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Greengard, Leslie
Greengard, Leslie F.
Leslie Greengard (Amerikaans wiskundige)
Leslie Greengard (amerikansk matematikar)
Leslie Greengard (amerikansk matematiker)
Leslie Greengard (mathématicien américain)
Leslie Greengard (U.S. physician, mathematician and academic)
Leslie Greengard (US-amerikanischer Mathematiker)
Лесли Грингард (американский математик и информатик)
born 1958-01-01
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Yale University
Accelerating the Nonuniform Fast Fourier Transform
Coulomb interactions on planar structures: Inverting the square root of the Laplacian
direct adaptive Poisson solver of arbitrary order accuracy, A
Electrostatics and heat conduction in high contrast composite materials
fast adaptive multipole algorithm for particle simulations., A
fast adaptive multipole algorithm in three dimensions, A
fast algorithm for the evaluation of heat potentials, A
Fast direct solvers for integral equations in complex three-dimensional domains
fast multipole method for the three-dimensional Stokes equations, A
fast Poisson solver for complex geometries, A
integral evolution formula for the wave equation, An
Laplace's equation and the Dirichlet-Neumann map in multiply connected domains
mathematical tool for exploring the dynamics of biological networks, A
New Version of the Fast Multipole Method for Screened Coulomb Interactions in Three Dimensions, A
Nonreflecting boundary conditions for the time-dependent wave equation
numerical solution of the N-body problem, The
On the numerical evaluation of elastostatic fields in locally isotropic two-dimensional composites
Plasmon-assisted chemical vapor deposition.
rapid evaluation of potential fields in particle systems, c1988:, The
Spectral integration and two-point boundary value problems
Thesis (doctoral)--Yale University