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Diamond, P.
Diamond, P. A.
Diamond, Peter
Diamond, Peter A.
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A.Diamond, Peter
Aura, Saku
Author-X-Name-Peter, Peter Diamond
Barr, N. A. (1943-)
Barr, N.A. (1943-)
Barr, Nicholas
Barr, Nicholas Adrian (1943-...)
Barr, Nicholas Adrian (1943-)
Blanchard, Oliver Jean
Blanchard, Olivier (1948-)
Blanchard, Olivier Jean
Blanchard, Olivier Jean (1948-)
Brown, Jeffrey R.
Coile, Courtney
Davidoff, Thomas
Diamond, P A
Diamond, P.
Diamond, P. A.
Diamond, P.A.
Diamond, Peter A
Diamond, Peter A.
Fudenberg, Drew
Geanakoplos, Jean
Geanakoplos, John
Gruber, Jonathan
Hausman, J. A.
Hausman, Jerry A.
Helms, J.
Helms, L. J.
Koopmans, Tjalling C.
Koszegi, Botond
Makin, E.
Maskin, E.
Maskin, Eric
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) / Economics Department
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Economics and Social Science
McFadden, D. L.
McFadden, Daniel
Mirrlees, J.
Mirrlees, J. A.
Mirrlees, James
Mirrlees, James A
Mitchell, Frank
Mortensen, Dale T.
National Academy of Social Insurance (U.S.). Panel on Privatization of Social Security
Orszag, Peter R.
Pissarides, Christopher A.
Rodriguez, Miguel
Rothschild, Michael
Saez, Emmanuel
Shafir, Eldar
Sheshinski, E.
Sheshinski, Eytan
Solow, Robert M. (1924-)
Solow, Robert Merton (1924-)
Spinnewijn, Johannes
Stiglitz, J. E.
Stiglitz, Joseph E.
Temin, P.
Tversky, Amos
Valdés, Salvador
Vartiainen, Hannu
Williamson, Richard E.
Yaari, Menahem
Yellin, J.
Yellin, Joel
Administrative costs and equilibrium charges with individual accounts
Aggregate Demand Management in Search Equilibrium.
aggregate matching function, The
Aggregate Production with Consumption Externalities.
alternative to steady-state comparisons, An
Annuities and individual welfare
assessment of the proposals of the president's commission to strengthen social security, An
Behavioral economics and its applications
Beveridge Curve, The
Capital income taxes with heterogeneous discount rates
Cardinal Welfare, Individualistic Ethics, and Interpersonal Comparison of Utility: Comment
Case for a Progressive Tax: From Basic Research to Policy Recommendations, The
Consumer Differences and Prices in a Search Model.
Contingent Valuation: Is Some Number Better than No Number?
Customs valuation and transport choice
Cyclical Behovior of the Gross Flows of U.S. Workers, The
Cyclical Unemployment, Structural Unemployment
Delays in claiming social security benefits.
Distribution of Inventory Holdings in a Pure Exchange Barter Search Economy., The
Economic aspects of optimal disability benefits
Economic Theory and Tax and Pension Policies
economics of pensions., The
economics of social security reform, The
Effective protection of the East African transfer taxes
Efficiency Effects of Punitive Damages.
Efficiency with Uncertain Supply.
Equilibrium Analysis of Search and Breach of Contract, I: Steady States, An
equilibrium analysis of search and breach of contract II. A non-steady state example, An
Equilibrium Without An Auctioneer
Essays on optimal economic growth
Explaining the Relative Efficiency of Slave Agriculture in the Antebellum South: Comment
flow approach to labor markets, The
framework for social security analysis, A
Growth, productivity, unemployment : essays to celebrate Bob Solow's birthday
Implications of the Theory of Rationing for Consumer Choice Under Uncertainty.
Improving Sweden's Automatic Pension Adjustment Mechanism
Incidence of an interest income tax
Income taxation with fixed hours of work
Increase and in Risk Aversion
Increases in risk and in risk aversion
Individual retirement and savings behavior
Inflation and the comprehensive tax base
Insulation of pensions from political risk
Insulations of pensions from Political Risk.
Insurance Aspects of Pensions
Integrating Punishment and Efficiency Concerns in Punitive Damages for Reckless Disregard of Risks to Others.
Intertemporal Aspects of Learning New Techniques: Implications for Efficiency and Distribution: Comment.
