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Baker, D.
Baker, Dean
Baker, Dean (econoom)
Dean Baker (American economist)
Dean Baker (Amerikaans econoom)
Dean Baker (amerikansk ekonom)
Dean Baker (amerikansk økonom)
Dean Baker (US-amerikanischer Volkswirt und Publizist)
Дин Бэйкер
دین بیکر (اقتصاددان آمریکایی)
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Appelbaum, Eileen
Baker, Dean
Batt, Rosemary
Boushey, Heather
Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Deutsch, Rivka
Economic Policy Institute
Epstein, Gerald A.
Fremstad, Shawn
Glyn, Andrew
Howell, David R.
Jorgensen, Helene
McArthur, Travis
Pelletiere, Danilo
Pollin, Robert
Rho, Hye Jin
Rho, Hye-Jin
Rosnick, David
Sandoval, Luis
Schaberg, Marc
Schmitt, John
Sherman, Matthew
Szembrot, Nichole
University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Political Economy Research Institute
Weisbrot, Mark
Weller, Christian
Wolfson, Martin H. (1944- ))
Woo, Nicole
Zipperer, Ben
$1 Trillion Wage Deficit, The
2007 Housing Bubble Update: 10 Economic Indicators to Watch
7 Things You Need to Know About the National Debt, Deficits, and the Dollar
Action on Social Security: The Urgent Need for Delay
Are Copyrights a Textbook Scam? Alternatives for Financing Textbook Production in the 21st Century
Are Protective Labor Market Institutions Really at the Root of Unemployment? A Critical Perspective on the Statistical Evidence
Attacking the Treasury View, Again
Behind the Gap Between Productivity and Wage Growth
Benefits and Savings of Publicly-Funded Clinical Trials of Prescription Drugs, The
Benefits of a Financial Transactions Tax, The
Beyond the Conservative Nanny State: Policies to Promote Self-Sufficiency Among the Wealthy
Bigger Than the Social Security Crisis: Wasteful Spending on Prescription Drugs
Bird Flu Fears: Is There a Better Way to Develop Drugs?
Budget Deficit Scare Story and the Great Recession, The
Burden of Social Security Taxes and the Burden of Excessive Health Care Costs, The
Burden of Social Security Taxes and the Burden of Wage Inequality, The
BusinessWeek Restates the 1990s - Incorrectly?
CBO Projects More Severe Downturn
Celebrating Pork: The Dubious Success of the Medicare Drug Benefit Health Insurance for the Elderly
Changing Prospects for Building Home Equity: An Updated Analysis of Rents and the Price of Housing in 100 Metropolitan Areas, The
conservative nanny state how the wealthy use the government to stay rich and get richer, The
Correcting Employment Rates in the 2000 Decennial Census Using Information from the CPS-Census 2000
Cost of Maintaining Ownership in the Current Crisis: Comparisons in 20 Cities, The
Defaulting on the Social Security Trust Fund: What It Would Mean and How It Would Be Done
Deficit-Reducing Potential of a Financial Speculation Tax, The
Do Tax Cuts Boost the Economy?
Dropping the Ax: Illegal Firings During Union Election Campaigns, 1951-2007
ed. by Dean Baker,... Gerald Epstein,... Robert Pollin,...
Empty Promise: The Benefit to African American Men of Private Accounts Under President Bush's Social Security Plan
End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive, The
Environmental Kuznets Curve: Comments, The
evaluation of private alternatives to Social Security. -
False profits : recovering from the bubble economy
Feel No Pain: Why a Deficit in Times of High Unemployment is Not a Burden
First Time Underwater: The Impact of the First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit
Free Market Solution to Prescription Drug Crises, A
Free Trade in Health Care: The Gains from Globalized Medicare and Medicaid
Gains from Right to Rent, The
Gender Bias in the Current Economic Recovery? Declining Employment Rates for Women in the 21st Century
Getting prices right : the debate over the consumer price index
Globalization and progressive economic policy
Growing the Social Security Crisis: The Social Security Administration's Poverty Rate Projections
handbook of the political economy of financial crises, The
Hitting Bottom? An Updated Analysis of Rents and the Price of Housing in 100 Metropolitan Areas
Housing Bubble Fact Sheet, The
Housing Crash and the Retirement Prospects of Late Baby Boomers, The
Housing Crash Recession and the Case for a Third Stimulus, The
Impact of Cutting Social Security Cost of Living Adjustments on the Living Standards of the Elderly, The
Impact of Income Distribution on the Length of Retirement, The
Impact of Social Security Cuts on Retiree Income, The
Impact of the Housing Crash on Family Wealth, The
Impact of the Medicare Drug Benefit on Health Care Spending by Older Households, The
Impact of Undercounting in the Current Population Survey, The
Impact on Inequality of Raising the Social Security Retirement Age, The
Increasing Inequality in the United States
Investment Bank Welfare? The Implicit Bank Subsidies in the Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF) and the Term Securities Lending Facility (TSLF) Created by the Federal Reserve Board
Is the Housing Bubble Collapsing? 10 Economic Indicators to Watch
Is the New Economy Wearing Out?
