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Misfits (Musical group or band)
The Misfits
began 1977-02
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Arce, Eric "Goat" (hasMember)
Cadena, Dez (hasMember)
Caroline's Spine
Chud, Dr (hasMember)
Coma, Franché (hasMember)
Danzig, Glenn
Danzig, Glenn (hasMember)
Frankenstein, Doyle Wolfgang von (hasMember)
Graves, Michale (hasMember)
Only, Jerry (hasMember)
Ramone, Marky (hasMember)
ROBO (hasMember)
Steele, Bobby (hasMember)
Swalla, Todd (hasMember)
1,000,000 Years B.C.
1.000.000 Years BC
12 hits from hell the MSP sessions August 7, 1980
12 Inch Compilation, The
1981 Interview
1982-04-07: Los Angeles, CA, USA
20 Eyes (8/81 reel platinum session E)
20 Eyes (alternate version)
20 Eyes (live)
20 Eyes (unknown studio session H)
3 Hits From Hell
Abominable Dr. Phibes
All Hell Breaks Loose (alternate version)
All Hell Breaks Loose (live)
All Hell Breaksloos
American Nightmare
American psycho
Angel Baby
Astro Zombies (8/81 reel platinum session E)
Astro Zombies (9/5/80 master sound prod. session D)
Astro Zombies (alternate version)
Astro Zombies (live)
Attitude (explicit)
Attitude (live)
Back With A Bang!
Beat on the Brat
Beware and the Rest
Beware: The Complete Singles 77-82
Beyond Evil
Black Hole, The
Black Light
Blacklight (demo)
Blitzkrieg Bop
Blue Christmas
Brain Eaters
Bullet (live)
Buried in a Pet Semetery (Live Tribute to the Ramones)
Can’t Tell No One
Children in Heat (live)
Children in Heat (session B)
Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati, The
Cold in Hell
Collection I
Collection II
Come Back
Cough / Cool
Crawling Eye
Crimson Ghost
Curse of the Mummy's Hand
Cuts from the crypt 1996 - 2001
Dark Shadows
Daughter of Darkness
Day of the Dead
Day the Earth Caught Fire
Dea.d. alive!
Dead Kings Rise (demo)
Death Comes Ripping
Death of the Fallen Angel
Death Ray
Demonomania Club
Demonomania (live)
Descending Angel
Devil Doll
Devil Lock
Devil Look / We Are 138 (medley)
Devil OK
devil's rain, The
Devil's Warehouse
Devil's Whorehouse (8/81 reel platinum session E)
Devil's Whorehouse (alternate version)
Devilock (Beginning)
Devils Whore House
Devils Whorehouse
Diana (live)
Die, Die My Darling
Die, My Darling (live), Die
Dig Up Her Bones (live)
Don’t Care, I
Don’t Open ’til Doomsday / Hellnight
Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement, I
Donna (live)
Dr. Phibes Intro/American Psycho
Dr. Phibes Rises Again (demo)
Dream Lover (live)
Dust to Dust
Earth A.D. ; Die, die my darling
Earth A.D. (Instrumental)
Earth A.D. / Wolfs Blood / Evilive
Earth AD
Evil Dead IV, The
Evil Is As Evil Does
Evil - live
Evillive II
Famous Monsters Demos, The
Fiend Club (demo)
Fiend Without a Face
Forbidden Zone (demo)
Forbidden Zone, The
Friday the 13th
From Hell They Came
Garden of Serenity, The
Ghost of Frankenstein
Ghoul’s Night Out
Ghouls Night Out (live)
Ghoulsnight Out
Got a Right, I
Great Balls of Fire
Green Hell
Halloween I
Halloween II (9/5/80 master sound prod. session D)
Halloween III (instrumental)
Halloween (live)
Hate Breeders (live)
Hate Breeders (unknown studio session G)
Hate the Living, Love the Dead
Hatebreeders / 20 Eyes
Haunting (demo), The
Havana Affair
Havanna Affair
Helena 2
Hell Night
Heroes of Danzig
Heros of Danzig
Hollywood Babylon
Horror Business (live)
Horror Business (session B)
Horror Business (Songshop studio session C)
Horror Hotel (live)
Horror Xmas
Hunger (demo), The
Hunting Humans
Hybrid Moments
Hybryde Moments
I’m Affected
If You Don't Know This Song... / Beware
In the Doorway
Intro - Abominable Dr. Phibes
Island of Misfit Toys
Jack the Ripper
Jealous Again
Just Wanna Have Something to Do, I
Kill Your Baby Today
KKK Took My Baby Away, The
Kong at the Gates
Kong Unleashed
L. A. Woman
Land of the Dead
Laser Eye
Last Caress (live)
Last Caress (Studio Mix)
Last Show Anouncement Made by Glenn Danzig
Last Show Ever!, The
Latest Flame
Legacy of brutality
Live Night of the Living Dead
Living Hell
London Doungeon
London Dungeon (live)
Lost in Space (demo)
Mad Monster Party
Mars Attacks (demo)
Max's Kansas City
Mephisto Waltz
Midnight Star
Misfits - collection
Misfits, The
Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight? (live)
Monkey's Paw
Monster Die, Die
Monster Mash (live)
Music From the Upcoming Famous Monsters
Nervous Breakdown
new, the classic & the unexplored, The
Night of the Living Dead (9/5/80 master sound prod. session D)
Night of the Living Dead (live)
Nightmare on Elm Street
Nike a Go Go (alternate version)
Nike a Go Go (live)
Nike-A-Go-Go (Mix-o-Lydian or Newsoundland session F)
Nike A Go-Go (Part Recording - Not Listed On Jacket)
No More Moments
