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Briain, Liam Mac Gabhann Ó.
Mac Gabhann Ó Briain, Liam
Ó Briain, Liam Mac Gabhann
O'Brien, B.
O'Brien, William Smith
Smith O'Brien, William
William O´Brien
William Smith O’Brien
William Smith O'Brien (Irish nationalist politician)
William Smith O'Brien (irländsk politiker)
William Smith O'Brien (irsk politikar)
William Smith O'Brien (irsk politiker)
William Smith O'Brien (politico e patriota irlandese)
William Smith O'Brien (politicus uit Ierland (?-1864))
О’Бриен, Вильям Смит
Ուիլյամ Սմիթ Օ'Բրայեն
วิลเลียม สมิธ โอไบรอัน
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Chemico-Agricultural Society of Ulster
Duffy, Charles Gavan Sir, 1816-1903
E. Dentu, Libraire-Éditeur
Holmes, Robert (1765-1859)
Ireland. Court of King's Bench
Irish Confederation (1847-1848)
Loyal National Repeal Association of Ireland
O'Connell, John (1810-1858)
O'Looney, Brian (1828-1901)
Royal Irish Academy. Library
Shalloo, L.
Victoria (reine de Grande-Bretagne ; (1819-1901))
Walsh, John Edward (1816-1869)
Wyse, Thomas Sir, 1791-1862
Address to the Queen on the subject of the incarceration of the state prisoners
Case as to the legality of the arrest and imprisonment of William Smith O'Brien, Esquire, member of Parliament for the county of Limerick for disobeying an order of the House of Commons : with the opinion of counsel thereon.
case of Ireland stated., The
Considerations relative to the renewal of the East-India Company's charter ...
Du véritable caractère de l'insurrection polonaise de 1863
Journal of an excursion made during the months of August and September 1861
Labour and economic aspects of dairy farming
Lectures on America.
On the fisheries of the coasts of Ireland : addressed to Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Ussher, ...
Opera omnia
Opinions of the London press respecting the amount of opium comensation offered by Her Majesty's government, The
outcry against the new poor law; or, Who is the poor man's friend?, The
outline of the general regulations and methods of teaching in the male national model schools, for the use of the teachers in training., An
Plan for improving the port and quays of Limerick.
Plan for the relief of the poor in Ireland; with observations on the English and Scotch poor laws, addressed to the landed proprietors of Ireland.
Poems transcribed by Michael Lynch of Ballyhane, Milford, Co. Cork
Political observations and/or quotations; books read by O'Brien, 1825-1827; series of 52 questions on politics, religion, economics, etc.
potato truck system of Ireland the main cause of her periodical famines and of the non-payment of her rents., The
present state of the Liberal Party considered, in reference to union. Addressed to anti-corn law repealers, Irish repealers, suffragists, and voluntaries., The
Principles of government; or, Meditations in exile.
prosecuted speeches, The : the following are the speeches of William Smith O'Brien, M.P., and Thomas Francis Meagher, delivered at a meeting of the Irish Confederation, held in the Music Hall, on the 15th March, 1848 -- for which the English Government have prosecuted them
Prospectus of the Munster General Annuity Endowment Association, Limerick, imstituted, 1835
Provisional Committee of the Irish National League, The
rebel in his family, The : selected papers of William Smith O'Brien
Reconciliation between the middle and labouring classes. Re-printed from The Nonconformist
reformer, or, An infallible remedy to prevent pauperism & periodical returns of famine with other salutory measures for the support of the destitute poor, the enforcement of cleanliness, suppression of usury, and establishing the futility of the plan of William Smith O'Brien, Esq. to mitigate any of those grievances in Ireland, The
Religion of the ancient Irish saints before A.D. 600
Remarks on the medical charities of Ireland, and on the measures proposed for the government and support of these institutions.
repeal of the corn laws, and other measures of these latter days, considered in their relation to the rights of God and the rights of man., The
Repeal of the Union. Speech of Alderman Hayes, on the discussion in the Town-Council of Cork, upon the motion to petition Parliament for a repeal of the Union, on Wednesday, April 19th, 1843.
Repeal : the following letter having been read at a meeting of the Loyal National Repeal Association ...
reply to a pamphlet, styled "Scriptural reasons for separating from national and worldly churches", A
Report of a public entertainment held in the Waterloo Rooms on Monday, Sept. 2, by the Edinburgh Mechanics' Library; ... To which is prefixed a notice of that institution. ...
Report of Mr. Justice Crampton's charge to the grand jury and the summings-up of the Lord Chief Justice, in the Queen v. O'Brien, and the Queen v. Meagher : Queen's Bench, April and May, 1848
Report of the proceedings and resolutions of the general meeting of artists, held at the Freemasons' Tavern, December 17, 1842.
Report of the trial of William Smith O'Brien, for high treason : at the special commission for the co. Tipperary, held at Clonmel, September and October 1848 : with the judgment of the Court of Queen's Bench, Ireland, and of the House of Lords, on the writs of error
Report on the county infirmaries of Ireland, most respectfully submitted to His Grace the Duke of Northumberland, ...
Reproductive employment : a series of letters to the landed proprietors of Ireland: with a preliminary letter to Lord John Russell
Researches on the composition and characters of certain soils and waters belonging to the flax districts of Belgium, and on the chemical constitution of the ashes of the flax-plant. By Sir Robert Kane. Read at the agricultural evening meetinf of the Royal Dublin Society, held on the 6th of April, 1847
Review of the Neapolitan sulphur question.
