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Jack Szostak
Jack Szostak (American biologist)
Jack Szostak (Amerikaans bioloog)
Jack Szostak (US-amerikanischer Molekularbiologe)
Jack W. Szostak
Jack W. Szostak (biologo canadese)
Jack William Szostak
Jack William Szostak (kanadai-amerikai molekuláris biológus)
Szostak, J. W.
Szostak, Jack W.
Szostak, Jack William,
Джек Шостак
Джэк Шостак
Шостак, Джек
Ջեկ Շոստակ
ג'ק שוסטק
جاك زوستاك
جک ژوستاک
جیک ڈبلیو. سزوسٹک
جیک زوستاک
জ্যাক সজটাক
ஜாக் சோஸ்டாக்
ജാക്ക്. ഡബ്ല്യൂ. ഷോസ്റ്റാക്ക്
잭 쇼스택
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Cornell University, May
Deamer, D. W.
Deamer, D.W.
Deamer, David W.
1H NMR studies of the high-affinity Rev binding site of the Rev responsive element of HIV-1 mRNA: base pairing in the core binding element.
2',3'-Dideoxy-3'-thionucleoside triphosphates: syntheses and polymerase substrate activities.
Aptamers selected for higher-affinity binding are not more specific for the target ligand.
ARD1 and NAT1 proteins form a complex that has N-terminal acetyltransferase activity.
Artificial chromosomes.
Artificial lantipeptides from in vitro translations.
Chance and necessity in the selection of nucleic acid catalysts.
Chemical synthesis of oligoribonucleotides containing 2-aminopurine: substrates for the investigation of ribozyme function.
Chemoselective multicomponent one-pot assembly of purine precursors in water.
Cloning yeast telomeres on linear plasmid vectors.
Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology
Conformational Analysis of DNA Repair Intermediates by Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Constructing High Complexity Synthetic Libraries of Long ORFs Using In Vitro Selection
Coupled growth and division of model protocell membranes.
Decreasing gradients of gene conversion on both sides of the initiation site for meiotic recombination at the ARG4 locus in yeast.
Detection of heteroduplex DNA molecules among the products of Saccharomyces cerevisiae meiosis.
Directed Evolution of ATP Binding Proteins from a Zinc Finger Domain by Using mRNA Display
DNA aptamer that binds adenosine and ATP, A
DNA ends: just the beginning (Nobel lecture).
DNA metalloenzyme with DNA ligase activity, A
DNA polymerase-mediated DNA synthesis on a TNA template.
DNA sequences of telomeres maintained in yeast.
Double-strand breaks at an initiation site for meiotic gene conversion.
Effect of stalling after mismatches on the error catastrophe in nonenzymatic nucleic acid replication.
Efficient and rapid template-directed nucleic acid copying using 2'-amino-2',3'-dideoxyribonucleoside-5'-phosphorimidazolide monomers.
Efficient and Rapid Template-Directed Nucleic Acid Copying Using 2a2-Amino-2a2,3a2-dideoxyribonucleosidea5a2-Phosphorimidazoli de Monomers
Emergence of Competition Between Model Protocells, The
Enzymatic aminoacylation of tRNA with unnatural amino acids
Enzymatic primer-extension with glycerol-nucleoside triphosphates on DNA templates.
Enzymatic synthesis of DNA on glycerol nucleic acid templates without stable duplex formation between product and template
Evidence that the guanosine substrate of the Tetrahymena ribozyme is bound in the anti conformation and that N7 contributes to binding.
Evolution of aptamers with a new specificity and new secondary structures from an ATP aptamer.
Evolution of functional nucleic acids in the presence of nonheritable backbone heterogeneity
Evolutionary optimization of a nonbiological ATP binding protein for improved folding stability.
expanded set of amino acid analogs for the ribosomal translation of unnatural peptides., An
Expanding roles for diverse physical phenomena during the origin of life.
Expanding the structural and functional diversity of RNA: analog uridine triphosphates as candidates for in vitro selection of nucleic acids
Experimental models of primitive cellular compartments: Encapsulation, growth, and division
Extensive 3'-overhanging, single-stranded DNA associated with the meiosis-specific double-strand breaks at the ARG4 recombination initiation site.
