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Charles Benedict Davenport
Charles Davenport (American biologist)
Charles Davenport (Amerikaans bioloog (1866-1944))
Charles Davenport (biologiste américain)
Charles Davenport (biologo statunitense)
Charles Davenport (US-amerikanischer Biologe und Eugeniker)
Davenport, C. B.
Davenport, Charles B.
Davenport, Charles Benedict
Davenport, Charles Benedict (irreguliere genezer)
Davenport, Charles (irreguliere genezer)
Davenport, Chas B.
Девенпорт, Чарлз
چارلز دونپورت (زیست‌شناس آمریکایی)
찰스 대븐포트
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Language material
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Castle, William E. (1867-1962)
Castle, William Ernest (1867-1962)
Coulter, John Merle (1851-1928)
Danielson, Florence Harris (1886-)
Eugenics Record Office
Laughlin, Harry Hamilton (1880-1943)
Love, Albert Gallatin (1877-)
Poulton, Edward Bagnall Sir, 1856-1943
Scudder, Mary Theresa
Steggerda, Morris (1900-1950)
Weeks, David Fairchild (1874-)
Wilson, Edmund B. (1856-1939)
Wilson, Edmund Beecher (1856-1939)
Witkowski, Jan Anthony (1947-....))
吉村, 大次郎 (1864-1943)
animal ecology of the cold spring sand spit..., The
Army anthropology : based on observations made on draft recruits, 1917-1918, and on veterans at demobilization, 1919
Biographical memoir, Alfred Goldsborough Mayor...
Biographical memoir of Charles Benedict Davenport, 1866-1944, 1947, pdf viewed online, Aug.30, 2012:
Biographical memoir of Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard, 1809-1889
Biological laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor, New York, U. S. A., The
Body-build and its inheritance. -
Child development from the standpoint of genetics.
Collembola of Cold Spring beach, with special reference to the movements of the Poduridae., The
Cristatella the origin and development of the individual in the colony
Crural index. C. B. Davenport
Elements of zoology
Eugenics in race and state
Experimental morphology
family-history book, The
Family performance as a basis for selection in sheep.
feebly inhibited. -, The
Fifty years of Darwinism;
Form of evolutionary theory that modern genetical research seems to favor. Dr. Chas. B. Davenport
genetic factor in otosclerosis, by Charles B. Davenport,... Bess Lloyd Milles,... and Lillian B. Frink,...
genetical factor in endemic goiter, The
Growth of the human foot. C. B. Davenport...
Guide to physical anthropometry and anthroposcopy
Hearing in children when both parents have otosclerosis
hereditary factor in pellagra, The
Hereditary fragility of bone (fragilitas osseus, osteopsathyrosis)
Heredity and culture as factors in body build
Heredity and Mendel's law., ...
Heredity in relation to eugenics
Heredity of constitutional mental disorders
Heredity of skin color in negro-white crosses
Hill folk; report on a rural community of hereditary defectives, The
How to make a eugenical family study.
How we came by our bodies
Influence of economic conditions on the mixture of races., The
Influence of Endocrines on heredity. C. B. Davenport,...
Inheritance in poultry. -
Inheritance of characteristics in domestic fowl. -
Introduction to zoology; a guide to the study of animals, for the use of secondary schools;
Jukes in 1915, The
Litter Size and Latitude
mechanism of organix evolution, The
Medical genetics and eugenics
Nam family; a study in cacogenics, The
Naval officers, their heredity and development. -
Note on the carotids and the ductus Botalli of the alligator
Old Americans. By A. Hrdlička. Baltimore, 1925. [Compte-rendu signé : Chas.-B. Davenport]
On the variation of the shell of Pecten irradians Lamarck from Long Island
On Urnatella gracilis
Ontegeny and phylogeny of man's appendages, by Chas. B. Davenport...
personality, heredity and work of Charles Otis Whitman, 1843-1910, The
Physical examination of the first million draft recruits: methods and results.
Race crossing in Jamaica
Radio-ulnar synostosis. C. B. Davenport,... Henry L. Taylor,... and Louise A. Nelson,...
Reply to the Criticism of recent American work by Dr. Heron of the Galton laboratory
Report on the fresh-water Bryozoa of the United States.
role of water in growth, The
Scientific papers of the second International Congress of Eugenics : held at American Museum of Natural History, New York, September 22-28, 1921
Some wool characters and their inheritance, [1926]:
State laws limiting marriage selection examined in the light of eugenics
Statistical methods with special reference to biological variation
Studies in morphogenesis
study of human heredity ..., The
trait book, The
War Department. Defects found in drafted men, statistical information compiled from the draft records... prepared... by Albert G. Love, and Charles B. Davenport,...