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Babbage, ..
Babbage, Carlo
Babbage, Ch
Babbage, Charles
Bebedz, Charles
Bėbidzh, Charlʹz
Çarlz Bebbic
Čārlzs Bebidžs
Carolus Babbage
Charles Babbage (angielski matematyk)
Charles Babbage (angol matematikus)
Charles Babbage (britisk matematikar, informatikar og ingeniør)
Charles Babbage (britisk matematiker, informatiker og ingeniør)
Charles Babbage (Brits wiskundige)
Charles Babbage (brittisk matematiker, datavetare och ingenjör)
Charles Babbage (englischer Mathematiker, Philosoph, Erfinder und Politischer Ökonom)
Charles Babbage (matematico e filosofo britannico)
Charles Babbage (matemático inglés)
Charles Babbage (mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer who originated the concept of a programmable computer)
Τσαρλς Μπάμπατζ
Чарлз Бабидж
Чарлз Беббідж
Чарлз Бебиҷ
Чарлз Бэббидж
Чарлс Бебиџ
Чарльз Бэббидж
Чарльз Бэбідж
Չարլզ Բեբիջ
צ'ארלס בבג'
تشارلز بابيج
چارلز ببیج (ریاضی‌دان، دانشمند علوم کامپیوتر، و مهندس بریتانیایی)
چارلز بیبج
چارلس ببیج
چارڵز بابیج
चार्ल्स बॅबेज
চার্লস ব্যাবেজ
ਚਾਰਲਜ਼ ਬੈਬੇਜ
ચાર્લ્સ બૅબેજ
சார்ல்ஸ் பாபேஜ்
ఛార్లెస్‌ బాబేజ్‌
ಚಾರ್ಲ್ಸ್ ಬ್ಯಾಬೇಜ್
ചാൾസ് ബാബേജ്
චාල්ස් බැබේජ්
ชาลส์ แบบบิจ
찰스 배비지
チャールズ・バベッジ (English mathematician)
バベッジ, チャールズ
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Computer file
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Biot, Ed
Biot, Édouar Constant (1803-1850)
Biot, Éduard (1803-1850))
Campbell-Kelly, Martin
Herschel, John Frederick William (1792-1871))
Hyman, Anthony
Losano, Mario G.
Moll, Gerard (1785-1838)
Morrison, Emily
Morrison, Philip
Nagy, Karl
Peacock, George (1791-1858))
Roget, Peter Mark
Schefold, Bertram (1943-)
Analytical engine and mechanical notation
Babbage's calculating engines : being a collection of papers relating to them; their history, and construction
Babbages Rechen-Automate ausgewählte Schriften
chapter on street nuisances., A
Charles Babbage and his calculating engines, selected writings by Charles Babbage and others. Edited... by Philip Morrison and Emily Morrison
Charles Babbage, Differenz-Maschinen Exkurse zur Kartographie der technischen Kultur im 19. Jahrhundert
Charles Babbage on the principles and development of the calculator and other seminal writings
Comparative view of the various institutions for the assurance of lives, A
Difference engine and table making
Ecience economique des manufactures traduite de l'anglais par M. Isoard.
Economy of machinery and manufactures
elementary treatise on the differential and integral calculus, An
Essay on General Principles which regulate the Application of Mach*. -, An
essay towards the calculus of functions, An
examination of some questions connected with games of chance., An
Exposition of 1851
Glory and failure : the difference engines of Johann Müller, Charles Babbage and Georg and Edvard Scheutz
How to invent machinery
Industria manifattrice
Lacroix's Traité élémentaire.
Letter from Mr. Babbage to the members of the British Association for the promotion of science.
letter to Sir Humphry Davy, Bart. president of the Royal Society, etc. etc. on the application of machinery to the purpose of calculating and printing mathematical tables, A
Logarithmen der natürlichen Zahlen 1 bis 108000.
macchina analitica, La : un secolo di calcolo automatico
Mathematical papers
Memoirs of the Analytical Society
Mr. Babbage's secret, 1985, c1984:
ninth Bridgewater treatise a fragment, The
Notes respecting lighthouses
Observations addressed, at the last anniversary, to the president and fellows of the Royal Society, after the delivery of the medals, by Charles Babbage,...
Observations on the discovery in various localities of the remains of human art mixed with the bones of extinct races of animals.
Observations on the temple of Serapis at Pozzuoli near Naples, with an attempt to explain the causes of the frequent elevation and depression of larges portions of the earth's surface in remote periods... with a supplement : conjectures on the physical condition of the surface of the moon. By Charles Babbage,...
Oeuvres complètes
Of the constants of nature. Class Mammalia.
On a method of expressing by signs the action of machinery
On electric and magnetic rotations. -
On the advantage of a collection of numbers to be entitled the constants of nature and art, by Charles Babbage,...
On the Determination of the General Term of a new Class on infinite Ser*. -
On the economy of machinery and manufactures
On the influence of Signs in Mathematical Reasoning. -
On the Swedish tabulating machine of Mr. George Scheutz.
Passagen aus einem Philosophenleben
Passages from the life of a philosopher
Reflections on the decline of science in England and on some of its causes
Science and reform : selected works of Charles Babbage
Science économique des manufactures
Scientific and miscellaneous papers
[Scrapbook of newspaper clippings from 1847? to 1851?]
Sulla economia delle macchine e delle manifatture
Table of the logarithms of the natural numbers, from 1 to 108000.
Thoughts on the principles of taxation.
Traité sur l'économie des machines et des manufactures
Tratado de mecánica práctica y economía política : que con el título de Economía de máquinas y manufacturas escribió en inglés C. Babbage
Ueber Maschinen und Fabrikenwesen. -
Vademecum zu einem Klassiker der Theorie der Arbeitsleitung
Views of the industry, the science, and the government, of England.
word to the wise. -Observations on peerage for life., A