NY Ranger
Only Make Believe
Pet Cemetary
Pet Sematary
Project 1950
Psycho in the Wax Museum
Pumpkin Head
Queen Wasp (Instrumental)
Rat Fink
Return of the Fly
Return of the Records, Volume 1
Rise Above (Black Flag Cover)
Rise Above (live)
Runaway (live)
Saturday Night (demo)
Scarecrow Man
Science Fiction / Double Feature
Scream (demo)
She (No Guitar)
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker
Shocking Return
Six Pack
Skulls (9/5/80 master sound prod. session D)
Skulls (live)
Some Kinda Hate
Speak of the Devil (live)
Special Sampler Edition Of The Misfits Box-set (CAR 7529), A
Spinal Remains
Spook City USA (Songshop studio session C)
Static Age, Static Sessions
Static Intro
Static Outro
Strength to Endure
T.V. Casualty
Take My Life Along With You
Teenage Lobotomy
Teenager From Mars
Teenagers From Mars (Bobby Steele version) (live)
Teenagers From Mars / Children in Heat
Teenagers From Mars (session B)
Theme for a Jackal
Thirsty And Miserable
This Island Earth
This Magic Moment (live)
Turned Into a Maritian, I
Turned Into a Martian (8/81 reel platinum session E), I
Turned Into a Martian (9/5/80 master sound prod. session D), I
Turned Into a Martian (alternate version), I
Turned Into a Martian (live), I
TV Casualty
Twelve hits from hell
Twilight of the Dead
[unknown tape recording]
Vampira (8/81 reel platinum session E)
Vampira (alternate version)
Vampira (live)
Vampira (Songshop studio session C)
Vampire Girl / Zombie Girl
Very Last Performance, The
Violent Whore
Violent World (9/5/80 master sound prod. session D)
Violent World (Songshop studio session C)
Violent World (unknown studio session H)
Vivid Red
Walk Among Us and the Spot Sessions Demos
Walk Among You
Walk Amoung Us
Wanna Be a NY Ranger, I
Wanna Be Sedated, I
Wasp Queens
We Are 138 (live)
We Bite
Where Do They Go?
Where Eagles Dare (9/5/80 master sound prod. session D)
Where Eagles Dare (live)
Where Eagles Dare (session B)
Who Killed Marilyn (original)
Who Killed Marilyn (session B)
Who Killed Marilyn (Songshop studio session C)
Witch Hunt (demo)
Wolf's Blood (live)
Wolfs Blood
You Belong to Me
You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
(You're the) Devil in Disguise
Zombie Girl
Contributed to or performed: 
American Hardcore 2: The Unofficial History of Punk Rock 1980-1986
Astro Zombies
Best of Flipside Vinyl Fanzines, The
Break The Frame
Bullet (live! The Whiskey '82)
Canciones que nos enseñaron... Shock Treatment
Catalog vs. Catalog: Round 1
CBGB: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Day the Earth Caugh Fire
Day the Earth Caught Fire
Day the Earth Caught Fire (live in Japan)
Day the Earth Caught Fire (live in NYC)
Die, Die My Darling
Don't Shoot the Toy Piano Player: Live From WFMU
Download 2
Download 2000
Dr. Demento Covered in Punk
Drink For Sue Ellen, A
Fiend Club Lounge
Flipside Vinyl Fanzine, Volume 2
Frontline, Volume 3: The Singles Club
Full Metal Garage: The Songs That Drove Metallica
Goe Vur In Den Otto
Halloween Classics
Hate You: A Brief History of Punk, I
Haunting / Don't Open Till Doomsday (live in Japan), The
Hear Ya: The Caroline Distribution CD Sampler, I
Huck 'em: Music for Real Sportsters
Hybrid Moments
Hybrid Moments [Misfits]
Jackass: The Movie
Kerrang! Search & Destroy: The History of Punk, Volume 1
KnuckleTracks XVI
Last Caress
Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box, A
Lifestyles of the Living Dead / Leafhouse / Heaven Is a Lie / All My Friends Are Dead / One Last Caress / Nag Nag Nag / Rape This Day / Witness / Cloudy / The Proxy / Ghetto / Bad Dreams
Lulz: A Corruption of LOL (Over) #IX: Thousand
M!LF, Volume 2
Mafia III Soundtrack
Metal Hammer: Noise Inc. Volume 1
Metalopolis, Volume 1
Million Dollar$ Worth of Doo Wop, Volume 1, A
Misfits Rare & Covers
Monitor This! Oct/Nov 2003
Newbury Comics: The Early Years, Volume 1
Ozzfest '97, The
Popkomm 1999: Connected
Punk Anderson's Favourites
Punk Rawk Explosion, Volume 3
Revisited Rock
Roadrunner Drill!! The CD '01
Roadrunner Road Rage
Roadrunner You Don't Know, The
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 7
Short Music for Short People
Some Kinda Hate
Sweating Bullets
Tapes Suck 2: The Revenge
Teenagers From Mars
Triple J: Short Fast Loud
Under The Influence: Songs That Inspired My Chemical Romance
United States of Punk
VISIONS: The New, the Classic and the Unexplored, Volume Ten
We Are 138
We Sold Our Souls for Rock 'n' Roll: The Ozzfest '99
We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute
Welcome to Dumpsville, Population: You / NY Ranger / The Count
What’s a Parrot Like You Doing in a Place Like This?
Where Eagles Dare
Where Is J.R. ?