Flip-Flop-Induced Relaxation of Bending Energy: Implications for Membrane Remodeling
Formation of protocell-like vesicles in a thermal diffusion column.
Functional information and the emergence of biocomplexity.
Functional information: Molecular messages.
Functional proteins from a random-sequence library.
Functional Requirements for Specific Ligand Recognition by a Biotin-Binding RNA Pseudoknot
Genetic and physical analyses of sister chromatid exchange in yeast meiosis.
Genomewide Search for Ribozymes Reveals an HDV-Like Sequence in the Human CPEB3 Gene, A
Glycerol nucleoside triphosphates: synthesis and polymerase substrate activities.
Guanosine Binding Site of the Tetrahymena Ribozyme, The
High fidelity TNA synthesis by Therminator polymerase
HIV-1 Rev regulation involves recognition of non-Watson-Crick base pairs in viral RNA.
Identification of epitope-like consensus motifs using mRNA display.
In vitro evolution of a self-alkylating ribozyme
In vitro evolution of new ribozymes with polynucleotide kinase activity
In vitro evolution suggests multiple origins for the hammerhead ribozyme
In vitro genetic analysis of the hinge region between helical elements P5-P4-P6 and P7-P3-P8 in the sunY group I self-splicing intron.
In vitro genetic analysis of the Tetrahymena self-splicing intron.
In vitro genetics.
In vitro selection of functional nucleic acids.
In vitro selection of RNA aptamers against a composite small molecule-protein surface
In vitro selection of RNA aptamers specific for cyanocobalamin
In vitro selection of RNA molecules that bind specific ligands.
in Vitro Selection System for TNA, An
Informational complexity and functional activity of RNA structures.
Initiation Site for Meiotic Gene Conversion in the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, An
Isolation and characterization of fluorophore-binding RNA aptamers.
Isolation of a fluorophore-specific DNA aptamer with weak redox activity
Isolation of a ribozyme with 5'-5' ligase activity
Isolation of high-affinity GTP aptamers from partially structured RNA libraries
Isolation of new ribozymes from a large pool of random sequences [see comment].
Isolation of novel ribozymes that ligate AMP-activated RNA substrates
Kinetic Analysis of an Efficient DNA-Dependent TNA Polymerase
Kinetic and thermodynamic characterization of the reaction catalyzed by polynucleotide kinase ribozyme
Kinetic Study of the Growth of Fatty Acid Vesicles, A
Libraries of protein encoding RNA-protein fusions
Meiotic recombination on artificial chromosomes in yeast.
Membrane growth can generate a transmembrane pH gradient in fatty acid vesicles
Metal-ion catalyzed polymerization in the eutectic phase in water-ice: a possible approach to template-directed RNA polymerization.
Mineral surface directed membrane assembly.
Miniribozymes, small derivatives of the sunY intron, are catalytically active.
Molecular biology : RNA gets a grip on translation
Molecular messages
multisubunit ribozyme that is a catalyst of and template for complementary strand RNA synthesis., A
Mutant ATP-binding RNA aptamers reveal the structural basis for ligand binding
Mutational analysis of conserved nucleotides in a self-splicing group I intron.
Mutations in a semiconserved region of the Tetrahymena intron.
N2'-->p3' phosphoramidate glycerol nucleic acid as a potential alternative genetic system.
N2a2aP3a2 Phosphoramidate Glycerol Nucleic Acid as a Potential Alternative Genetic System
novel, modification-dependent ATP-binding aptamer selected from an RNA library incorporating a cationic functionality., A
One-step purification of recombinant proteins using a nanomolar-affinity streptavidin-binding peptide, the SBP-Tag.
Optimal codon choice can improve the efficiency and fidelity of N-methyl amino acid incorporation into peptides by in-vitro translation.
Optimized synthesis of RNA-protein fusions for in vitro protein selection.
Origin of life on earth.
origins of cellular life., The
origins of evolution., The
Origins of life: Systems chemistry on early Earth.
Phylogenetic and genetic evidence for base-triples in the catalytic domain of group I introns.
