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Flower Kings
Flower Kings (Musical group or band)
Offizieller Name The Flower Kings
The Flower kings
The Flower Kings (Musical group or band)
began 1993
Location / Nationality: 
Sweden Uppsala län [SE-03] Uppsala
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bodin (Tomas; 1959-....; see also from)
Bodin, Tomas (hasMember)
Bruniusson, Hasse (hasMember)
Csörsz, Zoltan (hasMember)
Fröberg, Hasse (hasMember)
Gildenlöw, Daniel (hasMember)
Liliequist, Marcus (hasMember)
Reingold, Jonas (hasMember)
Salazar, Jaime (hasMember)
Stolt (Roine; 1956-....; see also from)
Stolt, Michael (hasMember)
Stolt, Roine
Stolt, Roine (hasMember)
Across the Universe
Adam and Eve
Agent Supreme
Alive on planet Earth
Am the Sun, Part One, I
Am the Sun, Part Two, I
Ascending to the Stars
Astral Dog
Atomic Prince / Kaleidoscope
Back in the world of adventures
Banks of Eden
Bass & Drumsolos
Bavarian Skies
Bellydancers From Hell
BetchaWanna (Daytripper)
Big Puzzle
Black and White
Black Flag
Blade of Cain, The
Blessing of a Smile
Blood of Eden
Blue Planet
Bridge Fetisch, The
Brimstone Flight 999
Buffalo Man (1996)
Burning Spears
Busking at Brobank
Calling Home
Captain Capstan
Carpe Diem: The Flower Kings Live in USA
Check In
Chicken Farmer Song
Chickenfarmer Song
Church of Your Heart
Cinema Show, The
Circus Brimstone
City of Angels
Collect Relapses
Cosmic Circus / Babylon
Cosmic Lover
Crowning of Greed, The
Crying Clown
Cybersonic Eyes
Dance / Joy
Dark Fascist Skies
Day at the Mall, A
Days Gone By
Deaf, Numb & Blind
Desolation Road
Desolation rose
Devil's Danceschool, The
Devil's Playground (2017 remix)
Different People
Don of the Universe
Don't Forget to Flush
Dream On Dreamer (alternative take)
Driver's Seat (edit)
Drivers Seat
Duke of Nuke (live, 1996-04-05)
Édition Limitée Québec 1998
End of a Century
End of Innocence, The
End on a High Note
Excerpt From Valkyrian
Fan Club CD 2000
Fanclub CD 2002, The
Fanclub CD 2004
Fanclub CD 2005: Harvest
Fast Lane
Film: Interview (with the band in the studio from January 2012)
Final Era, The
Fish Soup
Flight 999 Brimstone Air
Flora Majora
Flower King (re-recorded 1998 version), The
flower kings retropolis sr p
Flower power
Flowerpower a journey to the hidden corners of your mind
For the Love of Gold
For Those About to Drown
Garden of Dreams: All You Can Save
Garden of Dreams: Attack of the Monster Briefcase
Garden of Dreams: Business Vamp
Garden of Dreams: Dawn
Garden of Dreams: Did I Tell You
Garden of Dreams: Don't Let the d'Evil In
Garden of Dreams: Dungeon of the Deep
Garden of Dreams: Garden of Dreams
Garden of Dreams: Gardens Revisited
Garden of Dreams: Indian Summer
Garden of Dreams: Love Is the Word
Garden of Dreams: Mr. Hope Goes to Wall Street
Garden of Dreams, Part 1 (pre-prod 1998)
Garden of Dreams, Part 2
Garden of Dreams: Shadowland
Garden of Dreams: Simple Song
Garden of Dreams: Sunny Lane
Garden of Dreams: The Final Deal
Garden of Dreams: The Mean Machine
Garden of Dreams: There's No Such Night
Genie in a Bottle
Ghost of the Red Cloud
Go West Judas
Going Up
Gold Fish in Bowl Trap
Good Heart (demo), A
Grand Old World
Hit Me With a Hit
Hotel Nirvana
House of Cards Reprise
Hudson River Sirens Call 1998
Humanizzimo (Part A, B, C, D)
If 28
IKEA by Night
In the eyes of the world
Instant Delivery
Instant Karma
Instrument for a Good Dressage, The
Interstellar Visitations
Judas Kings (edit), The
Judas Kiss, The
Jupiter Backwards
Just This Once
King's Prayer, A
kingdom of colours II, A
Kingdom of Colours: The Complete Collection From 1995 to 2002, A
Kingdom of Lies
Kings Prayer, A
Kite (1996)
Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, The
Last Carnivore
Last Exit
Last Minute on Earth
Lazy Monkey
Life in Motion
