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Centre Européen de Recherches Spatiales
ESRO (European Space Research Organisation)
European Space Research Association
European Space Research Organisation
European Space Research Organization
Franska: Organisation européenne de recherches spatiales
OERS (Organisation europénne de recherches spatiales)
Organisation Européenne de Recherches Spatiales
Organizzazione europea per le ricerche spaziali
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Agence spatiale européenne (see also from)
European Preparatory Commission for Space Research (see also from)
European Space Agency (see also from)
Organisation européenne pour la mise au point et la construction de lanceurs d'engins spatiaux (see also from)
Agreement between Australia and the European Space Research Organisation for the provision and operation of trials facilities at Woomera for launching of a Skylark Rocket in January/February 1970.
Basic texts, rules and regulations agreements of the European Space Research Organisation
Bulletin du CERS/CECLES
Calibration methods in the ultraviolet and x-ray regions of the spectrum : a symposium held at the Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, 8046 Garching bei München, Federal Republic of Germany, 27-29 May 1968.
Contract. rep., Eur. Space Res. Organ.
Contractor report : CR
Contractor report - European Space Research Organization.
Control and stabilisation of spacecraft : proceedings of the fourth ESRO Summer School, Helsingør, Denmark, August-September, 1966.
Design study of United Kingdom scientific proposal for a European large astronomical satellite : synopsis
ELDO/ESRO scientific and technical review.
Electromagnetic radiation in space. Proceedings of the third ESRO summer school in space physics, held in Alpbach, Austria, from 19 July to 13 August, 1965.
Environments and their role in spacecraft technology ... proceedings of the 6th ESRO summer school, Noordwijk, the Netherlands, August-September 1968.
ESRO contractor report
ESRO/ELDO bulletin.
ESRO special publication
Europe in space : a survey
European Organisation for the Development and Construction of Space Vehicle Launchers/European Space Research Organization scientific and technical review
European sounding-rocket and scientific-balloon activity at high latitudes, with emphasis on the international magnetospheric study (IMS) : proceedings of a symposium held at Orenäs Slott, Sweden, 9-12 September 1974.
European Space Research Organisation European Organisation for the Development and Construction of Space Vehicle Launchers bulletin
Information about the ESRO sounding rocket launching range, ESRANGE.
Kiruna geophysical data : collected at Kiruna Geophysical Observatory of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science and the University of Umeå and the rocket range ESRANGE of the European Space Research Organisation.
Kiruna geophysical data. Supplement.
Nouvelles brèves
Plasmas in space and in the laboratory : proceedings of the ESRIN study group, Frascati, Rome, May 9-June 3, 1966.
Processing and manufacturing in space : proceedings of a symposium held at Frascati, Italy, 25-27 March 1974.
Rapport de contractant
Report presented to the seventeenth COSPAR meeting, São Paulo, Brazil, June 1974.
Revue scientifique et technique CECLES/CERS
Satellite and rocket measurements of corpuscular radiation from outer space : a joint ESLAB/ESRIN Symposium held in Noordwijk, Netherlands, in July 1967.
Satellite telemetry/telecommand station near Fairbanks, Alaska. Agreement between the United States of America and the European Space Research Organization effected by exchange of notes signed at Paris November 28, 1966.
scientific and technical working group rapport 3eme session
Significance of space research for fundamental physics, The : proceedings of an ESRO colloquium held at Interlaken, Switzerland, on 4 September 1969.
Spacecraft Power-conditioning Electronics Seminar : proceedings of a seminar held at Frascati, Italy, 20-22 May 1974.
Special publications : ESRO SP
Study of meteorological data processing methods : ground facility for a Geostationary Meteorological Satellite System (GFGMS).
Textes fondamentaux, règlements, accords de l'Organisation européenne de recherches spatiales
X-ray astronomy and related topics : proceedings of an ESRO colloquium held in Noordwijk, Netherlands, 25-26 February 1975