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Bourse de New York
N.Y. Stock Exchange
Nʹi︠u︡-Iorkskai︠a︡ fondovai︠a︡ birzha
New York (City) Stock Exchange
New York (N.Y.) Bourse
New York (N.Y.) Kabushiki Torihikijo
New York (N.Y.) Stock Exchange
New York (New York) Bourse
New York (New York) Stock Exchange
New York Stock and Exchange Board
New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange (Publisher)
Nyū Yōku Kabushiki Torihikijo
Stock Exchange New York, NY
Wall Street (Stock Exchange)
Нью-Иоркская фондовая биржа
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United States New York New York
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Language material
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2-year NYSE charts, SRC red book
Annu. rep. - N. Y. Stock Exch.
Buttonwood lecture series.
capital needs and savings potential of the U.S. economy, The : projections through 1985.
Census of shareowners (1965)
China-United States Symposium on Financial Markets : summary of major addresses : Beijing, People's Republic of China, November 10-13, 1986
Common stock indexes.
Conference on the Internationalizaton of the Capital Markets : ALI-ABA conference materials
Conference on U.S. Competitiveness : can the United States remain competitive? : the proceedings of the Conference on U.S. Competitiveness
F.I.B.V. statistics
F.I.V.B. statistical network for ...
Fact book data
Fact book for the year ...
Fact book - N.Y. Stock Exch.
FIBV statistics
FIVB statistical network for ...
Institutional investor fact book.
Interpretation handbook : regulation and surveillance.
korporativnoe upravlenie
Listed company manual (2002)
Listing statements of the New York Stock Exchange.
Marketing research report.
N.Y.S.E. constitution and rules
N.Y.S.E. rules of the Exchange
New York Exchange general rules
New York Stock Exch. Guide
New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Market and regional exchanges
New York Stock Exchange common stock indexes
New York Stock Exchange constitution and rules
New York Stock Exchange guide
New York Stock Exchange : its functions and operations.
New York Stock Exchange listed company manual
New York Stock Exchange magazine
New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Market, other exchanges
New York Stock Exchange : [weekly bulletin].
NYSE constitution and rules
NYSE listed company manual
NYSE magazine.
NYSE, New York Stock Exchange
NYSE weekly bulletin
One-man band that went to Wall Street., The
Osnovy gosudarstvennogo regulirovanii︠a︡ finansovogo rynka : uchebnoe posobie dli︠a︡ i︠u︡ridicheskikh i ėkonomicheskikh vuzov
People and productivity : the New York Stock Exchange guide to financial incentives and the quality of work life
Petition of the New York Stock Exchange, represented by Clinton G. Colgate, for modification of the rule taxing borrowed money as capital, under Sec. 110, Act 1864, as amended : with argument, by Ralph T. Wood, of counsel.
Quarterly report for the three months ended ...
Quarterly report of the president
Rahill's Corporation accounting and corporation law; a complete exposition of the science of corporation accounting, both in theory and practice, with a digest of the corporation laws of all the states and a valuable treatise on stock exchanges, containing the rules of the New York stock exchange, the San Francisco stock and exchange board, the California oil exchange and the Producers' oil exchange, also the cost and manner of listing stocks, the methods of operating and a dictionary of all the terms used by brokers on exchange.
Reducing costs of stock transactions: a study of alternative trade completion systems
Report on the Conference with the Securities and Exchange Commission and its staff on proposals for amending the Securities act of 1933 and the Securities exchange act of 1934
Results of the ... census of shareowners., The
Rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Securities exchange act of 1934, Public utility holding company act 1935, Investment company act of 1940. Solicitation of proxies, consents and authorizations, reorganizations. New York Stock Exchange Proxy rules.
Securities Research Company red book of two-year New York Stock Exchange charts
Selected comments on SEC proposed rule on give-ups and NYSE proposal on commission rates, with texts of the proposals.
Share ownership in America
Share ownership in the United States;
"Shareownership 1980".
Shareownership U.S.A.
SRC red book of 2-year NYSE charts
Standard and Poor's stock reports.
Stat. highlights - N.Y. Stock Exch.
Statistical highlights - New York Stock Exchange.
Stock plans for employees; a report on stock acquisition plans for general employees offered by companies listed on the New York Exchange.
Stock reports
Stocks and bonds, New York Stock Exchange Incorporated
Stocks and bonds on the New York Stock Exchange
Two-year New York Stock Exchange charts, Securities Research Company red book
Understanding the New York Stock Exchange.
Weekly bulletin, New York Stock Exchange.
Year book (New York Stock Exchange)