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Angelic Upstairs
Angelic upstarts
Angelic Upstarts (Musical group or band)
The Angelic Upstarts
began 1977
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Blonde, Nick the (hasMember)
Boy, John the (hasMember)
Brewis, Dave (hasMember)
Cowie, Raymond (hasMember)
Forsten, Steve (hasMember)
Frater, Tony (hasMember)
Hammond, Dickie (hasMember)
Hayes, Brian (hasMember)
Jaconelli, Derwent (hasMember)
Laing, Andrew (hasMember)
Lant, Graham (hasMember)
Mensforth, Thomas (hasMember)
Morrison, Tony (hasMember)
Newton, Neil (hasMember)
Rocker, Ronnie (hasMember)
Stuart, Gaz (hasMember)
Wade, Decca (hasMember)
Warren, Glyn (hasMember)
Warrington, Keith (hasMember)
1978-10-24: Peel Session, Maida Vale, London, UK
1980-09-17: Peel Session, Maida Vale, London, UK
2,000,000 Voices
2 Million Voices
42nd Street
Action Man (demo)
Albert’s Got a Gun
Albert’s Gotta Gun
albums 1979-1982, The
Albums 1979-82, The
Albums 1983-91, The
Angel Dust: The Collected Highs 1978-1983
Angelic Upstarts - The EMI years
Angelic Upstarts the independent punk singles collection
Anthems Against Scum
Anti Nazi
Are You Ready
As the Passion
Bandiera rossa
BBC Punk Sessions, The
Black Knights of the 80's
Blackleg Miner
Blood on the Terraces / Lost and Found
Bombed out
Bootlegs and Rarities
Box On
Brighton Bomb
Built a House on Sand
Bullingdon bastards
Burglar, The
Calypso (Demo)
Can't Kill a Legend
Capital City
Caught in the Crossfire
Chuck Taylor (Ace of Hearts)
Cry Wolf (demo)
Different Dub
Different Strokes
Do Anything
Dollars and Pounds
Don't Get Old (in Tony's Britain)
Don't Give an Inch
Don’t Stop
Don't Wanna Fight the Soviet, I
EMI Punk Years, The
Empty Street
England (live)
Five Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Flames of Brixton
Forty Second Street
Four Grey Walls
Four Words (live)
Geordie's Wife
Geordies Wife
Ghost Town
Give the Fox a Gun
Give Us a Clue
Gonna Be a Star (demo)
Good Boy
Great Divide, The
Greatest Hits Live
Green Fields of France
Greenfields Of France
Guns for the Afghan Rebels (live)
Heart Attack in Paris
Heath's Lament
Here Comes Trouble
Here I Come
Heroin Is Good for You
I'd Kill Her for Sixpence
I'm an Upstart (live)
If the Kids Are United
Independent Punk Singles Collection, The
It's Our Life
It’s Your Life
Jarrow Woman
Joe Where Are You Now?
Kids on the Street (live)
Kids on the Street: The Best Of
Kids on the Streets
Killing Machine
King Coal
King of the Rats
Last Night Another Soldier (live)
Last Tango in Moscow
Leave Me Alone (live)
Leech, The
Let's Build a Bomb
Let's Speed
Liddle Towers
Like Father, Like Son
Listen to the Silence
Listen to the Steps
Live and Loud!!
Live From the Justice League
Live in Yugoslavia
Living in Exile
Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Lonely Man of Spandau II
Lost and Found
Lust for Glory
Machine Gun Kelly
Man of Straw
Man Who Came in From the Beano, The
Maxwell Dynasty
Mensi's Marauders
Mr. Politician
Murder of Liddle Towers (single version), The
Murder of Middle Towers, The
Nazi B.N.P.
Never ‘ad Nothin
Never 'Ad Nothing (live)
Never 'ad Nuthin
Never Again
Never Come Back
Never Give Up
Never Had Nothing
Never Return to Hell
Never Say Die
No Man's Land (Green Fields of France)
No News
No Nukes
Nobody Was Saved
Not Just a Name
Not Like It Said in the Song Frank
Nottingham Slag
Nowhere Left to Hide
Nowhere to Run
One More Day
Open Your Eyes
Our Day Will Come
Out of Control
Paint It in Red
Pax Records punk collection
Police Oppression (live)
Police Oppression (single version)
Power of the press
Pride of Our Passion
Pride Without Prejudice (live)
Proud & Loud
Punk Singles Collection, The
Punk the greatest hits
Real Rain, A
Reason Why?
