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Haggard (Musical group or band)
began 1991
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bartl, Florian (hasMember)
Batke, Anna (hasMember)
Ehlers, Su (hasMember)
Fischer, Robin (hasMember)
Fuchs, Andreas (hasMember)
Fuhrmann, Fiffi (hasMember)
Groß, Janika (hasMember)
Hemberger, Andreas (hasMember)
Hertz, Kathrin (hasMember)
Hertz, Steffi (hasMember)
Klupp, Danny (hasMember)
Koss, Gaby (hasMember)
Kramheller, Ivica (hasMember)
Kramheller, Veronika (hasMember)
Krug, Patricia (hasMember)
Marschall, Judith (hasMember)
Marsen, Luz (hasMember)
Nad, Andreas (hasMember)
Nasseri, Asis (hasMember)
Pendry, Mark (hasMember)
Percinlic, Ivica (hasMember)
Peschke, Andreas (hasMember)
Popa, Catalina (hasMember)
Quarta, Claudio (hasMember)
Schleiermacher, Johannes (hasMember)
Schumacher, Frank (hasMember)
Schumm, Michael (hasMember)
Stapf, Michael (hasMember)
Storch-Hukriede, Almut (hasMember)
Wolf, Hans (hasMember)
All'Inizio De La Morte
All’inizio è la morte
And Thou Shalt Trust… the Seer
Awakening the centuries
Awakening the Gods : Live in Mexico
Awaking the Centuries
Awaking the gods Haggard live in Mexico
best of castle rock, The
Cantus Firmus
Chapter I: Heavenly Damnation
Chapter I: Tales of Ithiria
Chapter I: The Day as Heaven Wept
Chapter II: Origin of a Crystal Soul
Chapter II: Requiem in D minor
Chapter II: Saltorella la Manuelina
Chapter II: The Final Victory
Chapter II: Upon Fallen Autumn Leaves
Chapter III: Awaking the Centuries
Chapter III: Cantus Firmus in A minor
Chapter III: In a Pale Moon’s Shadow
Chapter III: La Terra Santa
Chapter III: Statement zur Lage der Musica
Chapter IV: De la Morte Noire
Chapter IV: In a Fullmoon Procession
Chapter IV: Menuett
Chapter IV: The Sleeping Child
Chapter V: Courante
Chapter V: Lost (Robin’s Song)
Chapter V: Prophecy Fulfilled / And the Dark Night Entered
Chapter V: Rachmaninov: Choir
Chapter V: The Hidden Sign
Charity Absurd
Daddy Was Her First Man
Eppur si muove
Final Victory (live), The
From Deep Within
Gavotta in Si‐minore
Herr Mannelig (short version)
Hijo de la Luna
In a Fullmoon Procession
In a Pale Moon’s Shadow
In des Königs Hallen (Allegretto Siciliano)
Intro: Pestilencia
Intro / Rachmaninov: Choir
la morte noir (live in Wacken 1998), De
la morte noire, De
Larghetto / Epilogo adagio
Lost (Robin's Song)
Lunas fantastische Musik
Mediaeval Part
Menuetto in Fa‐minore
Mind Mutilation
Mystica mysteria
Observer, The
Of a Might Divine
On These Endless Fields
Once... Upon a December's Dawn
Origin of a Crystal Soul
Origin, The
Outro: A Midnight Gathering
Per aspera ad astra
Prophecy Fulfilled / And the Dark Night Entered
Robin’s Song (live in Wacken 1998)
Tales of Ithiria
Vor dem Sturme
Contributed to or performed: 
After the Sepulture, Volume 1
Artoffact Records, Volume 3
Artoffact Records, Volume Two
Best of Castle Rock, The
Bittersweet II
Cryptichon 2
Essentials of Metal & Gothic, The
Feuertanz: Neuer deutscher Liederwahn
Gothic Spirits
Gothic Spirits 8
Hard Union: Festivals von Fans für Fans
Live at Wacken 2007
Lunas fantastische Musik: Helden, Mythen & Magie
Metal Museum, Volume 4: Symphonic Metal, The
Miroque, Volume X
Mystica Mysteria II
Mystica Mysteria: die Klassiker
Orkus Presents: The Best of 2004, Part 2
Raven: A Tinieblas Gonzales film - Gothic Compilation, The
Rock Germany
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 9
Schattenreich, Volume 2
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 36
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 86
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume XII
Twilight of the Gods, Volume 1
Zillo Dark Summer 2002
ZilloScope 03/00