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Bensley, T.
Bensley, Thomas
Bensley, Thomas (II)
Thomas Bensley
Thomas Bensley (britischer Drucker und Verleger)
Thomas Bensley (Brits uitgever (-))
Thomas Bensley (English printer)
approximately 1760-1835
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Language material
Related names: 
Aikin, John (1747-1822)
Bensley, Benjamin (1796-18.)
Grégoire, Henri (1750-1831)
Hall, John (1739-1797)
Hatchard, John (1768-1849)
Johnson, Joseph (fl. 1760-1809)
Kennedy, John (1759-1842)
Okes, Nicholas
Peace society
Sivrac, Jean
Steele, Richard Sir, 1672-1729
Virgile (0070-0019 av. J.-C.))
White, Benjamin (fl. 1754-1794)
Wilson, J.
account of the campaign in the West Indies, in the year 1794, An
Antiquities of Westminster : The old Palace; St. Stephen's Chapel, (now the House of Commons) &c. &c. containing two hundred and forty-six engravings of topographical objects, of which one hundred and twenty-two no longer remain.
Architectural sketches for cottages, rural dwellings, and villas, in the grecian, gothic, and fancy styles, with plans; : suitable to persons of genteel life and moderate fortune. Preceded by some observations on scenery and character proper for picturesque buildings
authentic and accurate journal of the late siege of Gibraltar, An : being a circumstantial account of every material transaction relative to that memorable event from the day on which the communication between that garrison and Spain was shup up, to the arrival of the Thetis frigate with the preliminary articles of peace
Book of Common Prayer and administration of the sacrements and other rites and ceremonies of the Church of England. Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches, The
botanist's repository, for new and rare plants, The : containing coloured figures of such plants, as have not hitherto appeared in any similar publication, with all their essential characters, botanically arranged, after the sexual system of the celebrated Linnaeus : in English and Latin : to each description is added a short history of the plant, as to its time of flowering, culture, native place of growth, when introduced, and by whom
Cabinet-maker and upholsterer's drawing-book In four parts. By Thomas Sheraton, cabinet-maker, The : recommended by many workmen of the first abilities in London, who have themselves inspected the work. The third edition, revised, and the whole embellished with 122 elegant copper-plates..
Castello di Otranto, Il : storia gotica
Castle of Otranto., The
complete verbal index to the plays of Shakspeare, A ; adapted to all editions. Comprehending every substantive, adjective, verb, participle, and adverb, used by Shakspeare ; with a distinct reference to every individual passage in which each word occurs. By Francis Twiss,... Vol. I [-II].
Costume de l'Empire russe, représenté en plus de soixante-dix gravures superbement colorées
Costume of the Russian Empire, illustrated by upwards of seventy richtly coloured engravings. Dedicated, by permission, to her royal highness the princess Elizabeth.
Description of the allegory, painted for the curtain of the King's theatre, Pont Leon
epitome of the natural history of the insects of China, An : comprising figures and descriptions of upwards of one hundred new, singular, and beautiful species; together with some that are of importance in medicine, domestic economy, &c. The figures are accurately drawn, engraved and coloured, from specimens of the insects; the descriptions are arranged according to the system of Linnæus; with references to the writings of Fabricius, and other systematic authors. By E. Donovan.
essay on the doctrines and practice of the early christians, as they relate to war. addressed to those who profess to have a regard for the christian name. By Thomas Clarkson, M. A. Fourth edition
Extracts from the writings of Erasmus, on the subject of warThird edition
Letters from a father to his son on various topics relative to literature and the conduct of life...
lives of all the Roman emperors, The : being exactly collected from Iulius Caesar unto the now reigning Ferdinand the Second : with their births, governments, remarkable actions, & deaths.
Modern state of Spain : exhibiting a complete view of its topography, government, laws, religion, finances, naval and military establishments : and of society, manners, arts, sciences, agriculture, and commerce in that country
new biographical dictionary, A : containing a brief account of the lives and writings of the most eminent persons and remarkable characters in every age and nation
Nouveau voyage en Espagne.
Oeuvres complètes.
P. Virgilii Maronis opera : emendabat et notulis illustrabat Gilbertus Wakefield, A. B. ... Volumen prius [-posterius].
Pharmacopoeia chirurgica, or a Manual of chirurgical pharmacy : comprising all the valuable formulae of the New London Phamacopoeia and of the several pharmacopoeias appertaining to this branch of science : with notes and observations as well on the method of compounding as likewise on the properties and use of each
Phytologia; or The philosophy of agriculture and gardening. With the theory of draining morasses, and with an improved construction of the drill plough. By Erasmus Darwin,....
Plan of the new illustration, 1799:
Poems, by William Cowper... In two volumes. Vol. I [- II]... A new edition.
Publius Virgilius Maro. Bucolica, Georgica et Aeneis. Tomus primus [-secundus].
Sketches of the horrors of war, chiefly selected from Labaume's narrative of the campaign in Russia, in 1812. Translated from the French, with some observations. By Evan Rees
Specimens of continental architecture
spectator., The
Stat nominis umbra. Junius
substance of a pamphlet, entitled a solemn review of the custom of warshowing that war is the effect of popular delusion and proposing a remedy [by Noah Worcester]. Fourth edition
Tables requisite to be used with The nautical ephemeris for finding the latitude and longitude at sea. Published by order of the Commissioners of longitude.
Tract of the Society for the promotion of permanent and universal peace
Tracts, philological, critical, and miscellaneous
Vues en Égypte, d'après les dessins originaux en la possession de Sir Robert Ainslie, pris durant son ambassade à Constantinople par Louis Mayer : avec des observations historiques et des remarques particulières sur les moeurs et les usages des habitans de ce pays..
War inconsistent with the doctrine and example of Jesus Christ. In a letter to a friend. Recommended to the perusal of the professors of christianity. By J. Scott. Third edition