Red Flag
Red Till Dead
Reptile Rule
Ronnie Is a Rocker
Ruby (Don’t Take Your Love To Town)
Rude Boy
Safe Haven
Scenes From a Graveyard (Manchester Square demo)
She Don’t Cry Anymore
Shotgun Solution (live)
Small Town Small Mind
Soldier (demo)
Solidarity (A Polish Folk Song) (Demo)
Sons of Spartacus
South Shields Born 'n' Bred
Spirit of St George
Stab in the Back
Stand Accused, I
Stand Up
Stick's Diary
Sticks' Diary
Still Fighting
Still From the Heart
Stone Faced Killer
Stop the City
Streets of St. Pauli
Student Power
Sun Never Shines, The
Take It Apart
Take Me to Cuba
Tally Ho Ginger
Teenage Warning (live)
Their Destiny Is Coming
Theme for Lost Souls
There's a Drink in It
Thin Red Line
Think It Should Be Free, I
Too Long Gone
Tories, Tories, Tories (Out, Out, Out)
Tut Shuffle (Demo), The
Two Million Voices (live)
Two Pints of Lager
Understand (live), I
Understand, Part 3:, I
Understand (single version), I
Unsung Heroes II
Unsung Heroes [Part 2]
Until Palestine Is Free
Victim of Deceit
Victory for Poland
Waiting, Hating
Wanna Knighthood, I
Wasted (Loved by No One)
Wasted (Loved by None)
We are the People
We Defy You
We gotta get out of this place
We're Gonna Take the World (live)
When Will They Learn
Where We Started
White Riot (live)
Who Killed Liddle Towers
Who's Got the Money
Wish, I
Woman in Disguise
Won’t Pay for Liberty, I
Writing on the Wall, The
You're Nicked (live)
Young Ones (live), The
Young Punk, A
Youth Leader
Contributed to or performed: 
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100 Hits: Punk & New Wave
100% British Oi!
101 Punk & New Wave Anthems
Action Time Vision - A Story Of Independent UK Punk 1976-1979
Agitprop: The Politics of Punk
Anagram Records: The Punk Singles Collection
Anarchy From the UK, Volume 1
Back-Stage Pass
Back‐Stage Pass
Beat of the Street
Best of Oi! 25 Brickwall Punk Classics, The
Best Of Oi! Volume 2, The
Best of Oi! Volume 3, The
Best of Oi!, The
Best of Punk & New Wave, The
Best of Punk and Disorderly, The
Best Punk Album in the World… Ever, The
Blank Generation: The History of Punk, Volume 2
Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk
Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk, Volume 2
Burning Britain: A Story of Independent UK Punk 1980-1983
Captain Oi! Records Presents Hits 2002
Cash From Chaos
Class Pride World Wide, Volume 2
Classic Punk
Classic Rock #232: The Alternative 80s Mixtape
Complete Punk!
Cops Make Good Targets
Different Strokes
Dirty Dozen, The
Dogs Bollocks: Soi Dog Foundation Benefit CD, The
Entire History of Punk, The
Fear of a Red Planet
Give Us a Future: The History of Anagram Records 1982-1987
God Save the Queen, Volume 3
God Save This Box!
Goodnight: Heard and Unheard Hope Not Hate Favourites
Great British Punk Rock Explosion, The
Great British Punk Rock Explosion, Volume 2, The
Greatest Ever! Punk & New Wave: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Hits of Punk & New Wave
Greatest Punk Album of All Time, The
Guaranteed Mug Free Zone, A
HITS 2002
Hits of a Punk Generation, The
If the Kids Are United: The Punk Box Set
Indie Punk Classics
Indie Punk Classics 2
Indie Scene 78: The Story of British Independent Music, The
Knock-Out... In the 7th Round
KOB vs. Mad Butcher 2nd Round
Live and Loud!!
Lords of Oi!
Lust for Life: The Music That Changed a Generation
Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; Out! Out! Out!
Massive Hits: Punk and New Wave
Maxi Pop, Volume III
Mojo Presents: Destroy!
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Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 1
Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 1 & 2
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Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 3 & 4
Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 4
Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 5
Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 5 & 6
Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 6
Oi! Greatest Hits, Volume One
Oi! The Album
Oi! The Demos
Oi! The Main Event / This Is Oi!
Oi! The Main Event!
Oi! The Singles Collection, Volume 2
Oi! The Singles Collection, Volume 3
Oi! The Singles Collection, Volume 4
Oi! The Tin
Oi! This Is England
Oi!... The Picture Disc
Oi!... The Picture Disc, Volume 2
Oi... Glorious Oi!
Optimism/Reject: Punk and Post Punk Meets D-I-Y Aesthetic
Original Punk Album, The
Pax Records Punk Collection
Pretty Vacant: The History of Punk
Punch Drunk III
Punk & Nasty
Punk Alert!
Punk and Disorderly
Punk and Disorderly III: The Final Solution
Punk City Rockers
Punk Covers
Punk Generation, The
Punk Generation: God Save the Queen
Punk II
Punk in Sunderland, Volume 1
Punk in Sunderland, Volume 2
Punk Indie Chart Hits Vol. I
Punk Live Classics
Punk Outrage!
Punk Set, The
Punk, Vol. 2: Sheer Energy
Punk: 1977-2007 30th Anniversary
Punk: A World History, Volumes 3 + 4
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Punks and Disorderly - Deluxe Edition
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Shit Factory, The
Son of Oi!
Still Out of Fuckin' Order
Street Punk Rock Box, The
Take No Prisoners! The Best of British Punk
This Is R.A.S.H. UK and Ireland, Part 1
Totally Punk Rock: The Essential Punk Album
Trouble on the Terraces: 16 Classic Football Anthems
Trouble on the Terraces: 18 Classic Football Anthems
UK/DK: The Original Soundtrack
UK/DK: The Original Video Soundtrack
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Very Best of Punk and Disorderly, The
Vinyl Solution, The
Whatever Happened To …
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Zonophone Records: The Complete Punk Singles Collection
Zwischenfall, Volume 3: From the 80's to the 90's