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Daniel L. McFadden
Daniel Little McFadden
Daniel McFadden (Amerikaans econoom)
Daniel McFadden (amerikansk ekonom)
Daniel McFadden (amerikansk økonom)
Daniel McFadden (Economist)
Daniel McFadden (economista statunitense)
Daniel McFadden (économiste américain)
Daniel McFadden (ekonomista amerykański, noblista)
Daniel McFadden (Ökonometriker und Nobelpreisträger)
Deniel Makfadden
Mac Fadden, Daniel
MacFadden, Daniel
MacFadden, Daniel L.
Mc Fadden, Daniel
McFadden, D.
McFadden, Daniel
McFadden, Daniel L.
McFadden, Daniel Little
Даниъл Макфадън
Деніел Макфадден
Дэніел Макфадэн
Макфадден, Дэниел
Դենիել Մակ-Ֆադդեն
דניאל מקפאדן
دانييل مكفادين
دانیل مکفادین (اقتصاددان آمریکایی)
ڈینیل مکفیڈل
ڈینیل مکفیڈن
ড্যানিয়েল ম্যাক্‌ফ্যাডেন (Economist)
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Adams, P.
Adams, Peter
Ai, Chunrong
Akerlof, George A.
Aliprantis, Charalambos
Arrow, Kenneth J.
Beckert, Walter
Bemmaor, Albert
Ben-Akiva, Moshe
Bernheim, B. Douglas
Bierlaire, M.
Bierlaire, Michel
Bolduc, D.
Börsch-Supan, Axel
Boudreaux, Donald J.
Brownstone, David
Caro, Francis
Chand, Harish
Chipman, John Somerset (co-author)
Diamond, P. A.
Diamond, Peter
Domencich, Thomas A.
Dubin, Jeffrey A
Engle, Robert F.
Feinstein, Jonathan
Feldstein, Martin S.
Fosgerau, Mogens
Fuss, Melvyn
Fuss, Melvyn A.
Gan, Li
Goett, Andrew A
Goett, Andrew A.
Goldman, Dana P.
Gong, Guan
Goodman, Leo A.
Grandmont, J. M.
Green, Donald
Hajivassiliou, V A
Hajivassiliou, Vassilis
Hajivassiliou, Vassilis A.
Hausman, J.
Hausman, Jerry
Hausman, Jerry A.
Heckman, James J.
Heiss, Florian
Heiss, Florian (1973-)
Hoynes, Hilary W.
Hoynes, Hilary Williamson
Hurd, M. D.
Hurd, Michael
Hurd, Michael D.
Hurd, Michael D. (fl.1991)
Jacowitz, Karen
Jacowitz, Karen E.
Johnson, Reed
Kahneman, Daniel
Kenneth J. Arrow, B. Douglas Bernheim Martin S. Feldstein Daniel L. McFadden James M. Poterba y Robert M. Solow
Kesternich, Iris
Kuhn, Harold
Leive, Adam
Leonard, Gregory K.
Lewbel, Arthur
Linton, Oliver
Majumdar, Mukul
Manski, Charles F. (1948-...)
Manski, Charles F. (co-author)
Mantel, Rolf
Mas-Colell, Andreu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Affiliation (see also from)
Matzkin, Rosa
McFadden, D.
McFadden, D. L.
McFadden, Daniel
McFadden, Daniel L
McFadden, Daniel L.
McFadden, DL
Merrill, Angela
Mitra, Tapan
Mundlak, Yair
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Newey, Whitney K.
Noton, Carlos
Noton, Carlos E.
Olivella, Pau
Palma, André
Palma, André de
Rodriguez, Miguel
Ruud, Paul
Ruud, Paul A
Ruud, Paul A.
Schnabel, Reinhold
Stowasser, Till
Train, Kenneth
Train, Kenneth E
University of California Berkeley Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
University of California-Berkeley / Department of Economics
University of California-Berkeley / Department of Economics / Econometrics Laboratory
Vetter, Stefan
Weinstein, Alan
Winter, Joachim
Winter, Joachim (1967-)
Woo, Chi-Keung
100 años de la American Economic Review: los 20 artículos más destacados
100 Years of the emAmerican Economic Review/em: The Top 20 Articles
9. Subjective Survival Curves and Life Cycle Behavior
behavioral science of transportation, The
Berkeley Memorial, The
characterization of community excess demand functions, A
Choice probability generating functions
Choice Theory Approach to Market Research, The
Comment on Discriminant Analysis "Versus" Logit Analysis, A
Comment on "The Financial Crisis and the Well-being of America"
Comment on "The Impact of Employer Matching on Savings Plan Participation under Automatic Enrollment"
Computing Willingness-to-Pay in Random Utility Models
Consumer Attitudes and Voluntary Rate Schedules for Public Utilities.
Consumer-Directed Health Care: Can Consumers Look After Themselves?
Consumers' Evaluation of New Products: Learning from Self and Others.
Consumption and Savings Balances of the Elderly: Experimental Evidence on Survey Response Bias
Cost, Revenue, and Profit Functions
Criteria for Public Investment: Comment.
Decentralization, Bureaucracy, and Government: Discussion.
