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Cab Calloway
Cab Calloway (American jazz singer and bandleader)
Cab Calloway (americký jazzový zpěvák)
Cab Calloway (Amerikaans zanger)
Cab Calloway (amerykański piosenkarz jazzowy)
Cab Calloway (cantante e musicista statunitense)
Cab Calloway (chanteur et chef d'orchestre de jazz)
Cab Calloway (US-amerikanischer Jazz-Sänger und Bandleader)
Cabell Calloway
Calloway, Cab,
Calloway, Cabel
Calloway, Cabell
Hi-de-ho (Mr)
Mr. Hi-de-ho
Καμπ Κάλογουεϊ
Кэллоуэй, Кэб
קאב קאלוויי
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Notated music
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Armstrong, Louis (1901-1971)
Aykroyd, Dan (1952- ))
Basie, Count (1904-1984)
BMG France
Brooks, Shelton (1886-1975)
Brown, James (1933-2006))
Cab Calloway & His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Cab Calloway and His Cab-Jivers (isMemberOf)
Cab Calloway and his Cotton club orchestra
Cab Calloway and his Cotton club orchestra (see also from)
Cab Calloway and His Cotton Club Orchestra Affiliation (see also from)
Cab Calloway and His Orchestra Affiliation (see also from)
Cab Calloway Orchestra
Cab Calloway Orchestra (see also from)
Cab Calloway Quartet (see also from)
Cab jivers
Cab jivers (see also from)
CBS disques SA France
Ellington, Duke (1899-1974)
Goodman, Benny (1909-1986)
Hines, Earl (1903-1983)
Lunceford, Jimmy (1902-1947)
Mills, Irving (1894-1985)
Naxos Digital Services
Redman, Don (1900-1964)
Sinatra, Frank (1915-1998))
Sullivan, Ed
Voor salonorkest
15 Minute Intermission
Abi gezunt (2 min 49 s)
Abi Gezunt (A Bee Gezindt)
Afraid of Love
Afternoon Moon
Ain't Gettin' Nowhere Fast, I
Ain't Getting Nowhere Fast, I
Ain't Got No Gal in This Town
Ain't Got Nobody [1935-07-02], I
Ain't Got Nobody (and Nobody Cares for Me), I
Airmail Stomp
All You All Reet
Alternative Takes in Chronological Order 1930-1944, The
American Jazz Entertainer - Wah Dee Dah (1930-42), The
Angels With Dirty Faces
Announcement / It Ain't Necessarily So
Announcement / Jumpin' at the Woodside
Announcement / Minnie the Moocher
Apollo jump
April in My Heart
Are You all Reet?
Are You Hep to the Jive?
Are You in Love With Me Again?
At the Clam-Bake Carnival
At the Clambake Carnival
Aw You Dawg
Aw, You Dog!
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Baby Won't You Please Come Home?
Basin Street Blues
Beale Street Mama
Beale Street Mamma
Bee Gezindt, A
Beeped When I Should Have Bopped, I
Beeped When I Shoulda Bopped, I
Beginnin’ of Sinnin’
Best of Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, The
Best of the Big Bands - Cab Calloway featuring Chu Berry
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Big Band Legends: Cab Calloway
Birth Of The Blues, The
Black and tan fantasy
Black Rhythm
Blackbirds of 1928.
Blue (interlude)
Blue Prelude
Blues brothers
Blues Came to Dinner, The
Blues in My Heart
Blues in the Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me)
Boo-wah Boo-wah
Boog It
Boogie-Woogie, The
Born to Be Happy
Budo (4 min 15 s)
Bugle Blue
Bugle Blues
Bugle call rag
Bye bye blues (2 min 52 s)
Cab Calloway & Co: The Complete 1933–1934 Cotton Club Orchestra Sessions, the 1949 Sides Plus Rare Items by Blanche Calloway (1931) and Billy Banks (1932)
Cab Calloway - Greatest Hits (Planet Jazz)
Cab Calloway Story, The
Cab Calloway: We the Cats Shall Hep You
Cabin in the Cotton
Cabin on the cotton
Calling All Bars
Calloway Boogie, The
Can’t Give You Anything but Love, I
Can't Resist You, I
Can't We Try Again?
Chant of the Jungle
Chant of the weed
Chatanooga Choo Choo
Chattanooga Choo Choo
chicken ain't nothin' but a bird, A
chicken ain't nothing but a bird (2 min 52 s)
Chicken Ain't Nothing but a Bird, A
Chigger Chigger Wa Wa
Chili Con Conga
China boy
Chinese rhythm
Chop, Chop, Charlie Chan (From China)
Chu and Dizzy Years, The
Chu. [Sound recording]
Come on With the "Come on"
Conchita (Cares Nothing About Love)
Conga-Conga, The
Congo Conga, The
Coo Coo Bird
Copper Colored Gal
Copper Colored Girl
Copper Coloured Gal
Corinne Corinna
Corinne, Corrina
Corrine Corrina
Creole Love Song (Creole Love Call)
Crescendo in Drums
Cruisin' with Cab
Cry Me a River
Cupid's Nightmare
Deep in a Dream
Diga Diga Doo
Dixie Doorway
Dixie Vagabond
Do I Care? No, No
Do It Again
Do You Wanna Jump, Children?
