet? (alternate take)
Are You Hep to the Jive?
At the Clambake Carnival
Back Home Again in Indiana (alternate take)
Back in Your Own Backyard
Bee Gezindt, A
Berry story
best of theater organ, The
big sounds of Coleman Hawkins & Chu Berry, The
Blowin' Up a Breeze
Blowing up a breeze
Blue Interlude
Blue lou (3 min 04 s)
Blues in C Sharp Minor
Body and soul (3 min 57 s)
Boo-Wah Boo-Wah (alternate take)
Boogie Woogie
Bugle Blues
Bye Bye Blues (alternate take)
Cab Caloway with Chu Berry
Calling All Bars (alternate take)
can give you love (2 min 57 s), I
Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me, I
Casey Jones
Chasing Shadows
Chicken Ain't Nothin' but a Bird (alternate take), A
Chicken Ain't Nothin' but a Bird (breakdown), A
Chris and His Gang
Christopher columbus (3 min 01 s)
Chronological Classics: Chu Berry 1937-1941, The
Chu Berry Les Virtuoses du ténor Mainstream
Chu & Dizzy years, The
Chu. [Sound recording]
Chuberry Jam
Classic Chu Berry Columbia and Victor Sessions
Come on With the "Come On"
Corrine Corrini
Crescendo in Drums
Cupid's Nightmare
Dance of the octopus
Denison Swing
Denisson Swing
Do I Care? No, No (alternate take)
Do It Again
Do You or Don't You Love Me
Do You Wanna Jump, Children?
Do Your Duty
Don't Stand a) Ghost of a Chance (With You), (I
Down in the dumps (3 min 15 s)
Downright Disgusted Blues
Du your duty (3 min 28 s)
Ebb Tide
Eeny Meeny Meiny Mo
Fare Thee, My Baby, Fare-Thee-Well
Farewell Blues
FDR Jones
Fiesta in brass
Floogie Walk
Forty Six West Fifty Two
Gee, Baby Ain't I Good to You
Gene Krupa's Swing Band. I hope Gabriel likes my music [SR] 1940?:
Get Rhythm in Your Feet
Ghost of a Chance (alternate take), A
giant of the tenor sax, A
Give, Baby, Give
Go South, Young Man
Grand Terrace Swing
Great Caesar's Ghost
Great jazz reeds
Hard Times
Hey Doc!
High Society
Hope Gabriel Likes My Music, I
Hot Air
Hot mallets (2 min 15 s)
How Come You Do Me Like You Do?
I'd Love to Take Orders From You
I'd Rather Listen to Your Eyes
I'll Always Be in Love With You
I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again
I'm a Real Kinda Papa
I'm Always in the Mood for You
I'm Down in the Dumps
I'm Gonna Clap My Hands
In the Barrel
In the Land of Yamo Yamo
indispensable Chu Berry (1936-1939), The
influence of five, The
Jangled Nerves
Jim Town Blues
Jive (Page "1" of the Hepster's Dictionary)
Johnny Get Your Horn
Jumpin' Jive, The
Jumpy Nerves
Knock, Knock, who's there ? (2 min 55 s)
Knock, Knock Who's There? (alternate take)
Krazy Kapers
Like Music (With a Swing Like That), I
Limehouse blues (2 min 54 s)
Limehouse Blues (alternate take)
Loch Lomond
Lone Arranger, The
Lonesome Nights (alternate take)
(Lookie, Lookie, Lookie) Here Comes Cookie
Lover Come Back to Me (alternate take)
Maelstrom (2 min 47 s)
Maelstrom (alternate take)
Mama, I Want to Make Rhythm
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Minor Breakdown, A
Miss Hallelujah Brown
Monday at Minton's
Moonrise on the Lowlands
Music of the jazz bands no. 32
Mutiny in the Parlor
My Coo-Coo Bird (Could Swing)
My First Impression of You
My Honey's Lovin' Arms
My Mariuccia Take a Steamboat
My secret love affair (2 min 58 s)
My Secrret Love Affair
Never Knew (alternate take), I
New York jam session I
Now You’re Talking My Language
Oh, Lady Be Good
On the Sunny Side of the Street
Once Upon a Time
Outpost concert series.
