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D, J.
D, J. (pseudonym)
D, John Davies
Davies, J.
Davies, John
Impartiall pen
Impartiall pen (pseudonym)
J. D
J. D, John Davies
J. D (pseudonym)
John Davies (Traducteur et auteur gallois, né en 1625)
John Davies (Walisischer Übersetzer und Autor, geboren 1625)
John Davies (Welsh translator and writer, born 1625)
Person of quality
Person of quality, A
Person of quality, A (pseudonym)
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Dauncey (1663))
Mandelslo, Johann Albrecht von (1616-1644)
Olearius, Adam (1599-1671)
Péréfixe, Hardouin de Beaumont de (1605-1671))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Rochefort, Charles de (1605-1683))
Ross, Alexander (1591-1654))
Saywell, John (Londen)
Scarron, Paul
Scudéry, Madeleine de (1607-1701)
Thom, Sarah
Abrégé d'histoire romaine.
Ancient rites and monuments of the Church of Durham
antiquities of the abbey or cathedral church of Durham., The
Apocalypsis: or, The revelation of certain notorious advancers of heresie : wherein their visions and private revelations by dreams, are discovered to be most incredible blasphemies, and enthusiastical dotages: together with an account of their lives, actions and ends.
Apologie pour tous les grands personnages qui ont esté faussement soupçonnez de magie.
civil warres of Great Britain and Ireland·, The : Containing an exact history of their occasion, originall, progress, and happy end. By an impartiall pen.
Clelia, an excellent new romance: the whole work in five parts, dedicated to Mademoiselle de Longueville
Compleat history of Muscovy, Tartary, Persia & the East Indies
counterfeits, The : a comedy, as it is acted at the Duke's Theatre
Des sibylles celebrées.
Histoire du roy Henry le Grand.
Histoire naturelle et morale des iles Antilles de l'Amerique.
History of Appian of Alexandria... made English by J. D. (Davies.)
history of Henry IV. surnamed the Great, King of France and Navarre Written originally in French, by the Bishop of Rodez, once tutor to his now most Christian Majesty; and made English by J. D, The
history of magick, by way of apology, for all the wise men who have unjustly been reputed magicians, from the creation, to the present age., The
history of the Caribby-islands, via Barbados, St. Christophers, St. Vincents, Martinico, Dominico, Barbouthos, Monserrat, Mevis, Antigo, &c. in all XXVIII in two books the first containing the natural [history of those islands] the second, the moral history of those islands illustrated with several pieces of sculpture, representing the most considerable rarities therein described with a Caribbian vocabulary
Instructions for history, 1680:
Letters of affaires, love and courtship written to several persons of honour and quality;
Monsieur Scarron's letters to persons of the greatest eminency and quality
Offt begehrte Beschreibung der newen orientalischen Reise.
Pansebeia : or : a view of all religions in the world : with the severall church-governments, from the creation, to these times. Also : a discovery of all known heresies in all ages and places : The third edition, enlarged and perfected : the lives, actions, and ends of certain notorious hereticks
treatise of the sibyls, A : so highly celebrated, as well by the antient heathens, as the holy fathers of the church; giving an accompt of the names, and number of the sibyls; of their qualities, the form, and matter of their verses; as also of the books now extant believed to be Sibylline, and the errours crept into Christian religion, by occasion thereof; particularly, concerning the middle state of souls
Voyages and travels of J. Albert de Mandelslo
Voyages and travels of the ambassadors sent by Frederick, Duke of Holstein, to the great Duke of Muscovy and the King of Persia