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Ebert, Roger
Ebert, Roger Joseph
Timme, Reinhold
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Hyde, R. (other identity, same person)
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Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
Herzog, Werner (1942-)
Hyde, Robert (other; 1942-...; see also from)
Maltin, Leonard (1951-)
McBroom, Marcia
Meyer, Russ (1922-2004)
Myers, Cynthia
Phillips, Stu
Read, Dolly
Siskel, Gene
Tribune Entertainment
Walsh, Gene
Adult sexuality--the R rating goes X
At the movies.
Awake in the dark : the best of Roger Ebert ; forty years of reviews, essays, and interviews
Awake in the darkthe best of Roger Ebert ; forty years of reviews, essays, and interviews
Behind the Phantom's mask : a serial
Best of 1982
Best of 1983
Best of 1984
Beyond the valley of the dolls
Bigger little movie glossary
Billboard top ten movie video rentals
Cinemania 97 the best-selling interactive guide to movies and the moviemakers
computer insectiary, The : a field guide to viruses, bugs, worms, Trojan horses, and other stuff that wil eat your programs and rot your brain
Dial H for Hitchcock
Doctors are in--Gene & Roger examine the careers of four actors
Ebert's bigger little movie glossary : a greatly expanded and much improved compendium of movie clichés, stereotypes, obligatory scenes, hackneyed formulas, shopworn conventions, and outdated archetypes
Eugene O'Neill
Flex, pecs and sex--muscles in the movies
future of the movies, The : interviews with Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas
grandes películas, Las
Great movies 2
Great movies 3
great movies II, The
great movies III, The
Great movies three
Great movies two
If we picked the Oscars 1983
If we picked the Oscars 1984
If we picked the Oscars 1985
illini century, an
Images at the horizon : a workshop with Werner Herzog
kiss is still a kiss, A
Life itself : a memoir
Little movie glossary.
Más allá del Valle de las Ultravixens
Movie home companion
Movie yearbook
Movies we'd book if we owned a movie theatre
peores películas de la historia, Las
perfect London walk, The
Pocket video guide
Pryor to Murphy
Questions for the movie answer man
Roger Ebert, film critic. Pete Seeger, folksinger
Roger Ebert's four-star reviews, 1967-2007.
Roger Ebert's movie home companion
Roger Ebert's movie yearb.
Roger Ebert's movie yearbook.
Roger Ebert's pocket video guide : a handy list of Roger Ebert's star ratings for every movie to appear in his Video companion.
Science fiction special
Scorsese by Ebert
Secret of Bill Murray
Secret of Dirty Harry
Secret of Star Wars
Siskel and Ebert, if we picked the Oscars
Sneak previews.
Stinkers of 1982
Stinkers of 1983
Stinkers of 1984
Teenage sex movies
Two weeks in the midday sun : a Cannes notebook
Up! Megavixens
valle de los placeres Beyond the valley of the dolls, El
vallée des plaisirs, La
Video companion
Video film fever
Winners that were losers
Worst of 1984
Your movie sucks