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Fowler, H. W.
Fowler, Henri W.
Fowler, Henri Weed
Fowler, Henry W.
Fowler, Henry Weed
Henry Weed Fowler (American zoologist)
Henry Weed Fowler (Amerikaans zoöloog (1878-1965))
Henry Weed Fowler (US-amerikanischer Zoologe)
Henry Weed Fowler (zoologo statunitense)
Weed Fowler, Henry
Генрі Від Фаулер
Фаулер, Генри Уид
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Albatross (Steamer)
Bean, Barton A.
Bean, Barton A. (1860-1947)
Bean, Barton Appler (1860-1947)
Bean, Barton Appler (1860-1947))
Bernice P. Bishop museum Honolulu, T.H.
Jordan, David Starr (1851-1931)
São Paulo (Estado). Zoologia (Departamento)
Schauensee, Rodolphe de (1901-))
Smithsonian Institution
Stany Zjednoczone. Government Printing Office
Timonier, Ethel J.
Archaeological fishbones collected by E. W. Gifford in Fiji.
Barreto-Gobioides broussonnetii Lacépède - obtained in Florida by Captain William B. Gray ..., The
Bull-eye (Cookeolus boops) from off the New Jersey coast ..., The
collection of fishes from Samoa., A
Colombian zoological survey.
Contributions to the biology of the Philippine archipelago and adjacent regions
crustacea of New Jersey, The
Description of a new cusk (Otophidium Grayi) from the East coast of Florida ...
Description of a new genus and species of Characin (Pristicharax hanseni) from Goiaz, Brazil ...
Description of a new sparoid fish from off Southern New Jersey ...
Description of the red toadfish, a new species of Opsanus from Florida ...
Fishes from deep water off Southern Florida ...
Fishes from the Pacific slope of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru ...
Fishes obtained at Fiji in 1929, y by Henry W. Fowler.
fishes obtained by Lieut. H. C. Kellers, The
fishes obtained by the Pinchot South seas expedition of 1929, The
Fishes of Chile Systematic catalog
Fishes of Guam, Hawaii, Samoa, and Tahiti.
fishes of Oceania, The
fishes of the families Pomacentridae, Labridae, and Callyodontidae, collected by the United States Bureau of fisheries steamer "Albatross", chiefly in Philippine seas and adjacent waters, The
fishes of the families Pseudochromidar, Lobotidae, Pempheridae, Priacanthidae, Lutjanidae, Pomadasyidae, and Teraponidae, The
fishes of the George Vanderbilt south Pacific expedition, 1937, The
Fishes of the Piedmont and coastal plain
Fishes of the Red Sea and southern Arabia.
Fishes of the tropical central Pacific.
Five fishes hitherto unrecorded from off New-Jersey ...
Fresh-water fishes from the Marquesas and Society islands
Ichthyological notes.
list of the fishes known from Malaya., A
marine fishes of west Africa. Based on the collection of the American Museum Congo Expedition 1909-1915
New fishes of the family Callionymidae
New or little-known Hawaiian fishes
New poeciliid fish from Honduras ..., A
new snake eel Omochelys marginatus from off New-Jersey ..., A
New subfamilies, genera and subgenera of fishes ...
New taxonomic names of fish-like vertebrates ...
Notes on Bahama fishes with a description of a new jaw fish (Opisthognathidae) ...
Notes on fishes obtained in Sumatra, Java, and Tahiti
Notes on South Carolina fresh-water fishes
Observations on fishes from the Caroline Islands, 1900 :
Os peixes de água doce do Brasil
peces del Perú, Los : catálogo sistemático de los peces que habitan en aguas peruanas
review of the oplegnathoid fishes of Japan., A
Some amphibians and reptiles from Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
Some fishes from Liberia, West Africa, with descriptions of two new species ...
synopsis of the fishes of China, A
Two new characins from eastern Ecuador ...
Zoological results of the second Bolivian expedition ... 1936-1937.