Doin' the new low-down
Doin' the Rhumba
Doin' The Rumba
Doing the Reactionary
Don’t Falter at the Altar
Don't Falter at the Alter
Don't Know If I'm Comin' or Goin'
Don't Know If I'm Coming or Going
Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You, I
Don't Want to Love You, I
Don't Worry 'bout Me
Down Hearted Blues
Down south camp meeting
Downhearted Blues
Duck Trot, The
Eadie Was a Lady
Early Years: 1930-1934, The
Early Years: 1935-1940, The
Ebony Silhouette
Evenin' / Harlem Hospitality
Every Day's a Holiday
Everybody Eats When the Come to My House
Everybody eats when they come to my house (2 min 45 s)
Everyone Eats When They Come To My House
Exactly Like You
F.D.R. Jones
Farewell Blues
Father’s Got His Glasses On
FDR Jones
Feelin' Tip Top
Fifteen Minute Intermission
Fifteen minutes intermission (2 min 49 s)
Fifteen Minutes Itermission
Fiftteen Minute Intermission
Fine brown frame
Floogie Walk
Foo a Little Bally-hoo
Foo a Little Ballyhoo
Foolin' With You
For dancers only
For the Last Time I Cried Over You
Forever Gold
found a new baby, I
Frantic on the Atlantic
Frisco Flo
Frosty Morning
Geechie Joe (from the film "Stormy Weather")
Geechy Joe
Get The Blues When It Rains, I
Get the Neck of the Chicken, I
Get With It
Ghost of a Chance, A
Ghost of a Chance, The
Ghost of Smokey Joe, The
Git Along
Give, Baby, Give
Go South, Young Man
Goin' Conga
Gold Collection, The
Good-For-Nothin' Joe
Good Sauce From the Gravy Bowl, A
Goodtime Charlie
Gotta Darn Good Reason Now (For Bein' Good)
Gotta Darn Good Reason Now (For Being Good)
Gotta Go Places and Do Things, I
Gotta Right to Sing the Blues, I
Growlin' Dan
Gypsy Song, The
Happy Feet
Hard Times (Topsy Turvy)
Harlem Camp Meeting
Harlem Holiday
Harlem Hospital
Harlem Hospitality
heard, I
Hello, Dolly!
Hep Cat’s Love Song
Hep Cats and Cool Jive
Hep Cats Love Song
Hep-hep! jim - jam - jump ; the jumpin' jive : from the film: "Wtormy Weather"
Hey, Doc!
Hey Now Hay Now
Hey now, hey now (2 min 55 s)
Hi-De-Ho Man: 1930-1933, The
Hi De Ho Man (That's Me), The
Hi-De-Ho Miracle Man, The
Hi-De-Ho Romeo
Hi-De-Ho Serenade
Hi Di Hi Serenade
Hi-Di-Ho Miracle Man, The
His Best Side
His Hi-De-Ho Highness of Jive
Honey dripper (2 min 56 s)
Honey Dripper, The
Honeydripper, The
Hot Air
Hot Toddy
Hot Water
Hotcha Razz-ma-tazz
How Big Can You Get?
How Come You Do Me Like You Do ?
Hoy-hoy (2 min 47 s)
Hucklebuck, The
I'll be around (3 min 05 s)
I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal you
I'll Get By
I'll Pray for You
I'm Always in the Mood for You
I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby
I'm just a jitterbug
I'm Madly in Love With You
I'm Not Ashamed Of My Tears
I'm Now Prepared to Tell the World It's You
I’ve Got the World on a String
I've Got You Under My Skin
If This Isn't Love
In an Old English Village
In the bag
In the mood (3 min 27 s)
Intermission Riff
Is That Religion?
