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Nightwish (Musical group or band)
Nightwish yhtye (Musical group or band)
began 1996-07
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
After Forever
Donockley, Troy (hasMember)
Hietala, Marco (hasMember)
Holopainen, Thomas (1976-)
Holopainen, Tuomas (hasMember)
In Flames
Jansen, Floor (hasMember)
Lacuna Coil
Nevalainen, Jukka (hasMember)
Olzon, Anette (hasMember)
Subway to Sally
Turunen (Tarja; 1977-....; see also from)
Turunen, Tarja (hasMember)
Vänskä, Sami (hasMember)
Vuorinen, Emppu (hasMember)
10th Man Down (live)
13th Street - the sound of mystery
2000-10-18: Élysée Montmartre, Paris, France
2001-08-24: Gorbunov Palace of Culture, Moscow, Russia
2004-11-27: Buenos Aires, Argentina
2005-03-12: You Lucky Bastards! Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan
2007-09-26: Natuvissyset: Tavastia klubi, Helsinki, Finland
2008-03-31: Carling Academy Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
2008-08-07: Skanderborg Festival, Denmark
2009-09-19: Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland
2012-01-21: Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA, USA
2012-03-17: MVC Hall, Kiev, Ukraine
“4th of July in Norway” Live Footage
7 Days to the Wolves (Espoo)
Alone in the dark [music from and inspired by the original motion picture]
Alpenglow (live)
Amaranth (orchestral version)
Amaranth (promo video)
Angel's Dream
Angels Fall First
Arabesque (instrumental)
Arabesque (live)
Astral Romance (remake 2001)
Asylum Choir
Back in the Day… Is Now (A Dark Passion Play World Tour 2007–2008 Documentary)
Ballads of the eclipse
Bare Grace Misery
Beauties presented by Manhattan Cosmetics
Beautiful voices
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty in darkness
Beauty of the Beast - Long Lost Love / One More Night to Live / Christabel
Beauty of the Beast, The
best of 2005, The
Best of Tarja
Bless the Century Child
Bless the Child (Live)
Bless the Child (single edit)
Bonus: Documentary "A Day Before Tomorrow"
Bonus: Interviews With Tarja & Tuomas
Bonus: Off-stage Footage
Bonus: Two Music Videos ("The Carpenter", "Sleeping Sun") And Two Live Videos ("The Kinslayer", "Walking In The Air")
Bye Bye Beautiful (DJ Orkidea remix)
Bye Bye Beautiful (promo video)
Cadence of Her Last Breath (demo version)
Carpenter, The
Century Child / Live in Moskau, Volume 2
Christmas Song for a Lonely Documentarist
Come Cover Me (live)
Crackling Sphere, A
Crazy Train
Creek Mary's Blood (Live)
Creek Mary’s Blood (orchestral instrumental score)
Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea (instrumental) (live)
Crow, the Owl and the Dove (album version), The
Crow, the Owl and the Dove (demo), The
Crow, the Owl and the Dove (instrumental version), The
Crow, the Owl and the Dove (radio edit), The
[crowd noise]
Dare to Enter
Dark Chest of Wonders (Live)
Dark desire
Dark divas
Dark Passion Play (live, 2008-07-16: Rock Werchter, Belgium)
[Dark Passion Play platinum award ceremony]
Dark passion play tour edition
Dead Boy’s Poem (live)
Dead Boys Poem / Slaving the Dreamer
Dead Gardens
Dead in the World
Dead to the World (live)
Decades : An archive of song 1996-2015
