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Drew Merrill, Elmer
Elmer Drew Merrill (Ahli botani Amerika Serikat)
Elmer Drew Merrill (American botanist)
Elmer Drew Merrill (Amerikaans botanicus (1876-1956))
Elmer Drew Merrill (Amerikano a botaniko)
Elmer Drew Merrill (botanico statunitense)
Elmer Drew Merrill (US-amerikanischer Botaniker)
Elmer Dryu Merrill
Merrill, E. D.
Merrill, Elmer D.
Merrill, Elmer Drew
Мэррилл, Элмер Дрю
אלמר דרו מריל
إلمر درو ميريل
المر درو مریل
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Brissenden, Elizabeth
David, Armand (co-author)
Diels, Ludwig (b. 1874)
Filipines. Department of the Interior
Lamson-Scribner, F.
Lamson-Scribner, F. (1851-1938)
Lamson-Scribner, Frank (1851-1938))
Lamson-Scribner, Frank (co-author)
Perry, L.M. (1895-)
Perry, Lily May (1895-)
Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel (co-author)
Vul'f, Evgenij Vladimirovič (1885-1941))
Walker, Egbert H. (1899-1991)
Walker, Egbert Hamilton (1899-1991)
Walker, Egbert Hamilton (co-author)
Wulff, Evgeniĭ Vladimirovich (1885-1941))
Wulff, Evgeniĭ Vladimirovitch (co-author)
12 gebundelde artikelen over de flora van Hainan
Abbé David's Diary
American element in the Philippine flora
Amos Eaton herbarium, The
An Enumeration of Philippine flowering plants, by Elmer D. Merrill,...
Aristida purpurea Nutt., and its allies
Atkins Institution of the Arnold Arboretum, Soledad, Cienfuegos, Cuba, The
bibliographic enumeration of Bornean plants, A
Bibliography of Eastern Asiatic botany, by Elmer D. Merrill and Egbert H. Walker..., A
Biographical memoir of Nathaniel Lord Britton 1859-1934
botanical bibliography of the islands of the Pacific. A subject index to Elmer D. Merrill's "A botanical bibliography of the islands of the Pacific", A
botany of Cook's voyages and its unexpected significance in relation to anthropology biogeography and history, The
], by E. V. Wulff,... Authorized translation by Elizabeth Brissenden. Foreword by Elmer D. Merrill,... [Additional bibliography by Hugh M. Raup.], An Introduction to "Historical plant geography" [
Chinese and Indo-Chinese species of ormosia
commentary on Loureiro's 'Flora Cochinchinensis', A
critical consideration of Houttuyn's New genera and new species of plants, 1773-1783, A
dictionary of the plant names of the Philippine Islands., A
Discussion and bibliography of Philippine flowering plants, by Elmer D. Merrill, A
Distribution of life in the Philippines
enumeration of Philippine flowering plants, An
enumeration of plants collected in Sumatra by W.N. and C.M. Bangham, An
flora of Manila, A
Grasses of Alaska, by F. Lamson-Scribner and Elmer D. Merrill, The
I. New or noteworthy Philippine plants. II. The American element in the Philippine flora. By Elmer D. Merrill,...
Index Rafinesquianus : the plant names published by C.S. Rafinesque with reductions and a consideration of his methods, objectives and attainments
International address book of botanists : being a directory of individuals and scientific institutions, universities, societies, etc., in all parts of the world interested in the study of botany, prepared in accordance with a resolution passed at the Fifth international botanical congress, Cambridge, 1930.
interpretation of Rumphius's Herbarium amboinense, An
introduction to historical plant geography, An
life of travels, A
Malaysian species listed in Roxburgh's Hortus Bengalensis (1814)
Merrilleana a selection from the general writings of Elmer Drew Merrill,...
Miscellaneous notes and descriptions of new species
myrtaceous genus Syzygium Gaertner in Borneo, The
New Guinea flora reprints.
New or noteworthy Philippine plants ... 1904.
New species of plants from Indo-China, by Elmer D. Merrill
New Sumatran plants : I-IV
North American species of spartina, by Elmer D. Merrill,..., The
Notes on Panicum nitidum Lam., Panicum scoparium Lam., and Panicum pubescens Lam
On Poa malabarica Linnaeus
Orchidaceae halconenses : an enumeration of the orchids collected on and near Mount Halcon, Mindoro, chiefly by E.D. Merrill
Palisot de Beauvois as an overlooked American botanist
Philippine journal of science.
Philippine palms and palm products
Plant life of the Pacific world
Plantae elmerianae borneenses", by E. D. Merrill, "
Plantae Papuanae Archboldianae : X
plantengroei van de Maleise archipel, De
Polynesian botanical bibliography, 1773-1935
Précis des découvertes et travaux somiologiques de C.S. Rafinesque-Schmaltz entre 1800 et 1814 : ou choix raisonné de ses principales découvertes en zoologie et en botanique, pour servir d'introduction à ses ouvrages futurs.
Report on investigations made in Java in the year 1902 : report of trip, plantae ahernianae, the method of work on the forest flora of Java, the Botanical Institute at Buitenzorg
review of the identifications of the species described in Blanco's Flora de Filipinas, A
revision of the genus Sabia Colebrooke, A
Some Arizona grasses
Some recent collections of Mexican grasses
Species Blancoanae : a critical revision of the Philippine species of plants described by Blanco and by Llanos
Studies on American grasses The North American species of "Chaetochloae"
Vvedenie v istoričeskuû geografiû rastenij