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Booth, Constance Georgina Gore-
Booth, Constance Gore-
Constance Gore-Booth Markiewicz
Constance Markievicz (Irish politician, revolutionary and suffragette)
Constance Markievicz (politica uit Ierland (1868-1927))
Constance Markiewicz
Constance Markiewicz (irische Freiheitskämpferin)
Constance Markiewicz (irlandzka działaczka niepodległościowa i społeczna)
Constance Markiewicz (politica irlandese)
Dunin-Markievicz, Constance de (Countess)
Gore-Booth, Constance
Gore-Booth, Constance G.
Gore-Booth, Constance Georgina
Markievicz, Con
Markievicz, Constance
Markievicz, Constance de
Markievicz, Constance Georgina
Markievicz, Constance Georgina Gore-Booth
Markievicz, Constance Georgina Gore-Booth de
Markievicz, Constance Georgine
Графиня Маркевич
Маркевич, Констанция
마르키에비츠 백작부인 콘스탄스 마르키에비츠
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Connolly, James (1868-1916)
De Valera, Éamon (1882-1975)
Gore-Booth, Constance
Gore-Booth, Eva (1870-1926)
Griffith, Arthur (1872-1922)
Irish Citizen Army
O'Casey, Sean (1880-1964)
O'Higgins, Brian (1882-1963)
Plunkett, Mary Josephine Plunkett Countess, 1858-1944
Sinn Féin
A.G. 1922 "Into the Empire" God save the King
Carey Collins - Go down on your b------ knees without any more d-----d fuss swear allegiance to King George and his heirs. : Faker Fitzgerald - Don't listen to Devalera [sic]. I could tell you a lot about great great grandmother and Spanish gold. : The Bishop - Take any other oath that will get you out of your difficulties. : Comic Cosgrave - It was an awful joke talking about freedom, you know.
Cathal Brugha. Arthur Griffith & M. Collins are marching "Heads up into the Empire" over the bodies of their murdered comrades. People of Ireland, are you going to follow them?.
[Collection of drawings by Constance de Markievicz]
Comic Cosgrave. Jester in Chief to the Freak State. As seen in the Empire.
Constance ou l'Irlande
[Cottage : Horse beside sea with sun on the horizon]
dawn-mist, The : a play of the rebellion
death of Fionavar, The : from The triumph of Maeve
Diarmuid O'Hegarty, Free State Gaoler. "This suits me better than a gun!".
Earnest Blythe The importance of being Earnest. "I am "Blythe for my salary is worth "Earnin".
Electors of St. Patrick's Division, Who is it that claims your vote for the assertion of Ireland's right to complete independence?
[Figure wearing hat and coat and seated]
Free State Freaks Cope the power behind the Freaks -- but de Valera & our army chiefs can "cope" with him.
Free State Freaks No. 1 Sean O'Muirthile, I.R.B. "Gaolic" Leaguer Present H.Q. - Gormanston. (Late of "Kill-and-maim-'em" Gaol.).
"Free" State Freaks. No. II Desmond Fitzgerald Liar in Chief to Publicity Department. Slave-State.
Free Staters in Action Whats good enough for Mick Collins is good enough for me!
[Handbill encouraging people to vote for the Sinn Féin candidate Constance Markiewicz in the 1918 General Election]
Harry Boland assasinated July 31st 1922. M.C. "What will the Morning Post think of me now?"
Heroes and martyrs.
Hotel registration form
Hymn on the battlefield (dedicated to the Citizen Army)
Irish boy scouts, The
Irish Citizen Army member's card 1914..., The
[Irish warrior battling waves with bird flying above him]
James Connolly's policy and Catholic doctrine.
Kevin, a recitation
leaf from the Black and Tan book - as used by the Imperial Free Staters., A
Letter from Constance de Markievicz, Kathleen Lynn, Laurence Ginnell and Micheál Leannáin, to unidentified recipient requesting the assistance of the clergy with the Sinn Féin Food Committe for the prevention of famine
Letters from Constance de Markievicz to Joseph McGarrity
Lissadell, Co. Sligo : country house auction, Tuesday, 25 November, 2003
man of "letters" with the "mailed" fist., The
Mansion House "Memories"
Men and women of Ireland! : ...demand Irish-made cigarettes...
Midnight Assassins The gang who murdered Harry Boland have gone south to murder Eamon de Valera and Erskine Childers.
Missing pieces, women in Irish history, 1983:
Mr. Poodle Churchill strut
Mrs. Piggley-Wiggle A frongoch hog
Mrs Skinnider by CM.
Mulcahy (haunted by dreams of prisoners murdered by his troops) "Out damned spot - out I say... what need we fear who knows it, where none can call our power to account...Here's the smell of the blood still; all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand... Macbeth. Act 5. Sc. 1.
[Naked child standing]
Notes for or draft of an article on Irish history and patriotism by Countess Markievicz with some notes by her for a (Fianna Éireann) display
Oscar Traynor "It is beyond the power of any man to sell this nation as a vassal state".
Patricia Lynch and R.M. Fox Papers
[Pencil sketch of a young woman's head]
[Pencil sketch of man with hand on his chin]
Postcard from Countess Markievicz to Mary Josephine Plunkett, Countess Plunkett
Prison letters of Countess Markievicz
[Profile of a woman with her head lowered and wearing a hat with veil]
rebel countess, 1967:, The
Reinforcements for the Free Staters Micky has sent me a nice lot of green uniforms for you boys, you can have just as much fun in green as you used to have in your Black & Tans. Mick's a great sport[,] he's hammering the Republicans with our 18 pounders.
Rememberance : Rory O'Connor, Liam Mellows, Richard Barrett and Joe McKelvey
Republican Cartoons. Civil War Period
Republican Dependents Fund Will you allow the wives and children of dead and imprisoned Republicans to starve because the Free State Censor Pierce Beasly has suppressed the appeal sent to the daily papers.
Sheehy-Skeffington papers (Additional)
Sir Elegant Rat Maxwell
[Sketches and caricatures of the Irish civil war period ca. 1921-23].
Souvenir of the golden jubilee of Fianna Éireann
Survey graphic.
Terence Mac Suibhne Republican Prisoners Hunger Strike : James Lennon T.D. Carlow 23 days. Pat Fleming, (Wexford) Kilkenny : John Fox, P. Shiels Raphoe Bks. 9 days. : Is it the will of the Irish people that these men should die?.
Terrible beauty, 1987:
Then and now! The same "spotters" who - in 1920 - were hunting down Republicans for British pay
These were the songs of Irish Ireland. The Free Staters, who shoot Republicans, are firing on prisoners by England's orders, in the name of the Empire, can never sing them again.
They did not see thy face
To the president and houses of Congress of the United States of America
True to the Republic
truth about Dundalk The "Free State victory" at Dundalk, so loudly cheered by the slave press, is but another proof of the alliance between Collins and Craig. The men treacherously attacked in Dundalk were taking no part in the Southern fight, but were - the only defence of the Ulster border against the outrages of the Orange Specials. Collins once more stabs his comrades in the back to please the British jingoes!., The
[Visit to a Dublin family during the tuberculosis epidemic, 1924]
Vote for the Countess
What Irish Republicans stand for
What would the Irish do with Ireland?
With the Dublin Brigade I.R.A.
Women, ideals and the nation : [a lecture delivered to the Students' National Literary Society, Dublin