Review of the sanitary condition of Dublin. : By John Aldridge, ... From the Dublin quarterly journal of medical science for May, 1847.
Rules and articles to be observed & adhered to by the Union and Friendly Society held at the house of (or else where) sanctioned by authority of Parliament, on the 13th day of September, 1795
Rules and regulations of the Equitable Labour Exchange, Gray's Inn Road, London. ...
Rules of the Irish Metropolitan Mutual Benefit, Building, and Investment Society. Established according to Act of Parliament, 6 & 7 Wm. IV., c.32
Saint Columb Kille's sayings, moral and prophetic, extracted from Irish parchments, and translated by the Rev. Mr. Taafe, to which are added the visions of St. Patrick and Bridget, and the prophecies of Coireal Mac Croinean and Ultan Leatroma, together with an extract from Fuaras a Saltoir Cashel
Scrapbook of newsclippings etc. concerning William Smith O'Brien
Self-supporting colonization. Ireland saved, without cost to the Imperial treasury.
social, educational, and religious state of the manufacturing districts; with statistical returns of the means of education and religious instruction in the manufacturing districts of Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Cheshire; in two letters to ... Sir Robt. Peel, ... With an appendix containing a letter to ... Lord Wharncliffe, on Sir Jas. Graham's factory education bill; also the objections to the amended bill., The
Some calm observations upon Irish affairs. By John Grey V. Porter, Esq. Letter C
Some notices of manuscripts relating to Ireland, in various languages, now to be found in the Burgundian Library at Brussels : with fac-simile illustrations, etc.
Speech of the Right Honorable John Foster, speaker of the House of Commons of Ireland : delivered in committee of the whole House on Thursday the 11th day of April 1799.
speech of the Right Honourable John, Earl of Clare, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, in the House of Lords of Ireland, on a motion made by the Earl of Moira, Monday, February 19, 1798, The
Speech of Thomas Wyse, Esq., M.P., on the extension and improvement of acadwmical, collegiate, and university education in Ireland : at the meeting held for that purpose at Cork, November 13, 1844. With notes, documentary and illustrative.
Speech of W.D. Christie, Esq., M.P., on moving for leave to bring in a bill "To abolish certain oaths and subscriptions in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and to extend education in the universities to persons who are not members of the Church of England." On the 25th of May, 1843
Speech of William Smith O'Brien, Esq. M.P. on the causes of discontent in Ireland : delivered in the House of Commons, on the 4th July, 1843.
Speeches of William Smith O'Brien at Clonmel, on Friday, October 29, 1858 in reply to the address presented to him ... also, his speech in reply to the address of the Assoc. Ides. of Clonmel.
spirit of the Nation, The
State of Ireland, and the measures of government for its relief, considered with reference to the interests of the poor, The
Statement of claims of the British subjects interested in opium surrendered to Captain Elliot at Canton for the public service
Statistical inquiries into the social conditions of the working classes, and into the means for the education of their children.
Statistical sketches of Upper Canada, for the use of emigrants:
substance of a speech, delivered at the county meeting held at Downpatrick, on Monday, March 12, 1849, against the rate-in-aid bill., The
Suggestions for carrying out the provisions of the 8 & 9 Vict. C. 107. so as to ensure the necessary increased accommodation to the lunatic poor of Ireland, with efficiency and economy.
Systematic colonization : Speech of Charles Buller, ... in the House of Commons, on Thursday, April 6, 1843, on systematic colonization
tenant-right of Ulster, considered economically, The : being an essay read before the Dublin University Philosophical Society; with an appendix, containing the evidence of John Hancock, Esq., taken before the Landlord and Tenant Commissioners
Tenant-right, or tenant-compensation. To the Honourable Lord Viscount Castlereagh, ...
Thoughts and facts concerning the fine arts in Ireland, and schools of design.
Thoughts upon the theory and practice of the poor-laws. Being a series of letters originally written to the editor of "The Spectator."
To solitude consigned : the Tasmanian journal of William Smith O'Brien, 1849-1853 : with an introduction to William Smith O'Brien's career, a summary of his voyage to Van Dieman's Land and an epilogue on his last ten years after leaving Tasmania ... Also including O'Brien's pocket diaries for 1852 and 1853
To the Honorablle the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in Parliament assembled. The petition of the Town Council of the City of Limerick, ...
To the members of the two houses of Parliament, on the present state of public affairs
To the people of Great Britain : we, the undersigned, representatives of Irish constituencies ...
Traditions of the Irish peasantry
Trial of John Mitchel : With a correct report of the speech of Robert Holmes.
Union in Ireland.
waste of the revenue in the Excise Department, The : illicit distillation produced by high duties, and the illegality of the Revenue Police force; abridged from the reports of Sir Henry Parnell's Commission, and the papers of the late Robert Pigott, Esq.
Wealth and want: or taxation, as influencing private riches and public liberty. Being the substance of lectures on pauperism. Delivered at Portsmouth, Southampton, etc. in February and March, 1845.
"What will the Irish lords do?" A letter to the Earl of Listowel, M.P. for St. Albans; one of the Lords of the Bedchamber to Her Majesty.
William Smith O'Brien and the young Ireland rebellion of 1848
Winter of 1846-7 in Antrim, with remarks on out-door relief and colonization., The
Zoology and civilization. A lecture delivered before the Royal Zoological Society of Ireland.