Interview with Nobel Prize Laureates Peter A. Diamond, Dale T. Mortensen and Christopher A. Pissarides
Introduction to Behavioral Economics and Its Applications
Inventories and Money Holdings in a Search Economy.
Issues in privatizing Social Security : report of an expert panel of the National Academy of Social Insurance
Macroeconomics Aspects of Social Security Reform
Managerial Incentives: On the Near Linearity of Optimal Compensation
Managing Incentives: On the Near Optimality of Linearity
many-person Ramsey tax rule, A
Measurement of the Elasticity of Factor Substitution and Bias of Technical Change
Micro foundations of macroeconomics
Mobility Costs, Frictional Unemployment, and Efficiency.
model of price adjustment, A
model of social insurance with variable retirement, A
Money Illusion.
Money in Search Equilibrium.
Multiple Equilibria in Models of Credit.
On the Assignment of Liability: The Uniform Case
On the Cost of Tax-exempt Bonds
On the Near Optimality of Linear Incentives
On time : lectures on models of equilibrium
Opportunity Costs and Public Investment: Comment
Optimal Income Taxation: An Example with a U-Shaped Pattern of Optimal Marginal Tax Rates.
Optimal Income Taxation: An Exemple with a U-Shaped Pattern of Optimal Marginal Tax Rates.
Optimal tax treatment of private contributions for public goods with and without warm glow preferences
Optimal Taxation and Public Production: I--Production Efficiency.
Optimal Taxation and Public Production II: Tax Rules.
Optimal taxation in a stochastic economy : A Cobb-Douglas example
Organizing the Health Insurance Market.
Pairwise Credit in Search Equilibrium.
Payroll-Tax Financed Social Insurance with Variable Retirement.
Pension Reform: A Short Guide
Pension Reform in a Transition Economy: Notes on Poland and Chile
Pensions for an aging population
Political aspects of Social Security reform
Pricing and the Distribution of Money Holdings in a Search Economy
Private Constant Returns and Public Shadow Prices.
Privatization of social security : lessons from Chile
Proposals to Restructure Social Security
Protection, Trade Adjustment Assistance, and Income Distribution
Public Finance Theory - Then and Now
Public Pension Reform Debate in the United States and International Experience, The
Public Provision of Pensions: The Doug Purvis Memorial Lecture
Quasi-hyperbolic discounting and retirement
Ranking, unemployment duration, and wages
Rational Expectations Business Cycles in Search Equilibrium: A Correction.
Rationing Medical Care: An Economist's Perspective
Real Effects of Tax-Based Incomes Policies: Comment., The
Reforming Pensions: Lessons from Economic Theory and Some Policy Directions
Reforming pensions: principles, analytical errors and policy directions.
Reforming pensions : principles and policy choices
Reforming Public Pensions in the US and the UK
Saving Social Security: The Diamond-Orszag Plan
Savings and Portfolio Choice in a Two-Period Two-Asset Model
Search-equilibrium approach to the micro foundations of macroeconomics, A
Search, Sticky Prices, and Inflation with Consumer Differences.
Search Theory
Single Activity Accidents
Social Insurance with Variable Retirement and Private Saving
Social Security and Retirement in the U.S.
Social Security and Retirement in the United States
Social Security Investment in Equities I: Linear Case
Social Security Investment in Equities in an Economy with Short-Term Production and Land
Social Security Reform
Social Security Reforms in Chile
Some uses of the expenditure function in public finance
Stationary Utility and Time Preference
Stochastic Credit in Search Equilibrium, II
Symposium on the Rationing of Health Care: 1 Rationing Medical Care — An Economist's Perspective
Tax incidence in a two good model
Taxation, incomplete markets, and social security the 2000 Munich lectures
Taxes and Pensions
Testing the Internal Consistency of Contingent Valuation Surveys.
Top-heavy load: Trouble ahead for social security systems, Introduction by Peter A. Diamond
Towards an Optimal Social Security Design
Two Improvements on the Clinton Framework
(UBS Pensions Series 038) Reforming Public Pensions in the US and the UK
(UBS Pensions Series 041) The Economics of Pensions
Uncertainty in economics : readings and exercises
Unemployment, Vacancies, Wages
Wage Determination and Efficiency in Search Equilibrium.
Welfare Analysis of Imperfect Information Equilibria
What Stock Market Returns To Expect For The Future?
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology