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Buchanan, James
Buchanan, James (American president, 1791-1868)
Buchanan, James (Mr)
Buchanan, James (Pres. U.S.)
Ceyms Byukenen
Džeimss Bjūkenens
Iacobus Buchanan
James Buchanan
James Buchanan (15ème président des Etats-Unis de 1857 à 1861 (1791-1868))
James Buchanan (15º presidente degli Stati Uniti d'America)
James Buchanan (American politician, 15th president of the United States (in office from 1857 to 1861))
James Buchanan (Amerikaans politicus)
James Buchanan (amerikai politikus, az Amerikai Egyesült Államok 15. elnöke (1857-1861))
James Buchanan (amerikansk diplomat og politikar)
James Buchanan (amerikansk diplomat og politiker)
James Buchanan (amerykański polityk)
James Buchanan (maika-15 a Presidente ti Estados Unidos iti Amerika)
James Buchanan (político estadounidense)
James Buchanan (US-amerikanischer Politiker, 15. Präsident der USA (1857–1861))
Τζέιμς Μπιουκάναν (15ος πρόεδρος των Ηνωμένων Πολιτειών Αμερικής)
Джеймс Б'юкенен
Джеймс Бьюкенен
Джеймс Бюканън
Джэймз Б’юкэнэн
Джэймс Бюкенен
Џејмс Бјукенан
ჯეიმზ ბიუკენენი
ג'יימס ביוקנן
זשיימס ביוקענען
جيمس بيوكانان
جیمز بکانن
جیمز بوکانان
جیمز بیوکنن (سیاست‌مدار و دیپلمات آمریکایی)
چيمس بوكانان
ޖޭމްސް ބުޗަނަން
ጄምስ ቡካነን
जेम्स बुकानन
जेम्स ब्यूकॅनन
জেমস বিউকানান
ஜேம்ஸ் புகேனன்
జేమ్స్ బుకానన్
ಜೇಮ್ಸ್ ಬುಕಾನನ್
เจมส์ บูแคนัน
ဂျိမ်းစ် ဘွတ်ခ်နန်
제임스 뷰캐넌
ジェームズ・ブキャナン (アメリカ合衆国の政治家)
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Bullard, F. Lauriston (1866-1952)
Bullard, Frederic Lauriston (1866-1952)
ebrary, Inc
Moore, John Bassett (1860-1947))
Stanton, Edwin M. (1814-1869)
Stanton, Edwin McMasters (1814-1869)
Stanton, McMasters (1814-1869)
Taylor, Zachary (1784-1850)
United States President (1857-1861 : Buchanan) (see also from)
United States. Dept. of State
United States. President (1857-1861 : Buchanan)
Van Buren, Martin (1782-1862)
Washington, George (1732-1799)
Young Men's Fremont and Dayton Central Union
Col. Fremont's private and public character vindicated
Diary of a public man, and A page of political correspondence, Stanton to Buchanan;, The
Great speech of the Honourable James Buchanan, delivered at the mass meeting of the Democracy of western Pennsylvania, at Greensburg ... Oct. 7, 1852.
Inaugural address of the President of the United States, on the fourth of March, 1857.
James Buchanan, 1791-1868; chronology, documents, bibliographical aids.
James Buchanan and Harriet Lane Johnston papers
Letters on Oregon
Mr. Buchanan's administration on the eve of the rebellion
Mr buchanans administration on the eve of the rebellion
Mr. Buchanaǹs answer to the misrepresentations of Mr. Davis̀s speech; vindicating himself and the Democratic party from the unfounded aspersion of designing to destroy the banks and reduce the wages of labor and the value of property
New-Haven memorial to the President, protesting against the use of the United-States army to enforce the bogus laws of Kansas; the answer of President Buchanan; and the reply of the memorialists ..., The
Oregon : the claim of the United States to Oregon, as stated in the letters of the Hon. J.C. Calhoun and the Hon. J. Buchanan (American Secretaries of State) to the right Hon. R. Pakenham, Her Britannic Majesty's Plenipotentiary : with an appendix, containing the counter statement of Mr. Pakenham to the American Secretaries of State, and a map, showing the boundary line proposed by each party.
Ostend manifesto, 1854., The
Presidential inaugural speeches
private letters of Lieut.-General Scott, and ex-President Buchanan's reply., The
Remarks of Mr. Buchanan of Pennsylvania, in reply to Mr. Davis, of Massachusetts, against the Independent treasury bill. Senate U. S. March 3, 1840.
Remarks of Mr. Buchanan, of Pennsylvania, made on Monday, the 4th February, 1828, on Mr. Chiltoǹs resolution to retrench the expenditures of the general government
[Report of the New Jersey commissioners appointed in pursuance of a joint resolution of the Council and General assembly of the state of New Jersey, passed the 17th of January, 1833]
Speech of Mr. Buchanan of Pennsylvania, in defense of the administration of Mr. Van Buren against the charge of extravagance in expending the public money
Speech of Mr. Buchanan, of Pennsylvania, on the fiscal corporation; and his reply to Mr. Clay, of Kentucky: delivered in the Senate of the United States, September 2, 1841.
Speech of Mr. Buchanan, of Pennsylvania, on the resolution of Col. Benton, to expunge from the journal of the Senate, the resolution of the twenty-eight of March, 1834.
Speech of President Buchanan, on the evening of Monday, July 9, 1860.
Speeches of Messrs. Buchanan and Benton, on the bill to admit the state of Michigan into the union.
works of James Buchanan, comprising his speeches, state papers, and private correspondence;, The
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