Decades: Live in Buenos Aires
Deep Silent Complete (DJ Dkn remix)
Deep Silent Complete (live)
Deeper Down
Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean
Don’t Talk to Strangers
Early Demos for “Dark Passion Play” & B‐Sides
Edema Ruh (acoustic) (Nightwish Cruise)
Élan (alternative version)
Élan (official video)
Élan (radio edit)
Élan (Sydney)
Elvenpath (live)
End of All Hope (live)
“End of All Hope” Music Video
End of an Era: Live at Hartwall Arena
End of Innocence (bonus disc: Live at Summer Breeze 2002)
“End of Innocence” Documentary
Endless Forms Most Beautiful (alternative version)
Endless Forms Most Beautiful (official video)
Endless Forms Most Beautiful (radio edit)
Erämaan viimeinen (instrumental)
Escapist (Instrumental Audio Version), Stereo/5.1, The
Etiäinen (demo)
Eva (demo version)
Eva (orchestral version)
Ever Dream (Live)
Eyes of Sharbat Gula, The
Fairies, elves & angels
FantasMic, Part 3 (live)
Feel for You
Find Your Story
For the Heart I Once Had
Forever Moments (demo), The
Forever Yours
From G to E Minor
From wishes to eternity live
Ghost Love Score (Audio Track)
Ghost Love Score (edit)
Ghost Love Score (instrumental score)
Ghost Love Score (Live At Wacken, 2018)
Ghost Love Score, Part 1
Ghost Love Score, Part 2
Ghost River (instrumental)
Golden Wishes
Gothic romance the best goth love songs
Gothic spirits
Greatest Hits
Greatest Show in Argentina, The
Greatest Show on Earth: Chapter I) Four Point Six / Chapter II) Life / Chapter III) The Toolmaker / Chapter IV) The Understanding / Chapter V) Sea-Worn Driftwood, The
Have to Let You Go, I
Heart Asks Pleasure First (instrumental version), The
Heart Lying Still
Hearts of metal
Heroes of steel
Hey Buddy
High Hopes (live)
Higher Than Hope
Highest hopes the best of Nightwish
Hilma ja Onni
Imaginaerum - Orchestral version
Imaginaerum - the score
In Between the Bye Byes - Making of "Bye Bye Beautiful"
In the name of the king a dungeon siege tale ; music from and inspired by the original motion picture
Instrumental (Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea)
Intro + Bless the Child
Intro: Red Warrior / Dark Chest of Wonders
[introduction by Wallu Walpio]
Islander (Edited Version Video), The
Islander (Full-Length Video), Stereo/5.1, The
Islander (promo video), The
Kingslayer, The
Kinslayer (live, Argentina), The
Kinslayer (Midiliitto remix), The
Kiteen Pallo
Know Why the Nightingale Sings
Kuolema tekee taiteilijan (live)
Lappi (Lapland): I. Erämaajärvi
Lappi (Lapland): II. Witchdrums
Lappi (Lapland): III. This Moment Is Eternity
Lappi (Lapland): IV. Etiäinen
Last of the Wilds (live)
Last of the Wilds / Planet Hell
Last Ride of the Day (instrumental)
Last Ride of the Day (live)
Live at Gates of Metal 2003
Live in Buenos Aires
Live To Tell The Tale (Non-Album Bonus Track)
Lords of mystery eternal voices
Lords of Mystery the collection
Made in Hong Kong (and in various other places)
Making of Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Making of “Imaginaerum”
making of Nemo, The
Making Of The Islander (Documentary), The
Making of "Wish I Had an Angel", The
Making the Recordings
Marco Hietala : ruostumaton
Marco Hietala : stainless?