Life Will Kill You
Little Deceiver
Live in New York: Official Bootleg
Love Is the Only Answer
Love Supreme
Lucy Had a Dream
Magic Pie
Man of the World
Man Overboard
Man Who Walked With Kings, The
Meadow, The
Meet the Flower Kings - Live recording 2003 on stage playing their epics
Melting Pot, The
Memories of Nykroppa
Merrygoround, The
Minor Giant Steps
Miracles for America
Modal Acid Dance, The
Mommy Leave the Light On
Monkey Business
Monster Within
Monsters & Men
Mr. Hope Goes to Salzburg
My Cosmic Lover
My Longing Was Still There
Navigator, The
Nostredamus 3rd Night
Nothing New Under the Sun
Numbers Medley
Oblivion Road
One Day Like This
One More Time
One Whole Half
Paradox hotel
Paris 1924
Piece of Nizzimo (live, 1996-04-05)
Pioneers of Aviation
Pipes of Peace
Poor Mr. Rain's Ordinary Guitar
Poor Sebastian
Power of Kindness
Precious Moments
Psalm 2013
Psychedelic Postcard
Raging River of Fear
rainmaker, The
Rebel Circus, The
Red Alert
Regal Divers (demo)
Resurrected Judas, The
Retropolis by Night
Return of the Giant Monkey Boy
Rhythm of Life
Rhythm of the Sea, The
Rising the Imperial
River, The
road back home a compilation for the collector or the newbie, The
Road to Sanctuary (Edited version)
Rollin' the Dice
Romancing the City
Room With a View, A
Rumble Fish Twist
Runaway Train
Scanning the Greenhouse
Selfconsuming Fire
Serious Dreamers
She Carved Me a Wooden Heart
Silent Graveyards
Silent Inferno (edit)
Silent Masses, The
Silent Sorrow
Slave to Money
Sleep With the Enemy
Sleeping Bones
Solitary Shell
Soul Vortex
Sounds of Violence
Space revolver
Stardust Melody
Stardust We Are (end section)
Stardust We Are, Part 3 (re-recorded 1998 version)
Stardust We Are, Part III
Starlight Man
Stupid Girl
sum of no evil, The
Sum of No Reason, The
Sword of God
Temple of the Snakes
Theme for a Hero
There Is More to This World
This Is the Night
Three Stories
Thru the Walls
Too Late for Tomatoes
Too Late for Tomatos
Touch My Heaven
Tour kaputt live
Tower One
Trading My Soul
Train to Nowhere
Truth Will Set You Free Part 1 (2017 remix), The
Truth Will Set You Free Part 2 (2017 remix), The
Turn the Stone
Unfold the future
Unorthodox Dancinglesson, The
Vampire's View, A
Vampires View, A
Venus Flytrap
Vienna by Night
Violent Brat
Vox Humana
Wailing Wall, The
Waiting for Miracles
Way the Waters Are Moving, The
We Were Always Here
Welcome to Paradise
What If God Is Alone
White Tuxedos
Wicked Old Symphony
Woman With No Shadow, The
Wonder Wheel, The
World of Adventures
World Without a Heart
You Don't Know What You've Got
Contributed to or performed: 
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 18, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 27, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 3 - Tales of Mystery, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 61, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 66, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 8, The
Bridge Across Europe Tour 2001
Childhood's End
Classic Rock #013: Classic Cuts No.9
Classic Rock #071: Out There the Future of Prog Rock
Classic Rock #097: Shine On
Fox Lies Down: A Tribute to Genesis, The
In Too Deep: A Tribute to Genesis
Inside Out Music - Sampler 2003
InsideOut Music: Sampler 2001
Keep Your Prog in Check, Vol. 1
Large Compilation 5
Many Faces of Genesis, The
Music in Progress
Music in Progress 1: Progressive Rock & More
Muzyczne Pejzaże (prezentuje Piotr Kosiński)
New Species, Volume V
New Species, Volume XI
Prog : Le coffret idéal
Prog Rocks!
Prog Rocks! Volume Four
Prog Rocks! Volume Two
Progfest '97
ProgPower USA XIII: Sampler
Progressive Nation at Sea Sampler
Progressive Rock – Aktuelle Highlights und Klassiker
Progressive Rock Anthems
Progressive Time 2003
Songs for Luca
Top Musicians Play: Genesis