Papa's in the Bed With His Britches On (alternate take)
Penguin swing
Pluckin' the Bass (alternate take)
Queen Isabella
RCA Victor encyclopedia of recorded jazz. Bei to Cla., The
Red Norvo and his all stars
Rhythm of the Tambourine
Rose Room
Royal Garden Blues
Run, Little Rabbit (alternate take)
Rustle of Swing (alternate take)
Savage Rhythm
She's Tall, She's Tan, She's Terrific
Shoe Shine Boy
Shout, Shout, Shout
Shufflin' at the Hollywood (alternate take)
Sing, Sing, Sing
Sittin'in (2 min 10 s)
Slummin' on Park Avenue
Small band jazz
Special Delivery (alternate take)
Star dust (3 min 56 s)
Stealin'apples (2 min 55 s)
Sweethearts on Parade
Swing Is Here
Take the "A" Train
Tavern in the Town
Tenor saxophobia
tenor saxophone of Leon Chu Berry, with a critical assessment of all his known records and broadcasts, 1976 (subj.), The
Thanks for the Memory (alternate take)
That's All I Ask of You (alternate take)
Three Swings and Out
Toma el tren A
Too Good to Be True
Too hot for words
Too Marvelous for Words (alternate take)
Tops on tenor
Trylon Swing
Twenty Four Hours a Day
Twistin the mood ...
Uptown Rhapsody
Warmin' Up
When Day Is Done
When I Grow Too Old to Dream
When My Sugar Walks Down the Street
When the Robin Sings His Song Again
When the Saints Go Marching In
When You're Smiling
Where There's You There's Me
Who's Yehoodi? (alternate take)
With a Smile and a Song
Wizzin' the Wizz (alternate take)
Worker's Train (breakdown), The
Workers' Train, The
Yankee Doodle Never Went to Town
You Can Depend on Me
Contributed to or performed: 
46 West 52
Ballads in Jazz 1930-1943
Ballads In Jazz, New York-Chicago-Los Angeles, 1930-1943
Best of Big Bands: Cab Calloway
Best of Swing
Blowin' Up a Breeze
Blue Spirit Blues
Body and Soul
Bugle Blues
Bugle Call Blues
Bye Bye Blues
Calling All Bars
Classic Jazz: The Forties
Countless Blues
Crescendo in Drums
Cupid's Nightmare
Do You Wanna Jump, Children?
Do Your Duty
Dream Girl, Part 1
Dream Girl, Part 2
Floogie Walk
Foolin' With You
Four O'Clock Drag
Gee, Aint I Good to You
Geechie Joe
Get Lost, Part 1
Get Lost, Part 2
Gimme A Pigfoot
Go South, Young Man
Great Jazz On Small U.S. Labels 1938-1947
Great Soloists, The
Harlem was the place 1929-1952
Hep Cat's Love Song
Histoire du piano jazz, L'
Hot Air
I'm Down In The Dumps
Jazz for the Small Hours
Jo Jo
Jonah Joins The Cab
Lone Ranger, The
Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm
On the Sunny Side of the Street
Pagin' the Devil
Penguin Swing
Queen Isabella
Rustle of Swing
Savage Rhythm
Saxophone Anthology
She's Tall, She's Tan, She's Terrific
Sittin' In
Special Delivery
Stereophonic Demonstration Record
Take Me For A Buggy Ride
Tenor Giants
Three Little Words
Three Swings and Out
Tops on Tenor
Triomphes du jazz, Les
Trylon Swing
Want a Little Girl, I
Wie man mit Jazz die Herzen der Frauen gewinnt