Master Passion Greed
Meadows of Heaven (orchestral version)
Monsters of metal
Mother and Father
“MTV Brazil” Interview
My Walden
Mysteries, Volume 1
Mysteries, Volume 2
Mystic spirits - special classic edition
Nemo (Album Version)
Nemo (Buenos Aires)
Nemo (live)
Nemo (orchestral version)
Nemo promotional video
Nightwish 1997-2001
Nightwish : dark passion gallery
Nightwish (demo)
Nightwish: Famous Five
Nightwish Table Hockey Tournament
Nightwish : we were here
Nuclear Blast Presents Nightwish Bonus
Nymphomaniac Fantasia
Ocean Soul
On a Dark Winter’s Night…
Once at Dynamo
Once in Agony
Once platin edition
Once upon a Nightwish : the official biography 1996-2006
Once Upon a Troubadour
Opera metal
Orkus presents "The best of 2004"
Orkus presents "The best of 2005"
Orphanage Airlines
Our Decades in the Sun
Outro: Imaginaerum
Over the Hills and Far Away (live)
“Over the Hills and Far Away” Music Video
Over the Hills and Far Away (video edit mix)
Over the Hills and Faraway
Passion and the Opera (single edit)
Phantom of the Opera (Live)
Phantom of the Opera, The
Pharaoh Sails to Hafenbahn, The
Pharaoh Sails to Orion (live), The
Photo Gallery
Planet Hell (live)
Please Learn the Setlist in 48 Hours
Poet and the Pendulum (demo version), The
Poet and the Pendulum (Mexico City), The
Promotion Trailer
Rapista Antigoneen : Kristiina-instituutin WNA220-seminaarin kootut paperit 2006
Reach (“Amaranth” demo version)
Rest Calm (demo version)
Rest Calm (instrumental)
Return to the Sea, A
Richard Dawkins Interview (Wembley)
Riddler, The
Sacrament of Wilderness (live)
Sacrament of Wilderness (single version)
Sagan (instrumental)
Sagan (music lyric video)
Sahara (Tampa Bay)
Scaretale (instrumental)
Scaretale (live, 2012-03-09: Paviljonki Areena, Jyväskylä, Finland)
She Is My Sin (live)
She’s My Sin
Showtime, storytime
Shudder Before the Beautiful
Siren (edit), The
Siren (Live), The
Slaying the Dreamer (Live)
Sleeping Sun (2005 radio edit)
Sleeping Sun (2005 Video Version)
Sleeping Sun (4 Ballads of the Eclipse)
Sleeping Sun (live at Summer Breeze Festival)
Sleeping Sun (long version)
Sleeping Sun (Masters of Rock)
Sleepwalker (heavy version)
Sleepwalker (live)
Slow, Love, Slow (demo)
Slow, Love, Slow (instrumental)
Song of Myself (instrumental): 1. From a Dusty Bookshelf / 2. All That Great Heart Lying Still / 3. Piano Black / 4. Love
Sound of Nightwish Reborn, The
[speech with crowd]
Spying in the Doorway
Stargazers (live)
Stone People (Live)
Storytime (demo)
Storytime (instrumental version)
Storytime - Live (edit)
Storytime (live in Wacken)
Storytime (radio edit)
Storytime (video clip)
Storytime / Wish I Had an Angel
Studio Report
“Summer Breeze” Live Footage (2002)
Swanheart (live)
Symphony of Destruction
Taikatalvi (instrumental)
Tales from the elvenpath
Tenth Man Down (demo)
Trials of Imaginaerum
Turn Loose the Mermaids (instrumental)
Tutankhamen (single version)
Two for Tragedy
Vehicle of spirit
Walking in the Air (edit version)
Walking in the Air (instrumental)
Walking in the Air (live)
Walking in the Air (single edit)
Walking in the Air: The Greatest Ballads
Wanderlust (edit version)
Wanderlust (live)
Want My Tears Back (demo), I
Want My Tears Back (instrumental), I
Wayfarer, The
Weak Fantasy (Vancouver)
Where Were You Last Night
While Your Lips Are Still Red
White Night Fantasy (Non-Album Bonus Track)
Whoever Brings the Night
Wild Child
Wish I Had an Angel (demo version)
Wish I Had an Angel (live)