Is You Is or Is You Aint My Baby
It ain't necessarily so (3 min 14 s)
It Ain't Necessarily So (From Porgy & Bess)
It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing
It Looks Like Susie (Friend)
Jazz à tous les étages
Jazz Greats, Volume 12: Cab Calloway: Minnie the Moocher
Jes' Natch'Ully Lazy
Jim Jam Jump
Jitter Bug
Jive Formation, Please
Jive (Page One of the Hapsters' Dictionary)
Jive (Page One of the Hepster's Dictionary)
Jive (Page One of the Hipster's Dictionary)
Jiveformation, Please
Jona Joins the Cab
Jonah Joins the Cab
Jonah Joins the Cap
Jukebox Hits 1930 - 1950
Jumpin' Jive (Hep! Hep!), The
Jumpin' Jive (Jim jam jum)
Jumping Jive, The
Jungle king (3 min 15 s)
Jungle King (Signifying Monkey), The
Jungle King (You Ain’t Done a Doggone Thing), The
Jungle Swing
Just a Crazy Song (Hi-Hi-Hi)
(Just an) Error in the News
KCin' The Gong Around
Keep That Hi-De-Hi in Your Soul: 1933-1937
Keep That Hi-Di-Hi in Your Soul
Kickin' the Gong Around (The Big Broadcast)
Kicking the Gang Around
Kicking the Gong Around
King of Hi-De-Ho: 1934-1947, The
King Porter stomp
Lady With the Fan, The
Lamar's Boogie
Lammar's Boogie
Last Dollar
Learned About Love from Her, I
Learnin' The Blues
Let's go Joe (3 min 02 s)
Let's Take the Long Way Home
Levee Low Down, The
Levee Lullaby
Like Music (with a Song Like That), I
Limehouse Blues
Little Town Gal
Little Town Girl
Live at the Café Zanzibar
Lone Arranger, The
Lonesome Nights
'Long About Midnight
Long, Long Ago
Love Is the Reason
love jazz-hi de ho man, I
Love to Sing, I
Love to Singa, I
Make Yourself at Home
Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm
Man From Harlem (Terrafractyl remix), The
Manhattan Jam
Mason flyer
Mermaid Song, The
Message (06 s)
Mighty "O"
Minnie the Electro Moocher
Minnie The Mocher´s Wedding Day
Minnie the Moocher (From "Rythmania")
Minnie the Moocher / I'll Get By
Minnie the moocher's wedding day
Minnie The Moocher (The Hi De Ho Song)
Minnie the Moocher (The Ho de Ho Song)
Minnie the Moochers Wedding Day
Minor Breakdown (Rustle of Swing), A
Miss Hallelujah Brown
Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable to Lunch Today)
Mister Paganini - Swing for Minnie
Moment I Laid Eyes on You, The
Monkey business
Mood Indigo
Moon at Sea
Moon Glow
Moonlight Rhapsody
Most Important Recordings of Cab Calloway, The
Mr. Hi. De. Ho. 1930-1931
Mr. Minnie the Moocher
Mr. Paganini, Swing for Minnie
Mr Toscanini, Swing for Minnie
Mrs. Finnigan
My Coo Coo Bird
My Gal (2 min 42 s)
My Gal Mezzanine
My Honey's Lovin Arms
My Sunday Gal
Nagasaki (2 min 54 s)
Nain Nain (No No)
Never Had It So Good
New Moon and an Old Serenade, A
New York 1935-1937, Vol. A
New York 1937-1938, Vol. B
New York 1938-1939, Vol. C
Nightmare, The
Nine-twenty special
Nobody's sweetheart
North of the Mohawk Trail
Nowy Jork lat dwudziestych
Ogeechee River Lullaby
Oh! Gram'pa
Oh! Grampa
Oh Grandpa (3 min 02 s)
Oh! You Sweet Thing
Ol' Joe Louis
Old Man of the Mountain, The
Old Man River
Old Yazoo
One Big Union for Two
One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)
One Look at You
One More Time
One o'clock jump
Pap's in Bed With His Britches On
Papa’s in Bed With His Britches On
Penguin Swing
Pickin the Cabbale
Pickin' Up the Cabbage
Pluckin' the Bass
Polka dot rag
Porgy and Bess
Porgy & Bess: It Ain't Necessarily So
Porgy & Bess: There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York
Portrait of Cab Calloway, A
Proper Introduction to Cab Calloway: Zah, Zuh, Zaz, A
Quadromania Jazz Edition: Cab Calloway: The Scat Song
Que pasa chica?
Queen Isabella
Queen Isabelle
Reefer Man
Rhapsody in Rhumba
Rhythm Cocktail
Rhythm of the Broadway moon
Rockin' in rhythm
Roomin’ House Boogie
Rooming house boogie (3 min 22 s)
Round midnight (6 min 38 s)
Run Little Rabbit
Russian Lullaby
Rustle of Swing
Saint-James Infirmary
Saint-Louis blues
San Francisco fan (3 min 21 s)
Savage Rhythm
Save Me, Sister
Says Who? Says You, Says I!