Physical effects underlying the transition from primitive to modern cell membranes
Point mutations in the yeast histone H4 gene prevent silencing of the silent mating type locus HML.
poly(dA-dT) tract is a component of the recombination initiation site at the ARG4 locus in Saccharomyces cerevisiae ., A
Preparation of Large Monodisperse Vesicles
Ray Wu, as remembered by a former student.
Reconstructing the emergence of cellular life through the synthesis of model protocells.
Replicating vesicles as models of primitive cell growth and division.
Reverse transcriptase reads through a 2'-5'linkage and a 2'-thiophosphate in a template.
Ribosomal synthesis of dehydroalanine-containing peptides.
Ribosomal Synthesis of N-Methyl Peptides
Ribosomal synthesis of unnatural peptides.
Ribozyme-catalysed amino-acid transfer reactions.
Ribozyme-catalyzed primer extension by trinucleotides: a model for the RNA-catalyzed replication of RNA.
Ribozyme-catalyzed tRNA aminoacylation
Ribozymes: aiming at RNA replication and protein synthesis.
Ribozymes. Evolution ex vivo.
RNA aptamers that bind flavin and nicotinamide redox cofactors.
RNA Catalysis in Model Protocell Vesicles
RNA motif that binds ATP., An
RNA-peptide fusions for the in vitro selection of peptides and proteins.
RNA structure, not sequence, determines the 5' splice-site specificity of a group I intron.
Saccharomyces cerevisiae homoserine kinase is homologous to prokaryotic homoserine kinases.
Scanning the human proteome for calmodulin-binding proteins
Selection and evolution of enzymes from a partially randomized non-catalytic scaffold
Selection in vitro of single-stranded DNA molecules that fold into specific ligand-binding structures.
Selection of a ribozyme that functions as a superior template in a self-copying reaction.
Selection of cyclic peptide aptamers to HCV IRES RNA using mRNA display
Selection of functional RNA and DNA molecules from randomized sequences.
Selection of proteins using RNA-protein fusions
Selective labeling and detection of specific RNAs in an RNA mixture
Semipermeable lipid bilayers exhibit diastereoselectivity favoring ribose
Shrink-Wrap Vesicles
simple method for 3'-labeling of RNA., A
Single-molecule binding experiments on long time scales.
Single-Molecule Imaging of an in Vitro-Evolved RNA Aptamer Reveals Homogeneous Ligand Binding Kinetics
Small Aptamer with Strong and Specific Recognition of the Triphosphate of ATP, A
Solution structure of an informationally complex high-affinity RNA aptamer to GTP
Specific binding of a synthetic oligonucleotide to the yeast iso-1 cytochrome c̲ mRNA and gene
Stereochemical course of catalysis by the Tetrahymena ribozyme.
strategy for the generation of conditional mutations by protein destabilization., A
Streptavidin-binding peptides and uses thereof
Structural and kinetic characterization of an acyl transferase ribozyme.
Structural insights into the evolution of a non-biological protein: importance of surface residues in protein fold optimization.
Structurally complex and highly active RNA ligases derived from random RNA sequences.
Structure and evolutionary analysis of a non-biological ATP-binding protein.
Suppression of mutations in the core of the Tetrahymena ribozyme by spermidine, ethanol and by substrate stabilization.
Synthesis of alpha-L-threofuranosyl nucleoside triphosphates (tNTPs).
Synthesis of RNA containing inosine: analysis of the sequence requirements for the 5' splice site of the Tetrahymena group I intron.
Synthesizing life
Systems chemistry on early Earth
Telomeres and telomerase: the path from maize, Tetrahymena and yeast to human cancer and aging
Telomery i telomeraza
Template-directed primer extension catalyzed by the Tetrahymena ribozyme.
Template-directed synthesis of a genetic polymer in a model protocell
Thermostability of model protocell membranes
TNA Synthesis by DNA Polymerases
Total chemical synthesis of a ribozyme derived from a group I intron.
Unusual metal ion catalysis in an acyl-transferase ribozyme.
use of mRNA display to select high-affinity protein-binding peptides, The
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--Cornell University, May, 1977