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Con Ambroz Fleminq
Fleming, Ambrose
Fleming, Ambrose (Sir)
Fleming, Dž
Fleming, Dzh
Fleming, Dzhon
Fleming, Džon Ambroz
Fleming, J. A.
Fleming, J. A. (Sir)
Fleming, John A.
Fleming, John A. (Sir)
Fleming, John Ambrose
Fleming, John Ambrose (Sir)
John Ambrose Fleming (angielski fizyk, elektrotechnik i radiotechnik)
John Ambrose Fleming (britischer Elektroingenieur und Physiker)
John Ambrose Fleming (britisk opfinder, fysiker og ingeniør)
John Ambrose Fleming (britisk oppfinnar, fysikar og ingeniør)
John Ambrose Fleming (britisk oppfinner, fysiker og ingeniør)
John Ambrose Fleming (Brits natuurkundige)
John Ambrose Fleming (brittisk uppfinnare, fysiker och ingenjör)
John Ambrose Fleming (Electrical engineer and physicist)
John Ambrose Fleming (inventore britannico)
Τζον Άμπροζ Φλέμινγκ
Джон Амброз Флемінг (англійський вчений в галузі радіотехніки й електротехніки)
Флеминг, Джон Амброз
ג'ון פלמינג
جان آمبروز فلمینگ (مخترع، فیزیک‌دان، و مهندس بریتانیایی)
جون أمبروز فلمنج
فليمنج، جون امبروز
जॉन अँब्रोझ फ्लेमिंग
ଜନ୍ ଆମ୍‌ବ୍ରୋସ୍ ଫ୍ଲେମିଙ୍ଗ୍
존 앰브로즈 플레밍
フレミング, J. A
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Aschkinass, Emil
Ault, J. P.
Ault, J.-P.
Bauer, Louis Agricola
Fleming, J. A.
Fleming, John Ambrose (1849-1945)
Okumura, Shōji (1913-)
Rabinovič, Adol'f Iosifovič (1893-1942))
Ravut, C.
Routin, J.L. (1869-1949))
Scott, Walter Edward
Tamm, Igor' Evgen'evič (1895-1971))
Alternate Current Transformer in theory and practice, The
Biological results of the last cruise of the Carnegie...
C.I.W. deflector in use on the Carnegie for determining the magnetic horizontal intensity and the magnetic declination at sea, by L. A. Bauer and J. A. Fleming
centenary of the electric current, 1799-1899. A lecture delivered in the Connaught Hall, Dover, on Monday evening, September 18th, 1899, during the meeting of the British association for the advancement of science, 1899., The
Chemistry for engineers; a résumé of chemical theory and its practical applications, with special reference to the engineering aspects
Cincuenta años de electricidad : memorias de un ingeniero eléctrico
Distribution à travers le monde des observatoires magnétiques et des stations pour l'étude de la variation séculaire, par M. J.-A. Fleming
electrical educator; a comprehensive, practical and authoritative guide for all engaged in the electrical industry, The
Electrical laboratory notes and forms
Electro-thermal Methods of iron and steel production, by John B. C. Kershaw,... With an introduction by Dr. J. A. Fleming,...
electronic theory of electricity, The
Elektrische Wellen-Telegraphie : vier Vorlesungen
elementary manual of radiotelegraphy and radiotelephony for students and operators;, An
Fifth Washington conference on theoretical physics[by John A. Fleming.]
Fifty years of electricity the memories of an electrical engineer
Herutsuha musen denshin
interaction of pure scientific research and electrical engineering practice; a course of advanced lectures delivered before the University of London, October and November, 1926, The
Kindai denki gijutsu hattatsushi
Land magnetic Observations 1911-1913 and reports on special researches, by L. A. Bauer,... and J. A. Fleming,...
List of geomagnetic observatories and thesaurus of values
Louis Agricola Bauer (1865-1932). J. A. Fleming...
magnetic field of the earth and its atmosphere ..., The : being three lectures delivered at the Administration building of Carnegie institution of Washington in March, 1932.
Magnetic results from Watheroo Observatory, Western Australia, 1919-1935, by J. A. Fleming,... H. F. Johnston, S. E. Forbush, A. G. McNish W. E. Scott
Magnets and electric currents. An elementary treatise for the use of electrical artisans and science teachers
Memories of a scientific life
Mercury-arc rectifiers and mercury-vapour lamps
Physics for engineers
principles of electric wave telegraphy and telephony, The
Program of scientific work on cruise VII of the Carnegie, 1928-1931, by J.-A. Fleming and J.-P. Ault
Progress-report on the International polar year of 1932-33, J. A. Fleming
Propagation des courants électriques dans les conducteurs téléphoniques et télégraphiques
Propagation of electric currents in telephone amd telegr, The
Química para técnicos industriales
Relation of earth physics to geographical progress, by J. A. Fleming
Relations of magnetic and electric work in the Pacific ocean to the Polar-Year campaign, 1932-3, by John A. Fleming,...
Report of Committee for study of relation between solar activity and terrestrial magnetism[by J. A. Fleming]
Report of Committee [on observatories] to consider existing and desirable distribution of magnetic and electric observatories and the better coordination of work and publications of existing observatories[by J. A. Fleming]
Report of ionosphere-investigations conducted at College Fairbanks. Alaska, during the winter of 1933-1934, by J. A. Fleming
Resultados del septimo crucero del "carnegie"
Seismological station at the Huancayo magnetic observatory in Peru, by J. A. Fleming
Short lectures to electrical artisans.
Sixth general Assembly of the association od terrestrial Magnetism and Electricity at Edinburgh
Sun and the earth's magnetic field, by J. A. Fleming,...
Terrestrial magnetism and electricity, edited by J. A. Fleming,... Contributors, J. Bartels,... L. V. Berkner,... J. A. Fleming,... O. H. Gish,... H. D. Harradon,... C. A. Heiland,... [etc.]
thermionic valve and its developments in radio-telegraphy and telephony, The
Two new types of magnetometers made by the Department of terrestrial magnetism of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, by J.-A. Fleming
Volny v vode, vozdukhe i ėfire, 1937:
Waves and riples in water, air, and aether.
Waves and ripples in water, air, and æther Being a course of Christmas lectures delivered at the Royal institution of Great Britain
wireless telegraphist's pocket book of notes, formulæ, and calculations, The
wonders of wireless telegraphy, explained in simple terms for the non-technical reader., The
القوة المفكرة فى الطبيعة وما فوقها