Wish I Had an Angel / Outro: All of Them
Wish I Had an Angel (performance version) (Video Clip)
Wishes in the Night
Wishmaster + (outro)
Wishmaster (live)
Wishmastour 2000
Yours Is an Empty Hope (Joensuu)
Yours Is an Empty Hope (live)
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Essential Power Ballads
13th Floor, The
20 Years of Nuclear Blast
20 Years of Zillo 1989-2009 - Jubiläums-Compilations: Highlights aus 2 Dekaden Dark Music
2004-10-19: Symphony of Angels: Cologne, Germany
30 Years of Nuclear Blast
9. Wave-Gothic-Treffen
Aerodrome 2004
Aerodrome 2005
Afrekening, Volume 43, De
After Dark: The Alternative and Gothic Rock Collection
Alone in the Dark
Alternative Club Dark Flower
American Satan: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Angel's Delight II
Annual Assault 2008
Bandit Rock Most Wanted
Bandit Rock, Volume 2
Bandit Rock, Volume 3
Be(a)st of Metal: I: World of Fantasy, The
Beauties and the Beast
Beautiful Voices
Beautiful Voices Vol. II
Beautiful Voices, Volume 1
Beautiful Voices, Volume 2
Beautiful Voices, Volume 3
Beauty in Darkness, Volume 4
Best of 2007
Best of Dark Visions
Best of Gothic Rock 2, The
Best of Gothic Rock 3, The
Best of Lords of Mystery, The
Bittersweet II
Blast! presents 04/2013
Blast! presents 97/2012
Blasting Your Ears! Volume 1
Bonus CD 10: Kotimainen rock & pop '99
Booom 2004: The Third
Braun MTV Eurochart '07, Volume 9, The
Bravo Hits 45
Bravo Hits 47
Bravo Hits 51
Bravo Hits 59
Bravo Hits 60
Bravo: The Hits 2004
Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise 2005, A
Carpenter, The
Cave, The
Celtic Circle, The
Classic Rock #218: The Best of the Year 2015
Come Hear. Finland 2008
Cover It Up, Vol. 1
Cover It Up, Volume 2
Dark Desire, Volume 2
Dark Divas
Darkness Is Thy Kingdom: A Journey Into Dark-Metal Sounds, Volume 2
Dome, Vol. 30, The
Dome, Volume 31, The
Dome, Volume 43, The
Dream of the Beast
Dream of the Black Lady
Dream of the Dead
Dream of the Dragon
Dream of the Killer
Dream of the Mistress
Dream of the Night
Dream of the Skull
Dream of the Snake
Dream of the Vampire
Dream of the Warrior
Dream of the Witch
Dream of the Wizard
Dream of the Wolf
Echo 2001
Electrocity, Volume 13
EMP Music Mag Sampler, Volume V
Erämaan viimeinen
Essentials of Metal & Gothic, The
Fairies, Elves & Angels, Volume 3
Fantastica 2000
Fetenhits: Best of 2007
Gothic Compilation, Part XLIII
Gothic File 03
Gothic Love Ballads
Gothic Romance
Gothic Romance 2
Gothic Romance 3
Gothic Romance 4
Gothic Romance 5
Gothic Spirits
Gothic Spirits 10
Gothic Spirits 15
Gothic Spirits 16
Gothic Spirits 2
Gothic Spirits 3
Gothic Spirits 4
Gothic Spirits 7
Gothic Spirits Box
Gothic Spirits presents Dark Ladies
Gothic Spirits presents Dark Ladies 2
Gothic Spirits presents Dark Ladies 3
Gothic Spirits: Vampire Lady
Graspop Metal Meeting 1996-2015
Great Metal Covers, Volume 46
Great Metal Covers, Volume 6
Halloween Party
Hard 'n' Heavy (disc 2)
Hard 'n' Heavy: Ballads
Hard Union: Festivals von Fans für Fans
Hearts of Metal, Volume 2
Hearts of Metal, Volume 3
HellDorado II
Heretic Anthems, Vol. 2
Heroes of Steel, Chapter 3
Hit‐Giganten: Best of Keltica, Die
Hitbreaker 1/2006
Hitbreaker 1/2008
Ilosaarirock 35 1971-2006 Juhlakokoelma
In a Gothic Spirit
In the Name of the King
Into Temptation: The Best of Gothic Rock
Just the Best 59
Just the Best 60
Kaikkien aikojen suomimetallit
Kaikkien aikojen suomirock-klassikot
Kaikkien aikojen suomirock-klassikot 2
Kerrang! Field of Screams!
