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Conant, J. B.
Conant (J. B.; 1893-1978)
Conant (James)
Conant (James B.)
Conant, James Bryant,
James Bryant Conant (American chemist)
James Bryant Conant (Amerikaans diplomaat)
James Bryant Conant (amerikansk diplomat och kemist)
James Bryant Conant (amerikansk diplomat og kemiker)
James Bryant Conant (amerikansk diplomat og kjemikar)
James Bryant Conant (amerikansk diplomat og kjemiker)
James Bryant Conant (chimico statunitense)
James Bryant Conant (chimiste américain)
James Bryant Conant (químico y administrador universitario estadounidense)
James Bryant Conant (US-amerikanischer Chemiker, Wissenschaftspolitiker und Diplomat)
James Conant
Джеймс Брайънт Конант
Конант, Д. Б
Конант (Д. Б; 1893-1978)
Конант, Джеймс Брайант (Американский химик)
Конант, Джемс Бриан
ג'יימס בריאנט קונאנט
קוננט, ג'יימס בריאנט
جيمس كونانت،
جیمز برایانت کونتانت (شیمی‌دان و دیپلمات آمریکایی)
كننت، جيمس براينت
كونانت، جيمس،
كوننث، جايمس ب
コナント, ジェームス・B
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Adams, Roger (1889-1971)
Black, Newton Henry
Blatt, A. Harold
Blatt, Albert Harold (1903-)
Bush, Vannevar (1890-1974)
Clarke, Hans Thacher (1887-1972)
Columbia University. Division of War Research
Harvard University
Jasienko, Jean-Michel (co-author)
Kamm, Oliver (1888-)
Kuhn, Thomas S. (1922-1996))
Kuhn, Thomas Samuel (co-author)
Moser, Fritz (co-author)
Nash, Leonard K.
Nash, Leonard K. (co-author)
Nash, Leonard Kollender (1918-)
Page-Barbour Foundation
Pasteur, Louis (co-author)
Quesla, Pauline (co-author)
Roller, Duane Emerson (co-author)
Rosenthal, Jean (co-author)
Rothney, John W. M. (co-author)
Schiller, Karl (1911-1994))
Schiller, Karl (co-author)
Simmons, James Stevens (co-author)
Tyndall, John (co-author)
United States. Office of Scientific Research and Development. National Defense Research Committee
Watson, Fletcher Guard (co-author)
Yale University Press
زكى، احمد، الدكتور
ミヤザキ, ヒロシ (1905-)
Allgemeinbildung in einem freien Volk
American high school today
American Memorial Library, Berliner Zentralbibliothek. [Edited by Margaret Breitenbach. Foreword by James B. Conant. Text by Fritz Moser.]
Anglo-American relations in the atomic age. Delivered on 17 March 1952 at the London School of Economics and Political Science
Atomic-molecular theory, by Leonard K. Nash. [Foreword by James B. Conant.], The
Bildungspolitik im föderalistischen Staat, Beispiel USA
Chemistry of organic compounds, a year's course in organic chemistry
child, the parent, and the state., The
Chūgaku kyōiku ni taisuru kankoku : Konanto hōkoku
citadel of learning., The
comprehensive high school; a second report to interested citizens, The
Copernican revolution, planetary astronomy in the development of Western thought. Thomas S. Kuhn. [Foreword by James Bryant Conant], The
Copernican revolution, The : planetary astronomy in the development of Western thought
Deutschland und die Freiheit : Eine persönliche Würdigung
Dois modos de pensar meus encontros com a ciência e a educação
Early development of the concepts of Temperature and Heat, the rise and decline of the caloric theory, prepared by Duane Roller. [Foreword by James B. Conant.], The
Education and liberty, the role of the schools in a modern democracy. James Bryant Conant
Education for a classless society
Education in a divided world the function of the public schools in our unique society, by James Bryant Conant
education of American teachers., The
Federal Republic of Germany, our new ally, a lecture... delivered at the University of Minnesota Williams Arena on February 24, 1957, The
Gakumon no toride
General education in a free society
General education in science. Edited by I. Bernard Cohen and Fletcher G. Watson. With a foreword by James Bryant Conant
General Educationin a Free Society : report of the Harvard Committee
Germany and freedom a personal appraisal
Guidance of American youth
Guided missiles and techniques
Harvard case histories in experimental science
history and traditions of Harvard College, The
History in the education of scientists
James B. Conant : Harvard to Hiroshima and the making of the nuclear age
Jōshiki kara kagaku e
Kagaku to jinsei
Kodomo oya kuni
Konanto hakushi o mukaete okonawareta zenkoku kōkō kyōiku seminā hōkokusho
Konanto hōkoku : Konnichi no amerika no kōtō gakkō
La Citadelle du savoir ['the Citadel of learning'], traduit par Pauline Quesla
La science moderne et l'homme moderne
Modern science and modern man, by James B. Conant
My several lives : memoirs of a social inventor
On understanding science, an historical approach, by James B. Conant,...
Org. synth. (Online)
Organic syntheses.
Our fighting faith; five addresses to college students.
Overthrow of the Phlogiston theory, the chemical Revolution of 1775-1789, edited by James Bryant Conant, The
Pasteur's and Tyndall's Study of spontaneous generation
Pasteur's study of fermentation.
Pasteurs' study of fermentation
Place of psychology in an ideal university, The
Practical chemistry : fundamental facts and applications to modern life
Preparation and testing of explosives, The
Probleme der Universitäten in Deutschland und in den USA : Rede an der Universität Tübingen am 21. Juli 1964
Public health in the world today
pursuit of excellence, The
Recommendations for education in the junior high school years; a memorandum to school boards.
Robert Boyle's experiments in pneumatics.
Science and common sense, by James B. Conant,...
Science et bon sens. ["Science and common sense". Traduction de Jean Rosenthal.]
Scientific principles and moral conduct: the twentieth Arthur Stanley Eddington memorial lecture delivered at Princeton University, 15 November 1966
Shaping educational policy.
Slums and suburbs; a commentary on schools in metropolitan areas.
Speaking as a private citizen; addresses on the present threat to our nation's future
story of U.S. foreign policy Our future in the atomic age, The
Studies in the cyclopropane series.
study of certain cyclopropane derivatives, A ; The electromotive force of sodium amalgam concentration cells
Summary technical report of the National Defense Research Committee
Transportation equipment and related problems
Two modes of thought; my encounters with science and education.
Zwei Denkweisen, ein Beitrag zur deutsch-amerikanischen Verständigung; Rede anlässlich der feierlichen Ehrenpromotion durch die Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Zwei Denkweisen, ein Beitrag zur deutsch-amerikanischen Verständigung, Rede... von... James B. Conant,... Universitäten heute, Rede... von... Karl Schiller,... Beide Reden wurden... am 20. Nov. 1956... gehalten
مواقف حاسمة فى تاريخ العلم
中学教育にたいする勧告 : コナント報告その2
Contributed to or performed: 
Harvard case histories in experimental science
Thesis consists of two works: A study of certain cyclopropane derivatives and The electromotive force of sodium amalgam concentration cells
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1916