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Carmichael, Marie
Carmichael Stopes, Marie
Mertyl, Meredith
Roe, Marie Stopes
Stopes, M. C.
Stopes, Marie
Stopes, Marie Carmichael
Stopes, Marie Charlotte Carmichael
Creation class: 
Language material
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related identities: 
Fay, Erica (other identity, same person)
Mortlake, G. N. (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Bommer, František (nar. 1894)
British Museum (Natural History). Dept. of Geology
Douglas, Alfred Bruce Lord, 1870-1945
Fay, Erica (1880-1958; see also from)
Feilbogen, Franza (1873-1927)
Hall, Lesley A. (1949-...)
McKibbin, Ross
Mortlake, G. N. (1880-1958; see also from)
Rackham, Arthur
Robinson, William J.
Robinson, William Josephus
Sakurai, Jōji
Äkta makar : en fysisk och psykisk rådgivare
Äkta makar : ett nytt bidrag till de sexuella problemens lösning.
bathe, an ecstacy, The
Birth control and libel; the trial of Marie Stopes.
Botany; or, The modern study of plants.
Catalogue of the Mesozoic plants in the British Museum (Natural history) : The Cretaceous flora.
Change of life in men and women
Contraception (birth control) its theory, history and practice; a manual for the medical and legal professions
Dear Dr. Stopes : sex in the 1920s
Enduring passion; further new contributions to the solution of sex difficulties, being the continuation of Married love
Ett sunt föräldraskap : tillägnas alla dem, som vill se vårt släkte förkovras i kraft och skönhet
evidence of Dr. Marie C. Stopes to the Royal Commission on the Press., The
"Fern ledges", Carboniferous flora of St. John, New Brunswick, The
fossil plants
Glückhafte Mutterschaft Ein Buch für alle, die an d. Zukunft schaffen
Harrison's Description of England in Shakspere's youth. Being the second and third books of his Description of Britaine and England. Ed. from the first two editions of Holinshed's Chronicle, A. D. 1577, 1587
Instead of tears. In memoriam for officers and men who went down with H.M.S. Cossack. [Poem]
journal from Japan, a daily record of life as seen by a scientist., A
Kings and heroes
Liebesleben in der Ehe Ein Beitr. zur Lösg d. sexuellen Frage, Das
Liebesleben in der Ehe Ein Beitr. zur Lösung d. sexuellen Frage, Das
Liebesleben in der Ehe Ein Beitrag zur Lösung d. sexuellen Frage, Das
Lord Alfred Douglas : His poetry and his personality. [Portr.].
Love songs for young lovers.
Man, other poems, and a preface
Manželská láska : nový příspěvek k vysvětlení sexuálních nesnází
marie stopes and the sexual revolution
Marie Stopes birth control and other writings
Marriage in my time
Marrie love : A new contribution to the solution of sex difficulties.
Married love; a new contribution to the solution of sex difficulties
Married love ; or, Love in marriage
Mother England, a contemporary history
Moudré rodičství : praktický doplněk k dílu Manželská láska : kniha pro manžely
Plays of old Japan, the 'Nō';
road to fairyland, A
Roman Catholic methods of birth control
Sex and religion
Sex and the young.
Trial of Marie Stopes
Truth about venereal disease
Varaktig kärlek : Råd åt äkta makar rörande det psykiska och fysiska samlivet.
Varaktig kärlek : råd till äkta makar rörande det psykiska och fysiska samlivet.
Vollendetes Eheglück Weitere Beiträge zur Lösung sexueller Schwierigkeiten ; Forts. d. Buches "Das Liebesleben in d. Ehe" (Married Love)
Wartime harvest : Poems. With a preface by Alfred Douglas and a letter by George Bernard Shaw.
We burn; selected poems.
Weisheit in der Fortpflanzung Eine Abhandlg f. Ehepaare über Geburtenkontrolle ; Prakt. Erg. zu "Das Liebesleben in d. Ehe"
Weisheit in der Fortpflanzung Eine prakt. Erg. zu "Das Liebesleben in d. Ehe" ; Ein Buch f. Ehepaare
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