Kiss From a Vampire, A
Knuckletracks XXX
Kultakiekko: Kaikkien aikojen lätkähitit 1995–2011
Ladies, Queens & Sluts
Ladies, Queens & Sluts, Volume 2
Last Ride of the Day (Rock in Rio)
Latauslista: The Voice Top 20 Hits 2007
Legends of Metal
Leijonat 2012
Light My Fire
Live at Wacken 2008
Live At Wacken 2018: 29 Years Louder Than Hell
Lord of the Weed
Lords of Mystery: The Collection
Lords of Mystery: Trilogy
M'Era Luna Festival 2003
M'Era Luna Festival 2009
M'era Luna Festival 2013
Masters of Rock 2015
Maximum Metal, Volume 112, Spezial
Maximum Metal, Volume 205
Maximum Metal, Volume 224
Menolippu Mombasaan
Metal Dreams, Volume 2
Metal Dreams, Volume 3
Metal Edge Sampler (January/February 2008)
Metal Hammer #140: Metal Meltdown
Metal Hammer #176: Razor
Metal Hammer: Golden Gods 2005
Metal Hammer: Living Legends
Metal Masters
Metal Museum - Metallised Hearts 2
Metal Museum - Metallised Hearts 3
Metal Museum, Volume 4: Symphonic Metal, The
Metal Museum: InstruMetal I, The
Metal Rock Cavalcade
Metal Rocks
Metal Top 50
Metalliliitto 1999
Metalliliitto, Volume 2
Midnight Diaries
MM2003: Jääkiekon MM-kisojen virallinen kisalevy
Mystera 2000
Mystic Art, Vol. 10
Mystic Art, Vol. 6
Mystic Spirits, Volume 12
Mystic Spirits, Volume 13
Mystic Spirits: Special Classic Edition 4
Nibelungen, Die
NRJ Hits 10
Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series, Volume 13
Nuclear Blast: Blasting Your Ears! Volume 1
Nuclear Blast: Blasting Your Ears! Volume 2
Only Rock Album You’ll Ever Need, The
Opera Metal
Opera Metal, Volume 2
Opera Metal, Volume 3
Opera Metal, Volume 4
Opera Metal, Volume 6
Opera Metal, Volume 7
Opera Metal: The Ultimate Collection
Orkus Presents: The Best of 1999
Orkus Presents: The Best of 2004, Part 2
Orkus Presents: The Best of 2005
Pörsänmäen Sanomat: Tribuutti Jaakko Tepolle
Radio SuomiPOP: 31 kotimaista hittiä
Raven: A Tinieblas Gonzales film - Gothic Compilation, The
Resident Evil: Apocalypse: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture
Resident Evil: Extinction: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Rock 01 – Raikas ja rapea
Rock Hard Presents: EMP - 20 Years of Rock 'n' Roll - Finest Collection
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 16
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 32
Rock Hard: Nuclear Blast Uuden vuosituhannen sankareita
RTL Sommer Hits 2004
Schattenreich Vol.4
Schattenreich, Volume 1
Schattenreich, Volume 2
Schattenreich, Volume 3
Schattenreich, Volume 4
Schattenreich, Volume 5
Schattenreich, Volume 6
Schwerter des Königs - Dungeon Siege
Secret Spirits, Volume 1
Ski to the Max
Sonic Seducer Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 133
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 78
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume XIX
Soundi 2001
Soundi 2005
Soundi CD 2003
Spinefarm 2000
Spinefarm Hardcovers
Spinefarm Metal DVD, Vol II
Spinefarm Sampler '98
Spinefarm Spring Sampler 2003
Spinefarm: L’autre pays du metal
Spinefarm/Spikefarm Sampler 2001
Spinetingler II
Stockholm Records International 2003 Sampler
Suomimetallia 3
Suomipoppia 11
Suomirockin järkäleet
Suomirokkia 13: 20 sinivalkoista rockhittiä!
Suomirokkia 14: 36 kuuminta kesähittiä!
Suomirokkia 6: 40 eilisen, tämän päivän ja huomisen tähteä
Suomirokkia 9: 36 suomirokin helmeä – poppia ja jytinää
Symphonic & Opera Metal, Vol. 2
Toggo 7
Tulikaste: Youth Against Drugs
Very Best of Hard Rock Ballads, The
Voices in Twilight II
W:O:A Full Metal Juke Box Vol. 4 - Preview 2008
WOA: Full Metal Jukebox, Volume III
YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 15
YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 6
Zillo CD 05/07: 20 Jahre Nuclear Blast
Zillo CD 06/08
Zillo Dark Visions Compilation, Volume 3
Zillo Dark Visions Compilation: Die Clip-Highlights von 1989-2009
ZilloScope 7-8/02