Demand for Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage: Evidence from Four Waves of the Retirement Perspectives Survey, The
Demographics, the Housing Market, and the Welfare of the Elderly
Discussion of Morey and Waldman's "Measurement Error in Recreation Demand Models"
dynamics of housing demand by the elderly, The : wealth, cash flow, and demographic effects
Dynamics of Housing Demand by the Elderly: User Cost Effects, The
Dynamics of Housing Demand by the Elderly: Wealth, Cash Flow, and Demographic Effects, The
Econometric analysis of qualitative response models
Econometric Analysis of Residential Electric Appliance Holdings and Consumption., An
Econometric Models for Probabilistic Choice among Products.
Economic Choices
Economic juries and public project provision
Essays on economic behavior under uncertainty. -
Estimating features of a distribution from binomial data
Estimating Household Value of Electrical Service Reliability with Market Research Data
Estimation by Simulation.
estimation of generalized extreme value models from choice-based samples, The
Estimation of some partially specified nonlinear models
Estimation Techniques for the Elasticity of Substitution and Other Production Parameters
example of the non-existence of Malinvaud prices in a tight economy, An
Flexibility versus Efficiency in Ex Ante Plan Design
Foreword to ‘Rationality and Equilibrium’ - A Symposium in honor of Marcel K. Richter
Free Markets and Fettered Consumers
General Linear Profit Function, The
Handbook of econometrics..
"Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?" Revisited: An Analysis of the Causal Pathways from Socio-economic Status to Health
“Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?” Revisited: An Analysis of the Causal Pathways from Socioeconomic Status to Health
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise? Socioeconomic Status and Morbidity/Mortality
Healthy, wealthy, and wise? Tests for direct causal paths between health and socioeconomic status
Human Capital Accumulation and Depreciationxref ref-type="fn" rid="FN1"*/xref
human side of mechanism design: a tribute to Leo Hurwicz and Jean-Jacque Laffont, The
human side of mechanism design: a tribute to Leo Hurwicz and Jean-Jacques Laffont (Publisher’s Erratum), The
Hybrid Choice Models: Progress and Challenges
impact of demographics on housing and non-housing wealth in the United States. -, The
Impact of Demographics on Housing and Nonhousing Wealth in the United States, The
Individual subjective survival curves
Interview with the 2000 Laureates in Economics, James J. Heckman and Daniel L. McFadden
Large sample estimation and hypothesis testing
Living arrangements : health and wealth effects
Maximal uniform convergence rates in parametric estimation problems
Measurement of Simulation Variance in Parameter Estimation
Measurement of the Elasticity of Factor Substitution and Bias of Technical Change
measurement of urban travel demand, The
Method of Simulated Moments for Estimation of Discrete Response Models without Numerical Integration., A
Method of Simulated Scores for the Estimation of LDV Models with an Application to External Debt Crisis, The
Microeconomic modeling and policy analysis : studies in residential energy demand
Mind the gap! consumer perceptions and choices of medicare part D prescription drug plans
Mixed MNL models for discrete response
Modelling the Choice of Residential Location
New Science of Pleasure, The
note on the computability of tests of the strong axiom of revealed preference, A
On efficiency and Pareto optimality of competitive programs in closed multisector models
On the Analysis of "Intercept & Follow" Surveys
Pareto optimality and competitive equilibrium in infinite horizon economies
Plan selection in Medicare Part D: Evidence from administrative data
Predictors of mortality among the elderly. -
Preferences, uncertainty, and optimality : essays in honor of Leonid Hurwicz
Problems in the theory of optimal accumulation a collection from The Review of Economic Studies, January 1967
Problems of Housing the Elderly in the United States and Japan
Process and context in choice models
Production Economics: A Dual Approach to Theory and Applications (I): The Theory of Production
Production Economics: A Dual Approach to Theory and Applications (II): Applications of the Theory of Production
Quantal Choice Analaysis: A Survey
Quantitative Methods for Analyzing Travel Behaviour of Individuals: Some Recent Developments
Rationality for Economists?
Referendum contingent valuation, anchoring, and willingness to pay for public goods
Regression-based specification tests for the multinomial logit model
Regulation of Interstate Wine Shipments
Regulation of private health insurance markets lessons from enrollment, plan type choice, and adverse selection in Medicare Part D
Remedies for Sick Insurance
Revealed Preferences of a Government Bureaucracy: Theory, The
Revealed stochastic preference: a synthesis
Risk attitudes and Medicare Part D enrollment decisions
Risk, uncertainty and discrete choice models
Semiparametric analysis (in Russian)
simple remark on the second best pareto optimality of market equilibria, A
Simulation of multivariate normal rectangle probabilities and their derivatives theoretical and computational results
Some uses of the expenditure function in public finance
Specification Tests for the Multinomial Logit Model.
Specification Tests for the Multinominal Logit Model
Statistical Analysis of Choice Experiments and Surveys
Structural analysis of discrete data with econometric applications
Subjective Mortality Risk and Bequests
Suit the action to the word, the word to the action: Hypothetical choices and real decisions in Medicare Part D
Survey of Functional Forms in the Economic Analysis of Production, A
Tchebyscheff bounds for the space of agent characteristics
technical note on classical gains from trade, A
theory of the perturbed consumer with general budgets, A
Trygve Haavelmo, James J. Heckman, Daniel L. McFadden, Robert F. Engle and Clive W. J. Granger
Urban travel demand : a behavioral analysis : a Charles River Associates research study
utility-consistent, combined discrete choice and count data model Assessing recreational use losses due to natural resource damage, A
Want to Monitor Medicare's New Drug Benefit Program? Start by Sending a Check for $120,000
Why Is Natural Resource Damage Assessment So Hard?