Scat Man, The
Scat Song, The
See a Million People (But All I Can See Is You), I
Sepian bounce
September Song
She's Tall, She's Tan, She's Terriffic
She's tall, she's tan, she's terrific
Shot Gun Boogie
Shotgun Boogie
Shout, Shout, Shout
Silly Old Moon
Sincere Love
Sings The Blues
Six or seven times
Smo-o-o-oth One, A
So Sweet
Some of These Days
Somebody Stole My Gal
Special Delivery
Squeezit the Moocher (Minnie the Moocher)
St. James infirmary (3 min 18 s)
St. James Infirmary Blues
St. Louis Blues
Stack O' Lee Blues
Stormy weather
Strange as It Seems
Strictly Cullud Affair, A
Sugarfoot stomp
Swanee Lullaby
Sweet Georgia Brown
Sweet Jennie Lee
Sweet Rhythm
Sweet sue
Sweeter Than Sweet
Swing, Swing, Swing
T'Ain't No Good
Tain't No Good
Take the A train (3 min 01 s)
Tappin' Off
Tarzan of Harlem
Tee-Um, Tee-Um, Tee-I, Tahiti
That Man Is Here Again
That Old Black Magic (live)
That's What I Hate About Love
There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York
There’s a Cabin in the Cotton
There's a Sunny Side to Everything
There's No One But You
There's No Two Ways About Love
This Is Always
This is hep
This Time It's Love
Those Were The Days
Three Swings and Out
Tomorrow Night
Topsy Turvy (Hard Times)
Trylon Swing
Tuxedo junction
Twee Twee Tweet
Tweet-Twee Tweet
Twelfth street rag
Two Blocks Down Town to the Left
Two blocks down, turn to the left (3 min 12 s)
Tzotskele (My Darling)
Utt Da Zay
Viper's Drag, The
Virginia, Georgia and Caroline
Wake up and live
Walkin' the Dog
want to rock (2 min 48 s), I
We go well together
We're Breakin' Up a Lovely Affair
We the Cats Shall Help You
We the Cats (Shall Hep Ya)
We the Cats Shall Hep You
Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Swing, The
What’s Buzzin’ Cousin?
When You're Smiling
Who Calls?
Who’s Yehoodi?
Who ya hunchin'
Willow weep for me]
Without Rhythm
Worker's Train, The
Workers’ Train, The
Yo Eta Cansa
You Are the One in My Heart
You Can't Stop Me From Lovin' You
You Dog
You Got It
You Gotta H-De-Ho
You Gotta Hi-De-Ho
You Gotta Ho-De-Ho (To Get Along With Me)
You Gotta Ho-Di-Ho
You rascal you (2 min 26 s)
You're Nobody ('Til Somebody Loves You)
You're the Cure for What Ails Me
Your Voice
Zah Zuh Zah [1933-11-02]
Zah, Zuh, Zaz
Zaz zuh zaz
Contributed to or performed: 
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100 ans de jazz - George gershwin
100 Hits: Jazz Greats
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100 Plus Grandes Chansons de Jazz, Volume 1, Les
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Bob Dylan Radio Radio: Theme Time Radio Hour Volume Two
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Boogie Woogie, The
Born to Swing
Borrowed by Bublé
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Bugle Blues
Bugle Call Blues
Burlesque in Jazz
Burlesque Swing selected by Bart & Baker
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Cab Calloway Show - Live in Freiburg, The
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Cotton Club Soundtrack, The
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Decca: The Legendary Big Band Singers
DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Revisited, Volume 1
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Dirty the Moocher
Do You Wanna Jump Children
Do You Wanna Jump, Children?
Done & Dusted
Dope & Glory - Reefer Songs of the 30's and 40's
Dope & Glory: Reefer Songs der 30er & 40er Jahre
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Forever Gold: Great Jazz Masters
From the Vaults of Gone, Volume 5
Gal Looks Good, The
Geechy Joe
Geniesser Lounge - Bar Jazz Collection - Late Night Experience
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Gentlemen of Swing Nr.2
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St. James Infirmary
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Stormy Weather Overture
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Swing Collection
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Tappin' Off
Taste of Cocktail Hour, A
Thanks for the Memories: Great Performers Perform the Great Songs
That Ain't Right
There's No Two Ways About Love (reprise)
They Sold A Million
This Record Is Not to Be Broadcast: 75 Records Banned by the BBC 1931-1957
This Record Is Not to Be Broadcast: 75 Records Banned by the BBC 1931-57
Three Swings And Out
Time to Remember: 1934, A
Toast to Big Bands
Top Hits of the 1930s
Top Hits of the 1930s, Volume 4
Totally Big Band Jazz
Trésors Jazz
Triomphes du jazz, Les
Trylon Swing
Ultimate Nostalgia Collection, The
Uptown Saturday Night
Van Morrison's Jukebox - The Songs That Inspired The Man
Very Best of Burlesque: 50 Sleazy Stripping Songs, The
Very Best of the Blues Brothers, The
Walking the Dog
Way We Were (disc 1), The
Way We Were, The
Wicked Swing
Will Wait for You, I
World of Big Band, The
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
You've Got Your Troubles
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