Is the U.S. Unemployment Rate Today Already as High as It Was in 1982?
Is There a Housing Bubble?
Issues in Trade and Protectionism
It's So Hard to Get Good Help
Job Sharing: Tax Credits to Prevent Layoffs and Stimulate Employment
Key to Stabilizing House Prices: Bring Them Down, The
Labor Market Institutions and Unemployment: A Critical Assessment of the Cross-Country Evidence
Measuring Poverty and Economic Inclusion: The Current Poverty Measure, the NAS Alternative, and the Case for a Truly New Approach
Missing Inaction: Evidence of Undercounting of Non-Workers in the Current Population Survey
Missing the Story: The OECD's Analysis of Inequality
Myth of Expansionary Fiscal Austerity, The
Necessity of a Lower Dollar and the Route There, The
Note on Distribution and Growth, A
Offshore Drilling and Energy Conservation: The Relative Impact on Gas Prices
Oil Drilling and Automobile Fuel Economy: The Relative Impact on Oil Prices
Old Europe Goes to Work: Rising Employment Rates in the European Union
Opening Doors and Smashing Windows: Alternative Measures for Funding Software Development
Origins and Severity of the Public Pension Crisis, The
Origins of the Doughnut Hole: Excess Profits on Prescription Drugs, The
Ownership, Rental Costs, and the Prospects of Building Home Equity: An Analysis of 100 Metropolitan Areas
Pay for Play? Tax Credits for Paid Time Off
Pension Liabilities: Fear Tactics and Serious Policy
Plunder and blunder : the rise and fall of the bubble economy
Potential Revenue from Financial Transactions Taxes, The
Potential Savings to Social Security from Means Testing, The
Primer on Private Equity at Work: Management, Employment, and Sustainability, A
Productivity to Paycheck Gap: What the Data Show, The
Profits on Citigroup Stock: Can They Be the Basis for Financing Stimulus?
Re-Defining the global economy
Recession Looms for the U.S. Economy in 2007
Reducing Waste With an Efficient Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
Regressive Impact of the Progressive Indexation of Social Security Benefits, The
Relationship Between Financial Transactions Costs and Economic Growth, The
Representative Ryan’s $30 Trillion Medicare Waste Tax
Responses to Criticisms of Taxes on Financial Speculation
Right to Rent Plan, The
Run-up in Home Prices: A Bubble, The
Ryan Medicare Plan: Winners and Losers, The
Saving Social Security with stocks. -
Savings from an Efficient Medicare Drug Plan, The
Scorecard on Development: 25 Years of Diminished Progress, The
Securities Transaction Taxes for U.S. Financial Markets
Short-Term Gain for Long-Term Pain: The Real Story of Rubinomics
Slow-Motion Recession: What Congress Can Do to Help
Smoothing the waves of pension funding: Could changes in funding rules help avoid cyclical under-funding?
Social security ; London, 1999.
Social Security Rates of Return with "Progressive Indexation"
Social security the phony crisis
Spending Versus Tax Cuts: Who Pays the Cost of Political Compromise?
Stagnation in the Drug Development Process: Are Patents the Problem?
State and Local Drag on the Stimulus, The
State Savings with an Efficient Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
Subprime Rescue Plans: Backdoor Bank Bailouts
Taking economics seriously
Taming the Deficit: Saving Our Children from Themselves
Taxing Exxon's Windfall From Hurricane Katrina
Things That Will Happen Before Social Security Faces a Shortfall
Unions and Upward Mobility for Women Workers
United States since 1980. -
Universal Voluntary Accounts: A Step Towards Fixing the Retirement System
Update - Debt Cancellation for Haiti: No Reason For Further Delays
Value of the “Too Big to Fail” Big Bank Subsidy, The
Voluntary Default Savings Plan: An Effective Supplement to Social Security, A
Waste in the Medicare Drug Benefit: Why the Doughnut Hole is Unnecessary
Wealth of the Baby Boom Cohorts After the Collapse of the Housing Bubble, The
What We’re In For: Projected Economic Impact of the Next Recession
When Numbers Don't Add Up: The Statistical Discrepancy in GDP Accounts
Who's Dreaming? Homeownership Among Low-Income Families
Why Do We Avoid Financial-Transactions Taxes?
Will a Bursting Bubble Trouble Bernanke? The Evidence for a Housing Bubble
Work Sharing: The Quick Route Back to Full Employment