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Dyson, F. W.
Dyson, Frank
Dyson, Frank (Sir)
Dyson, Frank W.
Dyson, Frank Watson
Dyson, Frank Watson (Sir)
Frank Dyson
Frank Dyson (Brits astronoom)
Frank Dyson (englischer Astronom)
Frank Watson Dyson (angielski astronom, pisarz)
Frank Watson Dyson (astronome)
Frank Watson Dyson (astronomo inglese)
Frank Watson Dyson (britisk astronom)
Frank Watson Dyson (brittisk astronom)
Frank Watson Dyson (English astronomer and Astronomer Royal)
Дайсон, Фрэнк Уотсон
Дајсон, Френк
Френк Дајсон
ダイソン, フランク
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Christie, W.H.M.
Christie, William Henry Mahoney
Christie, William Henry Mahoney (1845-1922))
Edney, David James Reginald (1875-1964))
Gould, Rupert T.
Gould, Rupert T. (co-author)
Groombridge, Stephen (1755-1832)
Royal Greenwich Observatory
Royal Observatory (Greenwich)
Royal Observatory (Greenwich) Affiliation (see also from)
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
Thackeray, William Grasett
Woolley, Richard van der Riet
Woolley, Richard Van der Riet (co-author)
Addendum to "Discussion of the Greenwich observations of the satellite of Neptune" in Monthly Notices, Vol. LXV., pp. 570-583
Annual report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution showing the operations, expenditures ... June 30, 1919:
Astrographic catalogue 1900.0 : Greenwich section Dec.
Astronomy, a handy manual for students and others
Catalogue of 2713 zodiacal stars for the equinox
Catalogue of double stars from observations made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, with the 28-inch refractor during the years 1893-1919
Declinations of stars derived from observations of transits in the prime vertical with the altazimuth in the years, 1923-26
determination of stellar distances, The
determination of the deflection of light by the sun's gravitational field, A
Determination of Wave-length from Spectra Obtained at the Total Solar Eclipses of 1900, 1901 and 1905
Determinations of effective wavelengths of stars, made at the Roy. Observatory, Greenwich, in the years 1920 to 1925, under the direction of sir Frank Dyson
Determinations of wave-length from spectra obtained at the total solar eclipse of 1900, 1901 and 1905, by professor F. W. Dyson,...
Eclipses of the sun and moon, by Sir Frank Dyson,... and R. V. d. R. Woolley,...
Fundamental stars and stars in the zone +32°.0 to ±64°.0
Marine chronometer, its history and development... Rupert T. Gould,... Foreword by Sir Frank W. Dyson,..., The
marine chronometer, The : its history and development
New reduction of Groombridge's circumpolar catalogue for the epoch 1810.0
Note on the instrumental errors affecting observations of the moon
Observations made with the cookson floating zenith telescope in the years 1911-1936.
Observations of colour temperatures of stars.
Observations of stellar parallax, from photographs taken and measured at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in the years 1913-1924, under the direction of Sir Frank Dyson
Observations of stellar parallax from photographs taken and mesured at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in the years 1913-1924
Photographic magnitudes of stars brighter than 14m.0 in 40 of Kapteyn's selected areas determined at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich
scientific papers of the Honourable Henry Cavendish. ed. from the published papers, and the Cavendish manuscripts in the possession of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, The